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Kessah Inonori

Kessah is a Yammy serving in the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces as a Techie and in general spacer, which every ship needs to be successful! Kessah is a Petty Officer Second Class and is currently serving on the UCS Akaramu. She is played by the ever loveable and self-image petting Gamerofthegame, who frequently puts in bits of flair in wiki articles so they aren't quite so boring!

The below profiling image is outdated, as it shows Kessah in her previous military duties in Star Army. However, the only thing that has actually changed is the uniform. Otherwise, she is her usual purple eyed redheaded self.

Kessah Inonori

Zee basics

Overall build, including fleshy bits

She, being fairly short, has a fairly smooth and light build. It would almost seem that she wasn’t to athletic at all, which would be a possible truth, although there is muscle under they seemly frail appearance, underneath her Spacer Pale skin. Be frail, one doesn't meant absolutely weak, and she only appears so. In actuality, even when she still had her humanity, she always had/has a decent amount of muscles, although they are not prone to carrying the weight of the body on a planetoid, giving her the occasional ache when she is on one.(Whether one argues or not, planetary gravity usually has more strain then a ship's (usually) artificial gravity on the body.) Otherwise, there isn't much else to describe in terms of bodily structure.

Her skin, mean while, as briefly said in the above paragraph, is a very pale colour, not being in a star's rays to colour it. (Even then, there is the usual genetic trait that annoyingly goes on, even now, with red hair that one isn't prone to get a tan, just the burn.) This gives her the somewhat trademark for Spacers snow-esque (Although, not quite that white) pale skin.

Facial features and eyes

Her face is rather small, although not really narrow, spread out all around in a fashion, giving her a more western look to herself then Japanese, a oddity in the parts about as it were. Her cheeks have a passive light red tint, although it is faint. Her lips are fairly small, not extruding out much at all. Gamerofthegame is quite poor at facial descriptions, and thus the image will play it well.

Her eyes are both dark purple at the iris. A extremely rare occurrence in humans, at least naturally. Not much to say about them.

Hair tidbits

Her hair is, as shown prior, semi-dark shade of red. It is usually kept completely flat and unkempt to the techie's head, it naturally staying fairly flat and close to her skull, parting around her ears. Her sides end at around her jawline, while the back of her hair ends just above her collar bone area.

All in all

All in all she looks fairly human, a western American/Canadian look with a bit of Irish in there. In reality, Ethnic wise, she is more gaelic ethnic group more then anything else.


  • Height: 4'9“ (144.78 cm)
  • Mass: 110 lbs (49.8 kg)
  • Bra Size: 34C

Kessah's Personality

To say Kessah was playful would be a understatement, but accurate. She often times goes through things with a smile, maybe even a laugh of two, being a rather light hearted person. She generally likes to bring out the positive in people and therefore is rather quick to please, to her limits at least, and is one to quickly try and make a friend, even if for only a short time. She is generally one to goof off in times of distress naturally, just to lighten the mood, and even though it might get her in trouble, she continues doing it anyway, much to the delight of some. She is also rather submissive in general.

She is also rather quickly bored when things remain the same for a long duration. This is mainly due to her upbringing where she frequently changed ships, and thus had different things almost constantly. Also to note, she has been uncharacteristically gloomy; feeling a pang of loneliness (Or more appropriate; Homesickness to her family.) for not seeing her sister in such a long time. Or her mother and father, for that matter, although more so for her sister then anything else.

(Similarly to facial features, Gotg is piss poor at personality describing. More so at this particular subject.)

Likes and Dislikes


Being a bit of a passive tease, her sister, her family in general, her friends, machinery, the stars, spicy food, space in general, occasional silence, alcoholic things (Although not a Alcoholic by any means). She has a slight infinity towards waffles as well at random times.


Chocolate, stereotyping people, alcoholics, party crashers, people who take advantage of other people, atmospheric conditions (Planets), dressing up.

Kessah's History

She grew up as a natural spacer, and as a Geshrin. Her mother and father both worked on various ships, stations, or the likes, although in whatever the case generally at a decent ranking and 98% of the time in space with a good number of those ships belonging to the Yam empire. Kessah (And her sister), naturally, followed suit after a few arguments from her parents about they having no other family for her to tend to, and that she could help them. The family itself did not actually do much in the way of any combat, so it was let go. She grew up around the various ships, and she joined the Yammy space fleet academy officially when she was 16, becoming a Yamataian one month before the end of her training when it was available and fairly required. In the time when she worked with her family, she gained a good deal amount of money, having been on the crew list and therefore the payroll the entire time, even without the training.

