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Jalen Sune

Jalen Sune is a Minkan who retired from the Star Army of Yamatai. He is now Commander of the Tansaku-class Science Vessel - YSS Genshō. Sune is a player character played by Nashoba.

Jalen Sune
Jalen Sune
Species: Minkan
Gender: Male
Age: 21 appearance (14 physically)
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 1.7m (5' 9“)
Weight: 82.27kg (180lbs)
Organization: [[yamatai:sss]]
Occupation: Scientific Studies Service - Command
Rank: GS-12 GS-12
Current Placement: YSS Genshō
Orders: SAOY Orders - Retired SSS Service Record

Jalen Sune in Roleplay

Jalen Sune is a man who finds that he has more in common with the Nekovalkyrja than he does with his own species. He is a full grown man but only has fourteen years of life experience.

Sune's Name

Jalen Sune is a Yamataian with a very non-Yamataigo (邪馬台語) name. This section provides the tale of how he received his name.

When Sune woke up aboard the ship, he had no memories of how he came to be in the pod. In fact he had no memories of life before his revival. But he could speak and understand Trade (language) and Yamataigo (邪馬台語). The only conclusion the families aboard the Bouken could come to was that Sune had been in some sort of catastrophe given the damage to the pod he was in, and was suffering from amnesia.

Every day when he would first meet the people, they would ask if his memory had returned. When he would say no, they usually would say “Soon eh?” in a hopeful inflection. As the days turned into weeks, and weeks into months, it became more unlikely to him that he would get his memory back. So feeling the need for a given name he took the expression that had been said to him hundreds of times and turned it into Sune (pronounced Sū-nā).

As time went on, the matter of a family name became a concern to him. He was learning to deal with people when the Bouken would dock, and the lack of a surname would often result in embarrassing and frustrating questions. So one day, he had the people on the Bouken come up with suggestions and write them on a slip of paper, with their name on the back. There were two young boys on the Bouken, Jason or Jay as he was known 10, and Leonard (Len) 9. These younger members of the family had worked together to come up with a suggestion from their favorite stories. They wrote their idea and wrote their name on the back. Jay when folding it had folded it backwards so that their names were inside the paper. So when Sune saw Jay Lenn he thought it was a suggestion. Even after it was revealed he decided to stay with it, but changed the writing to Jalen. His young friends really liked the fact that he had taken their names as his.

From that time forward he was known to those on the ship as Jalen Sune.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5' 9” Mass: 180 lbs

Build and Skin Color: Sune has a wiry physique. He is forever refining his personal workouts to keep his body in peak condition. He is fair complected like most Yamataians.

Facial Features and Eye Color: Sune has a slender face. He has a strong chin, and his bright blue eyes are almond shaped.

Hair Color and Style: Sune has dark brown hair, which he keeps cut relatively short (2“ length) for efficiency, it is parted on the left.

Distinguishing Features: Sune wears a pair of Uno sunglasses.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Sune loves solving puzzles, and reading books, preferably in print. At anytime you will find either a novel or a puzzle book in his hand or nearby. However, he is not a bookworm and enjoys spending time with friends and comrades. Sune tends to see things as a puzzle to be solved, whether it is diagnosing a patient, or accomplishing an assigned task. He sees himself as a work in progress. Sune is no longer the easy going person he was when he first boarded the Eucharis. He smiles less often, and is more guarded with making more than professional relationships.


Sune enjoys meeting people, and exploring new places. Book stores are a favorite place for him to search for. As well as exploring interesting fauna for possible medical applications. Sune's feelings for Hanako have grown from friendship to love.


Sune does not like people who intentionally do self-destructive things in the name of fun.

Goals: Sune no longer has long term goals. His experiences have taught him that it is best to focus on short term, measurable goals. To this end he focuses on protecting the Empire, defeating the NMX, and protecting his friend Hanako.

