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Kumiko Endoh

Kumiko Endoh (久美子 正明)
Kumiko Endoh Species Yamataian Height 5'6“ / 167.64cm
Gender Female Weight 113lbs / 51.6 kg
Age 29 (YE 36) Measurements 34-26-36
Zodiac Sign Leo Bra Size 36B
Organization SAoY Occupation 10B First Officer
Chief Engineer 05D Primary
Infantry 01C / Armorer 05A Specialization
Rank Shoi Current Placement YSS Ryūjō
Status Player Character User Aendri

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'6”/ 167.64 cm Mass: 113 lbs/51.26 kg Measurements: 34-26-36 Bra Size: 36B

Build and Skin Colour: Slightly built, with pale white skin.

Facial Features and Eye Colour: Small nose and mouth, with large hazel eyes.

Hair Colour and Style: Long brown hair, about 10 inches long. Puts hair up in a ponytail or bun when working. some stray hairs on the right side tend to escape and hang down over her face, which she blows out of the way without noticing.

Distinguishing Features: A genetic tattoo slightly above and to the left (her left) of her right breast. It is three japanese characters: love, bravery, and wealth.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Kumiko is a cheery, easygoing person, despite her military experience. She's glad to help people around her if they ask nicely, even if she's still introverted enough to not jump in unasked. She has a soft spot in her heart for animals (really cute, small things in general), and enjoys spending time around them (other people and animals only slightly less). She dislikes having to be alone, taking comfort in people being around even if she doesn't want to talk, with the sole exception being if she's actively working on an engineering project. She's a bit submissive at heart, but she's completely capable of taking charge if she's confident in her knowledge and abilities being better than the others in her group.

Likes: Tinkering, fuzzy animals, sweets, people, reptiles Dislikes: Broken things, solitude Goals: She used to want to be a renowned mechanic, but over time that has faded into the background, with her career taking precedence.


Family (or Creators)

Michiyo Endoh (mother), Hasegawa Endoh (father)


As a child, Kumiko tended to constantly be breaking things. Sadly for her parents, it wasn't until she was 8 that she got the hang of putting said items back to their original condition. Ever since then, she has forever been taking things apart and putting them back together. However, her 'upgrades' tend not to work out until the 3rd or 4th try, so this still caused her parents quite a bit of despair. Over time, her upgrades have become more reliable, but still chancy, so people who know her tend to hide important things when she is around.

Fort Ready

Kumiko finished her training at Fort Ready, in the process participating in PA combat drills, as well as helping to save the life of an instructor during a small Mishhu invasion. She successfully completed her training, and was then assigned to a new position.

International Relations Conference(Pisces Station) (YE 29-30)

Directly out of training, Kumiko was assigned to work with the security details as a tech, serving to both service security equipment, and work on bomb detection. She served alongside several others, and was transferred with a large majority of them to their next assignment.

YSS Moirai (YE 30)

Following her time on Pisces, Kumiko was transferred to the YSS Moirai along with several other soldiers she had met and/or worked with on Pisces Station. From there they were introduced to their new commander, and then promptly left on their first mission.

Mission 1 - Readymade They were running salvage of a battlefield, while under the eyes of a pair of DD4-D Nepleslian Cruisers. During routine SS pod salvage procedures, they detected a life sign in one of the ships, and sent two people in, Santo Hei Kumiko Endoh, and Ittô Hei Hibiki Renko. After restoring air and power to the ship, to a small extent, then went in search of the survivor. Upon finding her, they discovered that her mind had come unhinged, and were forced to restrain her and take her back to the ship. Upon calming her down, they sent her back to one of the main bases for treatment. Promptly after that, the majority of the Moirai's crew decided to abandon their duties, and leave the Star Army, allowing Kumiko to return to the SAoY before departing. She promptly put in a request for a new set of orders from Personnel upon her return.

YSS Eucharis (YE 30-33)

Kumiko Endoh Kumiko was assigned to the Eucharis, and was accepted on board the ship after she passed the Taisa's acceptance period.

Mission 5 - The Secret Battlefront Kumiko was assigned to Bravo team heading into this mission. Upon arrival at their destination, the YSS Eucharis and her escorts came under heavy fire, with the Eucharis taking cover planetside, and her escorts leaving the area. Kumiko then assisted the chief engineer with first repairs to the heavily damaged ship, then with the construction of a probe for purposes which were not specified at the time of it's construction. She then was given orders to take the Eucharis's shuttle in, to recover the prisoners and support Alpha team on the ground. The retrieval of both Alpha team and the prisoners was successful, and the Eucharis promptly returned to friendly space in order to refit, rest up, and fix the parts which Kumiko and the others were not able to completely fix while deployed. Kumiko changed to Night shift for a time following this first mission.

