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Kurohoshi Masako

A Player Character involved in YSS Asamoya, she is controlled by Matthew.

Kurohoshi Masako
Species: NH-33 Tennyo
Gender: Female
Age: 8 years
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 4'11“ (150 cm)
Weight: 88 lbs (39.92 kg)
Organization Star Army of Yamatai
Rank Shoi
Occupation Star Army Infantry, 01C
Current Placement Security Chief and Armor Team Leader, YSS Asamoya

Current Events

Boarding the YSS Asamoya to volunteer service.

Voice and Themes


A petite young woman whose height is shorter than the average Nekovalkyrja and the appearance of someone in their late teens, Masako has a toned muscular structure to her body. With cream-toned skin to counter her unusually matching raven-black hair and eyes, Masako has allowed her hair to grow more to her shoulders compared to her former boyish trim. Her normal facial expressions are actually very gentle towards the majority of people, but can become very harsh and serious in combat conditions.

She really has no distinguishing marks other than a typical bar code on her left backside along with the new SPINE interface that appears as pink dots along her lower back.


  • Height: 4'11” (150 cm)
  • Mass: 88 lbs (39.92 kg)
  • Measurements: 33-22-32 (84-56-81 cm)
  • Bra Size: 30C


Masako Kurohoshi

Respectful and polite to others, Masako is mostly a laid back and tolerant person when not in combat. The only times she really gets angry are when someone disrespects someone else. She believes that everyone deserves respect and to get respect, one must respect others.

Masako was very fond of her viola and could be protective at it at times. Being reminded of its loss can make her a tad mopey. Though she hasn't built up a personal library yet, Masako loves to read a variety of texts ranging from technical journals and self-teaching guides to even the occasional fiction novel.

A slight quirk about the young Nekovalkyrja is her distaste of normal or average bedding. She just can't sleep in a bed unless it has nice sheets and numerous large, down pillows.

Her first true taste of battle left a bitter aftertaste. She had been prepared for battle, being a soldier and all, but she wasn't truly prepared for the psychological effect it would have on her. In following combat operations, Masako has shown pretty much a calm exterior, hiding a lot of her anxiety behind a facade of ice.

With the loss of the YSS Miharu, Masako started to feel a bit lost. That ship had been her home for most of her live (in comparison to the many ships she had served on previously) and the crew much like a family to her. Then the crew became scattered as each went on to their own duties and to new goals. Masako lost her way for a while, even if she gained a new motivation toward defending the Empire. She is currently involved in a poly-amorous relationship between Kurusu, Ruri and Miharu Nimura1). She loves Ruri deeply, but is still awkward around Nimura. However, she makes an effort for the relationship to work by spending time with Nimura outside of duty.

Preferences and Likes

  • General Likes: Reading, Playing the Viola, Sweets, Beds with lots of pillows and/or luxury linens, Non-traditional Beddings (such as Neko Nests) with lots of pillows and/or luxury linens, and to feel useful.
  • General Dislikes: Rude and Crass behavior (has learned to live with it in Rolf's case), normal bedding, feeling useless, and anything with tentacles (including foods such as squid).
  • Religion: None
  • Relationship: Poly-amorous
  • Sexuality: Bi-curious in thought, Lesbian in Practice
  • Goals: To Protect the World/Nation her comrades gave their lives for and to 'improve herself as a sentient being'.


Summarized Events

Before Assignment to YSS Nozomi

Created just two months after the bloody Xyainbor Campaign, Masako was just one of thousands produced in an effort to bolster the Star Army’s forces after loosing billions of Nekovalkryja. The young neko was stationed on Yamatai for a good while as a Mindy M2 pilot for the defense force. There, Masako rarely saw combat. Quite frankly, the only things she could do involved police actions in orbit. For some time now, Kurohoshi Masako has been trying to get a transfer to other ships in the YSA. Hearing about the need for Mindy M2 pilots on Taisho Yui’s vessel, Masako quickly volunteered for reassignment to the Nozomi in hope that she would possibly get the experience she needed for her dream of becoming a leader of her own team of Powered Armor.

