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Blesi Ingrid

Blesi Ingrid is a player character played by LeighLink.

Blesi Ingrid
Species: Minkan
Gender: Female
Age: 22 (Born February 12, YE 16)
Height: 165cm (5' 5“)
Weight: 60kg (132lbs)
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Science Officer
Rank: Nitô Heisho
Current Placement: YSS Heartbreaker

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 165cm (5' 5”)
  • Mass: 60kg (132lbs)
  • Measurements: 34C-23-34

Build and Skin Color: Ingrid is lightly built and has fair skin.

Eyes and Facial Features: Ingrid has round, blue eyes and a triangular face.

Ears: Ingrid's ears are human shaped.

Hair Color and Style: Ingrid's hair is blonde and long in length. She wears it braided.

Distinguishing Features: Ingrid carries herself with confidence but does not have the stiffness of a military bearing.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Blesi Ingrid is an intelligent woman with an abrasive wit. She is driven by her curiosity and enjoys a good puzzle or challenge; however, she is restrained by patience and abundant caution and avoids leaping into situations that she perceives as dangerous. She may attempt to detour around such roadblocks or she may consider them another puzzle to be solved.

She is typically genial and socializes well, but she avoids people that she thinks lack patience, reasonability or are too gung-ho. She particularly enjoys scientific, theoretical and historical discussions and her favourite social environment is a brainstorming session. She has not fully embraced the fact that she is a part of the Star Army and may sometimes be overly familiar or forget proper protocol.

She values her family greatly, and misses them now that she is on deployment.

  • Likes: Games and puzzles, calligraphy, ancient history
  • Dislikes: Being stuck on a problem, incessant distractions, being made to feel dumb, the Star Army of Yamatai
  • Goals: To achieve a breakthrough discovery, to survive her enlistment with the SAoY, to finish her education



Father: Blesi Leif (Historian) Mother: Blesi Sigrid (Star Army of Yamatai; deceased) Step-mother: Suzuki Yoko (School District Superintendent) Brother: Blesi Edrich (Archaeologist) Half-brother: Blesi Jirou (Child)


Ingrid was born and grew up on Yamatai. She was raised by her parents Leif and Sigrid–a historian and a Star Army nurse, respectively–who inspired in her a curiosity of the world and an interest in science. Life for her was typically idyllic, growing up and playing with her older bother Edrich, her father teaching them various details about the distant past and her mother providing love and nurture. The outbreak of the First Mishhuvarthyar War disrupted the family, however, as her mother was deployed into the field. In YE 27, Blesi Sigrid was killed in action and the entire family took the death harshly. In YE 32, Blesi Leif remarried to Suzuki Yoko, and in YE 35 Ingrid's youngest brother, Jirou, was born.

In YE 35, Ingrid began attending university, majoring in bio-technology. In YE 37, one of her friends began building a small bomb, “Just to see if I can do it.” When the device was discovered by faculty, Ingrid was threatened with expulsion and legal repercussions for not reporting the incomplete device. Because of her parent's connections with the school and local education system, the Blesi family was able to finagle a deal for Ingrid to escape punishment; she left the school and joined the Star Army of Yamatai.

This turn of events was difficult for Ingrid. She felt that her inaction didn't warrant such a dire reaction and that she should still be able to pursue the life she wanted. Her plans for civilian life were severely delayed and she feared the possibility of meeting the same fate as her mother, dreading the effect it would have on her family. Knowing that a long prison sentence awaited her if she left the Star Army, she swallowed her pride and grudgingly worked her way through boot camp. With her partial degree, she was able to choose a science post as her military occupational specialization.

Star Army Personnel Command, knowing of her close shave with her university's administration and her general hostility to the Star Army, decided to send her as far away as possible. This meant she was stationed with the exploration mission into unknown territory being undertaken by the YSS Heartbreaker.

YSS Heartbreaker

Santô Hei Blesi Ingrid's first deployment was aboard the YSS Heartbreaker, under the command of Taii Tsukisaki Valesti.

Mission 2: Remember To Always Think Twice

Mission Thread

Immediately upon arrival in UX-HB-2 'Shekhinah', the YSS Heartbreaker was greeted by an I’ee Ambassador Sphere being pursued by I’ee miners upset at an accidental Vekimen trespass. Answering the mayday request of the ambassador, the Heartbreaker extracted two I’ee and one Vekimen. These individuals were members of two previously uncontacted species. Tsukisaki-taii formed a first contact team lead by Shoi Hoshitomo Rin. In this team, Santo Hei Blesi Ingrid was given the responsibility of greeting the aliens on the Empire’s behalf. Shortly after words of greeting, the I’ee miners engaged with the Heartbreaker and the I’ee Ambassador Sphere. Blesi-hei lead the aliens aboard the Heartbreaker while other members of the first contact team lead a distraction using the Ambassador Sphere and Aethersperm. Upon recovery of the full first contact team, the Heartbreaker left the system, disengaging with the I’ee.