Mission 8 - Universe at War, Rescue at Veritas Following the activities of their seventh mission, Kumiko returned to the Day shift, once again working with the majority of the crew. Their objective was to go to Veritas, and recover several things, including VIPs, tech, and blueprints. Kumiko was assigned to Charlie team, the group assigned to obtaining the blueprints on the tech. They proceeded down to the location of the design team, after fending off an ambush, and being forced to use an alternate route. On their way back, they went through a stairwell, nearing the location of the Eucharis, despite an injury on the part of the team leader, and the loss of one of the designers. Once they arrived at the ship, Kumiko and Ramiro were ordered to hold at the entrance to the bay that the Eucharis was in. Upon the arrival of Bravo, they were told to escort Bravo into the ship, and prepare for departure. Once taking the Bravo team members to the medical bay, she returned to her station in Engineering, where she greeted Nayacesen Takeyu, and welcomed him to the Engineering Bay. They have been ordered to prepare for damage control.

Mission 9.1 - Tip Of The Spear (Battle of Sbuhfaba) After returning to friendly space for repairs, the Eucharis Was sent out again, this time on a stealth sabotage/information mission to a shipyard due to be attacked by a larger force of allied ships shortly. Upon arrival in the system, the crew was separated out into groups, and sent on into the station, with the objective being the sabotage of as many effective points as possible. Despite severe accidents resulting in the loss of several members of the crew before the mission had really started, a small force of the crew, including Kumiko, managed to make it onboard the main station. The situation was made worse when The quickly discovered a processing facility, breaking people down into components for use in the Misshu war machine. It was decided that Kumiko and Nika would continue on the original mission, while Takeyu and Sune were to attempt the rescue of as many of the prisoners as possible. The entire plan fell apart shortly later, when both groups encountered separate forces of Misshu armor on the station, and were forced to depart without fully completing wither objective. Kumiko and Nika barely made it out at all, teleporting out at the last second before death.

Mission 9.2 - Salvaging Parts and Hearts The mission consisted of getting the Eucharis back up into fighting shape, transferring the rescued prisoners off the ship, and attempting to interrogate the best lead they'd gotten out of the deal. With repairs completed, but shore leave not yet finished, the Taisa requested volunteers for a search and rescue mission, looking for the lost ship YSS Freedom, which had gone down in a fight some time ago.

Mission 10 - Finding Freedom Upon arrival at HX-13, a search team was sent down to the surface of the planet to try and find survivors. After a number of mishaps, including losing members on the drop, and being spotted by a NMX sniper. During their evacuation of the planet, they came back with a small number of survivors, with everyone not with them being presumed dead at this point.

Mission 11 - Torchbearers The ship, after returning to the station and refitting, was sent out alongside a small task force to enter the UOC territory, which has been blocked out for some time. They have set off, picked up new crew, and fought a group of battlepods while retrieving a drone. Ground combat follows in the Mitsuya system.

YSS Hokorimasu (YE33)

After transferring the the YSS Vesper for a short time for training as an Armorer, Kumiko then received orders to transfer to the the YSS Hokorimasu to put her experience as an infantryman to use as an armor complement's leader, though she questioned the sanity of the person handing out orders. After an abortive mission to protect inbound supply ships, her squad was broken up by intelligence agencies of one sort or another, with the members going several different ways, before Kumiko was sent on a short assignment for SAINT.

SAINT Work (YE33 - YE34)

For some reason SAINT selected Kumiko as a potential undercover agent, and sent her on an undercover mission with a low priority in order to gain some intelligence and test her out for the position. To this end, she sought and received a position on a security squad on the high-tech Cirrus Station, a squad that turned out to be close to one of the Station's administrators herself. After a short time in that position, and ascertaining that any information obtained under the circumstances would be more or less useless, they transferred her to another position in Nepleslian space, where she remained for a time, before being recalled to serve in a new task force headed into the former 5th Fleet space.

