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Jushimoto Koji

Jushimoto Koji is a Yamataian Senator played by Lamb.

Jushimoto Koji
Species: Yamataian
Gender: Male
Organization: Yamataian Government
Occupation: Senator


Koji is an old man. He looks it, too. Years of hard work in the fields of one farm or another have given his skin a leathery look. Sagging cheeks and an eternal squint of calm contemplation complement his soft demeanor. Notably, his eyebrows are enormous. They sit upon his forehead as if a pair of tall black-and-grey slugs attempting to meet just above his nose. He typically wears traditional Yamataian clothes like yukatas and kimonos; with the addition of a purple hanten bearing Yamatai's flag on the back due to how cold the senate chambers are to the old man.

History and Election

The Jushimoto family has historically been farmers. Koji was a farmer for much of his life. He struggled in the fields on many Yamataian worlds throughout his life, ending up finally on Koukotsu II. He was on Geshrintal for most of his life before striking out on his own. While there, he witnessed wars, plagues, and the reign of Emperor Uesu. As a settler in the Koukotsu System, Koji witnessed death and destruction at the hands of the Mishu during both wars. His first foray into politics was as a local refugee coordinator during the opening days of the Second Mishu War, ferrying in the multitudes of Juyuuians to the relative safety of Yamataian space. Finding enjoyment in the civic duty, he pursued higher and higher offices on the prefecture level and eventually rose to the position of Koukotsu's Senator and became well-known among his constituents for his quiet ineffectiveness. In fact, he's won the last few elections by the grace of being the political 'lesser of evils' in each instance.

As a Senator

Koji is typically quiet during most proceedings, occasionally drifting off to sleep or pulling his attention away to make tea. When he does speak, however, he speaks a voice of calm and logic. Between praising the Empress and suggesting that they review her comments on the situation, that is. He rarely pays attention to his approval ratings, and his constituents rarely have much to say about him other than, β€œEh.” Koji is a sworn moderate, though fiercely patriotic. He appears at times to have a crush on The Empress, and at other times to regard her as a potential tea-partner. His favorite legislation to review are 'easy-pass initiatives'; simple laws which reform and clarify such things as: β€œMurder is bad.” and β€œPeople should be allowed to eat.”

Despite this, even during these easy proceedings, Koji will occasionally suggest the Empress' wisdom be provided; or that the Senate write her a letter 'just to let her know how things are going'.

Character Data
Character NameJushimoto Koji
Character OwnerLamb
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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