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Kazako Shimei

Kazako Shimei is a NPC controlled by GM Kai.

Kazako Shimei
Species: NH-29 Nekovalkyrja
Gender: Female
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Power Armor Pilot
Rank: Nito Hei
Current Placement: YSS Genesis

Character Description

Shimei is, at first glance, and extremely timid person. She appears to have some sort of shell-shock, or the like, and is apparently afraid of superiors, though she also worries quite a bit about her peers. However, when Shimei boards a Powered Armor, her personality does a 360, and she becomes brash, confident, and just a little bit self-centered. She tries to be a glory hog, but her skills don't quite match up with her enthusiasm just yet.

Appearance-wise, Shimei is a small, brown haired Nekovalkyrja who wants to make herself smaller, or at least her defensive postures might lead you to believe so. her hair is cut short, a few inches above her shoulders, and her eyes are a deep purple shade.

History and Relationship Notes

Kazako Shimei is a Neko whom was taken prisoner during the first Mishhuvurthyar war. She was, obviously, beaten and tortured nearly endlessly, but was rescued in the final days of the way. It took nearly the entire peace-time period to recuperate her and bring her back to a socially functioning level, but she still has her problems. Having originally been a bridge bunny, she instead opted to change careers and become a power armor pilot, from an underlying desire to pay the Mishhu back for what they did.

Skill Areas

  • Communications: Yamataian, Nepleslian.
  • Bridge Operations: Limited
  • Power armors: Average
  • First aid: Decent
  • Maintenance: passable
  • Survival: trained in, but it's debatable.
  • Entertainment: Shimei is actually quite skilled at Musical theater, or was before her capture.


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  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • This character Is Currently adopted? YES
Character Data
Character NameKazako Shimei
Character StatusAdoptable Player Character
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY RankNitΓ΄ Hei
SAOY OccupationStar Army Soldier

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