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Hōjō Kagura

is a player character played by raz.

Hōjō Kagura
Species & Gender: Nekovalkyrja, Type 33
Date of Birth: YE 39
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army First Officer
Rank: Taii
Current Placement:

Physical Description

Kagura is a lusty, athletic Type 33 Nekovalkyrja who stands 5'4“ tall. She has creamy white skin that, contrary to the biological norm, carries soft mauve undertones rather than the usual red. Her flesh is kind of lustrous and shiny even though Kagura isn't greasy or wet to the touch.

Despite a delicately distinguished nose and a chiseled jawline both worthy of her species' valkyrie heritage, Kagura still possesses a distinctly Yamataian appearance in her face. A pair of big, bright pink almond-shaped eyes shine out and accentuate her typically attractive Nekovalkyrja looks. Her ashy light blonde hair looks almost white under most light and has grown down to cover her butt, but is most often worn in a long, thick braid that ends in a bushy little tuft that hangs about six inches below the tie. She usually keeps her bangs long above her brow and enough of her hair unfastened from her braid so that her face is framed to the chin. Standard Neko ears are covered in sandy fur the same color as her hair.

Nekovalkyrja Facial Markings are imprinted on her visage: three inverted maroon triangles that take up exactly 1.2 square centimeters each sit below her eyes just where her cheeks grow red in moments of emotion, and one regular triangle points upward from her chin and below her lip. One more triangle is imprinted on the center of her sternum between her breasts. Another three inverted triangles mark her body, one on her torso three inches below her belly button and one on the back of each leg a quarter of the length between her glutes and knees.


Kagura is easygoing and jovial but usually cedes social attention to more needy personalities. She likes — or at least doesn't mind — most dispositions, only really taking exception to individuals who are universally negative thinkers. When it comes to her Star Army career, she is laser-focused on whatever mission is at hand. Of course, this behavior is partly an excuse to be the best helmsman and pilot that she can be. Nonetheless, Kagura finds that remaining absorbed in whatever duties are placed before her while flying under the radar is a better game plan for a happy life and fulfilling career than overly ambitious aspirations.

In her free time while planetside, Kagura enjoys spending most of it both surfing and forest bathing, the latter of which includes taking long camping trips alone. She is a very big fan of Love And Wrestling and other competitions that take place in the squared circle. While she would never advertise the fact due to her status as a Star Army officer, Kagura sometimes goes to participate in minor independent wrestling promotions that aren't televised. She isn't very good but still has a lot of fun.



Kagura was born in YE 38 alongside a sizeable batch of Nekovalkyrja starship operators created in response to the recently-declared Kuvexian War. Upon completion of her 30 day socialization training, she was singled out of her class and selected for officer candidacy and henceforth destined to become a helm and navigation officer aboard one of the Star Army's magnificent warships. Once elevated past cadet and advanced to full Shoi, her first assignment was to the Rikei-Class Science Vessel YSS Kyūsei as its helmsman, where she would serve until her promotion to Chui in late YE 40.

Her next ship, the Second Fleet Super Eikan-class Heavy Cruiser YSS Shinsengumi, was far larger and carried out more glorious missions than the little Kyūsei had. Even so, Kagura was left with fewer responsibilities as one of several relief helm officers who only took position on the bridge when the captain's trusted starship pilot was resting or incapacitated. Nonetheless, the young Neko cherished her time aboard the cruiser and learned a lot about being part of a bigger team and what a single officer's place was in the grander Star Army. During the Third Battle Of Nataria, the Shinsengumi's bridge was destroyed early-on in the fight and Kagura distinguished herself by flying the cruiser from secondary controls in engineering under the command of the ship's chief engineer, who was the most senior surviving officer at the time.

In YE 42, Kagura was given a helm of her own again in recognition for her efforts at 3rd Nataria. She was reassigned to the YSS Mushaburi, a Chiaki-class (1B) Escort Destroyer of the Ninth Fleet, and spent the remainder of that year skirmishing against Kuvexian mercenaries in the systems between the Samurai Sector and the Kuvexian-held Ketsurui Military Sector. By the first month of YE 43, however, she was promoted to Taii and placed on the command officer's track. Soon after, Kagura was assigned to be the first officer of the YSS Resurgence, a brand new Fuji-class Expeditionary Gunship in the First Fleet.

Inventory & Finance

Hōjō Kagura has the following items:

OOC Notes

This article was created on 2020/12/30 at 22:18.

Headshot artbreed and photomanipulation by raz using an artbreed genome by Wes. Chibi lines by ichan with photomanipulation and colors by raz.

In the case raz becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I am gone for a year? NO
Character Data
Character NameHōjō Kagura
Character Ownerraz
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Current LocationYSS Resurgence
Approval Thread…
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusReserve
SAOY RankTaii
SAOY OccupationStar Army First Officer
SAOY AssignmentKyoto
SAOY Entry YearYE 38
DOR YearYE 42
Government & Politics of the Yamatai Star Empire
DistrictYamatai Star System
YE 45 Election VoteShimizu-Motoyoshi Miu (Bellflower Party)

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