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Ketsurui Ayame

Ketsurui Ayame, formerly known as Kyoshi Ayame, was a Taisho (Fleet Admiral) in the Star Army of Yamatai that later became Empress of Yamatai and wife of Emperor Kitsurugi Uesu. She was believed to have committed suicide in YE 28.


Ayame was played by Jenn.

The Shadow Viper Betrayal

It was discovered in early YE 29 by incarcerated members of the YSS Sakura that it was believed by members of a so-called so-called True Nekovalkyrja Empire movement that the Empress had in fact been slain by her own samurai guardians. (see roleplay transcripts under Pumpkin character entry)

In YE 30, the crew of the YSS Miharu uncovered troubling logs entries from a computer core pilfered from the Daughters of Eve that former-SAINT director Kyoshi Kikyo had been paid a rather extraordinary sum for services rendered very close to the day Empress Ayame died. Seeing that the money transfers followed similar processes for previous assassinations, it was strongly suspected then that Empress Ayame suicide had been staged to conceal a much more sinister death.

In YE 34 a failed assassination attempt against Ketsurui Kotori and Ketsurui Yuumi unmasked a sect of rogue Ketsurui Samurai, thereby known as the Shadow Vipers, whom had indeed cooperated with Kyoshi Kikyo.

In YE 38, during an attempt on Empress Himiko's life, the Shadow Viper leader - Ebi Nadeko - admitted to her involvement and the subsequent deception in the regard of Empress Ayame's death.

Bio from ancient forums

Character Name: Kyoshi Ayame

Species: Nekovalkyrja NH-17T

Gender: Female

Age: 18 years old (body is less than a year old)

Faction: GSA

Occupation: Star Army Command Officer

Rank: Taisho

Current Assignment: YSS Celia, 3rd Expeditionary Fleet

Hair color and Style: Long dark blue hair with black hilights, hangs in layers to below her shoulder blades with wispy bangs. Build and Skin Color: Slender, 5'5โ€œ, with an Asian skin tone. Face and Eye Color: Beautiful face with soft features. Dark Blue eyes with black rings of colour around the outside. Distinguishing Features: Normal Neko features.

Personality: Ayame is a very quiet and contemplative woman, who tends to be very logical and methodical. She never allows her feelings to cloud a subject and will always keep calm even under extreme circumstances. She always tries to remain in complete control of herself and will not allow herself to be taken away by passion or anger. Ayame holds the empire in the highest esteem and is completely loyal to the Empress.

Likes: Japanese food, philosophy, literature, playing the violin, trimming bonsai trees, classical music Dislikes: Arrogance, impulsive actions, dishonesty Goals: To live to see a time when the Empire is fully at peace and she wants to help accomplish that end.

Class: Hemosynthesist


Special Abilities: 6 Neko Holography 6 Language: Japanese 6 Hemosynthesis: Basic 6 Create Living Objects

Intrinsic Skills: 6 Anti-Grav Field: Basic 6 Active Stealth 6 Martial Arts (Hika-Ken) 6 Telepathy: Advanced 6 Telekinesis

Class Skills: 4 Hemosynthesis: Advanced 4 Create HS Sprite

Occupational Skills: 5 Astronavigation 5 Computer Operation 5 History (GSA) 5 Pilot 5 Weapon: Swords 5 Weapon: Energy Pistols

Learned Skills: 5 Music (violin) 5 Botany 5 Gymnastics 5 Cooking


Born in YE 07, Ayame was originally created to serve as a foot soldier in the battles of the second elysian war. Having fought hard and earned respect, she accompanied Yui's party to liberate the realm of hell, but in the process she was killed by a sniper having saved Yui from his shot.

After being respawned, Ayame earned both a promotion and and a medal. She continued to work hard and earn respect and eventually got a formal education and promoted to commander of a ship. (I'll probably expand on this at a later date)

Inventory: Uniform, Spare clothing, GP-13 sidearm, sword, violin, decorations for her room (including hangings, bonsai trees, etcโ€ฆ)


Character Data
Character NameKetsurui Kyoshi Ayame
Character OwnerJenn
Character StatusPermanently Retired Character
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusDeceased

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