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Kyle Dee

Kyle Dee is a player character played by Dragon God.

Kyle Dee
Species & Gender: Male Human
Date of Birth: 29日 6月 YE 19
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Technician/Engineer
Current Placement: YSS Mazu

Physical Description

Kyle stands at an above average height of 5’11” or 180.34 cm, and weighs approximately 145lbs or 65.77Kg. His skin is fair, texturally smooth and soft, being quite youthful, bouncy, and covered partially in freckles. A full set of soft auburn hair sits on his head, typically styled to be in a Quiff. Kyle’s eyes change, so they have no specific colour, as it changes colour depending on what he wears. The colours his eyes cycle through are grey, blue, and green. His left eye being cybernetic and coloured red. Structurally, Kyle is quite muscular for someone of his height and weight. His body has an athletic build which leans more on the slim side.

Although Kyle’s skin is pure and young, it is not without blemishes. As he has a small scar under his chin from being hit with a lead pipe. He also has a large collection of scars all over his body1) from being dragged into physical altercations from both his childhood and adulthood. Along his right temple is a curved surgical scar, starting from just above his ear and ending right above the centre of his hairline. Due to his full and thick hair, the surgical scar is well hidden, only visible after a significant haircut.

After his forced genetic modifications and surgery, he now sports a large pair of pure white wings with a 12 foot or 3.65 meter wingspan.


In his youth, Kyle was originally very outgoing, happy, and gregarious. However, after his parents started to move continuously, he started to become a shy boy. He then began to develop a habit of cutting himself off from others, and becoming an introvert. With his parents becoming more and more neglectful as he got older, this enforced his more negative personality traits to overshadow his true self. By the time he was a teenager, he had become xenophobic, paranoid, anxious, and submissive. This is because of the lack of positive attention from his parents, teachers, and peers.

To make things worse for Kyle, he was constantly the subject of xenophobic abuse from his peers since he was young. Most of his teachers either ignored him or told him that he was a lesser being, discouraging him from amounting to anything. However, it was the First Mishhuvurthyar War that affected him the most.

After he became an adult however, Kyle started to lose his negative personality traits. The peers that surrounded him gave him an environment to grow. Little by little he began to lose his anxiety and paranoia, until he was almost completely rehabilitated in the later months of YE 41. Kyle became more pragmatic and positive on his outlook on life, having almost dropped his xenophobia by the time he enlisted into the Star Army of Yamatai.


Being a star child, Kyle was born on an independent space station inside of an asteroid orbiting a rogue brown dwarf two light years ‘South East’ from Anisa System. Due to his parents being Yamataian citizens within Yamataian space, he was given his citizenship.

As a young child, Kyle was full of energy. He would run from his parents every time they left the house to run up to strangers and say “Hello!” or start a conversation. Eventually becoming well known in the small colony he resided in on Tami. His life on Tami would be the best years of his childhood. His neighborhood friends being his only stability from his now more distant and neglectful parents. Having spent most of his time outside with his friends or at their homes. Eating with his friends more than at home, as his parents at the time were too poor to feed him properly.

It did not take long for his life to be turned upside down. Kyle’s life instantly became miserable and scary once the Mishhuvurthyar invaded in YE 28. The colony that he lived in was invaded and massacred and raped. This would be the beginning of a long and miserable string of events for Kyle. He managed to escape with his parents and a few more families on a cargo runner that managed to bring the refugees back to Yamatai (Planet) for medical treatment and sanctuary. This led to his parents finding employment as civil engineers due to a higher demand, which made them start moving from place to place more frequently.2)

Life for Kyle had now become bleak, his family was constantly moving from place to place, school had become more difficult to keep up with, and friends had become a distant luxury. Eventually they would finally settle down after the First Mishhuvurthyar War in YE 30, but the damage was already done to his psyche. After moving he had become the social outcast of his new neighborhood on Anisa System, not involving himself with anyone on a personal level. Kyle believed that his parents would just move again and all the progress that he spent on making friends would be for nothing.

Soon after the Second Mishhuvurthyar War had started off, Kyle had become subject to a large amount of xenophobic bullying from school. Most of his peers saw him as a lesser species compared to him. These peers consisted mostly of Plebeians, Elves, Random Aliens, and Nepleslians. Kyle having an especially harder time with the Plebeians, as they were the most violent towards him, even compared to the Nepleslian children. With the bullying escalating from vocal to physical rather quickly, despite having changed schedules multiple times, they would find a way. The local school system had kept the situation quiet with the war going on, not wanting to draw attention towards themselves.

Entering into his teenage years, Kyle was now physically and mentally scarred. The torment that he was forcibly subjected to from both school and home had almost zombified him into a shell of his former self. However not all hope was lost for the young man, he was greeted by a student from the university of the hospital.3) They confronted him on his level of intelligence that they observed from the few glances that they saw from his sheets of homework. He was then suggested to a college professor and invited to attend the classes whenever he found himself open.

