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Komatsu Elena

Komatsu Elena
Species: Minkan
Gender: Female
Born: YE -03
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Organization: Tanaka Investigations
Occupation: Private Investigator
Rank: Currently None
Current Placement: Sapporo

Komatsu Elena in Roleplay

Komatsu Elena is a player character played by icekatze and is currently not involved in a plot.

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 178 cm
  • Mass: 58 kg
  • Bra Size: B
  • Build and Skin Color: A toned body from years of physical labor, darker skin.
  • Facial Features and Eye Color: Soft facial features with cerulean eyes.
  • Hair Color and Style: Light blue hair cut just below shoulder length and held back.
  • Distinguishing Features: Kept her original skin color when switching bodies, which is darker than typical.

Psychological Characteristics


Elena really is a very nice person until you get to know her. She tries her best to be the thoughtful, kind and caring person she once was, but her heart just isn't in it anymore. She does care deeply for her family, but being apart from them wears on her heart. She is driven instead by a fundamental sense of duty and justice, clinging to virtue simply because it is the most pragmatic option available. She prefers to avoid confrontation and when pressed, she tends to take a course of action that will, for better or worse, resolve the confrontation as quickly as possible.

  • Likes: Her family, peace, things that are soft, the solitude of space.
  • Dislikes: Confrontation, people who are disingenuous or arrogant.
  • Goals: To find meaning.


  • β€œIf the right thing weren't so difficult, the universe would be much better off.”
  • β€œThere is a world of difference between never forgetting and always remembering.”
  • β€œMistakes are great teachers. Would you rather be a teacher or a student?”



  • Inoue Ren, Biological Father (deceased)
  • Inoue Yui, Biological Mother
  • Komatsu Hayato, Husband (separated)
  • Komatsu Ai, Daughter (separated)
  • Komatsu Haru, Son (deceased)


Born 3 years prior to the Yamatai Star Empire's founding, on the planet Yamatai to Inoue Ren and Yui, followed closely by a younger brother Jun. Her family relocated frequently and were early adopters of PNUgen body transfers. Her father died in the Great Plague when his shuttle pilot died mid-flight. Yui decided to move far away, to the outer colonies, eventually settling on Ishikawa in the Asura system.

In YE 19, Elena met her husband Komatsu Hayato, a surveyor who had recently relocated to Ishikawa. Her daughter Ai was born in YE 20, and her son Haru was born in YE 23. In YE 26 she returned to work as a civilian starship operator. She switched bodies two more times, once due to an accident, the second time in YE 28 after the NH-22C was developed.

When the United Outer Colonies declared independence, the company she worked for decided to pull out of the area and she was able to join the UOC Peacekeeping Forces. However, while on a seemingly typical resupply mission, disaster struck and Elena was officially reprimanded, but not discharged. She was obliged to serve the remainder of her career in spite of the stigma.


At the beginning of the second quarter YE 31, Elena's ship was sent on a mission to resupply several warships that had been conducting anti-piracy operations. The ship never reached its destination. Her disappearance coincided with the start of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, and after two months of heavy fighting, she was declared missing and presumed dead. Using a memory backup system, a copy of her was resurrected and eventually fled back to Yamatai. However, before they could reach safety, her son Haru was killed and his backups lost.

In YE 33 a Yamatai Star Army patrol was passing through a fringe system when they detected wreckage on an otherwise deserted planet and decided to investigate. They found and rescued Elena, who had been stranded there.1)

Unable to confront her loss, she chose not to challenge her twin for identity rights, and moved to the fringes to perform heavy labor.


Elena spent time in the Siren system, mostly working labor and maintenance in the asteroid belt mining operations. During this time she was approached by several unsavory groups, but she remained firmly anti-piracy and turned them down. Ruffling a few feathers in the process.2)

Exile's End

In YE 42, receiving an invitation to her daughter's wedding broke her out of her self-imposed isolation, though reconciling completely seems to be a work in progress. On her way home, she was involved in a terror attack on a civilian passenger liner. After a intensive investigation, she was cleared of wrongdoing, and even gained some recognition among the local authorities. Shortly afterward, she hired onto a private investigations firm on Jiyuu III.3)

Private Investigations

Busying herself once again with mundane daily work, mostly investigating suspected infidelities and insurance claims. Occasionally more interesting cases would come up, but unlike before, Elena once more began to dream about flying amongst the stars.4) In YE 45, she was once again tangled up in a violent altercation and was seriously injured by an illegally obtained scalar pulse weapon. Narrowly surviving, she finally opted to upgrade to a new Minkan body.5)


Starship Operation

This is Elena's first best skill, the one she felt as her calling at a young age. She was particularly gifted at astrometrics and navigation, but is also capable at piloting and familiar with the vast selection of ships systems. She has some experience maneuvering rock and ice clusters.

Technical Operation

The standard United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces computer system gave Elena some troubles, and her understanding of standard Yamatai systems is dated, but she has a balanced understanding of computer systems in general. She may not program quickly on the fly, but her code is solid.


Elena is fluent in Yamataia, Nepleslian and has taken primer courses in a variety of other languages, enough to at least cover basic ship to ship interaction and is capable of using all the necessary communication equipment. She is familiar with the concepts of abstract language for first contact situations.


Elena is well versed in contemporary and ancient philosophy, and has experience with psychology, having written her thesis on the effects of long term isolation and sensory deprivation on sentient beings. She is familiar with the Peacekeeper Charter and is familiar but inexperienced with negotiation and first contact protocol.


Elena was held up in combat section of basic training but eventually was able to pass the required proficiency exams. Her scores indicated she excelled at hand to hand combat, but her carelessness with high powered weapons had earned her several demerits.


Elena learned simple first aid procedures quickly after settling on Ishikawa as part of her civilian job training. She was hurried through the standard UOC Peacekeeping Forces basic training for emergency medical procedures and is competent.


The experience of raising several children has given Elena a firm grasp on the intricacies of caring for infants, children and those people who cannot care for themselves in general. Her husband has been known to say that she is a decent cook, very knowledgeable and thorough, but that she prepares her dishes like an engineer would fix an engine.


Uniforms and Clothing

  • (1) – Peacekeeper Uniform. (For sentimental reasons)
  • (5) – dark-grey undershirts.
  • (5) – dark-grey brief-style undergarments (female).
  • (5) – pairs of water-proof Socks.
  • (2) – cargo pants: synthetic fiber pants with reinforced and padded knees and seat with cargo style pockets.
  • (1) – casual visiting kimono, blue. (female).

Outdoor Clothing

  • (1) – grey rain poncho.
  • (1) – mixed-weather jacket.
  • (1) – pair laborer's boots.
  • (1) – pairs of sandals. (female).


Other Gear

  • (2) – Flashligh with replacement batteries (2) and tubes (1).
  • (1) – Printed family photo.
  • (1) – Pocket Medkit. (Civilian)
  • (1) – Personal data pad.
  • (1) – Basic Hygiene Kit
  • (4) – Week's supply of basic nutritional food supplements (Generic)


  • (1) – Bank Card


Komatsu Elena was a Peacekeeper Recruit in the United Outer Colonies.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
2000 HS Starting Funds
Character Data
Character NameKomatsu Elena
Character Ownericekatze
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Current LocationJiyuu III

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