The recent chain of events involving his departure from the YSS Eucharis to the Black Knights, have caused Sune to examine his personal principles and beliefs. He has chosen to firmly embrace his core belief in the Empire, the Law, the Star Army its Regulations. He will live and die by those principles, and serve as an example to his crew and those who come to know him.

Sune's History

Family (or Creators)


YE 28-Jan Sune was stolen from a Mass Cloning Facility, Type 30 where his NH-22C Yamtaian body was produced. He had only received basic programming when he was taken. The ship that was transporting his pod was attacked by pirates and heavily damaged. His pod was ejected and he drifted for several days.

Eventually a merchant ship, the Bouken, happened upon his pod and they revived him. The traders believed in everyone pulling their weight, and Sune found himself doing whatever tasks no one else wanted on the ship. Sune lived with the merchants for sixteen months. He became friends with the ship owners daughter Raia, and he struck up a friendship with the ship's medic and he started assisting the medic. Eventually the trader ship arrived at planet where a Yui Class Scout ship (Ki-D2-4g), YSS Yaiba, was on planet. Sune took his leave of the merchants, and contacted the commander of the scout ship.

Sune provided the records from his pod and asked to be returned to a Star Army base. The Commander of the scout vessel agreed. While traveling on the scout ship he occupied himself with reading any books he could find, and working with the ship’s medic. When they eventually arrived at their home base, Jalen went through debriefing.

YE 29 Once the debriefing was complete, he chose to enlist and apply for training in the Star Army Medical corp. Sune graduated in the top 10 percent of his class in YE 30.


YE 30

YE 30

YE 31

  • Sune led Charlie team during the YSS Eucharis's mission at Veritas he was wounded by a mysterious assailant who opened fire on crew when the cargo doors opened. Charlie team was able to secure the starship blueprints/designs, and liberate the three designers. While Charlie team was returning to the ship, an explosion caused the golf-cart they were traveling in to crash. One of the designers was killed, and Sune suffered a fracture of his left femur. The team boarded the ship shortly after Alpha team.
  • After escaping from the Veritas shipyard the YSS Eucharis rushed to Elysia Novus System. The system was already under attack by the NMX. As the YSS Eucharis entered the fray it was attacked by a squadron of NMX Escort/Destroyers. Sune took over the Systems and Safety Monitoring in addition to manning sensors. Despite all attempts by the bridge crew the ship suffered heavy damage. The bridge was abandoned, and the recreation room was used as an emergency bridge. Sune transported Nika to the Medbay and resumed his duties in the rec room. Unfortunately, NMX intrudes had boarded the ship during the last attack, and have sabotaged the YSS Eucharis. Sune and his friend Valencia Ramiro were dispatched to prevent the intruders from getting away or causing more damage. No sooner did they get into the zero-g passageway they encountered one of the NMX in a Ke-M2-1H "Mindy" Power Armor aiming at them. Avoiding the Mindy 1h, the Sune and Ramiro were sent after the stolen shuttle, as they approached the shuttle to stop it, two power armors came out and engaged them. While fighting with the power armors, the Eucharis launched torpedoes at the shuttle trying to disable it. The shuttle escaped and left Sune and Ramiro adrift. They were later rescued by a shuttle from the YSS Aeon.

