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Jal, Araiah

General Information

Name Araiah Jal (ar-AY-uh JAHL)

Known Aliases Called “Fluffy” by Taisho Chiharu Ketsurui. His name is sometimes (mis)spelled “Ariah” (ar-EYE-uh).

Species Melumsi with a model EP-8m artificial host.

Gender Male

Age Unknown. Last known appearance was that of a 15-year-old human male.

Creator/Parents Orphaned.

Physical Characteristics

Height 5'4” / xxx.xx cm

Weight 125 lbs. / xx.xx kg

Hair Color and Style Black or dark brown hair, closely cut and straight.

Build and Skin Color Slight or lanky build with pale fleshtone skin.

Facial Features and Eye Color Plain Caucasian face with bright yellow eyes.

Distinguishing Features No physical distinctions aside from his youth and bright eyes. If one didn't know who he was, he'd be fairly forgettable.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality Araiah was an orphan and never had a family or friends, so his social development was severely stunted. As an adult he had many acquaintances but had a hard time maintaining friendships, making him hesitant to make new friends. The few people who kept his friendship could be confident of his loyalty and trust their lives to him. Araiah had high moral standards, but was patient with people who didn't share those standards. He was also very, very curious. Some traits he had problems understanding, though, such as romantic love, militaristic territory expansion, and general idiocy.

An eclectic and opportunist in most areas of life, Araiah didn't show an interest in climbing rank, politics, or command (though he had achieved high standing in all of those areas). He was also a social chameleon, taking on character traits of those he spent a lot of time around and easily copying behavior patterns from others. In the end, his emulated personality may have caused him to develop a slight case of Multiple Personality Disorder. Being an exile may also have had effects on his personality, such as loneliness and depression with recent signs of hallucinations and paranoia before his death.

Likes Something to do, sparring, exploration, people-watching, honesty, learning new combat styles, music, philosophy, bioengineering and mechanical technologies, sketching new ideas. He is also a good listener and observer.

Dislikes Boredom, injustice, dishonesty, taking advantage of underdogs.

Goals To take things as they come; survival; to know everything.

Professional Information

Occupation Command officer / Jack-of-all-trades with a focus on bioengineering and weapons sciences.

Faction Chiharu Ketsurui until her death; himself.

Rank Taisho

Current Assignment Previous command - CO of the YSS Ceilia.

Current Status Deceased.

Skills Art Araiah was an amateur artist, able to sketch things in recognizable semblances of themselves and illustrate reasonably well. He mostly made detailed, blueprint-style drawings. Araiah was also a passable musician, with considerable talent and improvisational skill on the piano.

Communication Araiah was fluent in Melumsi standard language and English, and had passable Japanese. He could use standard communications equipment and starship comm systems, and give and receive orders under fire (though he preferred not to).

Engineering, Maintenance, and Repair Specialized in weapons and armor manufacture; he could reproduce any device with sufficient information pertaining to such device and materials for its construction. His mechanical engineering education provided him with advanced knowledge of nanomachines and macro-scale mechanical systems. He also had experience in improving electronic and computer systems.

Fighting Specialized in hand-to-hand and melee combat with multiple opponents using a free-style form of martial arts that he adapted to incorporate the advantages of an EP-8m body. He also had a basic knowledge of firearms operation. Araiah learned quickly, though, and easily attained advanced operational knowledge of any firearm he was trained with. He was also capable of using low- to medium-level explosives very effectively.

The KINESI System Enabled the use of highly controlled electromagnetic fields to achieve a variety of effects, including extended control over the user's physical form and synthesis of material objects, among other things. Araiah had extensive knowledge of the KINESI System and its possible applications, since he designed the system. Known applications:

Accelerated perception
Advanced shapeshifting and matter manipulation
Energy manipulation (including deflection and absorption)
Object synthesis
Stealthing (cloaking and camouflage)
Sense enhancements

It is suspected that he created a database with upwards of one hundred or more applications for the system. This is presumed to be lost with him.

