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Bia Geromakhai

Bia Geromakhai is a player character played by Gwathdraug.

Bia Geromakhai
Species: Caelisolan
Gender: Female
Age: 25/63 SY1)
Height: 5' 3“
Weight: 135 lbs
Organization: Elysian Celestial Navy/Star Army of Yamatai 10th Fleet
Occupation: Elysian Imperial Infantry/Star Army Field Medic
Rank: Semeai/Nitô Hei
Current Placement: Fifth Fleet

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5' 3”
  • Mass: 135 lbs
  • Measurements: 34A-28-32

Build and Skin Color: Bia is of a very muscular, wiry build with the most developed of her physique being her arms and chest due to years of practice as an Elysian boxer. Her skin is a dark russet brown.

Eyes and Facial Features: Bia's eyes are narrow and black in colour. Her face is less angular than the average Elysian with round cheeks but still possessing a strong jaw and is heavily covered in freckles despite her dark skin tone.

Hair Color and Style: Bia's hair is a dark red-brown kept in a unkempt caesar cut with just enough length to randomly stick itself up in short, spikey patches.

Distinguishing Features: Bia's wings are a dark, almost taupe, brown for most of their length but fade to a lighter red-brown at their base. The wings themselves are small for a Caelisolan at her own request and they are not capable of flight. Bia also has two tattoos, both black, one a thick ring encircling her left arm just above the elbow and the other a slashing straight line that starts at her jaw on the left side of her face and stretches across her cheek. Her nose has been noticeably broken multiple times.

Psychological Characteristics


“I've been as old as mine practically get an' seen twice as many battles as I 'ave years - I only now 'ope ta' triple each a' those numbers before the end.” - Bia on her new life as a Caelisolan

Bia is seemingly constantly amused with everything about her - an attitude which stems from the fact that by all rights she figures she should have been a corpse years before now. Despite a lack of formal education in most fields she has a keen mind that has lead her to and through multiple decisive points in her life. Steeped in a life of military service and Plebeian subservience she is generally tight lipped around officers and finds little reason to question orders. She has great love of fights of any kind whether they be verbal, physical, or full blown war. Due to her long life as a Plebeian and having formerly possessed wings that were mostly paralyzed Bia is very conscious of and stiff with the wings she has as a Caelisolan.

  • Likes: Conflict, Elysian Boxing, military life, animals
  • Dislikes: Cold food, children, Pankration, having to actual manage her wings as a Caelisolan
  • Goals: No long term goals besides a life to fit her fancy.



Bia's parents were the Plebeians Antenor and Eleni both died on Geshrintall before the First Elysian War. In the manner of the Elysians of the day she had a large family consisting of five brothers and six sisters along side numerous cousins. All her relatives survived - much to Bia's own consternation - to have their own children and by YE 37 grand and some great-grand children. One of the only two surviving members of her generation of siblings and cousins Bia was disgruntled throughout her retirement due to her younger relatives seemingly incessant need to get to know her.

Bia has no direct family of her own and has never been married.


Born as a menial of the Elysian Celestial Empire as a Plebeian of Heavens Bia is unsure of her own birthdate and has mainly estimated her age based off the ache in her bones for the majority of her life. Her original appearance was even shorter than she was now due to malnutrition and stunted growth her Plebeian self stood only five-foot, one-inch tall. In colouration and pigmentation she was the same, but had a much more pinched, gaunt face. Her most notable difference was that as a Plebeian she had maldeveloped wings that were only sparsely feathered and lacked most motility. As many of her class did before the restructuring of education within Elysia Bia went to work at an early age as unskilled labour in numerous different factories. In her first few years of working she also first encountered Elysian Boxing which she would soon take up - betting her meagre wages on herself as she beat others bloody to the amusement of her fellow menials. As more years went by though the now battered and scarred Elysian teenager started to notice the constant cycle of older workers being displaced by the younger and realised if she didn't take matters into her own hands that she would suffer the same fate as the toothless beggars that made up the dredges of her society.

