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Kurusu Misaki

Kurusu Misaki (Yamataigo: 来栖美崎) is a player character played by Miyako.

Kurusu Misaki
Species & Gender: Female NH-33 (Eihei)
Date of Birth: YE 27
Clan: Kurusu (None)
Faction: Yamatai Star Empire
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Starship Captain
Current Placement: YSS Teisenjou

Kurusu Misaki ( 来栖美崎 )

Misaki is an NH-33 (Eihei) serving in the Star Army of Yamatai. She was created by the Ketsurui Zaibatsu and is part of the Second Expeditionary Fleet in a variety of roles. She served as First Officer on the YSS Eucharis and the YSS Aeon.Her orders thread can be found here.

Current Events

Physical Description

A bit below the average height of her sisters, Misaki's face is a bright point set back with the darkness of her eyes, a deep purple that pools differently than the more common violet sort. The soldier's beauty can be described as striking, and the shape of her face flows more delicately with a deception that belies how defined her expressions often become. She is nicely shaped, and toned into petite curves. Her hair is a tropical blue that shifts down to the small of her back just touching the curve of her behind. There are snow white streaks at various intervals, styled in such a way that it could be taken as some sort of flower. Typically worn down, she tends to pin it up with a claw or something else efficient in zero-g. Her ears do have the slight, coloured fur that became more popular during the time she was born.


Kurusu is known for taking risks and acting more extroverted than a fully trained and and usually introverted Ketsurui Samurai might, but takes her allegiance to the clan very seriously despite what events came into light at the end of YE 29 and the beginning of YE 30, to say nothing of the sundering of her former sisters from their former roles in YE 38. If a someone is unkind towards her, she will try to redirect her emotions into something positive or constructive.

Though her coping mechanisms are impressive, if there is a way to make herself seem more helpful, she will pursue it to the best of her ability. She tends to be more willing to take risks that seem reckless by standard military standards, but will at least think about how suicidal something is (her multiple injuries have something to say about that). If she can help it, Kurusu will never be seen practicing with any sort of blade and will keep her body trained on her own time to avoid a touchy subject.

Socially, Misaki tries to find some comfort in the fact that she's more personable than the fully fledged samurai, and tends to glean most of her traits from the more rank and file soldiers. She's not monogamous, in fact that subject has only come up in abstract conversations late into the second shift with some of the Ishikawa's bridge crew. She sometimes gets jealous of Neko who were born rather than created. She's naturally friendly, relaying herself in a cool but pleasant way unless checked by her excitement. Misaki also smiles far more often than perhaps is thought appropriate for someone of her upbringing. With a thirst for knowledge, the strategist will often keep thinking about something until it drives her to distraction.

Likes and Dislikes


Trying new things, being in space, swimming, looking up at the sky, privately training herself, Hanako, making new friends, and experiencing exotic things.


Bad smells, losing, people with stifling pride, manipulation, and the overly meek.


To make further strives to being a 'perfect' solider, master a real fighting style, learn to make something, and/or play an instrument, find out how to cook something that no one will gag on (it happened on the Mishima),and go on an adventure among others.



Created in the year YE 27 by the Ketsurui Zaibatsu. Misaki was made as a Cadet and sent to the YSS Mihama, a Nozomi-class scout after completing a varied training, graduate of a small program to make a more versatile officer and supplement to ranking commanders or fleets themselves as line officers able to accept a variety of specialized assignments while serving as protection. Her loyalty to the Ketsurui Clan was a given, but she was not made a full samurai or taught the finer points of their ways, meaning there was time to train her as a soldier, and how to effectively use her body to the program's desired results but there would be no honour down the Samurai's path for her.

By early YE 28 she was aboard the YSS Mihama, balancing between what her training had provided and what her loyalties meant. Fighting the SMX and ensuring special orders were carried out, she was often put to the test both on the bridge and in power armour and close combat situations. A Ketsurui Samurai replaced her role as protector when her commanding officer received a promotion. It was a reminder of what she wasn't exactly, despite how she felt. This crushed her after striving through so many trials in the war, and wrought havoc with her personally. Seeking a new opportunity, Kurusu transferred to the YSS Ishikawa, a Sakura Class Gunship on the heels of her promotion to Shosa following their campaign against the SMX in a losing where. Officers were becoming less and less plentiful, and she was needed to supplement another clan associate with her array of experience rather than several different officers that could be assigned elsewhere.