Starship Hopping

Before she could get to the Nozomi, she and a fellow pilot were ambushed on route by a Mishhuvurthyar force. Using desperate actions, both were able to escape and were later picked up by the Nozomi. Soon, the scout ships crew was reassigned to other vessels, Masako heading to the Destiny.

On the Destiny however, Masako would run into another problem. Though making it to the ship, she was soon in the midst of a uprising by the colonists. Escaping the ship without any combat seen against the hostile colonists, she was then assigned to the Confidence.

Though unable to really help with the 5th XF incident, she was able to save the lives of two of her crew mates from damage done to the Confidence. Due to the Confidence being unable to serve with its battle damage, Masako and the rest of the crew was transferred to the Mikomi.

On board the Mikomi, Masako saw the true horror of combat as she saw many of her crew mates die on the surface of Bowhordia. With the Mikomi ending its tour of duty, Masako has been transferred to the prototype cruiser YSS Miharu.

YSS Miharu First Mission "Rear Guard"

Meeting her new crew, Masako has endeavored to be more attentive and social around them. Having made quite a few friend, the young neko became Armor Wing Leader on board due to her experience over the new recruits and the need for Nyton to become Tactical Officer. Though not a team of Mindy's, Masako's previous goal was accomplished sooner than she thought. With that in mind, the young neko was forced to create a new goal for herself: Making sure she keeps as much of her crew/friends alive as possible.

The YSS Miharu's first mission during the wake of Taiie's destruction was a test for Masako, whether planned or not. It was her first time in an actual command position compared to the majority of her military career. During this time, Masako was involved in planning and executing a capture operation of a Nozomi-class Scout, the Meng Po. She was also responsible for a number of recon and escort missions in the aftermath of the operation, leading to the successful extraction of a task force of 5th XF ships, the Miharu, and the capture Meng Po.

A Well Deserved Break

With the successful completion of the Miharu's first mission, Masako and the crew had escaped to Gemini Base where they could finally relax. During this time, Masako participated in her first officer's meeting, which was more eventful than she believed they could be. Before the crew went their separate ways, Masako was able to organize a small shopping trip for Miyoko, Yukari, Takuma, and herself as they purchased presents for the sprites and attire necessary for another planned meeting during their break. Masako attended the Kyoto War College for the first time ever, taking a variety of classes in leadership, history, law, and tactics. Though different from what she was used to and quite difficult, the young neko did well in her courses. After her time on Yamatai, she was reunited with her crew mates on Hanako's World. There, she purchased rooms for them at the resort and went to the beach to relax with them. They stayed there overnight during this.

YSS Miharu Second Mission "Training"

During the Second Mission, Masako spent most of her time running simulations and maintaining the YSS Miharu's armor complement. Since it was a slow mission retrieving probes and such, the young warrant officer began to ponder whether or not she should expand her knowledge and experience into other fields/careers. During this time, she also began an exercise routine in order to stay healthy (due to the NH-29 requiring more work than the NH-17). The YSS Miharu was docked to the YSS Pelican in orbit around Yamatai (Planet) while finishing touches were made to her systems.

YSS Miharu Third Mission "The Return to Hell"

As the assault on Bowhordia began, Masako and her Black Knight Team was assigned to defend the Miharu from attacks. Many of their actions included the assassinations of bridge crews, which required each Mindy II to teleport onto an enemy bridge and kill everything that moved. This allowed the Hoshi to land upon the planet and begin their part of the mission. While the mission on the planet continued, Masako and her team were kept busy with the deploying of probes and the moving of torpedoes from storage into the launcher magazines.

Eventually, they were placed on Combat Aerospace Patrol to defend the Miharu from any 'surprises'. And the surprise did come as the Hoshi began it's docking sequence with the Miharu. A squad of Sakura-class Light Gunships would arrive carrying a Neko that seemed to be the Eve. While it was unknown whether it was the real Eve or a clone, Masako was lucky enough to be called back to the Miharu just in time to escape.