Her love of fighting that hadn't dimmed over the years of taking fist to the face and being ridiculed for 'tryin' ta' act a man' spurred the Elysian to join the military. Bia told the recruiter at the time of joining up that she was seventeen years of age and it is a fact she stands by to this day as her “official age”. Nine years later she would see her training put to the test in the First Elysian War. Fighting as light infantry Bia found herself active and energized in the face of combat even more than she had ever been in the boxing ring. She sneered alongside her fellow soldiers at the accusation that the Elysians would need to have created a virus to kill Geshrin - the deaths of Ketsurui Saito and Ketsurui Yuki were proof enough that Elysia didn't need help in dealing with either the people of Yamatai or their Nekovalkyrja. The response to those deaths and rumours though were a crushing blow to Elysian morale and the First War; the destruction of a good portion of The Heavens saw Bia lose almost half of her family and thrust her and her fellow soldiers into despair.

Peace time after the war was a distressing time for almost all of Elysia and Bia buried herself in training and distanced herself even more than before from the remainder of her family from a sense of guilt and failure over being unable to prevent the destruction of their homes and kin at the end of the war. When orders came down top that their was a new target in the invasion of Hell Bia gladly through herself once more into battle and yearned for the rematch with the forces of Yamatai. The Second Elysian War would prove to be a nightmare of subterranean battle that even pushed past Bia's love of battle and left her with cold memories and little inclination to talk of the loss to Ketsurui Yui's Armies of the Precious Sword.

With the harrowing memories of the Second War still fresh Bia was shocked along with the other veterans at the murder of their Emperor by Kitsurugi Uesu. Gritting her teeth and meeting the wave of young Elysian volunteers that made the Third Elysian War a reality Bia carved her way through the frequent urban fighting that saw Elysian and Yamatai forces first fighting over the latter's own cities and then the few remaining Heavens of Bia's own people. One of the last to be pulled off planet as Ketsurui Yui's army continued their trend of decisive victories from the Second War Bia threw her weapons down - refusing to leave her final position with the gear that had carried her through a decade of war - from the ramp of the shuttle that took her from her home. Her final act of the war was to deck her commanding officer.

Spending the entire trip to Elysia Novus imprisoned due to her act of insubordination Bia would spend the majority of her time under the new Elysian sun stewing over the campaigns and defeats of all three of the wars that had made up the majority of her adult life. Her temper became much shorter and she became known for brawling with other veterans when off-duty and deriding the new recruits that joined the military during this time. She spent almost as much time locked up or performing manual labour in correctional work camps as she did in her own barracks.

When the impending invasion of Geshrintall (now Yamatai (Planet)) was announced Bia was 48 SY old and a gnarled mockery of the soldier she had been while defending her homeland. Passing her combat ready physicals by sheer determination the aged Plebeian stepped-up and shut-up in preparation of the Fourth Elysian War. The veteran infantrywoman watched the backs of her younger counterparts in the assault on Geshrinopolis and was noted in dispatches for more occasions than she had been in the three previous wars combined. In YE 24 Bia was severely wounded in a defensive action inside the city limits in which she lost her left arm at the elbow to a grenade and had an enemy blade slice through the side of her face and almost to her spine before the enemy was downed by allied fire. Triage stabilized Bia's condition and she was removed from the planet along with other wounded back to New Elysia before the end of the war.

Having recovered back in her people's new home before the end of the Fourth War Bia was medically discharged from the military with a full pension. Due to lack of resources she was left with as she had been on return to the planet and found her newly imposed disability difficult to deal with after a life devoted to physical activity. Unable to follow any of her passions Bia, now 51, returned to what remained of her family and helped assist them monetarily. Despite chronic depression and the pain of her numerous wounds accumulated throughout her life Bia remained active - frequent walks serving as her only method to disengage herself from watching after shrill, snot-encrusted children that screamed quite happily that they were the best of kin. Five more years would pass with the most notable event in slew of greyness being Bia turning out and marching slowly alongside other veterans when Elysia regained its independence in YE 28.

