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Aripael Goriass

Senator Aripael Goriass is a Elysian serving in the Elysian Celestial Navy. His character biography is available here. Aripael is the captain of the ECS Sorella, a Senator in The Elysian Senate and a representative of the Elysian people.

Aripael Goriass
Species: Patrician
Gender: Male
Age: 34
Height: 7'3“
Weight: 170 lb
Organization Elysian Celestial Navy
Rank Senator
Occupation Senator/Captain
Current Placement Captain, ECS Sorella


Build and Skin color:

Like most Archangels Aripael is very tall and somewhat slender but he is also very muscular – not the sort of bulky muscles of a weight lifter, but the compact muscles of a gymnast or martial artist. His skin is chalk white, without any form of pigmentation at all.

Face and Eye color:

Aripael has very angular and regal features, concentrated around a highly aquiline nose. He’s fairly handsome, but not hugely so – rather cold really. His eyes are extremely pale blue – to the extent that they seem to be more white with a hint of blue.

Hair color and Style:

Aripael has platinum blond hair which he grows down to his shoulders. He has a tendency to braid it with gold wire, or do various other tricks with it, and considers it of significant importance.

Distinguishing Features:

What is distinguishing about Aripael is that, somewhat unusually for an Elysian, he has incredibly pale skin, combined with almost white hair, bleach white wings and almost white eyes which combine to give him a somewhat ethereal overall effect – he doesn’t look quite right.

Psychological Characteristics


Aripael is a typical Elysian Archangel in many respects – he primarily cares about his own honour and is willing to go to great lengths to serve his ‘kleos’, effectively meaning his reputation. Closely behind this is his service to his country – his is a firm believer in Elysian superiority over all other races. And behind that is his loyalty to his God. However beyond this Aripael is a cold, often ruthless man – very rarely showing any compassion what-so-ever and usually using the simple logic of a Stoic. His lack of compassion is somewhat concerning, but he has been known to warm up (somewhat) to those who he has some respect for. He has been noted as unusually meritocratic – he places more importance than most Patricians on an Elysians abilities, rather than their subrace or social standing – although it should be noted that this is only relative to a Patrician.


Politics, fighting, power, the harp.


Yamatai, Nepleslia, non-Elysians, impertinence.


To restore Elysia to its ‘rightful’ position amongst the stars. To be someone of considerable power when that day comes, and to have his name known to all, to become eternal.


Aripael was born to the fairly prominent Plebeian family of Goriass as the eldest child to Senator Tereal. His ambitious father ‘hot-housed’ him from a young age, and he was raised in a family where love was a distant, although not completely lacking, concept – debating and rationality were held far higher than compassion and friendliness. This is notable in that he rarely has friendly conversations with his family – he has debates and arguments. He never went to school but was educated by private tutors, and did well in his studies showing an capacity to concentrate unusually hard on a topic to the exclusion of much else.

At the age of sixteen he joined the Celestial Navy and served underneath his mother, who was at that time the captain of her own vessel. He raised through the ranks and fought in various positions in all three of the Elysian wars gaining a certain notoriety for competence combined with an exceptional capacity for ruthlessness and for daring (although reasonable) action.

At the age of thirty he was encourage by his family to stand for a place in the senate, and his popularity and reputation ensured him a place. Aripael did not allow this to impact on his duty to the Celestial Navy – he continued to command his starship while debating in the senate through the use of a volumetric projector and a bio-neural interface.

Given his position both as respected military leader and senator the senate voted that Aripael should be given command of Elysia’s flagship – a Crataeis Command Ship. He is currently looking for crew – controversially searching through the ranks of both Patricians and Plebeians.