Task Force Lantern - Special Task Group One (YE 34-36)

After receiving orders to report back to Yamataian space in a covert message (which were received with no small amount of relief), Kumiko was instructed to find passage back to Pisces Station, where she'd served so long ago as security, to meet up with her new position and force. Despite more than one delay along the way, she arrived only a short time after she'd intended to, only for the force to be thrust into action almost immediately upon arriving anyway, after only a short amount of leave on the nearby station.

After being killed during the initial fighting of the Asuran Tragedy, Kumiko was later brought back from a backup on the Motome. She was then sent to work in the Yamataian Engineering Corps for a time, helping with the management of the resupply and logistical replenishment in the region. After a short time, Kumiko was put into OTS, with the goal of putting someone with her distinguished career and skills in charge of an engineering crew somewhere.

YSS Soyokaze (YE 36)

After completing her time in OTS, Kumiko requested a new posting, and just happened to be at the perfect time, as the Soyokaze was in need of both reinforcements, and serious repairs. Assigned as the new Chief Engineer, Kumiko took a small complement of engineers (those who were available on short notice) with her, and headed for the Soyokaze's location to assist in repairs. After spearheading a quick job to fix up the ship's power generation and propulsion systems, the Soyokaze made it back to a full Star Army repair base for further repairs, and was reassigned to a new squadron. Rather than leaving her with a ship she was only slightly familiar with, Kumiko was reassigned to act as the First Officer on a newly commissioned ship, to start her on the command path.

YSS Ryūjō (YE 37)

Kumiko, newly assigned to the YSS Ryūjō as its first officer, was granted time to go through a short training period as an officer, after which she still had enough time to stop by her home on Kennewes and approve some updates and renovations, before heading out for her new assignment a bit early, in order to give her a chance to look over and inspect the ship before any actual duty began. Even if she wasn't technically acting as the Head Engineer for the ship, she'd been doing the job longer than many people had even been in the service.



Throughout her life, Kumiko has avidly studied engineering texts, as well as experimenting with her own ideas in her spare time. This has given her a highly developed sense of how things work, and this led to an interest in inventing things (or trying very hard to) in her spare time. She also attempts to upgrade existing things, and, with lots of practice and failures behind her, she can now legitimately say that her upgrades are almost always legitimate and permanent.

Maintenance and Repair

Because of her inventiveness, and her inherent curiosity about how new things work in old things, she is very adept at finding and fixing mechanical and electrical problems. With time, her old habits of building things that had a disturbing tendency to explode or otherwise fail spectacularly has worn off, and while she makes less now, what she makes tends to be much more steady. This has also helped to hone her sense of finding and fixing problems in mechanical systems, since the problems are just harder to find, not gone.

Maintenance and Repair (Fighters)

Though not overly versed, upon receiving her orders to report to Task Force Lantern, Kumiko set to expanding her minimal knowledge of fighter maintenance, primarily through a textbook she'd purchased some time ago, and through reviewing standard usage of the tools she'd purchased for her own use some time ago.

Outside of some very basic maintenance on her Hoplite, Kumiko hasn't had much opportunity to work with fighters since she started learning, so most of her knowledge is purely theoretical at this point, though she's definitely starting to get a feel for the Hoplite.

Maintenance and Repair (Armorer)

Thanks to her time spent in training before her assignment to the Hokorimasu, Kumiko is now fully trained to serve as a ships armorer, and is therefore completely capable of performing most (if not all) repairs on an armor, and is similarly capable of changing out modules, attaching parts, and customizing the armors for personal use. This extends to both personnel and armor grade weaponry as well.

Having spent a fair bit of time both servicing her own, custom MCAS armor system, and working on Ryuusei's armor when needed, Kumiko is now confirmed as a natural at engineering and repairs on a PA level system. She has a knack for finding problems before they really develop, and fixing them, sometimes with little tweaks that almost work better than the originals.


Kumiko is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, starships, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. Kumiko is fluent in Trade, Yamataigo, and Seraphim. She can speak and write both correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, and create technical write-ups.

Technological Ops

Kumiko is capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships. She is proficient in entering and/or searching for information. Kumiko also knows how to utilize a computer to help her with her drafting once she reaches the point of working out the details in much more accurate and proportional manner.

Having been part of the formation and management of two separate small squads, Kumiko is now much more familiar with the personnel computer systems, and is starting to get a glimmer of understanding about how the bureaucracy of things works, and how to work the systems for the benefit of herself and those she likes.