YE 32

  • While on-board the YSS Eucharis upon arrival in the Sbuhfaba system, Sune was appointed acting-XO by Hanako, and led the away team on the assault of the facilities in preparation for a fleet assault. During the mission, Sune witnessed an NMX Processing Facility in operation, an image that he will not soon forget. While trying to get to where the prisoners Sune and Takeyu were attacked by a group of Ripper Power Armor. After evading the power armors, Sune and Takeyu were able to find and liberate a group of prisoners, and took an NMX Neko prisoner. Back on the YSS Eucharis since the medic had been slain, Sune had to take charge of medical and work on the injured crew members while resurrecting Konoka.
  • After returning to Elysia Novus, the YSS Eucharis sets about to making repairs. Hanako has the crew meet in the recreation room for a debriefing. After the debriefing, the crew starts working salvaging equipment from the debris field. Hanako and Sune oversee the operation, and have a conversation. This conversation moves their relationship into a closer one, of friends. While out there Sune detects unknown vessels operating in the debris field. Hanako also informs Sune that he is to remain acting XO.
  • While the repairs are underway, the YSS Eucharis is contacted by a Nepleslian vessel, regarding meeting to form a new alliances. Wazu and his entourage board and meet with Hanako and Sune in the 2nd Dock Wardroom.
  • After the Negotiations the YSS Eucharis continues to be repaired. Hanako seeks volunteers for a mission to try and location and rescue the crew of the YSS Freedom. Once repairs are complete the crew embarks on the mission. On the way to intercept an NMX ship the Eucharis impacted with an NXM Scout that was running stealthed as well. Sune and Takeyu went aboard to acquire the NMX Transponder. They took two prisoners one of whom assisted in safely disconnecting the transponder. Sune's Mindy M2-3A had taken damage while he moved one of the prisoners. With his teleportation unit damaged, he chose to cover Takeyu's departure with the prisoners and the transponder. While fighting with his armor to teleport to a safe distance he was injured by a Ripper that fired into the computer room. Narrowly avoiding being vaporized by the destructing NMX ship, Sune appeared in space with his armor damaged and sent a distress call to the ship. When the YSS Eucharis got close enough to Sune, he was brought aboard with the Graviton Beam Projector. The forces of the projector upon his body and the damaged armor increased the severity of his injuries. Sune when he tried to exit his armor found that he could not move or feel his legs.
  • Enroute to HX-13 Sune was treated by Konoka Miyazawa, however his treatment was incomplete and Sune was forced to remain behind during the rescue due to his injuries. After the survivors were brought aboard, it was discovered that the ship's medic had been left behind. Sune had to report to medical and treat the wounded and examine the survivors. He later found out that he had been promoted by Hanako to Shoi.