Aboard the Ishikawa she gained some respect as an exceptional executive officer to Jun Hirata Taisa, but grew restless of the constant reminders of her inferiority despite her full use of the gift of her being and constant reports to the Ketsurui. This, coupled with her CO's perceived lack of heart to her command left her conflicted and eventually keeping her ears open for something more exciting.

Noting the call in the Fleet for new officers to join Hanako aboard the YSS Eucharis she sent an application in and a brief message stating her intent, hoping to reclaim a part of herself and learn something from the famous commanding officer.

Since joining as the first member of the crew whom wasn't a former sprite, Misaki saw the ship through numerous battles, and several missions where she was tasked with leading an armour team to capture an enemy position.

Service Record

1st Expeditionary Fleet

YSS Eucharis
Rank: ShosaPosition: Executive Officer (First Officer)
Rank: ChusaPosition: Executive Officer (First Officer)
YSS Aeon
Rank: ChusaPosition: Executive Officer (First Officer)


Art and Vocation

Over the years one of Misaki's only non-combative hobbies has been her desire to style hair. She finds it somewhat soothing, and enjoys being able to create living art that isn't very invasive. It's not unusual for her to use herself as the only willing subject.


Kurusu can speak both Yamataian, and Nepleslian when needed and writes reports in both languages. Giving effective orders using telepathy, cryptography, and general forms of public speaking is a simple task. She's trained, and experienced with giving orders under fire, both on starships and in other combat situations.

Fighting And Physical

Misaki was born with most standard Star Army combat styles and some more advanced. The rest were trained of course, melee and ranged combat, power armour advanced techniques, and proficiency with many types of weapons, but the more masterful styles closed to her as an 'outsider'. Regardless, she is an able solider and veteran of armour sorties against the SMX. She practices many forms that she does not use and has adapted a personal style that is a strange amalgamation of what she was taught, and what she had to improve on and learn by herself. She continues her experimentation in fighting, and since joining the Eucharis crew has advanced upon it in her spare time, and through constantly being sent out in missions in an Mindy-1H.


She has received and learned required knowledge of the YSE, Star Army regulations, and supplemented with Ketsurui clan history as part of her 'mixed bag' of training. Of course, she's passed the required examinations and updates herself with galactic current events when possible.


A strong leader, she was often looked to on her ships as protecting everyone, not just the commanding officer due to her personality and active part in ship-wide operations. She is able to fight and lead others in various settings, and is experienced working with squadrons of starships or larger to accomplish a single goal. The same ability extends to power armours, and she's as comfortable fighting from the bridge of a ship or in other units standard to the Yamatai Star Army.


As part of her course work, mathematical competence in the basics of algebra, trigonometry, and certain applied mathematics navigational and manual firing procedures round out her training as a soldier and officer. She uses her digital mind to extreme effectiveness thanks to a long career filled with varying challenges.

Technology Operation

With the mind of a machine, it's simple for her to both input and search for information in compatible Kessaku OS systems. With encrypted and standard Nekovalkryja telepathy, she can link easily with Star Army technology to better meet her needs. She can compliment an NH-29 crew with her SPINE interface, not losing out on the system's improved ease of use during operations.

Starship Operation

Misaki's training and applied knowledge of starships comes with extensive experience working with Star Army of Yamatai vessels, and she's able to operate from any standard station on a bridge including the new SPINE interface, as well as some others such as a navigational section on a larger bridge, and a fleet command center. Her supplemental courses from the Kyoto War college filled in the rest. She will often request data on any new starships she might encounter to be more familiar with them just in case, or as much as she can request at her security clearance.


Instructed by a former crew member, Misaki's knowledge in demolitions means she has a grasp of the operation and construction of explosive devices that was augmented by her Operative training at the Black Sands Test Range.

Skills in Training

Misaki's Inventory


Army Standard Issue

Star Army Uniform
  • Mesh Undershirt, light blue translucent (2)
  • Mesh Stockings, light blue (2)
  • Gloves, White
  • Leather Boots, dark grey
Undergarments and Workout Clothing
  • Panty, black (4)
  • Sports Bra / Swimsuit Top, black (6)
  • Sandals, black
  • Bikini Swimsuit Bottoms, black (star army logo on right leg) (2)
  • Ringer T-Shirt with pocket on the left breast, white (2)
  • Yukata with Hinomaru logo print, white
    • Sash for Yukata, black
Weather Gear
  • Tricorner Hat, thick felt with white boarder, black
  • Overcoat, thigh length, empire waist, black
Civilian Garments
  • Royal blue nightie
  • Panties, boycut (5)
  • Silk lace camisole (white w/violet accent)
  • Halter Style Top
  • Blue Jeans
  • Flats (shoes)
  • Thigh High Stockings, black with pattern
  • Sheer bra and panties set (black)
  • Sheer bra and thong, dark red
  • Corset, royal blue patterned
  • Corset set, matching panties, black/grey with garter (optional skirt)


  • Hair Claws, different colours (5)
  • Bobby pins
  • Kohanian antique hair pins
  • Female Star Army Ring, made of 18kt Gold, YSS Aeon around bottom of the gemstone.

