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Aikawa Kiyoshi

Aikawa Kiyoshi is a player character for Task Force Lantern and is played by Matthew. She is currently inactive.

A young prankster of a pilot that wants to enjoy life to the fullest, even during a time of war.

Aikawa Kiyoshi
Pronunciation: Ai-Ka-Wa, Ki-Yo-Shee
Species: Nekovalkyrja Born: YE 32
Gender: Female (Gynoid) Height: 5'2β€œ / ~157 cm
Age: 3 YE Weight: 98 lbs / ~44 kg
Ranks/Grade: Nito Hei Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Lineage: NH-29 Occupation Star Army Pilot
Current Placement
Task Force Lantern, Tenth Fleet

Voice and Theme

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'2” or 157 cm
  • Mass: 98 lbs or 44 kg
  • Measurements: 34-22-33 / B-cup

Build and Skin Color: Kiyoshi is a slender Nekovalkyrja with baby-soft, coffee-brown skin.

Eyes and Facial Features: Kiyoshi's heart-shaped face is decorated with a cute, button nose and almond-shaped, sky-blue eyes.

Ears: A pair of forest green-furred, slender, cat ears decorated her head where human ears are normally located.

Hair Color and Style: Aikawa's curly, forest-green hair frames her face to neck length with her bangs swept to cover her right eye.

Distinguishing Features: A full back, genetic tattoo of water flowing from her left hip up her back and ending at her right shoulder. Dotting the water are red flowers with an emerald-green dragon coiling up the 'river'.

Aikawa Kiyoshi

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: For all intents and purposes, Kiyoshi is quite a carefree individual. She will obey orders and respect the chain of the command, but she just believes it is too much effort to be up-tight all the time. Being serious all the time would just lead to stress and stress is always self-induced (in her mind). Because of this, Aikawa sometimes believes it's her duty to aid her 'sisters' and comrades by 'relieving' that stress and allowing them to relax.

Though it should be noted, that Aikawa tends to add to that stress sometimes as well. This is mostly because she likes to tease and playfully harass her comrades for amusement. Sometimes she can take it too far, but is more than willing to apologize and make up for it.

Never really quick to anger, Kiyoshi dislikes negative emotions quite a bit. If anyone is depressed or angry around her, she will attempt to cheer them up or calm them down. In the event that she is depressed, Aikawa often goes to the first beautiful comrade she sees and gets 'cuddly'.

  • Likes: Spreading Love and Friendship, Gymnastics, belly dancing, flying, and delicious fish dishes (any type of fish).
  • Dislikes: Angry/Depressed people, being depressed, and squash.
  • Religion: None
  • Sexuality: Bi[redacted]ual
  • Goals: To live life to the fullest even in times of despair.


Family (or Creators)



Created by Ketsurui Zaibatsu in mid-YE 32, Aikawa Kiyoshi was created along with his sisters to reinforce losses generated by the Second Mishhuvurthyar War. Like all freshly manufactured NH-29s, Kiyoshi attended Ichiban to download the appropriate knowledge and develop her personality. It's safe to say that Kiyoshi developed a trickster mentality almost immediately, which led to quite a few disciplinary encounters over the duration. A bit of curiosity between sisters also led to a healthy appetite for a very amusing brand of 'stress relief'. She enjoyed her time in Ichiban as much as any Nekovalkyrja did and used her time to identify her joy of belly dancing and gymnastics, as well as her dislike for mathematics. But as the four month curriculum came to an end, Kiyoshi decided she wanted to do something more than just the standard combat arms training she had been assigned. Instead, she requested flight training. While she had been a bit troublesome, her relative scores and abilities seemed to work out in her favor and the request was granted.

Flight School on Fort Hanako

Moved to Fort Hanako on Hanako's World, Kiyoshi joined the Flight School for the three month training program. There, true to form, her trickster nature reared its head once more in the form of pranking her fellow students. She did make sure to avoid pranking her instructors, since it wouldn't be in her best interest. Aikawa also developed a few 'relations' with some of the EWO's in training, but nothing serious. With training completed near the beginning of YE 33, Kiyoshi was transferred to a front-line garrison for the beginning of her piloting career.

Before YSS Hokorimasu

Starting her career as a pilot on Virgo in the Samurai Sector, Kiyoshi was often performing double-duty as a shuttle pilot and as a reconnaissance pilot using the Ke-V6-1D "Hayabusa" Starfighter before the Virgo got its shipment of Ke-V8 "Teisatsu" Fighter. She is currently still on board the Virgo, though her Squadron Leader seems to be looking for a way to transfer the 'playful' soul to another command.

Role Play

YSS Hokorimasu - All Too Quickly

It was over all too soon for poor Kiyoshi. Transfered to 8th Fleet, the pilot met her new squad and entered battle at nearly the same day. But then nothing happened afterwards. Whether it was from disappointment or something else, the newly formed squad had been broken up after news of the Battle of Yamatai reached them. Everyone went their separate ways and Kiyoshi was relegated to shuttle transport. Well, once again, Kiyoshi got on someone's nerves. This time it was by helping too many people 'relax'.

New Assignment - Task Force Lantern

<To Be Roleplayed>

Skill Areas


Standard in Ichiban downloads and classes, Kiyoshi had to learn SAoY radio procedures and protocols as well as proper form completion (which was so boring). She is also quite fluent in both Nepleslian and Yamataian. Learning all the ways she could use her wireless communication seemed more interesting than the rest.


While in Ichiban, Aikawa took full opportunity of facilities to learn as much about entertainment as she could. While browsing over a few things, her curiosity led her to belly dancing and some of the more sensual things. Aikawa mainly took up belly dancing for the fun of it, if not to tease some of her sisters mercilessly. The latter was more for enjoyment of all parties.


While not a part of the Combat Infantry, all Star Army personnel need to know how to fight and Kiyoshi was no different. During her curriculum at Ichiban, the dark-skinned Neko learned a variety of hand-to-hand combat techniques as well as how to fire energy pistols/rifles, use a knife in combat, and the proper use of a well-placed grenade. She was also instructed in the use of Powered Armor, though it didn't interest her as much.


Kiyoshi has studied basic math and trigonometry while attending Ichiban. While she is fully capable in both subjects, she prefers to leave it to the 'science fiends'.


Deciding she needed some more physical activity (other than belly dancing and 'relieving stress'), Kiyoshi took up a variety of gymnastics to enhances her body's performance (even if she doesn't need it to stay slender). She even knows acrobatic gymnastics, which requires a great deal of teamwork to accomplish.

Starship Operations (Small Craft)

During her time at Flight School at Fort Hanako, Kiyoshi learned how to operate a variety of small aerospace craft ranging from the common Ke-T7 "Raccoon" Transport Shuttle to the newest fighter, the Ke-V8 "Kawarime" Fighter. She can also pilot craft in both atmosphere and in vacuum.

Technology Operation

Like many of her sisters, Kiyoshi learned how to operate computers with the Kessaku OS and how to search/enter information.

Character Data
Character NameAikawa Kiyoshi
Character OwnerMatthew
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankNitΓ΄ Hei
SAOY OccupationStar Army Pilot
SAOY AssignmentTenth Fleet

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