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Apocynum is a NPC controlled by GM Kim who appears in the Task Force Lantern plot.

Species: Jiyuuian
Gender: Female
Organization: Leo Star Fortress, CHOU District
Occupation: Seamtress/Shopkeeper
Position: Owner of Arata Clothing

Character Description

In the doorway, a 4 foot tall baby faced, busty youngling with flowing, mid back length dark blue hair and pale blue eyes trembled. The girl's eyes were puffy from crying and she was shaking. Her short long sleeved, white dress was frayed at the hem and at the edges of her sleeve cuffs. She stared after the departing woman and saw the Ryuusei approach. Apocynum tenderly dabbed at her eyes with a faded pink handkerchief that she had pulled from her ample bust.

“Go…Good morning! W…welcome to A..Arata! Please come in,” Apocynum bowed awkwardly and deeply as she greeted the Ryuusei. Despite her distress, the shopkeeper meant to salvage her day.

History and Relationship Notes

First appears in Task Force Lantern [ACT III: Scene IV] Issues at Hand following an off-screen argument with Cereus.

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Fluent in Trade, Yamataian, Lorath
  • Accounting: Runs a shop, maintains her own records
  • Crafting: Skilled Seamstress, can draft and make clothing from her own patterns
  • Leadership: Manages her own shop
  • Skill Area 5
  • Skill Area 6
  • Skill Area 7
Character Data
Character NameApocynum
Character StatusNPC Available for GM or FM use
Current LocationLeo Star Fortress

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