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Arbitrated Iemochi

Arbitrated Iemochi is a player character played by Arbitrated.

Arbitrated Iemochi
Species & Gender: Elysian Female
Year of Birth: YE 18
Organization: Yamatai Star Empire (Retired)
Occupation: Retired, Ex-Starship Operator
Rank: Civilian
Current Placement:

Physical Description


Height: 129cm/4'3“

Weight: 29kg/63lbs (NORMALLY 27kg/59lbs)

Wingspan/style: 396cm/13', shaped like an albatross

Wing Color: Pale Magenta

Eye Color: Sapphire/Emerald Heterochromia

Hair Color: Auburn

Hair Style/Length: Wavy hair with some curls to it, which reaches closer to her belly in length

BWH: 28, 24, 31 (B cup)

Voice Pitch: A flat, treble clef, +/- 10 cents

SPECIAL: Arbitrated is pregnant with twin caelisolan babies; the pregnancy has been going for several months now, and shall continue for several more months. This pregnancy is changing some parts of her body.

Oddly short for a Caelisolan with a body height of 4'3”, Arbitrated Daeris Iemochi is usually an oddball in a crowd and out of it. In the realm of physical appearance her auburn hair is often wavy and achieves enough length to reach the bottom of her sternum. Being gifted with heterochromia, her eyes are different colors with one eye comparable to an emerald and the other a sapphire. Being as vertically unique as she is, identifying a “body type” is somewhat difficult but in falls into the general shape of an hourglass figure, with a BWH of 28, 24, 31 and a bra size of 28A. Her wingspan is close to thirteen feet wide, or about three times her height, and said wings are generally kept neat through her caring for them and are a very pale magenta coloring. As would be somewhat expected she has skin approximately 14% more pale than the average Caelisolan. Despite her impressive wingspan, Arbitrated cannot take off to fly anymore on account of the added weight from her pregnancy in progress.


Naturally a “thinker” rather than a “fighter”, Arbitrated is prone to being defensive in nearly every aspect and instance until she has enough information to proceed. Due to her rather curious and often considered backwards life she usually attempts alternative solutions to most difficulties.

Naturally inclined to think in a realm of logic instead of emotion she often becomes an interesting discussion partner due to the ideas constantly meandering throughout her mind as well as her method of working multiple sides of a discussion instead of just her own. However it should be noted she disapproves of extended “small talk” and often can end a conversation with a cold shoulder if she sees no purpose in continuing at the time.

Despite her logical dominant side she has issues in self-motivation, often becoming rather apathetic and annoyingly vague. There is additionally, a well-hidden side of her few people are aware of, that can be described simply as “loyal”. Even to the bitter end she will hold out and help other entities she trusts and has a strong relationship with, and in the event two friends would be fighting she can often mediate them effectively.

Unlike many people her age she has no set goals to work for, and little in the way of motivational factors: no family honor, no need to stand out and “be the best”, no true purpose to fulfill. She simply continues through her life, as if she were prepared to disappear without a trace. She'd like to have a family some day and settle down but she doesn't think that becoming an admiral, an important rank in something, or getting high up the ladder would ever get her closer to that goal.

It should be noted she has a habit of napping when not on duty, and while on duty she has what some might call obsessive-compulsive disorder, typically double-or-triple checking actions and repeating them unnecessarily. Not only this but she also often repeats commands, in an abridged or non-abridged form, for memorization.


Arbitrated Iemochi was born in YE 18 in the New Elysia, under the name “Lynne Mishra Aliana”. After a childhood incident, her name had been changed to “Arbitrated Daeris Shan”.

When she was first born, Lynne was raised in a household holding remarkably high standards for plebians. The little girl was taught to be polite to everyone, and even at a young age she was showing compassion to those around her when she could. Her small stature was a feature throughout all of her life, and often was a cause for her to be bullied in school and even in true public sometimes. Despite the various Elysian Wars, the young girl held almost no anger towards Yamatai and the Star Army.

Unfortunately, the smol Lynne would not be able to stay unharmed from the surprisingly hostile population of her hometown. On the way home with one of the few friends she had at the age of twelve, several adults forcefully pulled the two children aside, kidnapping them and taking them to a nondisclosed location. The two children were kept hidden for several days before elysian security forces were able to locate and impound the various criminals, freeing the two children and taking them to their respective homes; a program to protect the families of the two victims was put into place, unfortunately separating them from each other and assigning a new name to both families.

Thanks to the protection program of the Elysian government, the now-Shan family suffered little more trauma than the kidnapping incident until the Second Mishhuvurthyar War began less than a year later. Still recovering from the kidnapping on a psychological level, the Shans avoided refugee centers despite any offers, and remained in their home, terrified of anything that sounded like a threat-from the marching of soldiers through the streets to distant weapons fire. It wasn't until the YSS Eucharis managed to end the Battle of Elysia that the family started to relax again, the parents keeping their only child safe and sheltered for the next several years.

When she was at the age of nineteen, Arbitrated decided to join the Star Army of Yamatai, a decision cautiously supported by her parents when she explained their guaranteed Soul Transfer system for every soldier who enlisted. Shortly afterward, she arrived at Yamatai (Planet) and enlisted as a soldier.

After her military graduation, she was placed in reserved for an open assignment before being directed to the YSS Kaiyō.