Kumiko received hand-to-hand combat training, followed up with a rigorous training program. She is skilled and experienced in combat both in Yamatai-like conditions and in zero-gravity, with and without weapons. With regard to weapons she is trained in include energy pistols, energy rifles, knives, grenades, and power armor. She is very experienced in combat, with time spent in combat both in and out of armor, though she still prefers to be armored. She is familiar with the primary weapons of the Elysian and Yamataian militaries, and has a rather broad knowledge of Nepleslian weaponry as well, though primarily from a technical standpoint. She's spent enough time with various small arms from Nepleslia to be comfortable with their solid munitions handguns at least.


Kumiko received basic mathematics training, to including up to algebra and trigonometry. She has also studied further into math for engineering and technical theories.

After plenty of time spent working on her various projects and ideas, the math side of engineering and design is almost reflexive now. She barely even thinks consciously about the formulas and equations she needs any more.


During her teenage years, sometimes Kumiko would forget entirely forget to go to dinner if she was deeply immersed in a project, so she became adept at cooking for herself. After several years in the military, where most of the food is handled by cooks, her cooking skills had grown a bit rusty, though this has been all but resolved thanks to her time living alone, undercover in Nepleslian space.

Despite the availability of food cooked by others both on station and onboard their home ship while serving in Ryuusei squadron, Kumiko made a point of continuing to cook at least small meals for herself on a regular basis.


Though not often placed in leadership roles, Kumiko has spent enough time in combat to gain a decent amount of tactical expertise, mostly around moving while avoiding detection and holding points as long as possible. She has also spent time doubling as a demolitions expert, which taught her how to look for and find weak points in structures of various sizes.

Kumiko has spent time as a squad leader in two straight postings now, and has started to get the hang of leadership, though, she still prefers her machines to other people. She's picked up the knack that lets her hit the right tone and audibly sound like she's in command.


After spending several months of time serving undercover, albeit in not unfriendly space, Kumiko has picked up on a number of small tricks to help with the gathering of information and remaining undetected, primarily in terms of picking basic locks and data mining.



Awards Medal Specifics
Tomoyo's Kikyo YSS Eucharis Mission 9.1
Task Force Lantern: Asuran Tragedy
Combat Lifesaver
Exploration Veridian System
Service YSS Eucharis Mission 4
YSS Eucharis Mission 5
YSS Eucharis Mission 6
YSS Eucharis Mission 7.1
YSS Eucharis Mission 8
YSS Eucharis Mission 9
YSS Eucharis Mission 10
YSS Eucharis Mission 11
YSS Hokorimasu Mission 1
Task Force Lantern Mission 1
Task Force Lantern Mission 2
Task Force Lantern Mission 3
Task Force Lantern Mission 4
Task Force Lantern Mission 5
War Second Misshurvythar War
Notable Career
Distinguished Career
Training Award Fort Ready, Class 2
Armorer Training
Star Army Experience Award
Star Army Starship Service Award
Star Army Command YSS Hokorimasu
Task Force Lantern: Ryuusei Squadron
Star Army Secret Ops

The full list of awards and what they're given for can be found here.

Kumiko's Inventory

Kumiko used a decently large chunk of her money from the lucky salvage find to purchase two things, a storage facility on Pisces Station, and a small home on Kennewes. The major point of the home was that it came with a rather largish hangar, giving Kumiko a place to put her shuttles, fighters, and various other vehicles, since she couldn't keep them with her.


Her house, seated on a nice, wide open and pleasant 14sq.mi. tract of land, is a large, well maintained building, with 3 floors above ground, and a pair of underground levels in the main building, with several small secondary buildings. It also has an underground garage system, with a large hangar for shuttles and other small craft directly above it. The entire set of buildings forms a roughly half-circular shape around a large courtyard, with both the hangar and garage opening to the inside of the curve. There is a double hedge around the entire complex; the first one, standing about 200yds away from any of the buildings on all sides, is a plain decorative hedge, roughly 8 ft tall, with dark, thick. The second hedge, roughly 400yds further out from the first one, is a Hellthorn Bush hedge, with beautiful, deceptive cherry blossom style flowers all over it, concealing its paralytic poison nature.



When she transferred to the Hokorimasu, Kumiko asked for and received a custom MCAS configuration for her personal armor, since she hadn't been assigned an armor of her own yet. She's carried this armor's use over into her new postings since then.