YE 33

  • While partaking in Task Force Torch, he helped to rescue a group of slaves, while the task force battled with the NMX in the Mitsuya system. Only eight vessels of the task force survived and returned to Veronica. The ship was brought onboard the Chiharu no Iori for repairs. The following morning he was promoted to Chui.
  • When the YSS Eucharis was dispatched Mitsuya System Sune found himself back in Medical tending to crew member mental backups. While there Sune had to scavenge supplies for the Medbay from the shuttle on board. When they arrived at the system they located the stealth shielded jamming station. Sune opted to remain aboard the ship where his skills would be better able to serve the mission. Later Sune's medical skills were called upon again, when the away team returned with an assortment of injuries.
  • Sune went with the Eucharis to an alien system to make first contact with the Union (Mission 12.1).
  • After the encounter with the new race, the Eucharis is called to assist them in a battle with the NMX at Ether. The Eucharis still damaged from its earlier battle with the NMX soon finds itself in a desperate battle for survival. The timely arrival of the First Expeditionary Fleet turns the tide of the space battle. The Eucharis heads to the surface to make repairs and to assist in the ground battle. The Away team is ambushed along their way with several crew members being serious injured. The capture an NMX Neko and interrogate her. She informs them of the location of the Cloning Facility and Hanako decides to take it out. The Away team attempts to enter the facility by the original NDI passages, but their plan falls apart when the NMX learn of the rebellion and Zombie all their clones, and sends a force to neutralize the away team. With the tide turning against the and Hanako injured the away team falls back. Helen Klein catches up with the away team and fires an anti-matter charge in the cavern network, causing major damage to the cave network, and destroying many of the enemy. It also irradiates the away team with danger levels of radiation.
  • When the Eucharis arrived at Yamatai Sune completed his radiation treatment. He then went with Hanako to an onsen with the crew to relax and try to get to know each other. However, the mood soured quickly when various members chose to make disruptive comments. This culminated in an encounter between Hanako and Papadopoulos, Michael. The Elysian who since his arrival on the ship had been a source of conflict, disrespect, and insolence pushed the commander to far. She then dragged him out of the Onset and once out of the building attacked him. She then rescinded his enlistment in the service, stripped him of all rank and pay. Sune watched the encounter not wishing to interfere with Hanako. After the encounter Sune chose to get dressed and leave for Ketsurui Zaibatsu.
  • After that day, Kyoto was attacked, and the Eucharis crew made their way swiftly to the ship. The Eucharis was dispatched to UOC space to help District 78 of Tokyo City in the Jiyuu system. During their time on Jiyuu Sune sees the effects of the NMX invasions on civilians, and decides that they need to work on a system to take down parasites more efficiently.
  • The Eucharis drops off its passengers and heads to the Nataria system. It has been two years since Sune has been in this system, the last time it was to help destroy the mothballed fleet there. Now they are rendezvousing with the YSS Miharu in the newly liberated system. Sune assists Hanako with the transfer of the Miharu's mission logs. He briefly gets to meet Ketsurui Yui, and the other leaders of the forces.
  • The Eucharis receives word that Yamatai is currently under attack by a massive NMX attack force and departs immediately to help protect the Capital of the Empire. The Eucharis and other ships from the 1XF join into the massive battle above the planet. The Eucharis is damaged and boarded. The ship crippled falls towards the surface of Yamatai. The crew is forced to abandon ship while the Eucharis makes a crash landing. After landing the crew regrouped and engaged enemy forces to secure a beach head.
  • While the Eucharis was being repaired, Sune upgraded to the newly released Minkan.
  • Sune left Yamatai on board the Eucharis on a mission to an uncharted planet to look for and rescue an earlier version of Hanako.
  • During the deployment of the two Away teams, ships from the NMX arrived in the system. The first team's departure was detected and their shuttle was pursued and destroyed as it entered the atmosphere.
  • Sune lead the other team into an atmospheric breaking maneuver and stealth descent to the surface. Within moments of touching down however, NMX forces swarmed their location. Before Sune could get his team gathered and able to mount a strong defense, he was killed.

