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Silas Gray

Silas Gray is a player character played by Straken.

Silas Gray
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Age: 51
Height: 183cm
Weight: 78kg
Organization: Department of Frontier Justice
Occupation: Local Law Enforcement
Rank: Sheriff
Current Placement:

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 183cm
  • Mass: 78kg
  • Measurements:

Build and Skin Color: Silas has a stocky build with moderate muscle tone and olive toned skin. In his younger days when he was more active he had a great form, but as he got older and took more sedentary jobs he has started to put on a few extra pounds around his midsection.

Eyes and Facial Features: Silas' eyes, despite their surrounding wrinkles, are still sharp and attentive. Rich hazel in color, they sit beneath thick gray eyebrows. He has a rounded chin and high cheek bones that is covered in a shaggy gray beard that he mostly lets grow with little intervention or grooming.

Ears: Standard ears that fold close to his head.

Hair Color and Style: Shaggy gray hair that Silas keeps swept back and tucked beneath a hat.

Distinguishing Features: Silas' nose is slightly crooked from being broken earlier in his life.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Silas can seem fairly no-nonsense, which isn't entirely off target. Given his position as a law enforcer, he tries to maintain a professional image so as to keep a certain level of dignity and respect. He will try to interject some humor now and again when appropriate, though it is often very dry and not always well received. When he does lighten up he is fond of a bit of drinking which brightens his disposition and hints at a chipper young man free of regulations and obligations.

  • Likes: Living on the frontier, whisky, gingersnap cookies, a warm fire, and coffee.
  • Dislikes: Criminals in his town, vigilanties, tea, sour food.
  • Goals: Maintain law and order on the frontier.


Family (or Creators)

Susan Gray (Wife): DECEASED Bobbi Gray (Daughter): ALIVE


Silas was born to a rather lacking private investigator father and a stay at home mom. They lived in a pretty ratty apartment that sat above a strip that housed a two-star restaurant (a popular hangout for an organized crime family), a salon, and laundromat (which had a back office that Silas' father rented out for his cases). All this was located in a one of the scummier neighborhoods in scenic downtown New Detroit.

Silas' father played a strong role in influencing his young life. Growing up, his father had made an attempt at an honest living, but the man lacked the conviction to continue on through his failures. As such he sacrificed his morals and began taking most of his jobs from a crime family to get dirt on competitors. It was cheap, dirty money, but it put food on his table. Silas, who grew up believing that his father worked to bring criminals to justice, was crestfallen when he discovered the truth about where the money was coming from; from that day on he began to distance himself from his father.

When Silas was in his mid teens he had to pull up roots when the crime family that funded his father got hit by a competitor late one night. It seemed the attackers were settling a score and wiped out most everyone that they were gunning for. Shortly after the initial hit his father rushed into the small apartment and began throwing various pieces of clothing into a duffel bag. When Silas's mother asked him what it was all about he simply told her that she had to get out of town and take Silas with him. The last Silas ever saw of his father was the man ushering them out the door and directing them to get out of town. The young boy would have suspected it to be a trick if his old man hadn't also given them all the money he has stashed away for savings.

Silas and his mother traveled around until they found a small town on the edge of a frontier desert planet expansion effort. Now around the age of eighteen, Silas joined the local law enforcement agency; which amounted to a sheriff and a couple deputies. Becoming deputy number three for the town of a little under a hundred, he learned the ins and outs of frontier justice. It was hard work, sometimes frightening, sometimes disturbing, but Silas did his part to defend the town he came to call home. Under the blazing Silas grew along with the town. Gradually taking on more important and influential duties in the community, and even finding himself a wife and starting a family of his own.

When he was in his early thirties Silas was involved in a large gunfight. He was wounded, but he soon recovered; the old sheriff wasn't so lucky. After making his recovery Silas was approved and took over as sheriff for the growing boom town. His time as sheriff was eventful, though not very outstanding. Under his protection the town saw crime rates begin to drop and stay down. This lead to confidence in the new frontier to grow which brought in new settlers and businesses, and before long the once modest community Silas oversaw had grown into a bustling hub town that connected trade routes for its corner of the planet.

After years more had passed, Silas had grown quite content with his life. His town had become successful, and his daughter was growing up well; the only truly bleak moment being the passing of his wife. While crime still existed and would continue to do so in the town the real criminals that Silas had grown used to stopping had moved elsewhere, and Sheriff Gray figured it was about time he moved on as well.

After a little searching Silas found a start-up town on a new frontier world that was in need of a sheriff. Overlooking the fact that the planet was the polar opposite from his previous station. After calling in a few favors he was approved as the new sheriff of Francia City. Much to Silas' surprise, his daughter Bobbi had decided to follow her father to the new frontier after expresing interest in joining the Francian militia.



Thanks to the environments in which he grew up, Silas has become adept at surviving. His youth taught him about how to navigate crowded metropolitan cityscapes, shady districts, and less-than-reputable city-goers. Young adulthood saw him adapting to an arid environment and its criminal elements. Now in his current walk of life, he is becoming versed in arctic survival and all the unique hazards it can pose to himself as an individual and to the community he is tasked to keep in order.


As a sheriff, Silas is part law enforcement agent and part politician. He needs to ensure that the community obeys the laws set down to keep the peace, but he also needs to balance his responsibilities with keeping a good relation with the citizens and the local militia. Thanks to practice, and a natural stubbornness directed at those who try to disagree with him, he has become skilled at navigating the social web of his community; and negotiate with its movers and shakers.


Given his standing as a member of the legal system, Silas has a certain requirement to have a healthy working knowledge of the laws that make that system run. There is also a trick to interpreting the โ€œword of the lawโ€ from the โ€œletter of the lawโ€ when it comes to frontier justice.


Silas has adapted a good knowledge base for operating a majority of the vehicles that can be found in and around town, if just enough to move it from point A to point B.


Silas Gray has the following items: Zen Armaments .357 Pistol


Silas Gray is currently a Sheriff in the Department of Frontier Justice. He is pay grade OF-1, and makes 1700DA a week.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

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