After departing Shekhinah, Blesi-hei—with assistance from Santo Hei Carlos Luna—analyzed, examined, and interviewed the aliens. These interactions lead to the writing of a collection of papers that provided the Yamatai Star Empire with much of its first information regarding the I’ee and the Vekimen.

In recognition for her exemplary performance in these tasks and her excellent presentation of the ideals and manners of the Star Army of Yamatai, Blesi Ingrid was promoted to Nitô Hei and awarded for Good Conduct.

Mission 3: Call My Name and It Feels Like Home

Mission Thread

The YSS Heartbreaker entered the system UX-HB-3 'Refuge of Sinners' and discovered a drifting Ayame-class Cruiser. An away team, headed by Shoi Hoshitomo Rin, was assembled and investigated. The ship had been infested with Parasite-Type Mishhuvurthyar. Uesu had locked the ship down and deployed a prototype combat android aboard. The android incapacitated Hoshitomo-shoi, leaving Blesi-hei in charge as the next highest ranking member of the away team. Using electronic warfare and command overrides, the android was brought in line.

For her role in this mission, and for capably taking command of an away team under fire, Blesi Ingrid was promoted to Ittô Hei and given awards for Good Conduct, and Morale.

Mission 4: The Word and Deed Go Hand in Hand

Mission Thread

The YSS Heartbreaker, by request of Edtoto Nar Sivaro and by imperial orders, moved to UX-HB-4 'Kerata Anathema' where they located the Vekimen Colony Station. Blesi-hei led away team Jodan through the main hangar of the Vekimen station where they discovered a Vekimen fighter suborned by Mishhuvarthyar parasites and used to bring an infection to the station. A second away team—Chodan, led by Skade Masashiga—made contact with the indigenous defence forces. Blesi-hei and the crew of the Heartbreaker and Seisenkyo provided logistical and technical support to the vekimen_defensive_task_force in rooting out and eliminating the Mishhuvarthyar infestation.

For her participation in the mission, Blesi Ingrid was promoted to Jôtô Hei.


Star Army Common Skills

Blesi Ingrid has received training in all Star Army Common Skills.


Blesi Ingrid speaks, reads, and writes Trade and Yamataigo fluently. She is also able to read and write ancient Nordic runes.


Blesi Ingrid is well versed in general scientific principles and has a basic knowledge of a wide range of subjects. She has specialized knowledge in bio-technology including a great familiarity with bio-engineering, a broad understanding of biology in general, foundational knowledge of neurology, and foundational knowledge of the software, engineering and integration of cybernetic technology and bionics. This knowledge does not include specialized knowledge of xenobiology.

Ranks and Decorations


Rank Reason Date
Santô Hei Promoted upon completion of basic training. YE 38
Nitô Hei Promoted by Tsukisaki-taii of YSS Heartbreaker, for making first contact with I'ee and Vekimen species in Shekhinah system. YE 38
Ittô Hei Promoted by Tsukisaki-taii of YSS Heartbreaker, for exploration of an abandoned cruiser in Refuge of Sinners system. YE 38
Jôtô Hei Promoted by Tsukisaki-taii of YSS Heartbreaker, for mission against Mishhuvarthyar infestation on Vekimen Colony Station. YE 38


Award Count Reason & Date
Service 2 YSS Heartbreaker Mission 02 (YE 38) YSS Heartbreaker Mission 04 (YE 38)
Exploration 3 First contact with I'ee and Vekimen, YSS Heartbreaker Mission 02 (YE 38) Investigating a derelict Yamataian space craft, YSS Heartbreaker Mission 03 (YE 38) Contact with Vekimen Colony Station, YSS Heartbreaker Mission 04 (YE 38)
Good Conduct 2 Comportment during first contact while under fire, YSS Heartbreaker Mission 02 (YE 38) Assuming command of away team under fire, YSS Heartbreaker Mission 03 (YE 38)
Morale 1 Maintaining away team morale while senior officer incapacitated, YSS Heartbreaker Mission 03 (YE 38)
Combat 1 Intervention on behalf of Vekimen against Mishhuvarthyar infestation, YSS Heartbreaker Mission 04 (YE 38)


Blesi Ingrid has the following items:


Blesi Ingrid is currently a Santo Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds


If abandoned (i.e. LeighLink is inactive for 3 months), this character is available for adoption.

Character Data
Character NameBlesi Ingrid
Character OwnerLeighLink
Character StatusAdoptable Player Character
Approval Thread…
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankNitô Heisho
SAOY OccupationStar Army Science Officer
SAOY AssignmentYSS Heartbreaker
DOR YearYE 45
DOR Month1

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