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Aelya Caeyara

Aelya Caeyara is a character played by Nakshatra.

Aelya Caeyara
Aelya Caeyara
shael olaes1)
 Tsenlan Logo
Date of Birth: 170 BYE
Species Norian
Gender Female
Height 173 cm
Weight 62kg
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Sub-Faction  Tsenlan Logo Tsenlan
Occupation Tsenlan State Quorum
Rank Tal'Cel (Ascended Queen)
Current Placement Akina System

Physical Description

Aelya is a beautiful female Norian, she has a height of 173cm and weighs 62kg. She has ruby red eyes and waist length red hair. She tends to wear revealing clothing, but has more conservative clothing for official functions as required. Her hair is usually kept free-flowing as a personal preference.

Height: 173cm
Mass: 62kg
Measurements: B36-W22-H35
Bra Size: D
Build and Skin Color: Slender and Curvaceous, Pale White
Eye Color: Dark Ruby Red
Hair Color: Red


Aelya is an ESTJ2) personality type, which aids her in both work and activities of the night. Initially she approaches things in a cold detailed manner, but becomes more impassioned when contradicted by those that do not make sense. Her responses are precise and direct, not caring how things get accomplished as long as they are completed successfully. Some may find her behavior along the lines of a sadistic psychopath. She prefers more casual relationships as many can't seem to keep up with her life. Her humor often comes off as dark and sarcastic.


Aelya Caeyara was born on Ayenee in 170 BYE to Adrin and Kendra. Her birth occured during the mid-Falcon Movement led by her late granfather Caecyan 'Falcon' Caeyara. The majority of her childhood unfolded on the planet where she was born, due to her parents being stationed there. During this time her father would ascend to the throne as Aestaesys following her grandfather's abdication.

While her upbringing taught her much about the melding of the Norian and Ayenee cultures blending, training received leaned more towards diplomacy. She learned various things like Manners and the art of persuasion. During the Chaos Hive War she was involved in unrelated efforts to forge relationships for development of the inner capital worlds of Noria, Lorenz, Aelantia, and Telegath. When her father sank into paranoia casting her brother Airwin and sister Rin into exile, she used her less obvious diplomatic ties to keep abreast of the situation.

In YE 30 her world went into a tailspin when her father was taken as a prisoner of war. Her siblings were brought back to Ayenee with her brother Airwin thrown into leadership. This did not change much in the way how she operated in the field of expanding relationships. She was sent as part of a contingent to the Yugosha Chonyosa and was one of the few that made it out when things went sour. When the Continuum en masse dismissed the Umarian claims about the Asune, she disagreed.

While many embraces the technology that would win them the war, Aelya sank as far as possible into the shadows. Her network of connections grew while she did her best to avoid any involvement with the Asune, be it technology or those tainted by it. She re-emerged back into family life when her niece Princess Aerum discovered a solution. However, trust was thin as to whether or not this technology was going to be brought out of the darkness again.

Despite any difference brought about by Airwin's prior taint, Aelya dove into using her skills to help see his visions of Tsenlan come to fruition. While fleeing the destruction of New Noria she made sure to secret untraditional clothing and a small selection of documentation with her onto the Ark. Their fleet was attacked, wreaking havok amongst the evacuees which interrupted the funeral of Sinith Caeyara, someone she had come to care for. The savageness of Sinith's death darkened Aelya's heart causing her to become a little cold to the suffering of those outside her circle.

Upon Norian arrival near Xylar in the Kikyo Sector she departed shortly after Airwin to familiarize herself with the local culture, to be assitance with their integration. While Operation Fireplace drummed on, she lent her talents to the development of the Tsenlanese Cultural Center and Lo'ken Institute. Shortly after the Norian arrival the Caeyara Ysi was finally able to mourn the loss of Empress Sinith Caeyara. She meant to get away shortly after the funeral, however, that did not happen. Her brother Airwin recalled her to deal with an important issue.

Plot and Threads


Aelya is or has been involved in the following plots:


Aelya is or has been involved in the following threads:

  • [Tsenlan] A Moment to Grieve.3) - PAST
  • Saleloria - Reunions and a Plea.4) - PAST
  • [Tsenlan] Meetings.5) - PAST
  • [Tsenlan] Reading Post Cards and Nature Pictures.6) - CURRENT

Skills Learned

Aelya has learned many skills:

  • Communication - Aelya can communicate in Nira'las, Trade (language) and she seeks to learn Yamataigo (ι‚ͺ馬台θͺž).
  • Starship Operations - Aelya can effectively operate Starships, but has mastered the use of Leviathan Technology and mindhive symbiosis.
  • Slyph Combat - Aelya can remotely operate in symbiosis link with a bonded Slyph for use in combat operations.
  • Intelligence Operations - Her apt for seduction made her useful in the field when Yaducath required her particular brand of assistance from otherwise stubborn targets. She may have an interest in lending those abilities to Star Army Intelligence or other diplomatic relations where they can be of use.
  • Vesper Expression - Aelya's Vesper Links to those she cares about are known to be intense and he's mastered the ability to use images or projected thought spaces to participate in communication with others.
  • History - Aelya has a passion for exploring the history and has used her skills to obtain materials for the library of her nephew Uaeso's wife.
  • Reading- Aelya can sometimes be found curled up with a book when there are not others around to provide entertainment that is.
  • Dancing- Aelya is fond of many forms of provocative, seducing dances and is hoping to maybe expand her repertoire with ones from their new home.
  • Religion- Aelya believes deeply in the builders, but has quite an intense disagreement with the xenophobia caused by The Church of the Builders. This xenophobia has made her variety of companion choices rather socially unacceptable, she is hoping the locals would like to play with her as much as she does with them.

Social Connections

People Aelya is connected to:

  • Airwin Caeyara - Brother.
  • Sinith Caeyra - Her dear, deceased sister-in-law.
  • Rin Caeyara - Sister.
  • Fallion Caeyara - Brother. 7)
  • Albert Steiner - Friend of the family she can't play with. Him and his company helped push back the darkness.
  • Aerum Caeyara - Niece.
  • Uaeso Caeyara - Nephew.
  • Naika Caeyara - Uaeso's Wife.
  • Jun Caeyara - Nephew.
  • Dawn Caeyara - Jun's Wife.
  • Arina Caeyara - Niece.
  • Aphelion Caeyara - Adopted sister.
  • Sorin Caeyra - Uncle.
  • Koshiro Kiri - Adopted Brother. Emperor of the U'rstholloshan Empire.
  • Atra'Lamia Darkbane/Xytrinah Kiri - Sister-in-law, Married to Koshiro. Empress of the U'rstholloshan Empire.
  • Minjun Kiri - Nephew, son of Atra and Koshiro. Crowned Prince of the U'rstholloshan Empire.
  • Nira Caeyara - Contact with the Yaducath Intelligence Agency.
  • Nara Akhai Drenai - Friend.
  • Talynn Drenai - Lover and close friend
  • Alastair Belmont - REDACTED


Aelya Caeyara's inventory.


  • 3,000 KS

OOC Notes

Nakshatra made this article with the help of Andrew.

  • Aelya Main art by Andrew with Midjourney Bot
  • Aelya Chibi art by Nakshatra with Midjourney Bot
  • Pen art by Nakshatra with Midjourney Bot

In the case Nakshatra becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO

Approved by Demibear on 2022/11/12.8)

Character Data
Character NameAelya Caeyara
Character OwnerNakshatra
Character StatusActive Player Character
Current LocationSaleloria
Approval Thread…
Government & Politics of the Yamatai Star Empire
DistrictAkina System
Political PartyIndepdendent

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