YE 34

  • Sune after being resurrected, spent several hours assisting Sakura Cherry in repairing the ship. Once most of the vital systems were repaired he took the Telemachus IV down to the surface when they received word from his friend Ramiro that they had located Hanako 2. Getting down to the surface was uneventful, as was loading the rescued Hanako. Unfortunately getting back to the Eucharis was more problematic. The NMX returned into the system in greater numbers. Sune continued flying the shuttle through an onslaught of enemy fighters. His fellow soldiers took up arms to keep the fighters away from the shuttle. When the shuttles were in range of the Eucharis, Hanako took the ship in a brief fold. When they emerged he brought the battered and smoking Telemachus into the shuttle bay.
  • After returning to Virginia they focused on having the ship repaired. During their leave time Sune took most of his going over the ships infrastructure. He provided a report to Takeyu and Hanako regarding the deteriorating condition of the ship's infrastructure and a number of radioactive hazards the ship had developed.
  • The Eucharis is now en-route on a mission to try and strike a serious blow against the NMX. Sune advised making a two punch blow. First attacking the NMX command structure, then their manufacturing. As usual Helen the visiting Star Army Intelligence operative, had her opinion of what was best, and her's included leaving the command alone citing civilian risks. Sune remained empathic that there was no civilians, and that attacking their command structure was the best way to cripple the enemy for a crushing defeat.
  • Sune lead one of several Away teams on an assault of The Nest. Keeping his team moving and working in concert he was able to keep casualties low. While they achieved their goal of getting to the reactor, they were unable to get it to overload as planned.
  • After the mission to the Nest, Sune took some shore leave on Hanako's World. He went to a Retreat to help him deal with some of the stress and emotions caused by the prolonged war. He was accompanied by Sakura Cherry. While there their friendship was taken to a new level after spending several days together and becoming intimate. This friendship helped Sune fill the void left by the loss of his friend Raia.
  • The Eucharis went to HX-11 to acquire some stuff that Hanako had purchased from Salvagers. After that was concluded there was an Award Ceremony. Sune was promoted by Hanako. After the presentations the crew went to Sam's Grill to celebrate. While there Hanako spoke to Sune regarding the Black Knights and Kotori. During the discussion the matter of crew transfers came up. Sune knowing how important it was to Hanako that Kotori succeed volunteered to go.
  • 04 Sep Sune was transferred to the Black Knights to help Kotori. He left the Eucharis and went to the waiting shuttle on the Ikoi. There he said a very painful farewell to his Commander and close friend Hanako.
  • Upon arriving at Kyoto, things rapidly degraded. There were no orders other than to stand by, no arrangements made for the arrivals. Then Sune had very grave concerns about the mission when the representative from SAINT called Celeste announced. “Your assignment is to board the YSS Byakuren, posing as subordinates to the princess. During normal operations of the vessel, you are to monitor Ketsurui Kotori to gather information on her… but also more pointedly report any criminal or disloyal actions on her part. Should any be perceived, you may be called upon to eliminate her.” 0.2 - Prologue - Saintly gathering
  • After the initial briefing and Sune making his views clear he walked out. While speaking with his friend and shipmate Konoka, he stated that the only people in the briefing room he trusted were those from the Eucharis, because he knew who and what they were. One of the Byakuren crew members, Iwamoto Izumi a Joto-Hei, came out and started making accusations, up to and including accusing Sune of treason for what he said in the hallway. 'Celeste' made a convenient arrival, and gave Sune time to analyze the facts and events, and came to the conclusion that Izumi was not what she appeared.
  • Sune arranged to go to his warehouse with Reika, Konoka and Mori, Saku to talk in private, and to provide Reika with a Ke-T2-1c 'Okii-Neko' Aeroshuttle. On the way there he learned that there was now a second Chusa one who was senior to him in time in grade. This most recent development was the last straw for Sune. Between the agenda, the biased crew, and now a officer who should be the XO by virtue of Time in Grade, he chose to withdraw from the mission. Realizing that is decision would not be received well by his former commander, he chose to ask for command of a Nozomi-class Scout he acquired. His request was granted, and he was ordered by Hanako to come to her and explain his actions.
  • Sune arrived at Ether ahead of the YSS Eucharis. He became aware of a situation involving a Yamataian ship, and the Lorath. When the Eucharis arrived, Hanako ordered Sune to report to her on the Eucharis. Sune complied returning to his former home and met her on the bridge. She instructed him to come to her quarters to speak. Sune's and Hanako's Discussion. Sune returned to the YSS Firebird to sort out his thoughts, and intentions.
  • Sune took the Firebird out on Operation Farsight to investigate the region of space that the YSS Eucharis was harassed and pursued. After the mission, he returned with the Firebird to have some minor repairs and modifications made to the ship.
  • Once at KFY in Kyoto, Sune gave the crew shore leave and took Jalen Emiko with him to do some sightseeing. He met with Hanako at the Imperial Center Mall. Shortly after meeting, Luca Pavone appeared seemingly from nowhere. Once the legendary Luca wandered off, Sune decided to tell Hanako exactly how he felt about her, and gave her a passionate kiss under the mistletoe. After the kiss, he found out that his feelings were reciprocated and plans were made.

