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Dion Rothart

Dion Rothart is a player character played by Pancakei.

Dion Rothart
Species & Gender: Elysian Caelisolan Male
Date of Birth: YE 10
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Mission Operations
Rank: Shoi
Current Placement: YSS Wyvern (Plot)

Physical Description

Dion is a rather tall (6' 2) and strong Caelisolan with pale skin and an imposing stature. His wine red hair is cut rather short and is often waxed to one side, with a sharp anchor beard outlining the edges of his angular face. His narrow eyes are a deep amber color. He weighs in just a bit over average for a Caelisolan.

Dion's wings are a similar color to his hair, a deep red with an almost unnatural purple sheen to them in the light. They are moderately sized, quite flexible and strong.


Dion can be described as a tactful and observant mind wrapped in old-fashioned muscle, with both being quite apparent. One who prefers to be taken seriously, Dion can be a very helpful and frank when it comes to the matters of mission and etiquette. Despite his personality often coming across as cold or harsh, Dion is a man who cares for those he looks over and works with. Serving in the Star Army for many years and acting as a security chief in Elysia beforehand, he has knowledgeable experience about many things, including leading teams.

As such, it can sometimes seem hard for Dion to loosen up, especially in the bridge. It is possible to see a warmer side of him, particularly for those who spend more time with him. He isn't antisocial, just professional. And professionals have standards.



Dion was born in YE 10, within the territory of the Elysian Celestial Empire after the genocide of the heavens in the First Elysian War. Living his life in a recovering family of plebeians, Dion was able to see a little more of the intellectual world than those before him would. Dion lived his childhood on the move from the remnants of the old Elysian settlements to the bustling, still-developing cities of New Elysia. Taking an active interest in strategy and card games, Dion found himself serving internships in various security departments, which budded into a career of corporate security.

Thanks to his insider position as a security chief in one of Elysia's leading biotech firm, Dion was eligible to receive a Caelisolan upgrade a few months before the project became publicly available, and has some minor differences between other Caelisolans. He was given a fair amount of customization over his new body, and is slightly closer to a Patriciaan standard than a Plebeian. Dion continued his work for a few years, before retiring. His retirement from the field was short however, as he was soon enlisted into the Star Army of Yamatai in early YE 37. Serving on a gunship for two years, Dion was picked up by Star Army Military Police, chosen to help operate one of their newly minted ships, the YSS Wyvern. Accepting the deal, Dion was placed in the bridge as a Warrant Officer, at Santo Juni.

Social Connections

Dion Rothart is connected to:

  • Mitros Rothart (Father)
  • Sallus Rothart (Mother)
  • Mellali Rothart (Older sister)
  • A few Elysian Corporations

Skills Learned

Dio has been trained in the Star Army Common Skills.


Dion is fluent in Seraphim, Yamataigo, and Trade. Also quite a thoughtful talker when in casual conversation.


Dion is a strong combatant in close quarters combat, and definitely not a half-bad shot when it comes to Star Army firearms.


Dion has shown strength in leadership on teams small and large, combatants or desk jockeys.


Dion enjoys games of strategy as much as those of luck, ranging from physical games such as chess and cards to VR simulations.

Inventory & Finance

Dion currently is employed as a Santo Juni and makes 4350 KS a month. He has about 5000 in savings and shares.

Dion has the following items:

OOC Information

OOC Notes

Super WIP! Check back later for updates!

In the case Pancakei becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? YES
Character Data
Character NameDion Rothart
Character OwnerPancakei
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Current LocationYSS Wyvern
PlotsYSS Wyvern (Plot)
Approval Threadโ€ฆ
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankShoi
SAOY OccupationStar Army Mission Operator
SAOY AssignmentYSS Wyvern
SAOY Entry YearYE 37
DOR YearYE 43

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