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Miharu Hinoto

Miharu Hinoto is a NH-29 Nekovalkyrja serving in the Star Army of Yamatai. She is the clan mistress of the Miharu Clan.

Hinoto was created in 2006 by Fred. She was born as the avatar of the YSS Miharu's auxiliary ship, the YSS Hoshi, and started out a shy violet - an introverted but eager-to-please bridge assistant. The adversity of later missions saw her blossom into something of a femme fatale, revealing a ruthlessness and cunning that's at odds with her otherwise pleasant demeanor.

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Species: NH-29 Nekovalkyrja
Gender: Female
Creator: YSS Hoshi (NJ-X1-00)
Age: 4 (Born in YE 29)
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai; Miharu
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Occupation: Star Army Starship Operator
Current Placement: Ship Avatar (YSS Hoshi), Clan Mistress
Weight: 103 lbs, or 46.72 kg
Height: 5โ€™ 4โ€, or 164 cm
Chest: 37โ€, or 94 cm
Waist: 24โ€, or 60 cm
Hips: 35โ€, or 90 cm
Bra size: 36C

Hinoto in the role-play

Hinoto is a GM NPC that was usually handled by Fred during the Miharu plot. She now is controlled by Doshii Jun.



  • Hair: waist-length snow white hair and similarly colored furred ears. Hinoto's hair of fluffy and very soft.
  • Eyes: Silvery gray eyes.
  • Skin/Body: Porcelain skin tint with a lithe, willowy build.

Distinguishing traits

(placeholder) A few days younger than Mara, Hinoto developped as more socially awkward and shy compared to the upbeat and expressive demeanor of her elder sister. That influence may stem from Mara being representative to the Miharu, a powerful warship, while Hinoto represents Hoshi, a smaller and more vulnerable auxiliary vessel. Being effectively the underdog, Hinoto does not relish confrontation but when forced into it she will be cautious and sly. Hinoto is kind and gentle and, seeing she is set up to be in a supportive administrative role, she tries to be meticulous and to show foresight - seeing that the Hoshi involves power armor asset, she believes that supporting her crew as best as she can may help in bringing them home in one piece.


(placeholder) Hinoto typically wears orange paneled skirt uniform with NSP 28C pistol (Miharu edition) and TA-14 diamond-edged knife.


(placeholder) Hinoto is the fourth sprite of Miharu and was born during the ship's first mission to stand as the avatar of Hoshi's CIES, just like Mara is the avatar of Miharu's MEGAMI-IES. She has since served in a supporting bridge operator role.

It was Hinoto's initiative that consolidated the surviving sprite crew of the YSS Miharu into forming their own clan.

OOC Information

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