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Dalida La Rostislavovna

Dalida La Rostislavovna is a player character played by Rawolfe.

Dalida La Rostislavovna
Species & Gender: Shukaren Daur / Female
Date of Birth: ER 759v / 22 years in YE 43
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Technician
Rank: Nitô Hei
Current Placement: Unassigned

Physical Description

Dalida is smaller than her family members, her height is about 1.10 meters and is therefore also classified as smaller than the average height of a Daur. Like her sisters, she has thin and rather well-shaped hips and because of this is the size in her chest around cup a. Regarding any remarks about this makes her insecure but doesn't get angry about it and most likely acknowledges it.

Her eyes are more the common blue in color as her fur is yellow with her tail orange and the tail tip red. She has yellow hair locks pass her head and a pony half cut before her eyes. Her hair is longer than most of her family and hangs just above her tail. When lost in her thoughts, Dalida likes to go brush her hair and tail.

When you hear Dalida voice, you will notice that her voice is rather high and yet also mixed with shyness.


Being the middle child of the family made her rather a withdrawn child inequality of both her elder brother and sister. She likes to sing lovely Daur songs when Dalida is alone. Because Dalida is a reserved girl, it’s hard for making friends, yet those that accepted her as a friend she keeps close to her heart.

Like most of her family, she as well as curious about new things, specifically technical things. She loves to talk about it and like her big sister Aida with great passion. But she has no ill manner to anyone, she doesn't get angry and rather wishes to see everyone's good side. But don't be fooled by this sweet face, if danger is lurking, she will defend herself as the Yamatai had taught her to do so.


Dalida La Rostislavovna was born in 759v / 22 years in YE 43.

Born on 759v on Jui'varen II, located in the Jui'varen Star System that is part of the Kingdom of Neshaten. Dalida is the third child of the La Rostislavovna family and is seen as a common one among the Daur regarding her fur. Yet she was always jealous of the fur of her elder sister Aida that had beautiful red fur that was breath taken. Delfino was also a beautiful Daur and a real charmer with the ladies. Dalida, however, was more a nerd that loved to dive into books and learn everything she could about the technology that was out there from her own species to other species.

But after hearing the talks of her sister wanting to reach for the stars, it got her also thinking. Dalida had her book on her lap letting her finger slide over the pictures of starships reaching for the stars. But was abruptly taken out of that dream by her elder brother Delfino who told her that Aida was leaving her family and she was leaving the Kingdom behind when they needed her the most. Delfino tried to control his little sister by tempting her into guilt to stay as she saw Aida off. Aida told her to follow her dreams and seek out what Dalida wanted to do. That touched her greatly and she made the choice to join the Youth Corps.

At the Youth Corps, she learned the basics to survive, to learn what it means to be useful and that her skills grow in the field of engineering. Her passion was well noticed a few times as her career path was still uncertain. But she felt out of place and wanted to know what happened to Aida, her sister still hadn't contacted her family and she began to get concerned. At the same time, she too had the desire to reach out for the stars and explore new worlds. So she took all her courage together and faced her parents with her idea to leave the planet and the kingdom. But like Aida, they resisted at first, another child of theirs was leaving for the stars. Yet they saw the passion in their daughter's eyes and agreed.

Before she left, Delfino didn't show up after he received the news that another family member was leaving the planet and the kingdom. Delfino never made known as to why he didn't say his goodbyes to his little sister. But it didn't stop her from the choice she made. She needed to go in the direction of Aida last known location and that was Yamataian space when she got her ticket by one of the trading ships, she was pretty much off. When she finally reached Yamataian territory, it came to her understanding that it was difficult to fit in and where was she supposed to look. The best thing she could do and the quickest way to join the Star Army of Yamatai. She made her mission to understand and be skilled in their languages so she would not fall behind when her training began. It took her less than a year before she finally got the hang of the languages and just on time as the Star Army of Yamatai was about to start their next batch of training. Dalida was accepted and noticed that the basic training was quite easy because of her training in the Youth Corps. Without any problem and even with some high scores on her grades she passed the basic course. Thought her old report did state that her results in field exercises were poorly rated and yet just enough to pass the course. Dalida admitted that it was not her strongest point, rather flustered when it came to that topic. Her career was about to start as she was going to be assigned to the YSS Kaiyō II as their Technician.

With her new crew, she jumped ahead into the depths of a dangerous but daring mission to get Kuvexian technology and save a person's life. The mission was in Dalida a success, but not so much on her side. She wanted to do more, be more the technician, and helpful to the team. But in her first mission, she was more focused on shooting drones down and protecting her teammates, which is not bad either. For her actions, she got promoted to Nitô Hei and was getting ready for her next mission with the crew of the YSS Kaiyō II. She was part of the mission and served her duty nervously but quite on duty every step on the way. Eventually, she was transferred back to Nataria where she withness and battled in the Third Battle Of Nataria.

Social Connections

Skills Learned


Star Army Common Skills

Technology Operation

Her skills reach beyond the technology of only Yamatai, if she is given the time, she can understand foreign technology and make it her own.

Specialized Engineering Skills

As a technician, she learned to be specialized in electronics, computers, communications, and shields. Additional she has a basic understanding of quantum computing and nanotechnology operations. She also has gained a certificate on her advanced training in electronic warfare equipment.

Inventory & Finance

Dalida La Rostislavovna has the following items:

Plots Archive
Plot Status
[Yamatai] Third Battle of Nataria Completed
Mission 20: Baka yarō Pulled Out
Mission 19: Ochiba Complete

OOC Notes

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Character Data
Character NameDalida La Rostislavovna
Character OwnerRawolfe
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Current LocationNataria
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankNitô Hei
SAOY OccupationStar Army Technician
SAOY AssignmentYamatai (Planet)

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