Post-assignment, Arbles quickly cleared a path into L'kor space with the rest of her crewmates, spending more time than recommended at her post. The constant threat of an enemy assault slowly drew the undersized birb into herself, enacting a policy of isolationism against those around her. During an attempt to shatter this veil by Meissa Nashira and Shinomori Matsuvo, it was unintentionally discovered that Shan has an incredibly low alcohol tolerance even for her already diminutive size.

Some time later, a series of events with Iemochi Seinosuke, beginning with an accident during Love Day, the little Shan seemed to start opening herself up her crewmates much more reliably, forming bonds and friendships with quite a few. On the return trip to Yamatai from L'kor territory, there was an official proclamation of love between Arbitrated and her boyfriend Mochi.

On the second official excursion from Yamataian space onboard the Kaiyo, Arbles began to grow accustomed to the new weapon arrangements of the Plumeria, which she herself had overseen the refitting of. During the month in which the starship and her crew had disappeared, the little Shan had become increasingly close to Seinosuke.

Upon the return of the YSS Kaiyo, a routine medical exam on the surface of Hanako's World notified the couple of the female's in-development twins. A short time after this discovery, Arbitrated and Seinosuke married each other, a sharing the surname Iemochi between them. For a multitude of reasons - Arbitrated's pregnancy being a major factor - the couple decided to go on leave for a while, moving to Elysia and living in an apartment. Things were well, at least for a time.

The peaceful times were not to last. A few months later, An attempted assassination of Mr. Iemochi shocked them both to the core; sent by Seinosuke's father, the assassin was nearly successful in his task, injuring Arbitrated's husband to the point of hospitalization before being subdued. Shortly after, whether by chance timing or as a response to the assault, the couple was given an offer to rejoin the crew of the YSS Kaiyo - with some special benefits to accommodate Arbitrated in her maternal state.

Arbitrated was discharged from the Star Army of Yamatai circa YE 43 after she chose not to reenlist after her second 3-year term of enlistment.

Skills Learned

Arbitrated Shan has the following notable skills:

  • Star Army Common Skills: Arbitrated underwent the standard training for a Star Army recruited soldier. Though she consistently struggled through the physicality-inclined courses, she was nonetheless still able to pass through. While she is weak in melee and physical-based combat, Arbles has rather good aim.
  • Starship Operations: Due to her seemingly specialized growth in the skills revolving around large weapons, Arbitrated works best in command of most or all non-spinal weaponry, taking advantage of the relatively precise aiming systems of turrets to either focus and drill through a single point or scatter shots across an entire target to blind and potentially cripple it. She was once reported for sabotaging the recoil suppression device of a training vessel during a routine exercise, however was pardoned due to the increased recoil of said weapons assisting the ship's avoidance of eminent destruction. More recently, Arbles has been the weapons operator of the YSS Kaiyō and YSS Kaiyō II for several months.
  • Entertainment: Arbitrated can read sheet music, and can play both the trumpet and the flute. Additionally, her petite body and overall small size is often seen as incredibly cute to many people.
  • Domestic: After becoming pregnant with her first two children with Seinosuke, Arbitrated began to do research online to know how to care for infants and a family. While still busy away learning about how to properly care for a home, she knows how to wash and fold laundry, change diapers, nurse, and similar tasks.
  • Technology Operation: Even when she was young and pathetic, Arbitrated always was fascinated with machines and technology. Always asking questions and occasionally breaking things, she learned more of her advanced world through direct interaction than schoolbooks. She can learn how to operate technology that is new to her surprisingly quickly, but she has difficulties with optimizing or any form of coding.
  • Biology: During an incident in an alternate universe, Arbles spent a lot of time with her then-boyfriend Seinosuke; she worked with him in he laboratory for long enough that she has fairly basic knowledge in the field of biology. She is not as proficient as a true scientist, but she has more knowledge of biology - especially xenobiology - than the average citizen.
  • Humanities: While all Elysians have fully functional telepathy, Arbitrated is slightly unusual in that she has an increased affinity towards “reverse empathy”, or the ability to project her emotions on people around her. This ability can only effect and be sensed by people with telepathic powers, but it is not powerful enough to “force” somebody into a different mindset.

Social Connections

Arbitrated Iemochi is connected to:

  • Geoff Shan (Father)
  • Aliana Shan (Mother)
  • Two unborn Elysian children (Children)
  • Alicia and Daniel Iemochi (Children, twins)
  • William (“Brother”; not actually related but still somewhat close)

Inventory & Finance

From her wedding with Iemochi Seinosuke, she also has a wedding ring: This ring is shaped like a double ouroboros, with the heads fixed with emeralds and a sapphire for their eyes to represent the couple.

Arbitrated Iemochi currently has 34,957 KS in her personal account. In addition to the KS, she has her Aureas card, an uninteresting and plain white card with her name and account number etched onto its surface.

Arbs additionally has several personally-financed off-duty outfits.

She has a decorative Zesuaium Xiphos Infantry Blade, custom made. The materials are originally acquired from the wreck of the YSS Kaiyō's hull.

She additionally has a Star army Ring: This silver commemorative ring has the YSS Kaiyō laser etched onto the top of the genuine sapphire with the name of the ship, YSS Kaiyō written into the bottom of the gemstone.

OOC Information

  • Can this character be killed forever? NO
  • Can this character be killed temporarily? NO (Not while she's pregnant please!)

In the case Arbitrated becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
Character Data
Character NameArbitrated Lemochi
Character OwnerArbitrated
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusDischarged
SAOY RankIttô Heisho

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