These small interactions between the college students and professors had sparked life back into Kyle, bringing him back from the brink. He would still be subjected to the constant barrage of bullying from his peers, however it would become less relevant to him over time. Kyle was now attending his normal classes, as well as participating in university classes for Quantum Physics and Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Modern Physics, Thermodynamics, Statistical Physics, Software Engineering, and Software Development. Later participating in courses for Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering after he graduated a year early from the standard school system.

Recent History


During the 6th月 month of YE 40, Kyle was sitting outside in town with the one friend that he made from his normal school. They sat outside on a bench talking about what they were going to do with their day or life. That day in particular was important to Kyle, as it was the anniversary of his childhood friend, Sakura’s (咲良) death. She was the first friend that he had ever made, and yet was reported dead back on Tami back in YE 27. He never got to say goodbye to her or saw her corpse, so he likes to believe that she’s still alive somewhere.

That day was an exceptionally rainy one, forcing the two friends to conclude their conversation. This led to Kyle being kidnapped soon after departing from his friend. His kidnapper being named, Kessler Ryzka, having mistaken him for his friend and taking his hostage aboard the ISS-Brimstone. It would then become apparent after meeting with the client that he had the wrong person. So took Kyle back with him to Planet Osman,4) where upon landing he would be taken in5) by Seraphina Cerulius.

There, Kyle was then hired onboard the ISS-Brimstone as a mech pilot.6) This was also the same time that Kyle had meet his first friend outside of Yamatai Star Empire, her name being Ceilia Dee-Cerulius (Ryzka).7) While attending Osman University, he was a student under Rose Ironhart-Pine in her Astrophysics and Astronavigation class.8)

One day going on a field operation, only planning to do a simple patrol before encountering a giant sand worm. Quickly having to divert into combat to defend themselves, the mech took some external damages. Only once Ceilia Dee-Cerulius (Ryzka) left to inspect, she was ambushed by desert bandits, getting critically injured by a conventional bullet. Kyle acted quickly to save her, however her organic body was shut off and was transported to the hospital.

YE40 through YE41

While on a trip out of system, Kyle stopped on an independent space station in search of parts and materials to make a gift for his girlfriend/ fiancé, Ceilia Dee-Cerulius (Ryzka). However, he was abruptly kidnapped by a cultist, one a part of originally an unknown organization. His fiancé soon caught onto this and rescued him from his captors, finding out the name of this mysterious cult, the Crimson Corporation. This would not be the last time that Kyle would have encountered them, as of as early as his marriage ceremony, he was kidnapped and held prisoner for over four months in a black site facility.

Subject to imprisonment, Kyle was used by the cult for a vast amount of experiments. Having had kidnapped him because of his unstable genetic coding, prone to more mutations than the average human would. Due to this, they used his genetics as a template to work off for their biological weapon testing and hybrid projects. However, he was also sexually abused and physically beaten regularly while in captivity.


Following the several months of tourture and imprisonment, Kyle was finally rescued by a joint Dovanok-Duskarian Section 6 strike team, lead by C6I - Warrant Officer First Class Elizabeth "Spark" Hartbrook-Pine. Having had gotten intelligence on a small covert Crimson cargo fleet attempting to transport Kyle and hundreds of clones of him to another Crimson research facility. His fiancé being the ones to identify him to Elizabeth "Spark" Hartbrook-Pine. The C6I - Warrant Officer First Class personally carrying his semi-conscious body back to his adoptive mother.

Upon awakening back on Sirris VI, Kyle was immediately greeted by his fiancé, Ceilia Dee-Cerulius (Ryzka). Once he was told what had happened, he was then greeted by Neera carrying in the triplets that Ceilia Dee-Cerulius (Ryzka) gave birth to while Kyle was in captivity.9) The sight of his children breaking him down in tears of joy.

Still in recovery of the kidnapping, Kyle spent most of his time at home or with Rose Ironhart-Pine. Working on the latest research projects, or making a suit of heavy power armor and taking down a few Section 6 in Revenant Power Armor R1-SPA by himself. All before he had to surrender the power armor and give a formal apology for the experiment.

Sadly, Kyle’s life with the New Dusk Conclave would soon come to an abrupt end. Later that year, there was an attack on the Obsidian City. Unknown assailants attacked during a rainy night, while Kyle was leaving the house to find his wife. He caught up to her walking their children with a friend. It was then the sudden attack happened, as Kyle was left to die. Mauled by these ‘Reapers’, his world fading to black as the last thing he heard were his children crying.

YE41 through YE42

Awakening on a cold metalic bed, Kyle found himself alive. His brother, Harrison 'Wyvrin' Dee had brought him, along with his cousin Ydrin McMaster, and another victim Sindy-xou Draguun to a Psychopomp LLC facility for revival. It would take him months of rehabilitation to regain the strength to go on his own. Being told by his brother that he was murdered by assassins, his wife having left him and their kids behind to die. This news brought him though a bout of depression that lasted for many weeks.