1XF on left side of ring, command symbol on right, the amethyst gemstone is with image of a Plumeria-class (2D) Medium Gunship laser etched into it.

Personal Items

  • Beauty Supplies (Mostly for the hair)
  • Hair treatments, cutting and styling devices
  • Collar - Black leather with large lock, leash loop
  • Strap on harness
  • Vibrators (various shape/sizes)
  • Restraints

Weapons and Tools

  • Survival Knife, solid diamond with rubberised grip and lanyard
    • Sheath with loop and clips for belt attachment, black
  • Two hand, 'Grass Cutter' style sword
  • Tamahagane Ta-W1-3a - Katana (Advanced) Customization: Tsuka-ito - 'Misaki Tropical Blue' Saya: White with blue hibiscus blossoms in a flowing diagonal wrap. Tsuba - Hibiscus flowers and stars, featuring Yamatai flag at two opposite points
  • Four Wooden Practice Katana, made by Tamahagane
  • Katana styled blade, smaller hilt (2)

Personal Hygiene Items

  • Shampoo, bottle of
  • Scented liquid Body Soap, bottle of
  • Toothbrush, yellow
  • Washcloth, white
  • Towel, white


  • Wooden Medal Case, velvet interior, engraved with Star Army logo on top
    • War Medal (2) - First and Second Mishhuvurthyar Wars
    • Secret Ops - Nepleslia Infiltration Mission Four
    • Exploration (2) - Azorea, Veridian
    • Service (7) - Eucharis 1,2,3,4,5-The Chase,6- Secret Battlefront,7.1-Battle of Nataria
  • Te-G2 Game Buddy x4 w/games
  • VCE Console w/4 additional HALO
  • Ke-M2-W2705 (GM-06) Accelerated Plasma Rifle with 50mm Grenade Launcher (Use Ke-M2-W2909 stats) (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 1-39, IC: 95-36951-40)
  • Ammunition Crate, 50mm Mortar (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 24-19, IC: 513-18050-41)
  • Lubricant (Mechanical, not personal) (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 11-13, IC: 200-12381-23)


Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Money
2900 KS -100 Beauty Supplies
3400 KS +500 Pay - Shosa
3900 KS +500 Pay - Shosa
13900 KS +10000 Pay - Shosa -10 wks
12700 KS -1200 Clothes, bedroom things
16700 KS +4000 Pay - Shosa -4 wks
23700 KS +7000 Pay - Shosa -7 wks
47450 KS +23750 Pay - Shosa -19 wks
44450 KS -3000 Homecoming Gifts for 2nd Squadron
49450 KS +5000 Pay - Chusa -4 wks
54450 KS +5000 Anonymous deposit
65700 KS +11250 Pay - Chusa -9 wks
73200 KS +7500 Pay to Jan - Chusa - 6 wks
89808 KS +16608 Pay to March - Chusa - 3 Months
100880 KS +11072 Pay to May - Chusa - 2 Months
94480 KS -6400 Swords from Tamahagane
90530 KS -3950 Personal items, games, and clothing
145890 KS +55360 Pay to April - Chusa - 10 Months
195714 KS +49824 Pay to January - Chusa - 9 Months
229314 KS +33600 Pay to April - Chusa - 4 Months
661314 KS +432000 Pay to September YE 40 - Chusa - 4 Years
773314 KS +112000 Pay to July YE 41 - Chusa
772814 KS -500 Purchase of Star Army Officer Sword, Type 40
907714 KS +134400 Pay - Chusa - One Year Three Months (一月 YE 43)


Hooray, new frontiers!

Character Data
Character NameKurusu Misaki
Character OwnerMiyako
Character StatusActive Player Character
Current LocationYSS Teisenjou
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankTaisa
SAOY OccupationStar Army Starship Captain
SAOY AssignmentBlack Sands Test Range
SAOY Entry YearYE 27
DOR YearYE 45
DOR Month2
Government & Politics of the Yamatai Star Empire
DistrictYamatai Star System
Political PartyBellflower

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