Medical and Science Specialized in biological systems and genetics and the engineering aspects of those fields. Once served as medical officer on the YSS Ceilia and spent the time memorizing the entirety of the Star Army's medical database (as much as was available to him).

Pilot Araiah could pilot small spacecraft and civilian vehicles with ease. He also had experience with piloting a Yui-class starship.

Technology Operation Could operate both Kessaku OS and any Melumsi system.

Inventory Duffle Computer PADD (secured) Melumsi medical unit EP-8 maintenance device Prod (custom weapon) GSA uniform

Historical Information

Age 0: Araiah Jal was born without a name or parents. His personality programming was never completed and he was discarded as a mistake; he would spend the rest of his life copying others' personalities.

Age 14: Caught and institutionalized for stealing and his apparent mental defects, Araiah continues to teach himself from the books and materials loaned to him by the staff. One of them recognizes Araiah's high intelligence and curiosity, which Araiah had fed by listening to others and gleaning knowledge telepathically.

Age 47: Araiah completes his education, specializing in mechanical and biological engineering. During this time Araiah develops a fascination with machines and energy manipulation. He integrates these interests into his primary fields by researching bio-energy generators and neural computing systems. Exploring these things on his own time, he eventually creates some very sophisticated devices. Freelances, aiding in current research fads while continuing to work on his own projects; covertly hired by Jahi Rilan to research and develop an artificial Melumsi host.

Creates the EP-1 exoform, but problems appear. Continues experiments.

Not all of the experiment subjects survived, others were trapped, and still others went mad and the team was forced to contain them or kill them. But, after many versions, the EP-7 exoform is perfected. However, with the controversy over artificial hosts nearing critical mass and negative reactions from his employer when he protested unethical research practices, Araiah began developing the KINESI System and its components for his own safety.

The EP-8 neared completion in record time thanks to the advances made using the EP-7. Araiah covertly tested the EP-8 himself, possessing it and practicing with his KINESIS nanites, working out the hundreds of bugs that appeared.

Threats against his life caused Araiah to choose to leave in self-imposed exile. He possessed the single EP-8 prototype and introduced the KINESI System into it, creating the EP-8m (military variant). He also took his “pet”, an EP-1 that he had named “Tayar”. The scientist then destroyed the research and vaporized the lab with the other prototypes for both the exoforms and KINESIS in it. Nothing, not even the foundation of lab, survived. He left, acquiring a small vessel and escaping from Melumsi civilization.

…TEMPORAL ERROR…Incompatible dating systems…

YE 23: Estimated date. An engine alteration ended in malfunction while Araiah was in an alternate dimension. His distress call attracted the attention of the Grand Star Army vessel GSS Yui (GD-40). He is evacuated from his ship along with Tayar before it exploded from a core overload. Having no place to go, Araiah enlisted as a Chui (ensign) with the crew of the Yui under then-Kitsurugi Yui, Taisho (fleet admiral). He quickly rose through the ranks, becoming a Chusa (commander) under Ketsurui Chiharu, a Chujo (admiral).

Promoted again to Taisa (captain) and acted as CO of the Yui during Chiharu's absence. Took an unofficial (but authorized) leave for unfinished business.

YE 24: Transferred to the GSS Seigi (GB-08) as Second-in-Command upon his return from leave. Was promoted to Chujo and given temporary command of the Shadow Regiment for the Battle of Tao Ceta. Afterward, he was promoted again to Taisho and given command of the Seigi after the expulsion of Chujo Wazu.

YE 25: Given command of the 3rd Expeditionary Fleet and the GSS Celia.

YE 26: Araiah was killed during atmospheric reentry over Nepleslia when his shuttle collided with another craft.

OOC Character Info and History

Original player: MissingNo. This character is now deceased and unable to be played. All technology has been approved for the use of this character and will be sent through the proper channels prior to future use.

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