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Asakura Yayoi

Asakura Yayoi is a player character played by Charaa.

Asakura Yayoi
Species & Gender: Nekovalkyrja
Date of Birth: YE 40
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: ranger
Rank: Ittô Heisho
Current Placement: YSS Resurgence


Preferred Plots

Physical Description

Much like her batch sisters, she would normally be an average Nekovalkyrja, Type 33. This would mean she would have normally stood at 5’3“ (160 cm) but diet, training, and other causes had affected her height, to the point she stood at 5’9, and because of the added machine parts to her form, she weighed in at 70kg. Strands of dark blue hair covered her hair, that due to certain levels of lighting has the effect her hair as being black, but in full light, her blue is visible. Due to the limited resources, her hair was rather messy and dirty. But her eyebrows were kept trimmed neatly so as to not cause a distraction.

Beneath her eyebrows and uncovered by her hair were a pair of almond-shaped eyes, which were of different coloring, her left eye was red, while her right was yellow. Both were treated that allowed them to glow in the night.

On either side of her head were a pair of ears, which closely resembled those of a cat. Her ears and her tail were the only things that had fur because the rest of her body had skin, which was a gray shade in the color that was said to be in the middle between dark gray and light gray. She usually has a calm expression on her face, no big smiles or frowns, which sometimes make it difficult for others to tell her moods.

Being in the military, she had a body that was slender, with the impression of athletics, along with an hourglass figure. Even though due to genetics and metabolism, which never allowed her to gain weight or get out of shape, she strives to treat her body like that of a temple, with respect and care, which meant that she was never stinky due to hygiene issues. Both of her arms ended in hands that had three fingers and a thumb. It was likely due to genetics and how she was made, her feet would have followed suit. Just above her rear end, as the beginning of a long prehensile tail, that was allowed to wrap around her legs lightly.

Due to the training she had undergone, she tends to walk upright, and when she stands or sits she tends not to slouch. Over her left eye was a scar that was covered up by a stripe, and there was some dirt that covered her. The Ranger wore dark clothes that allowed her some stealth, not so much her uniform, and the rank insignia. Her feet were covered soft sound absorbing boots.

with return to yamatai, and the tech there, her cybernetics were removed.



Yayoi wasn’t chattier than her batch sisters, but not less than Kiyo either. She can speak, but the hazards of war and the fall of Hanako had made her lose interest in talking unless it was something important to say. While she understands socialization can be important, sometimes, she gets lost in thought that it may take her a while to reason she should be speaking, or someone ha asked her a question.

When in combat, she had found a way to compartmentalize her feelings and emotions so that she could perform her duties without distraction. She uses this training for the resistance as well in hopes that it will help them succeed during the war with Kuvexia.

Despite her gruff exterior, Yayoi cares for her batch sisters a great deal, this was shown as an example when she took the blame for one of her sister’s accident. She had hoped that her sisters would be able to help Kiyo with training on the control without distraction from a harsh taskmaster. The tongue lashing she had received, and the personal training after has enhanced her endurance, so that she could withstand stress.

Yayoi hates Kuvexians and their allies.

The result of the resistance, and the horrors brought by Kuvexia, has left Yayoi with some emotional scars, which she is going through, the least of which was Insomnia, the result of horrors, though even that is going away. 3)


Pre-RP History

During the Year of the Empress YE 40, and the result of the declaration of war, and the need for soldiers, in the capital of Kyoto did Yayoi came to be as the first of a whole batch of sisters that the Neko had to care about. Each had been treated by the head scientist like they were her daughters and thus, Yayoi and her sisters started calling her mom.

Much like her sisters, she was confused by her own existence, but it didn’t take her long to follow directions. Their mother gifted them with a tail, which was making a comeback, and Yayoi decided her sisters should have tails too. Yayoi soon noticed that her younger sister seemed to have forgotten to get dressed, so Yayoi followed her, to make sure she was safe, away from hassle but her air-headed sister wasn’t bothered by anyone. So the batch began taking their learning, and things were calm until her sister had caused an accident when her arm slammed into these stack of spheres which caused them to fly off and hit the training sergeant’s house, which destroyed it.

Yayoi knew what would happen next, and not wanting her adorable sister who was distraught over the incident to get into too much trouble, convinced her sisters to put the blame on her, Yayoi not Kiyomori. The Neko endured a tongue lashing of epic proportions, from those who thought it was Yayoi that caused this, and the young girl was forced to never again don a Mindy power armor instead to go through Ranger training.

She fought well during her career since then, her falsehood had given her a reputation of badassery that did put her through a higher difficulty of missions. Through the chain of messages, she learned of Kiyo’s placement which was the Kaiyo 2 and that another sister was there, unfortunately, she couldn’t contact Gravity, but Yayoi had hoped that the Neko was looking after Kiyo.

Yayoi for her heroics was given shore leave on Hanako’s world where she could relax and have some fun. She was able to contact her sisters, but none of them would be able to join her, due to their placements not allowing for shore leave yet. She did learn that Kiyo had a boyfriend, which made her hope that he was treating her well.

Then Kuvexia had invaded, and travel off-world became difficult.

