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Kanzaki Akahana

Kanzaki Akahana is a player character played by Immortal Cyan.

Kanzaki Akahana
Species: Nekovalkyrja, Type 33
Gender: Woman
Date of Birth: YE 43
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Intelligence Analyst
Rank: Ittô Hei
Current Placement: Vicky SAINT Installation

Physical Description

  • Height: 4'6“
  • Weight: 155 Lbs.
  • Measurements: 27ZZZ-22-56

A chalky-skinned “Snowy Neko”, Kanzaki Akahana’s white hair and alabaster features are prototypical for a Vicky-produced Nekovalkyrja, although her visage bears a few notable distinctions which aesthetically separate her appearance from that of her sisters. Of note, these include full, fleshy lips which she tends to accentuate with glossy cyan holographic “paint”. The hue of her lips matches the colors of her eyes, which have cyan sclerae, light cyan irises, and deep cyan pupils, lending them a luminescent glow. In addition, she has a small nose and a pointed chin, complementing a V-shaped facial structure. Like most Nekovalkyrja, Akahana has pointed, fuzzy ears rimmed with white fur.

Physically, Akahana is distinguished by a thick hourglass form, which is both top and bottom-heavy. She has tiny feet and well-toned calves which explode out into corpulent, overproportioned thighs and expansive hips. At the back, her buttocks balloon outward past her shoulder blades and are so oversized that when viewed from the back, they seem to take up a quarter of her height. From there, her frame narrows into a soft, yet slender midsection, before once more bursting to form huge breasts, each of which are over three times as large as her head! Finally, these close up into small shoulders and a thin, dainty neck.


  • Character Traits:
    • Empathetic
    • Perceptive
    • Bookish
    • Submissive
    • Possessive
    • Fawning


Created on Vicky, Kanzaki Akahana is a “Snowy Neko”. Although she demonstrated few notable traits during socialization training, as her personality emerged during standard basic training, she began to demonstrate heightened cerebral qualities over her Nekovalkyrja peers, though her physical and martial abilities suffered by comparison. Nevertheless, like many Snowy Nekos, Akahana was groomed for SAINT. In spite of her poor physical ratings for a Nekovalkyrja, she managed to pass SELECT at close to the top of her class. Upon the completion of her training, Akahana was assigned to the YSS Kōun as its SAINT liaison and analyst.

Skills Learned

Kanzaki Akahana has the following notable skills:

Social Connections

Kanzaki Akahana is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

Kanzaki Akahana's Mindy

OOC Notes

Immortal Cyan created this article on 2022/09/24 21:54.

Character Data
Character NameKanzaki Akahana
Character OwnerImmortal Cyan
Character StatusActive Player Character
Current LocationVicky
Approval Thread…
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankIttô Hei
SAOY OccupationStar Army Intelligence Analyst
SAOY AssignmentVicky
SAOY Entry YearYE 43
DOR YearYE 45
DOR Month2
Government & Politics of the Yamatai Star Empire

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