Aripael has been communicating over radio’s and other communication devices almost constantly over the last fourteen years. As such he is familiar with high level radio operation and the procedures therein, as well as the full range of Elysian communication technology. He is particularly capable of communicating when in combat or not, almost always with no noticeable difference in his voice. Aripael has a certain talent of acquiring languages and so as well as Seraphim he can speak English and Japanese fluently, and read English. He dislikes English and Japanese as a language and normally keeps his understanding of them secret – an ace in his hole. He also speaks halting Old Seraphim, but cannot read it. As with all Elysian’s he is telepathic, and while he has not trained heavily with this he has managed to ensure that his telepathic communications are relatively secure over their range of 5km. He understands the tactical advantage that telepathy can bring.


Aripael is a very competent leader. From his many debates in the senate, as well as his command of many ships over the years, he has become a talented public speaker when he wishes to be – although his leadership style normally relies upon his imposing presence and direct commands. This being said he has a great deal of charisma in his own, rather cold, fashion. Through his long experience as a military leadership Aripael is familiar with likely places to be ambushed … and importantly where an ambush would be good to set up, but his abilities at diplomacy are a little lacking. His xenophobia makes him rather unforgiving.

Fighting and Physical:

Aripael is a very capable fighter, in both melee and ranged combat. In melee he normally utilises his sword and fights in a level-headed and rational fashion, calmly utilising speed, precision and calculation rather than brute force of frenzy. He is confident in his abilities against almost any opponent in this field – and is capable of using the strength of an archangel is necessary, although he prefers not to rely on this. It is just a little uncouth. Beyond the sword he is also familiar with the spear, knives and staff. In his time he has fought in most environments and is as comfortable in a zero-gravity environment as he is in the 1.1 gravity environment he normally keeps in his ships (when outside combat). In is ranged combat he relies upon a few calmly placed shots rather than a barrage of fire, and is a relatively good shot – although no marksman. The affects his choice of weapon – he is not personally comfortable with weapons which have a high rate of fire. However he has kept himself trained with the full range of energy pistols and rifles he had access to – of both Yamataian and Elysian heritage. He has been training in the Antheodon power armour since it came out, and is very comfortable in its operation. Aripael trains physically quite often, and so has above average strength for an archangel, bringing him to around or just above the physical strength of an ID-Sol. Despite this he emphasises more on grace than power, and practises some gymnastics.


Aripael has a very good memory and over the year has grown proficient in the history of the Star Army, Yamatai, Elysia and Elysian law, as well as a good eclectic knowledge. He finds this can be an excellant asset to possess within a debate - for fancy rhetoric aside nothing can swing an argument like a cold, hard fact. As such he makes it his policy to be better informed in the above stated subjects than his fellows - especially in his knowledge of Yamatai and the Star Army.


Aripael has an average capacity at mathematics, sticking with it long enough to learn everything that he thought would actually be useful to him. This stretched little further than algebra and trigonometry, however he has an excellant grounding in basic mathmatics - his ability to multiply and so forth verge on the phenomenal, but he has no actuall interest in any mathematical topic - prefuring spoken logic to the perverted form used by academics.

Technology Operation:

Aripael has a long running relationship with computers. He doesn’t like them, they don’t like him but they work relatively well together. He knows his way competently around every computer system used by the Elysian navy, but specialises in utilising bio-neural interfaces.

Survival and Military:

Aripael is a natural survivor – he will not die unknown in the wilderness, what is the glory of that? In order to ensure his survival in such conditions he has trained himself in being able to navigate land, spot distinctive features through its effect on the landscape (such as water) and the construction of shelters (he isn’t quite as good for building them for other people). From a long career in the military, which found him fighting on land as well as on ship, Aripael has learnt the full range of Elysian signals (including wing ruffling), the use of camouflage and is proficient at hunting prey – both sentient and animal.

Starship Operation:

Through his years of serving and commanding Elysian starships Aripael is familiar with the running of most Elysian vessels, and if needed can quite easily take the position of helm or navigation. Not that he would as long as there was anyone else even vaguely competent – it’s demeaning.

Character Data
Character NameAripael Goriass
Character StatusInactive Player Character
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