YE 35

  • At the start of the new year, Sune returned to the YSS Eucharis. When the Eucharis explores HX-24 Star System, they discover Urtullan has been settled by a 'civilian' group, lead by Grullyvushhgari a Mishhuvurthyar. Sune after taking care of new crew members came to the bridge, only to be told by Hanako to get to the shuttle bay. So not being able to perform any science scans of the planet that could be beneficial he heads there. With no time for preparation, Hanako rushes the away team to the surface to try to confirm his allegations that the settlement is civilian. The group with only AMES and NSP's finds a very inhospitable climate and reception. The mission is a categorical failure without sufficient intelligence, weapons to protect themselves, and armor. The team is forced to make a tactical withdrawal from the planet while constantly being attacked by a bounty hunter.
  • The YSS Eucharis arrived at HX-12, the team is deciding on Away Team configuration.
  • The next stop for the YSS Eucharis was the enigmatic Dreamworld. The world was owned by a species who called themselves the Essai.
    • The first foray out into the world showed that the planet was populated a variety of species many unknown to the Empire. There was also 'hard light' beings created from the memories of previous visitors. Without the means to purchase Hanako recalled the teams.
    • The following morning most of the crew complained about nightmares. Sune was not one of them, but then he learned to prevent nightmares while visiting a Retreat on Hanako's World in YE 34. While the crew was preparing to set forth again, another surprise occurred. The Matu Giajodjo (Learned Bear) of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo landed. The ship was of HS-SE1-1A Ismâo'a (Searcher) - Class Ship class the leader of the ship was called Sepop Qoety. She and several of her crew decided to join with the teams the Eucharis sent out. They found that the atmosphere of the market place was drugged with hallucinogenic gases. When several of the crew became overcome several were attacked.
    • The captain decided that they were going to leave this world given the events that had transpired. While off the ship to speak with the Ta'a from the Learned Bear, another Essai appeared and accosted them. On-board the Eucharis cloaked drones began attacking the crew. Sune and Hanako returned to the ship and once the drones were dealt with, the ship lifted.
  • When the Eucharis arrived in Hanako's World space Sune informed Hanako of his intention to retire from the Star Army. This did not sit well with her, and the end result was the breakup of their relationship. Sune is determining his new career, and is entertaining offers from the Scientific Studies Service (SSS).
  • Sune was retired from the SAOY on 9/11/35.

Body Status

  • Original body NH-22C
    • Resurrections 0
  • First Body transfers NH-22C to Minkan
    • Resurrections 1


Service record


Medical and Science

Sune learned basic first aid, and the use of homeopathic healing techniques from the people who found him. While on the scout ship he spent time with the ship's medic to familiarize himself with Yamataian medicine. Sune studied biology, astrobiology, chemistry, physiology, hematology, pharmacology, radiology, botany and psychology. His training is beyond that of a medic and more in line with a doctor which was his goal at the time.


Sune received hand-to-hand combat training, followed up with a rigorous training program. He is skilled and experienced in combat both in Yamatai-like conditions and in zero-gravity, with and without weapons. Weapons he is trained in include energy pistols, knives, and power armor.

Technology Operation

Sune is capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships. He is proficient in entering and/or searching for information.


While traveling with the merchants, Sune learned the basics of mental telepathy. He became familiar with the comm gear used by the scout crew. During his time at the Academy he learned Yamataian procedures including radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other persons through headsets, starships, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. He is fluent in Yamataigo (邪馬台語) and Trade (language). Sune can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc. Since joining the Scientific Studies Service (SSS) he has learned Takavonai.


Sune received basic mathematics training, to including up to algebra and trigonometry.


Sune received training on Yamataian Star Army history while in the Academy. He has a working knowledge of key events in history.


During his time with the merchants Sune often acted as liaison between them and the people whom they would trade with. He was comfortable with speaking to groups, and refined his skills during his military training. During his time aboard the Eucharis Sune has found himself in charge of away teams on multiple occasions. This has helped to give him experience in the field leading soldiers into oft dangerous situations.

Starship Operation

With Sune's transfer to Science on-board the YSS Eucharis, he trained for several months in starship operations. He is now proficient with operating any of the stations on the bridge. Specializing in Sensor operations, and using the starship systems station since his appointment as acting XO.

More about Sune

Character Data
Character NameJalen Sune
Character OwnerNashoba
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusDischarged
SAOY Exit YearYE 35

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