  • “Mobile Spanner” Drone
  • 7 Remote Medical Drones
    • 1 more, but broken
    • 1 control watch



  • 2 Crates of shuttle parts
  • Crate of car parts
  • Crate of hover vehicle parts


Duty Uniform

Uniform Insignia

Undergarments & Workout Clothes

  • 3 Complete Exercise Uniforms
    • 4 additional black sport bras/swimsuit top
  • 4 black panties
  • 8 pair of black boot Socks

Other Clothing

Weather Gear

  • 1 black tricorner hat, thick felt with red border
  • 1 black overcoat, thigh length, empire waist
  • 1 pair leather gloves, dark gray
  • 1 scarf, maroon with black fringes.


Weaponry and Tools




  • 180 rounds of 9mm Styrling
  • 4272 rounds of KZ 10x25mm
  • 2400 rounds of 6.56x40mm M1
  • 360 12 gauge rounds
  • 360 Styrling 10 x 58mm Standard
  • 480 .300 Cranth Magnum AP
  • 240 .300 Cranth Magnum Standard
  • 3 BR-28E Battery Magazines (2 extra)
  • 60 rounds of .45 NAM
  • Knuckleduster batteries
    • 3 standard
    • 3 large
  • 25 Airborne Kaserine grenades
    • 20 ARROW mini-missiles separate
  • 24 Anti-matter minimissiles
  • 18 AT-1 Tandem HEAT warhead missiles
  • 24 SFR-01 Tandem HEAT Rockets

Personal Hygiene

  • 1 Black waterproof shower kit bag with detachable shoulder strap
  • 1 bottle of shampoo
  • 1 bottle liquid body soap
  • 1 toothbrush
  • 1 tube of toothpaste
  • 2 washcloths, white
  • 2 towels, white
  • 1 stick of deodorant
  • 1 hairbrush, round type
  • 1 pair nail clippers

Other Items

  • Wooden jewelry box with red velvet interior (for medals)
  • Modelling program license
  • computer files of her projects
  • box of assorted random parts
  • hygiene kit
  • set of sketch paper and pencils
  • Fur Comforter with silk backing
    • female, Star Army Ring, made of 14kt Gold, YSS Eucharis around bottom of the gemstone. 1XF on left side of ring, Engineering symbol on right, the gemstone is genuine sapphire with image of a Plumeria-class (2D) Medium Gunship laser etched into it.
  • 1 Wooden hand carved Hnefatafl Board Game
  • 3 Engineering textbook
  • 14 expensive chemistry and metallurgy textbooks
  • Personal computer
  • 11 Lorath datapads
  • 5 Generic datapads
  • 2 sets of various starship diagnostic tools
  • Portable Universal Wireless Network Data-Modem (size of coin)
  • Lorath Memory Storage unit
    • Damaged, but data is intact
  • 20mx1m of fine silk
  • 3 Karaoke machines (volumetric displays)
  • Nekovalkyrja nest, foam
  • Foam forming machine
  • Emrys Industries Pheromones
  • Elysian scented candles
  • Box of Nepleslian music
  • Box of Nepleslian movies
  • Box of medical nano-machines
  • Vibrating egg
  • Sensor-shielded compartment kit
  • Large Jug of massage oil
  • Large Box full of bedding
  • Round Nekovalkyrja nest pit, foam
  • 5 Elysian blankets


  • Bottle of Wine, Limited Edition YE 32 Fortified Sakura Blush (1 of only 32 bottles produced)
  • Large refrigerated container of Hanako's World fish
  • Large crate of SPEED energy drinks
  • Box of frozen Nepleslian rations
  • 3 ship's galleys worth of frozen supplies
  • Nuclear materials container filled with cans of beer
  • Box of frozen beer-battered Rok'Veru shrimp
  • 6 liter bar-tap bottle of Nepleslian whiskey
  • 6 liter bar-tap bottle of Nepleslian vodka
  • Barrel of Yamataian wine
  • Barrel of Yamataian brandy
  • 180 bottles of Nepleslian vodka
  • Padded case of 18 various Lorath wine bottles
  • 1000 bottles of various liquors, all well aged.
  • Ornate hip flask, with vine designs along the outside


  • Pristine Nepleslian uniform
  • Small box of lollipops
  • 14 swords, 4 knives, all in elaborate medieval stylings
  • Decorative/Ceremonial swords
  • 31 scarves, of various patterns and colors
  • Teddy Bear