RP History

Yayoi resisted in her own way, butchering Kuvexian and their bug allies before a squadron had attacked her, and they took her arm, and damaged her eye, in a good trade, she killed two squads of them before blood loss and pain forced her to pass out. Sometime later she woke up in a Bunker, she found out what she knew already, that Hanako Shall Resist as all Yamatai would. With the escape from the world now difficult, she decided to join them. The Kuvexians had done something to her body that prevented her from regenerating, so the resistance they gave her a new Cybernetic arm, and helped her eye, though ST backup was not possible since Kuvexia had control over that. Yayoi officially joined the resistance, and in term gave Kuvexia and their allies an image, of a dangerous reaper a demon ready to kill them when she saw them.

She rescued innocent civilians, even children. Though the one time she did a risky rescue, she got captured and was almost eaten by a Rixlor. Fortunately, she came out of that physically unscathed. She also joined a group and, in that mission, stole Kuvexian weapons. Yayoi fought the Kuvexians kicking their butts and making the invaders' lives in the Yamatai world a harsh one, until Yamatai defeated the Kuvexians and the resistance fought off the Kuvexian invaders. The battle was wearing on her, but she developed an in-dominating endurance which helped her to fight the oppressors.

That’s when she got an unexpected call on the bunker’s radio. Because of her fame, Yayoi chose to move to a bunker away from the one holding kids and away from major bases that way, if she was caught, they won’t be able to find the real base. She thought the voice was a Kuvexian trick, and thus, played off her joke, asking about their bizarre take-out order until it was confirmed that these were Yamatai people, a Yamaai starship that came to rescue survivors.

She met Sanda for the first time, and with her help, she got the help where it was most needed, in saving the kids to the ship and off-world. Of course, the puppies she’d discovered had gone with the kids, and Fang, the dog she took care of, went to live with her “mother” Now free, Yayoi chose to make contact with her family who was pleased to hear from her, but her sister Kiyo was lost contacted, but her family promised to look for her. Yayoi chose to remain on the ship, the Yss Resurgence, thinking that as she was stuck on Hanako’s world for some time, her service time was paused, thus she still technically had years to complete, unlike her family. However, the effect of the nightmare conditions still affected her. She was able to get some sleep, and she had access to technology, which regrew her body, though she still asked for her hetero chromia look to remain.

Yayoi’s and Sanda’s relationship continued to grow and now, Yayoi has gained another sister! Yayoi also found new strength within her, and she also found herself getting promoted after having been a little upset that her little sister outranked her. Now she wasn’t so concerned over it, though she had other concerns to deal with, such as a new enemy, one that they had a hard time fighting, which left her angered, and brought up old resentment.

With Sanda’s help, she was able to get over these resentments, and they were able to plan of attack, before going on a Shore leave on Sood Zadra. Though before that she got to meet the ship’s doctor for checkup, and a st backup.4)


The Resurgence eventually went on a search for a Machine moon, before eventually they found it, and to Yayoi's surprise, their crewmate Nalini was actually the Separa'Shan goddess Nagashun. It was a odd thing to note for the Giretsu trained ranger, and on the trip back she got to thinking about, untill a new thought crossed her mind, that of children. Yayoi liked kids and she wanted one herself but with her stern nature, dating was a difficult thing for her. So she decided to by pass the need for a man in her life, and decided to create a child herself.

Of course this meant her leave will have to be extended, so she alerted her captain, and then left the ship after seinding Sanda a message.

Yayoi worked hard to raising her daughter while also working at her bar. She tried to teach her many things, to mold her, and had good influences in her life to help. They reunited with her sister and niece for Hanami Festival but mother had sister had to leave for a special surprise for her daughter.

Skills Learned

  • Unrelenting Endurance
  • Martial arts practitioner
  • insulting Kuvexians
  • Demon of Hanako intimidation skills
  • Fighting: Due to her training in the Star Army, she has received hand-to-hand combat training, followed up with a rigorous training programma. This includes experience and skilled in combat both in Yamatai-like conditions and in zero-gravity, with and without weapons.

Social Connections

Yuri possible future daughter

Inventory & Finance

Asakura Yayoi has the Star Army Standard Issue Items.


  • Yayoi started with 3000 KS.
  • After 4 years and being promoted to Nito Heisho she had 63,525 KS

OOC Information

This article was created on 2020/02/03 10:53 using the namespace template.

In the case charaa becomes inactive:

Yayoi is supposed to be stern, like she has a stick up her butt, and by the book, unfortunately, due to my personal dislike towards the dramatic, i may not be able to play her too much as that but i will try my best

Character Data
Character NameAsakura Yayoi
Character OwnerCharaa
Character StatusActive Player Character
Current LocationYSS Resurgence
PlotsResurgence Of Yamatai
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankIttô Heisho
SAOY OccupationStar Army Infantry (Ranger Qualified)
SAOY AssignmentYSS Resurgence
Assigned QuartersCabin 5
Battle BuddySanda Hoshi
SAOY Entry YearYE 40
DOR YearYE 44
Yayoi art was created by Wes using midjourney bot
Sketch art by Lily Marlene
Yayoi christmas art was created by Wes using midjourney bot
art created by Charaa using artbreeder

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