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Skadi Aven

Skadi Aven is a player character played by Blizzard.

Skadi Aven
Species & Gender: Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 Female
Date of Birth: YE 26 (Age 15)
Organization: Zenjinkaze Fighting High School
Occupation: Marksmanship/Bushcraft Instructor
Rank: JΓ΄tΓ΄ Heisho
Current Placement: Battlefield Education

Physical Description

Skadi stands at 5'6β€œ, with a sleek, toned physique like a swimmer. B-cups and a wide set of hips (39”) form an appealing pear-shaped body type with long, muscular legs an slender arms.

Skadi sports dark, brown hair cut into a crisp, functional bob. Her ears are pointed, with fur the same shade as her hair and tail. Her skin is sun-kissed and golden in tone, and her expression is near emotionless. She has a small nose, and thin lips in a dark shade of burgundy. Her rounded, emerald eyes see all, ever watchful.


Skadi, at first, was a rather quiet, watchful one. She rarely uttered a word, and always seemed able to pick out minute details of her environment. She was more interested in finding vantage points and wind readings than conversation. Traits that helped her excel as a sniper. She moved like a ghost, making no noise, which sometimes had the unintended effect of scaring people as she snuck up on them.

However, as the years passed, she became more talkative as friends came and went. The countless battles she's participated in have given her a wisdom of warfare that few can match. She often goes out of her way to give pointers to younger soldiers, to ensure they don't make the same mistakes she did. With an extreme eye for detail, she's quick to pick up on mistakes made by her comrades, and correct them. Many of her former squad mates affectionately referred to her as β€œmama-cat” because of this.

Her superiors had always found it odd that Skadi never rose into a command position, given her merit and time in the service. But Skadi hated the idea of leaving the field, and her comrades.

After losing her lover, Tomoe, and rashly putting her newborn son up for adoption, she feels utterly tired of war and wants nothing more than to live peacefully on the planet she'd spent so long defending. But ever the caretaker, she is hellbent on training the younger Neko, trying her hardest to make sure that they too will get the chance to live as long as she has.

Skadi, for the most part, has come to peace with her life. But sometimes, if the setting is right, she'll lose focus. She'll stare a thousand yards away, unmoving, trapped in the battlefields still raging in her mind, until someone pulls her back to reality, or they fade on their own.


Skadi Aven was born in YE 26 (Age 15).

Skadi was one of the many mass-produced Neko churned out at the start of the First Mishhuvurthyar War in YE 26. She was trained as a sniper, and eventually saw action during the brutal Xyainbor Campaign in YE 27. She was one of the few lucky survivors.

This string of luck continued as the years of bloodshed passed. She always seemed to be one of the last surviving members of her squad, and command would simply reassign her.

Skadi switched from her NH-25 body to a Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 body in YE 33.

In YE 38, Skadi met crew mate and riflewoman Tomoe. The two shared a torrid love affair tied by their past battle experiences that eventually mellowed out into something deeper, warmer. Skadi left the Star Army in late YE 38 after her contract expired and gave birth to their child, Addaiel Ryu, on the first day of YE 40. Tomoe was to finish her contract and come home to raise a family with her, but was killed by Kuvexians shortly after the child's birth.

Destroyed by the loss, and not thinking rationally, Skadi gave away her child to a close friend and rejoined the military out of a need to return to normalcy. After a year back in, however, she found that the enlisted life just didn't cut it anymore. In YE 41, she found out that her son was attending Zenjinkaze Fighting High School. Wanting to be a part of his life again, she requested a transfer to become an instructor at the school. Here she could still teach the younger ones important skills, while hopefully being the mother she should have been all along.

Social Connections

Skadi Aven is connected to: Addaiel Ryu (Son), Tomoe (Lover, deceased)

Skills Learned

Star Army Common Skills


Skadi has over a decade of combat experience under her belt. She is a highly competent hand-to-hand fighter, and an expert on long-range marksmanship.

Survival and Military

Skadi's profession as a sniper has given her extensive training in survival and bushcraft, as well as the art of camouflage. She is capable of remaining undetected in the wild, as well as navigating, making shelter, hunting and surviving for extended periods of time unsupported in the field.


Though never rising above the NCO rank, Skadi has extensive leadership experience. Mostly over small armor teams, but none the less she is capable of directing, inspiring, and mentoring a group under her command, even under extreme pressure.


The strong survive, and Skadi knows this better than anyone else. She keeps up a regular schedule of intense physical exercise to keep her body in peak condition.


From mix-and-matching rations in the field to home-cooked meals, Skadi is quite a cook. She has very limited, but useful experience in raising infants.


Skadi's attention to detail and photographic memory have always been of note. She is capable of remembering very minute details, such as the number of birds sitting on a tree branch on one particular day, and reciting that number several days later.

Inventory & Finance

Skadi Aven has the following items:

  • Several sets of casual clothes.
  • Star Army gear left over from service.
  • A cookbook.
  • Several bottles of expensive wine.
  • A scrapbook with photos stretching back to the First Mishhuvurthyar War.

OOC Notes

The old soldier finally settles down to train a new generation.

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