YSS Miharu Fourth Mission "VIP Escort and New Recruits"

With the rescue of Wazu from Bowhordia, the YSS Miharu was assigned to escort him back to the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. During this time, the Miharu recruited several new crew members including Yamada Tsuya and Gunshin Kyoufuu (軍神 強風) "Kyou" (杏). In order to prepare for any future combat operations, Masako created and participated in a training exercise with the new recruits and the ship's Executive Officer, Yukari Freeman.

Most of the trip, however, was actually spent on paper work and socializing with the newer recruits, namely Tsuya.

YSS Miharu Fifth Mission "Amaya's Gate and The End"

With knowledge of Eve's plans in hand, the crew of the YSS Miharu assaulted a large wormhole gateway known as “Amaya's Gate”. As leader of the Infiltration Team, Masako was one of the first to enter the station. However, she was also the first to die during the mission, which was also her first death ever. Reviving on board the Miharu, Masako returned to Amaya's Gate to continue with the infiltration. During this time, however, the Armor Team would come face to face with Amaya and the twin kuroneko, Meni and Mani. Once again, Masako's life was ended at the hands of the enemy.

Masako was once again revived on board the Miharu and just in time for Eve's arrival. Having to face the twin assassins once more in the Miharu's Observation Deck, Masako and Nimura tried to isolate Meni from her sister and Eve. It was a brutal fight that ended up with Masako combating Meni in melee alone after Nimura was knocked unconscious with a scalar blast. The two veterans battled in the Miharu's public shower area in a clash of aether blade and zesuaiam shield. With the timely assistance of Kyoufuu and patience, Masako finally ended Meni's life with an aether-saber through the armpit.

With both assassins out of the way, everyone concentrated their efforts onto Eve. Using Nimura's Plasma Rifle, Masako laid down suppressive fire onto Eve's Powered Armor. Unfortunately, Even seemed to gain control of everyone's powered armor and shut them down. Kotori's psionic grenade-charged Signaler abilities ended that control, which allowed the entire Armor Team to swarm Eve. It was not a one-sided fight though as Eve fought off the Black Knights evenly. During the battle, Masako was attacked by Eve with an elbow strike to the chest, which caused her Daisy's armor to indent into the chest. This broken Masako's sternum and caused a lot of tissue damage, but the Warrant Officer still fought on. Luckily, the combined attacks of Tom, Kai, and Masako end Eve's fight…for now.

After being treated in Miharu's Medical bay, Masako joined the Defensive Line on the Miharu as the crew assaulted Melisson's vessel. Even with overwhelming odds, the crew of the Miharu held off waves of Mishhuvurthyar and their thralls. They had to pull back to the Hoshi to maintain the defense, but they held long enough for an infiltration team to capture Melisson and Mara to detonate the Miharu's generators, sacrificing herself to save everyone else.

Aftermath of YSS Miharu's Fifth Mission

With the successful rescue of the Draconian Fleet, the Miharu crew was thrust once more into combat with the defense of Yamatai (Planet). Placed in charge of defending the YSS Mokuren, Masako was instrumental in defending the flagship until the danger had passed. After the Battle of Yamatai, Masako was promoted to Shoi Kohosei and awarded two Red Tessens for her actions. She began attending Kyoto War College for Officer's and Command Tactics Training in early YE 34.

While attending the war college, she met another neko named Kurusu, Ruri and quickly fell in love with her. This was a mere week or so before she attended the wedding of Tom Freeman and Yukari Freeman in Ralt. An event that ended rather tragically. As many of her friends seemed to “disappear”, Masako returned to Kyoto to finish her studies. Graduating from the War College nearly three months later, Masako was pleasantly surprised when many of the Miharu clan as well as Kurusu Meme attended her graduation ceremony as well as taking her out to dinner (an event that ended up rather embarrassing for the older neko).

The New Officer

After her promotion to Shoi, Masako took an assignment with the Star Army Legions as an Assistant Tactics Instructor, deciding to bring her experience in small group combat to the newly formed Legion XIII. While just an assistant, Masako applies much of her experience into developing rather difficult training scenarios in both VR and Live Action exercises. Taking advantage of her extended stay on Yamatai, Masako continued to take courses from Kyoto War College via correspondence/network. Expanding her horizons with Engineering Calculus, she recently began a course on Engineering Design in order to prepare herself for life outside the Star Army.