YE 30 hit and with it the Caelisolan plan was unveiled by the The Elysian Senate. Bia, now aged a venerable 56 SY and with one foot already in deaths door, immediately moved to negotiate a new body - and refused to settle for any less than one that was in its prime. The aged soldier managed to obtain a new body aged at eighteen SY and immediately fled her loving family for the sanctuary of military service. On her first grant of leave the newly re-invested soldier came back with her nose broken in three places and bandages wrapped around her hands, but smiling as if the day couldn't have been better. She was an active participant in the Battle of Elysia and greatly enjoyed the change of pace that came with combat against the Mishhuvurthyar.

Surprisingly, Bia, with some grumbling and head shaking, stayed with the elements of the Elysian Celestial Navy that became Star Army of Yamatai 10th Fleet after the abrupt remerger of the two nations due to the pressures of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War. The long term veteran even went as far to apply for and receive re-training to qualify as a Star Army Field Medic due to a lasting appreciate for the lesser mortality rates amoung Yamatai troops in comparison to those of the Elysians during the Four Wars. Bia served as a medic abroad for the remainder of the war with the Mishhu.

Between YE 34 and YE 37 Bia served in the area surrounding New Elysia. After constant, and frequently loud, complaining of the boring drudgeries of years of Orbital Watch Bia was transferred to the more mobile but no less mentally taxing post of the YSS Anoiktos and its long-term exploration efforts.


Bia is competent in the skills required by both Star Army Common Skills and Star Army Medical at an enlisted level.


Bai is extremely confident in her own body and its capabilities - a position that comes from literally hand designing the body she is currently in and the years of experience locked in her head. She is as agile and comfortable in Zero-G conditions as she is under the affects of gravity. While not skilled enough to swim particularly fast she has the strength and endurance to remain afloat for hours and fight her way against most currents. From the conditioning of her body and the years of martial arts and military life Bia is remarkably durable for her size.


Bia is capable and confident in the use of Xiphos Infantry Blades, Phaelaes War Spear, Aspis Infantry Shield, Atromos Particle Beam Rifle, Dresde Under-Slung Grenade Launcher, Sersis Variable Pistol, Sperion Mini-Grenade and Pelphrys Particle Pulse Autocannon and grudgingly proficient in the “art” of Pankration. She is much more comfortable and enthusiastic on her fighting style of choice: Elysian Boxing, in which Bia has multiple decades of experience. Along with her knowledge of the Daisy PA system through the Star Army Common Skills Bia is competent and has fought combat in the Elysian Hikael Power Armour PA system.


Bia is fluent in Seraphim and both the Nepleslian and the Yamataian languages though she speaks all three languages rather improperly if one is to count particulars. She knows and frequently manages proper radio use and protocol and from her times in the Four Elysian Wars can jury rig damaged equipment to send brief and partial signals. She can do reports if need be, but maintains that as a Semeai that is most likely other people's business.

Survival and Military

Bia is knowledgeable in the three C's of cover, concealment and camouflage and is capable of creating or prepping multiple manners of defensive or firing positions. She can manage non-verbal signalling quickly and with little doubt on her part. She has a large pool of experience in both Urban and Subterranean navigation and combat and the dangers inherent to both differing environments.


Bia is capable at picking the average civilian quality lock and can make use of tricks with sleight-of-hand when handling small sized weapons such as knives.


Besides the skills taught to her as a Star Army Medic Bia is experienced, but not extremely skilled in emergency field surgery beyond basic triage.



Bia Geromakhai is currently a Semeai/Nitô Hei in the Elysian Celestial Navy/Star Army of Yamatai.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
Character Data
Character NameBia Geromakhai
Character OwnerGwathdraug
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankNitô Hei
SAOY OccupationStar Army Infantry
SAOY AssignmentFifth Fleet
Second age estimated time spent alive since birth, first age is exact biological age of Caelisolan body that was acquired during YE 30 at a set age of 18 SY.

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