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Arinori Sora

Arinori Sora is a player character played by Arbitrated.

Arinori Sora
  Species & Gender:    Archangel Female  
  Date of Birth:    YE 06  
  Organization:    Star Army of Yamatai  
  Occupation:    Star Army Infantry  
  Rank:    Nitô Hei  
  Current Placement:    Ninth Legion  

Preferred Plots

  - None at the moment

Physical Description


  • Height: 203cm (6'8“)
  • Weight: 50kg (110.2lbs)
  • Hair Style: Smooth, short lengths on the sides with well-trimmed bangs in front; a ponytail in the back reaches to the middle of her back.
  • Hair Color: Jet black
  • Eye Color: Dark Purple with a touch of Red
  • Wing Structure: Falcon
  • Span: 510cm (16'9”)
  • Color: Amethyst
  • Skin Color: Pale
  • Measurements: 36B, 28, 36

Sora is a tall individual, even for an Elysian. Naturally towering over most people, she often is nearly impossible to not see, combined with her nearly iconic violet wings. As she has developed, Miss Arinori became progressively more lithe like many of her kind, promoting slender yet muscular limbs and a slightly shaped torso. Despite being as tall as she is, Sora Animori has a somewhat unimpressive chest and posterior profile.


Sora has an odd mix of attitudes, combining a social instigator with a logical, analytical think tank, with what could be considered a hero complex of some variation. She often will find herself in the middle of trouble trying to protect someone, but rather than simply brawling with a potential criminal she has been known to alert emergency services while using her natural skills to either distract, intimidate or incapacitate the problems systematically.

The Elysian herself often will proclaim her own accomplishments when she believes it is needed, almost never trying to use said accomplishments to her personal advantage. She is easy to open up to, and seems to open up about herself to almost everyone; people who spend time with her often relate her to a friendly giant with seemingly no care in the world during celebrations and prosperity, but a great stone mountain to hold the line when the going gets tough. She only insists on retreating when the odds are overwhelming and catastrophe has struck, yet she will be the first person in and the last person out whenever possible, staying between those she knows, and those who oppose her.


Arinori Sora was born in YE 06.


Sora was born in The Heavens during the First Elysian War to two patricians, and was often cared for by a plebian servant. During the destruction of The Heavens, the servant was tasked with protecting the young child and had become separated from the rest of the family; said caretaker would work to move quickly, pathing a route between seemingly safe locations before relocating the infant. Quickly being discovered, the caretaker had been gunned down by a Yamataian infantry unit and the babe was left undiscovered and exposed for several hours before her cries finally brought the attention of a soldier near enough to find her.

The babe was quickly sent away from the warzone into Yamataian territory, where she was adopted and raised into adulthood in Mezerit. Due to her Geshrin adoptive parents and infancy, combined with the rather chaotic nature of her adoption, she managed to survive the Plague at the age of two.


As she grew up through the three other wars with Elysia, the young Arinori was raised as a single child. It did not take her very long to begin asking questions about her differences with other citizens of Yamatai, and despite the attempted sheltering by her parents Sora was unable to escape the homefront-based effects of the ongoing conflicts, such as racism and governmental discrimination. Holding strong through the psychological onslaught, the young Elysian held her head high for as long as she could, trying to block out the hateful thoughts; she was better than those around her. A private tutor was eventually hired, somewhat isolating the young girl from the social unrest against her kind. With nobody to hide from, Sora had essentially forgotten how to hide herself altogether, and she was observant enough to know her parents were simply trying to protect her, though she still was unaware of many of the details regarding who-or what-she truly was.


Having completed her formal education at approximately the age of twenty-four, Miss Arinori had become a simple machinist at an assembly plant, operating the large devices which could fabricate anything from a toy to a Fire Extinguisher 🧯 to starship components. Ever-improving herself as if driven by an unfathomable force, Sora never would stop working, tirelessly prospecting self-recorded data and comparing it to what she had done in the relative past. She never has said why she does this, even when asked directly. When she had learned of what the Star Army had done to end the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, the Elysian woman convinced herself that being a part of the army may in fact be a more potent engagement than staying in the simple repetition of factory work. She did occasionally earn the respect of a would-be-unlucky Yamataian as a result of her small-scale heroics, although she seemed to refuse to take names, but not be afraid to give out her own. It was not a surprise to several people that after a few years a letter was sent to her residence formally inviting her to exercise her skills in the Star Army of Yamatai. The letter had been delayed due to the recent war. Although Sora was indeed aware of the war between her home and her people, she did not seem to actively force an end to the conflict. When she, several years later, had arrived in the recruitment office for the Army, she had in fact courteously congratulated the officers present on “managing to properly end the conflict, hopefully forever.”

Social Connections

Arinori Sora is connected to:

  • Two Elysian Patricians (Deceased): Biological parents, killed during the First Elysian War
  • Arinori Yokuro: Adoptive mother. Current age 55. Geshrin.
  • Arinori Oshiro: Adoptive father. Aged 57 years. Also a Geshrin.
  • Shellie Shutts: Private tutor, secondary mentor figure after adoptive parents. Age 65 (Body transferred from Geshiran some time after the end of Sora's education, and is now actually a Minkan, who appears to be approximately 34 years old.)

Skills Learned

Star Army Training

In her training, Sora Arinori was taught the same Star Army Common Skills as every other soldier, though she focused on heavy weapons and power armor based combat. She was noted for having excellent close-quarters skill on account of her natural strength as an Archangel.


During her time in studies, her experience in the workplace, and some personal choices at other times in her life, Sora can identify the functions and designs of structures, and even can design buildings or complex arrangements for solid volumetric projectors.


Raised almost entirely at home, Arinori could often busy herself by laundering, cleaning, and rearranging the household; while her parents worked she often would keep house remarkably well.


Despite being one of the largest people in any given situation, Sora is surprisingly light on her feet and can be stealthy sometimes given the right situations and preparation. She also is excellent with the utilization of distractions, allowing her to have an advantage in creating small-scale ambushes.

Inventory & Finance

Arinori Sora has the following items:

Arinori Sora has the Star Army Standard Issue Items. She additionally has a Mindy IV armor with a customized loadout:

Sora's Mindy

Loadout One "Flare"

Loadout Two "Star"

Sora's Daisy II

Loadout One (Unnamed)

OOC Information

  • Can this character be killed forever? NO
  • Can this character be killed temporarily? She's infantry it's part of the job. (YES)

In the case Arbitrated becomes inactive:

  * Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO

  * Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO

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