Having gone through a significant amount of rehabilitation, Kyle decided that it was time to go back home. Bidding his brother a solemn farewell, he took the next ship to Yamatai (Planet). After a long two years of being gone on a long adventure, Kyle returned back to his place of origin. Hoping to start back from where he left off. There, he’d meet Hanako at the recruiting station, enlisting into the Star Army of Yamatai as a technician and engineer. His first assignment being placed within the 17th Strategic Bomber Group "Dragons".

Skills Learned


Throughout Kyle’s life, he had encountered many different species. Learning to speak many different languages was vital for him to communicate with others in school.10) Having learned to be literate and fluent in Trade (language) and Seraphim from his parents, friends, and teachers. Kyle was also taught how to read, write, and speak Yamataigo (邪馬台語), however never really got a grasp on the language. This meant that he was better at reading and writing, but is poor at speaking the language.


Even though he was never given a room of his own while he was a child, only being allowed to sleep in a broom closet. Kyle had developed the skill to take care of himself and the space that he lived in. His OCD and mild ADHD being used as a tool for him to master the skills of cleaning, cooking, and organization. This skill helped him with his uncanny penmanship and ability to always be productive.


Due to Kyle’s extracurricular classes at the university that he was invited to attend while he lived on Anisa System. Along with his extended knowledge and experience that he had earned while under the employment and apprenticeship of both Kessler Ryzka and Rose Ironhart-Pine. Kyle had developed into an extremely skilled engineer. His level of expertise covering Quantum, Nuclear, Mechanical, Astro, Aero Engineering.


Either because of his genetics or something else, Kyle has always had an extraordinary ability to retain knowledge. Only needing to review a subject or material a few times over in order to memorize it. This skill alone is the reason why he is skilled in engineering and software. If not for this skill, Kyle would not have had as much personal success that he has.

Mathematics & Science

To give credit to the university, most of Kyle’s underlining studies have derived directly from the courses that he had participated in. As stated earlier, Kyle had taken multiple courses even while in school, the list being: Quantum Physics and Mechanics, Electromagnetism, Modern Physics, Thermodynamics, Statistical Physics, Software Engineering, and Software Development. Then later taking courses for Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering after graduating a year early due to his outstanding grades.

On top of what he was taught in school, Kyle was given further on hand education whilst he was hired aboard the ISS-Brimstone. Learning Astro Navigation and Astrophysics under Rose Ironhart-Pine, when he attended Osman University. Along with the military training given to him during Star Army of Yamatai bootcamp.

Technological Operations

A significant amount of time that he spent attending the university classes was on computers and other electronic devices. This along with his knowledge in Software Development and Engineering helped him drastically when it came to understanding how computers worked. With Quantum Mechanics and Engineering only making him more capable with designing and working with complex computers and software.11)

Learned Occupational Skills

Social Connections

Kyle’s Social Connections
Name Relation Status
Stephanie Dee Mother Decease
Stephen Dee Father Decease
Fuzen Personality Dormant
Sakura Childhood Friend Believed Decease
Harrison 'Wyvrin' Dee Half-Brother Alive
Kessler Ryzka Brother-in-Law & Old Employer Alive
Ceilia Dee-Cerulius (Ryzka) Spouse Alive
Seraphina Cerulius Adoptive Mother Alive
Ydrin McMaster Cousin Alive
Rose Ironhart-Pine Teacher Alive
Azazel Titan Clone Alive

Inventory & Finance

Kyle Dee has the following:

Silver Necklace with his first name on it in Seraphim, Half Rimmed glasses, Grey T-Shirt, Black Cargo pants, Black Running Shoes, a Heather Dark Grey zip up hoodie, and a VR set.

Kyle’s Finances
Income Expenses Total
7500 KS (Kessler) 7500 KS

OOC Information

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Character Data
Character NameKyle Dee
Character OwnerDragon God
Character StatusActive Player Character
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusReserve
SAOY RankSantô Hei
SAOY OccupationStar Army Technician
SAOY AssignmentStar Army Reserve
SAOY Entry YearYE 42
DOR YearYE 42
Most of them are hidden from view in long sleeve clothing
They moved frequently due to the demand of the need of civil engineers for colony and infrastructure repairs
Context; due to the multiple fights and physical injuries he was given, Kyle was often hospitalized
During the travel, Kyle managed to hack into Kessler’s personal mech using just his virtual reality headset and a data tablet.
Became a pilot after a significant amount of time being trained in simulations
Coincidentally, Ceilia was his EVE AI that was within his Geist Advanced Interfacing Implant. He meet her ‘in body’ while attending Osman University.
HaperMadi’s Note: “One of her most promising students.”
The Crimson Corporation has attached white Elysian wings onto his back using DNA from his adoptive mother. Making them now biologically family.
This was developed more specifically very early in life and built further upon when he attended university classes
This is to include Artificial Intelligence.

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