Truely, Kessah's history could probably make a novel of the best selling variety. But thats going in depth. She isn't some hero or grand warrior or something, she is just a spacer. There might be a few tales other spacers have weaved on her dotting the cosmos. Because when you have a great techie in space, you live. When you live, you can tell a tale.

Roleplay history

You know, quite a lot of stuff has happened. She has been on the YSS Sakura, the YSS Plumeria, YSS Asamoya, and the UCS Akaramu to sum up the very basics.

Kessah's Skills


Kessah is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, starships, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. Your character is fluent in English, and to a lesser degree Japanese. (Yammie brain or no, she never put a lot of effort into learning a language.) She can speak and write both correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc. This due in part to the Star Army basic training. She also has a bit of a accent she sometimes puts on things, and while it isn't her actually accent, she finds herself sometimes doing it instinctively. She has a fair amount of knowledge about various hand signs and other similar signals some people use in various parts of the known universe as well. With certain, more common languages, Kessah can identify them after they are spoken.


Kessah received hand-to-hand combat training, followed up with a rigorous training program. She is skilled and experienced in combat both in Yamatai-like conditions and in zero-gravity, with and without weapons. Weapons she is trained in include energy pistols, knives, and power armor, primarily the Mindy. She is surprisingly swift at her close quarters combat, although never really likes to do it. She also has training with other weapons, like the SMG and battle rifle, although to a lesser degree then anything else. She is notably uncomfortable in a Power armor, however.

Primarily in Space, but she just isn't a soldier type in general. Her primary flaws in space as the unstoppable feeling of easiness to be zipping around in absolute nothingness that a sailor might find in water; Extremely dangerous, but still everything

Technology Operation

Kessah is capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships. She is proficient in entering and/or searching for information. She also, with her energetic spirit, can generally, if given say a day, figure something out completely and how to work it… Although usually managing to forget it a week or two afterwards. She is a busy girl, after all!


Kessah has been home schooled to a fashion by her parents, learning much past the Yammy trained studying, and although she doesn't necessarily always know it on hand, its in her brain somewhere and usually comes out to play when she tries hard enough to remember what the hell your supposed to do in that problem.

Maintenance and Repair

Obviously she knows this, having learned pretty much the entire basis of it all through out of life. She generally, with maybe some assistance, can get almost anything done if she spends enough time on it, and is quite proficient in repairing Space ships or stations or whatever have you from the outside using power suits, although she has less training it this task they anything else. As it has been her profession for the majority of her life, to say she was proficient at it would be a understatement, really.

Technology Operation

She knows how to work a computer, to say the least, and enjoys spending most of her free time, when alone, to code things and try various computer things. She as a rule also could easily rig various computer systems, be it temporary or no, to fit the necessary requirements of whatever she needs to do. She can only really do this, however, with English computers, being that she isn't entirely fluent in Japanese. (For coding, mind.)

Starship Operation

While she, not yet at least, doesn't know how to actually pilot a ship through hostile environments or anything, she can do several other tasks around ships with relative ease, depending on the task in general. She has a bit of experience in most bridge systems, however only a bit, mostly just to know how to function the basic systems.

Kessah's Possessions

The usual

She acquired the usual UOC affairs, the uniform, the E1 pistol, the communicator (In bracer form). You know, everything here.


  • Mechanics kit (Satchel pack to be settled on her hip), filled with quite a few stuff. Sometimes hard to close because of this fact.

Personal Hygiene

  • Rum-scented shampoo and liquid body soap. For no particular reason. Scent fades away rather quickly.
  • Electric toothbrush, rechargeable, with charging station
  • Toothpaste, “Spacer's Honor”
  • Hair cutting items (scissors, razors, cream, etc)

Artwork and Pictures

  • Framed Photograph of Kerigan and Kessah hugging each other


Kessah actually sleeps naked, for both personal comfort. She is extremely 'close' to her sister as she was the only one, other then their parents, that never changed in her spacer life. And, just to clarify, by close we mean incestuous. She also is NOT a born citizen of the Yam' empire. She also has a lactation fetish, although for obvious reasons that isn't well known. And she isn't native to the Yamatai empire. Or any of the empires, for that matter.

The Inonori family name is a Clan name, previously fairly high in number but… As of late, very few in number.

Mother: Terry Inonori Father: James Inonori Uncle (F. side): Minku Amcathra (Deceased) Aunt (F. side): Xavara Amcathra (Deceased) Sister: Kerigan Inonori

Her theme song is C'mon C'mon by The Von Bondies.

Character Data
Character NameKessah Inonori
Character OwnerGamerofthegame
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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