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Anna Ee'ith

Anna Ee'ith is a player character played by Zekec.

Anna Ee'ith
Species & Gender: I'ee Female Worker
Year of Birth: YE 24
Organization: The Ee'ith Family
Occupation: Ambassador
Rank: N/A
Current Placement: YSS Kaiyo

Preferred Plots

  1. YSS Kaiyo

Physical Description

Carapace Coloration: Like pretty much every single I'ee ever, she has three parts of her body, the top part being yellow, the middle black, and the bottom yellow. She seems like the perfect I'ee, not damages or altering her carapace in any way.

Eyes: Black

Physique: When she stands on her hind legs, she is roughly five feet and one inch tall. She seems as any I'ee would, except, if you look at her wings you will notice that the left small wing is just a stub. It is like that because in her child-hood, while gathering things she was an attacked by a wild animal and was too surprised to fight back.


Anna is very much the generic Ee'ith, who is very excited about being in space and meeting species in general, not truly about making diplomatic relationships. She is very friendly, and it is very hard to stop her talking, even sometimes talking so fast you cannot understand her. Her goal is to make friends with aliens, and if that ends up coming to a trading agreement or more, even better. She has a strong family bond like all I'ee, and even has been known to get over attached to friends, even pets. But unlike other I'ee, she can be somewhat jumpy since her ambush by the wild animal as a larva.


Anna Ee'ith was born in YE 24 on the homeworld of the I'ee. As a larva, she did barely anything, including up until she matured. Although, there was an accident when she was reaching maturity. While out gathering supplies, she was ambushed by a wild animal, who tore off her left small wing. When she matured, she was able to pick one of the careers(Although was pushed towards diplomacy, as her family are known for). Along with many other sisters, she studies Xenology, with the intent to go into the stars as a diplomat. Once complete, she returned home, officially deciding to become an ambassador. After a few more years of training, and picking an easy, but friendly earth name, Anna, she was partnered with her sister Anne, as well as given her own diplomatic starship, and soon enough head into space, but unlike her sisters Sally and Yui, they knew where they were going. They were assigned to the YSS Kaiyo.

Skills Learned

Anna Ee'ith has the following notable skills:

  • Xenology

Like all Ee'ith diplomats, her primary studies was in Xenology. She spent almost half her life studying it, with major empires such as Yamatai and Neplesia were in her studies, with her mostly focusing on the area of space that the YSS Kaiyo mostly deploys to.

  • Alien Politics and Culture

This is an off-shoot of the Xenology class, which all diplomats attend if they wish to become true diplomats. After several years studying, she has become well-versed in Yamatai and Neplesia culture, traditions and general way of life.

  • Starship Operations

Like any ambassador, she was trained how to operate the small vessel in order to get to the duo's destination. She was taught to drive the ship and keep all the systems in order, with the help of her sister, they know everything about it.

Social Connections

Anna is connected to:

  • Anne Ee'ith (Sister)
  • Hundreds of siblings and her mother

Inventory & Finance

Anna Ee'ith hasโ€ฆ. *Translator Implant: A brass-coloured socket implanted in the back of the skull. When connected to an appropriate speaker system, it can translate thought into speech in any language the user knows.

*Emotional Display Mask: A small LED display, roughly the size of a mouse-pad, worn upon the face and held in place with several straps. The mask possesses an array of simple, stylised facial expressions that can be displayed to convey emotion, controlled by the translator implant.

OOC Information

In the case zekec becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES
Character Data
Character NameAnna Ee'ith
Character OwnerZekec

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