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Shui'Shan Aescha

Shui’Shan Aescha is a player character played by BRindustries.

Shui’Shan Aescha
Species & Gender: Separa'Shan (Venis) Female
Date of Birth: YE 18
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Cargo and Supply
Rank: Nothing found
Current Placement: N.A.

Preferred Plots

  1. YSS Shinsugo

Physical Description

As a Separa’shan of Venis lineage, Shui’Shan is a humanoid figure with a large serpentine tail in place of humanoid legs. Their snake-based parts bear strong resemblance to an albino Honduran milk snake, with mostly orange scales, adorned with white and light orange circular patterns. However, their most prominent physical feature is ther double-headed physique, result of an extremely rare genetic mutation. Normally snakes with such mutations have short life expectancies, but with abundant care and recent yamataian medical knowledge, Shui’Shan made it to their Ascension with little trouble.

Both of her heads posess their own consciousness, personality, and free will, but share their nervous system, subconsciousness and genetic makeup. Through their shared nervous system, either of the two heads can control the body normally like a normal person would. However any attempts from both heads to control the body at once will result in muscles locking up or staggering, akin to a less painful but equally inconvenient cramp.

Their Orange-y palette extends to their hair, sporting light orange hair that is often kept above shoulder height for convenience. Their eyes are a darker orange with slit pupils, again, akin to a snake’s. Less sensitive to colour differences but very sensitive to contours and movement.  


As mentioned before, both heads possess their own consciousness and personality, meaning Shui’Shan are technically two distinct people. This is why their name is spelled with two capital letters, as it refers to their individual names, Shui and Shan. Shui is the right head. A sociable and energetic character who is easy to impress and hard to faze. While a bit of an airhead sometimes, she can get things done with the help of Shan. She enjoys typical “girly” things like stylish clothes, yummy foods, cute animals and much, much more. One of her pet peeves is not being able to eat a lot of ice cream due to the temperature. While they are both trapped inside one body and technically the exact same age, Shui thinks of Shan like an older sister, due to her “cool and capable” personality. Shan is the left head. She is more reserved than her literal counterpart, taking her work much more seriously than Shui. While she has a bit of a perfectionistic streak, Shui often helps her to not get too caught up in minute details. Despite her serious nature, Shan has an artistic side to her as well, having lots of experience with drawing, both traditional and digital as well as some music composing and simple animation. These two opposites give Shui’Shan much of a “work hard play hard” attitude, leaving a strong divisive line between work and play. Shan often gets embarrassed by Shui’s aloof attitude, but still cares much for her. Being almost the same person, Shui and Shan know a fair bit of eachother’s secrets… that is to say, Shui knows a fair bit of Shan’s secrets, as her own aloof personality leaves her with little to hide. However, between the two they have a deep common understanding and respect, knowing that they are literally stuck with eachother for the rest of their lives, and the other is very much a part of their own self. Aside from some light teasing, neither of them will ever do something that will seriously offend, hurt or anger the other. With two consciousnesses in one body, proper coordination is essential. Most of the time one of the two will assume “direct control” of the body and perform relevant tasks, while the other piggybacks along. Though it is possible for them to take control of one arm each, particularly useful for eating, recreational activities, and dual-wielding firearms. Deciding who takes control and when has mostly become a subconscious thing over the years, where both “feel” what is best for that situation.

On top of that, they both have somewhat different culinary tastes. Shui is very much a sweettooth whereas Shan prefers more savory treats. Both like eggs very much. Shui absolutely adores Yamatai’s sweet Tamago eggs especially with sushi, whereas Shan is more partial to a vegetable omelette.


Shui’Shan was born in YE 18 on Essia System. Initially hatched as a typical looking Albino Honduran milk snake. Their mutation proved to be challenging during youth, but with plentiful love and attention from their parents, Shui’Shan lived way past their initial live expectancy and eventually went through their Ascension, after which the complications were mostly gone.

After this, their life was not much different from a typical Separa youngster’s. Education, hobbies, family, travels, she saw them all. They enrolled into the YSA in YE 28, and after 3 years of basic training they spent one year working for the star army’s logistics division. Though, after such a long time even Shan had to admit that job was starting to become dull, and they agreed on seeking more adventure in their work.

Skills Learned

Optional section. Shui’Shan has the following notable skills:

  • [Both]Dual-mind coordination
  • [Shan] Artistic skills: Traditional/digital drawing, composing , animation
  • [Shui] Artistic skills: Sewing, embroidery (responsible for modifying clothes for their two heads)
  • [Both] Culinary skills
  • [Shui] Athletics: Serpentine gymnastics, lacrosse

Social Connections

Shui’Shan Aescha is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

Shui’Shan Aescha has the Star Army Standard Issue Items. Shui’Shan Aescha currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

In the case Shui’Shan Aescha becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO

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