Parts and Pieces

Weapon Parts


  • 5 Brand new starship control panels
  • 5 Brand new starship viewscreens
  • 11 scratched, but intact large viewscreens
  • 2 sets of various computer components
  • 4 Starship-grade sensor arrays
  • 8 5m electrical cables
  • 2 sets of long-range infrared spectrometer parts
  • 5 Starship Environmental Systems Installation Kits
  • Starship internal gravity generator
  • Subspace transceiver, ship
  • Water pump and filtration system
  • 2 Laptop nav computers, with interface cables
  • 2 Laser communication arrays
  • Encrypted laser transmission system
  • 4 energy absorbtion/dispersal systems
  • Starship subspace transciever
  • 4 sets of volumetric emitter parts
  • Large hydrogen battery
  • 2 crates of external weapons rack parts
  • Anti-gravity generator
  • Graviton beam projector
    • full set of spare parts


  • 4 intact pieces of Zesuaium hull armor
  • Zesuaium armor bulkhead
  • 6 Zesuaium armor chunks
  • 9 transparent Zesuaium windows
  • 3 Zanarium Armor plates
  • 5 partial Zanarium Armor plates
  • 5 huge Yamataium armor chunks
  • 33 Transparent Durandium windows
  • 2 Elysian starship hull plates
  • Large sheet of Nerimium armor plating
  • PA Durandium armor plates


  • Computer processor
  • Pack of misc. data & power cables
  • 10 containers of mechanical lubricant
  • Nuclear container full of Hafnium
  • Case of precision lenses


While slavery is illegal in Yamatai, Kumiko recently purchased an Elysian slave girl, with the intent of freeing her (and helping her along the way, most likely). For the time being, the girl is residing in Kumiko's house on Kennewes, taking care of things in exchange for living there and a small amount of pay.

She also purchased a Savtech JANE unit, and has yet to decide on a dedicated purpose for the AI.


  • Electronic Money Card

Kumiko Endoh is currently a Shoi in the SAoY. She makes 2241 KS per month, plus 224KS for her re-enlistment bonus (YE32 & YE 35).

Card Savings Addition Subtraction Details
3,000 KS Starting Funds
600 KS 2,400 KS Items Purchased
8,200 KS 7,600 KS Pay (10/2010)
700 KS 7,500 KS Items Purchased
1,450 KS 750 KS Pay (11/2010)
2,557 KS 1,107 KS Pay (12/2010)
7,557 KS 5,000 KS Gift
12,869 KS 5,312 KS Pay (4/2011)
10,369 KS 2,500 KS SCSC Purchase (5/31/2011)
7,869 KS 2,500 KS “Items for Sale” Purchase (5/31/2011)
2,869 KS 5,000 KS SCSC Purchase (6/1/2011)
2,769 KS 100 KS “Items for Sale” Purchase (6/1/2011)
14,457 KS 11,688 KS Pay (10/2011)
28,093 KS 13,636 KS Pay (4/2012)
27,493 KS 1,440 KS Clothing purchases for assignment in Nepleslian space
26,363 KS 1,130 KS Weapons for use during her assignment in Nepleslian space (TSP and Ripshot)
1,363 KS 25,000 KS Various salvage deals
6,199 KS 4,136 KS Pay (6/2012)
1,224,479 KS 1,218,090 KS Salvage findings (6/24/2012)
1,223,479 KS 4,000 KS Salvage Purchase
23,479 KS 1,200,000 KS Transfer to savings and property purchase
20,979 KS 2,500 KS SCSC purchase (10/1/2012)
27,702 KS 6,723 KS Pay (9/2012)
78,480 KS 50,778 KS Pay (6/2014)
72,980 KS 5,500 KS Salvage purchase (6/16/2014)
72,175 KS 805 KS SCSC purchase (6/17/2014)
86,966 KS 14,791 KS Pay (12/2014)
Bank Savings Addition Subtraction Explanation
800,000 KS 800,000 KS Transfer from her card, thanks to the lucky find. (6/2012)
816,807 KS 16,807 KS Interest at 1.04% for 2 years (6/2014)
686,640 KS 130,167 KS Bulk purchases (12/28/14)


This character is not available for adoption.

Character Data
Character NameKumiko Endoh (久美子 正明)
Character OwnerAendri
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankShoi
SAOY OccupationStar Army Technician
SAOY AssignmentYSS Ryūjō

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