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Antonius Castor

Antoni Castor is a player character played by META_mahn.

Antonius Castor
Species & Gender: Elysian (Patrician) Male
Date of Birth: YE 14
Organization: The Elysian Senate
Occupation: Senator, Populares Mollesco
Rank: Legati Senator
Current Placement: Elysian Senate

Physical Description

  • Skin: Pale
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Amber
  • Height: 7’2”
  • Weight: 128lb
  • Wing Shape: Hawk-like wings
  • Wingspan: 21’6”
  • Wing Color: Gray base, fades to bright blue, then back to gray at the tips.

Antoni tends to do some sport, such as Pankration to keep his body in good shape. However, due to the recent work needed to be done in The Elysian Senate and subsequent sedentary lifestyles, his physique is a little bit scrawnier than he would like, compared to his younger days.

He tends to be very well-groomed due to his occupation.


While Antoni’s presence isn’t exactly ‘room-filling,’ he does have a sizeable presence when a matter appears before him that he has strong feelings about. He believes that the idea of Kleos, while once noble, was the main factor that brought Elysia to its knees as Elysians, in the name of Kleos, made error after error in battle. Normally he tends to keep to himself and the few people around him, but he isn’t afraid to argue if he has to.

He isn’t as religious as other Patricians, but his sense for the people of Elysia is strong, and he always keeps in mind the majority of Elysians that he serves as the leader of. He doesn’t care much for honor in battle, and in battle he tends to play the role of the strategist. If his schedule is open, he is willing to play a game or two of chess.

He tends to read just about anything he can get his hands on, though he prefers secular philosophy writers and technical books.

He despises long contracts and agreements.

He’s trying to learn how to play brass instruments. He’s…okay at it? At least that’s what his wife says.

He drinks way too much iced tea.


Like all Elysians, Antoni was taught that Elysia was the greatest, and protected by their god, Elysia could do no wrong. Like some Patrician children, Antoni grew up reading stories of tactical and strategic prowess, and learned the arts of war from a young age.

Like all Elysian children in the modern era, Antoni grew up watching the wars the Elysians fought. And, amidst the wartime propaganda and the constant ideas that this was all planned by their god, Antoni could not help but notice one thing.

In layman’s terms, Elysia sucked.

If Elysia was so great, why did they lose so many wars against Yamatai, the ones who defiled mind and body? What could have went wrong after all this supposed “divine right” failed? The rational conclusion was that there were one of two options: Either the god of all Elysians was not, in fact, all powerful, and Yamatai’s strength simply defeated their god, or Elysians were failing their duty and this was their god’s divine wrath.

Antoni chose the latter. But why, then, why did their god, ever benevolent, choose to punish them? What could god punish them for? Did Elysia stray from the path their god intended them to be on? They must have, otherwise this would not have occurred. None of this would have happened, and Elysia would triumph over Yamatai easily. But there must have been the seed of corruption somewhere in Elysia’s merit, then. Something, somewhere, Elysia failed their god.

Maybe, he thought, maybe it was in their archaic system of Kleos, that doing certain deeds were considered “favorable” and earned you a greater place in the world. While this did hold quite well, there was one point his mind for strategy simply could not settle with.

Kleos encouraged Elysians to fight unfavorable battles, which meant that Kleos made Elysians make rash decisions instead of wise decisions. Therein lay the first seed of corruption, the fact that Kleos was killing their soldiers. This could not have been something their benevolent god made, for their god wanted them to live and rule the world. And to live and rule the world, Elysia needed to survive in the first place.

Maybe Elysians had forgotten the path they should have been walking on. Maybe the Elysian Bible had become corrupted, tarnished by its numerous revisions and its words lacked as much truth as they once had when it was first written. Maybe the high throne the Patricians sat on wasn’t as high as he was raised to believe, or maybe their actions had proved them as unfit leaders, and this was their punishment yet again.

Whatever he decided, his ideals began to shift. He began to read philosophy of all sorts, not just the kind that the church sanctioned. He took a large interest in the workings of the military, hoping to fix the problems it had, and becoming surprisingly good at military command in simulation. He also met a young Elysian pugilist that he became friends with, before she moved to Yamatai. During the time he knew her, they exchanged both details about private lives as well as knowledge about combat.

In the years approaching YE 35, Antoni joined the Elysian Senate, serving as a member of the more liberal and populist houses, to attempt and sway the Senate towards a better direction.


None, yet…

Social Connections

Antoni Castor is connected to:

Skills Learned

  • Communication: Antoni is familiar with the concepts of basic radio operation. Antoni is also fluent in Seraphim, Trade, and Yamataian, albeit speaking the latter two with a slight accent. Antoni can also write correctly, efficiently, and do everything necessary in both war and the Senate. In addition, Antoni is familiar with utilizing his telepathy to speak and give orders.
  • Fighting: Antoni has practiced and still does Pankration, although not with any live targets, due to immediate people around him(his wife) not being very suitable for such. He also knows how to utilize standard Elysian equipment, such as the Anthedon and Tethys Power Armor.
  • Physical: Being a Patrician, Antoni commonly does sports alongside Pankration, keeping his body mostly fit, although now his sporting and Pankration are more of a means to stop the excess calories from catching up rather than to bulk his muscle further.
  • Starship Operations: In simulations, Antoni has learned how to operate a starship to a suitable degree, although he is much better at giving out the commands on starship and fleet operation.
  • Leadership: Antoni, as a member of the Elysian Senate, is almost required to be able to speak publicly to some degree that gets his points across, and he knows how to present good factual arguments. In addition, although his battlefield strategy and tactics were only tested in simulation, if it ever came to a real battle, they could be immediately applicable.
  • Knowledge: Picking up spare knowledge to perform certain tricks in the field of war was helpful in his simulations, multiple times relying on the laws of physics governing the universe to win against his foe. In addition, knowledge of the enemy allows him to pick apart his foe into strengths and weaknesses, and turn the edge against a seemingly insurmountable enemy.
  • Technology Operation: Learning to command came with learning how to use the various technologies employed by Elysia. Antoni, in addition to learning military tactics and strategy, also learned how to use the standard Elysian ship interfaces for command.


(Nothing, yet.)

Inventory & Finance

Antoni Castor has the following items:

  • 10000 KS
  • The Castor Residence, his and his wife’s home
  • A wardrobe full of Elysian clothing
  • 3 Seraphim servants
  • Personal computer

OOC Information

In the case META_mahn becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? No, because chances are this guy will be affecting Elysia for a long while.
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO
Character Data
Character NameAntonius Castor
Character OwnerMETA_mahn
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