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Kyōi Kiseki

Kyōi Kiseki is a player character played by META_mahn.

Kyōi Kiseki
Species & Gender: Nekovalkyrja, Type 33 Female
Year of Birth: YE 38
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Intelligence Operative
Rank: Ittô Hei
Current Placement: YSS Sakura II Plot

Physical Description

Kyōi (Kyoi is acceptable), standing at a perfect 5 feet, weighing 97 pounds, immediately stands out from the crowd, due to her huge, perky, fur-covered ears on both sides of her head, tipped with black. The rest of her ears, as well as her hair that reaches down to her armpits, is a lustrous gold, with a faint red sheen to it. With a pale complexion, an angular jaw but rounded cheeks, and crimson, almond red eyes, and larger-than-average incisors, Kyoi’s look is very reminiscent of a fox…only completed by her large, bushy, white-tipped tail with fur the same color as her hair.

She wears a small red ribbon on the back of her hair to stop it from falling in front of her ears, as well as a jade necklace around her neck with the standard issue female’s uniform. Her ears and tail move with how she feels, which is generally perked up with the tail softly wagging in the air. As a Nekovalkyria, she is almost always at the top of her physical peak. Her voice has a slight nasal edge to it.

Her bra size is 32A.

Her BWH is 32-26-34.


Mischief seems to be predominantly written across her grin and in her eyes. Or, at least, that’s always the first impression. In reality, she seems to be quite agreeable, although in actuality what secret plots she has behind her back remain unknown. She always seems to either be cheerfully mischievous, or decently laid back – sometimes even during combat scenarios, unless the situation turns a little sour, which provoke the more common responses to combat, or at least, along a similar vein. But in general, it is better to stay calm in combat – or at least, that's what basic taught.

Kyoi seems to be quite helpful, at least. She tends to carry around spare hairclips, hairpins, and hair ties in case anyone forgets, takes the opportunity to help someone’s appearance before officers show up on deck, and keeps a granola bar in her pocket, in case someone forgets to eat breakfast.

She’s trying to learn the guitar as a hobby. She’s failing.


Her favorite food is bagels.


Kyōi Kiseki was born in YE 38 in the city of Kyoto, Yamatai.

In her own socialization training, she stood out quite a bit through her mannerisms and smooth talking. While by no means the smartest member of the class, she did have a very good feel for how a ship flew, or how a vehicle drove, as well as displaying an extraordinary talent for working her way into a group of people. The responses to her typical laid-back nature were varied amongst the cadets, a few of which found her laid-backness to be strange.

After quite a bit of experience on the Kaiyo as its pilot, including but not limited to taking on an L'Kor station and warping between realities, Kyoi was reassigned to Star Army Intelligence in YE 40 after a re-evaluation of her innate skillset, returning a little bit different to the Kaiyo.

Skills Learned

Kyōi Kiseki has the following notable skills:

Social Connections

Kyōi Kiseki name is connected to:

  • No one, yet.

Inventory & Finance

Kyōi Kiseki has the Star Army Standard Issue Items. Additionally, she has:

  • A granola bar. Always.
  • Assorted hair accessories.
  • A jade necklace.
  • Zesuaium katana. Materials originally acquired from the wreck of the YSS Kaiyō's hull.
  • Star army Ring: This silver commemorative ring has the YSS Kaiyō laser etched onto the top of the genuine sapphire with the name of the ship, YSS Kaiyō written into the bottom of the gemstone.

Kyōi Kiseki currently has 2000 KS.

Power Armor

Found here for space saving reasons.

OOC Information

In the case META_mahn becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? YES
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES
Character Data
Character NameKyōi Kiseki
Character OwnerMETA_mahn
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankIttô Hei
SAOY OccupationStar Army Intelligence Operative
SAOY AssignmentYSS Sakura II

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