After almost three years serving in the Legions as an Assistant Tactics Instructor, Masako was forced into leave by her Commanding Officer. Taking this opportunity, the Shoi packed her belongings and went to Ralt for a long overdue visit of the Miharu Clan and a nice relaxing vacation. There, she learned her lover had returned from her "tour of duty" and had acquired a second lover, Miharu Nimura. Though awkward about it, Masako agreed to enter into a poly-amorous relation with the two2). A few days later, Masako received a message from her old comrade, Miharu Hinoto, requesting assistance on Luna Bianca for reasons yet explained.

Service Record

Nitô Hei

Jôtô Heisho

Santô Juni

Ittô Juni

Shoi Kohosei


  • Assistant Tactics Instructor, Legion XIII, Yamatai
  • Security Chief and Armor Wing Leader, Black Knights

Medical Record

Nitô Hei

  • Lost foot in Skirmish with SMX Patrol; Regenerated

Ittô Juni

  • First Death in Combat Recorded; Revived
  • Second Death in Combat Recorded; Revived
  • Broken Sternum and Tissue Damage; Hemosynthetic Treatment followed by Surgery on YSS Mokugen

Masako's Skills


Masako's experience with communications is basic at best. Fluent in both Nepleslian and Yamataian like most nekovalkryja as well as an innate ability in long-range telepathic communication. She also has basic training in radio operations through headsets, starships, power armor, and shuttles in a variety of conditions.


Masako's culinary ability is moderate at best. She's able to fix simple meals without a recipe and more complex meals with a recipe to guide her. If one could describe her cooking, it would probably be bachelor-level, simple and effective most of the time with a few highlights to impress. She is able to maintain the cleanliness of a home adequately.


With the amount of spare time Nekos have, Masako has had the time to teach herself how to play the viola. Though she is still an amateur, she can play decently well.


Trained in hand-to-hand combat for both Yamataian-like and zero-g environments, Masako is competent enough in both to defend herself well. Her training in small bladed weaponry such as knives combined with her hand-to-hand combat is enough for her to be proficient enough to satisfy standards, but not enough to actually make a difference. Power armor combat is something she is actually pretty proficient in, though with only simulations and two incidents of real combat she isn't very experienced. Masako is also trained in pistols and rifles of both energy and projectile types as well as grenades since all of them are required by her basic training. During her stint in Officer's Training, Masako started practicing Infantry Close-Quarters Combat Training to improved her melee skills.

Information Technology

With a satisfied proficiency with the Kessaku OS and basic information entry and search, Masako can operate a computer like an average soldier can.


Attending the Kyoto War College near the last months of YE 29, Masako took courses in Star Army Law and the History of the Star Army in order to attain needed knowledge for her future in the Star Army.


At the Kyoto War College, Masako attended leadership training programs which included a course in public speaking to aid her in speaking impromptu, yet concisely. Upon completing her Officer's Training at Kyoto War College, Masako had been trained to be well versed in command tactics.

Maintenance and Repair

With a basic understand of how a ship's systems and components, Masako has the ability to maintain and keep those systems operating at normal parameters. She isn't well-versed on how they work or the theory behind it all, but she can get the job done.


As required by basic training, Masako knows basic mathematics, algebra, and trigonometry. She has recently acquired knowledge in calculus design for engineering practices and problems.

Survival and Military

Given the basics of survival and warfare from basic training, she can survive in a variety of environments with the survival training gained from basic. She also has knowledge in escape and evasion just in case she were to ever find herself behind enemy lines. With a basic grasp of strategy and a knowledge of small group tactics drilled into her from when she was apart of the Defense Fleet over Yamatai. During her time at the Kyoto War College, she also took some more advanced courses of infantry and power armor tactics to help her during her tenure as the Miharu's Armor Wing Leader, which were expanded upon after her stint in Officer's Training.

Currently Training

  • Engineering: Design Theory and Application - via Networking Course from Kyoto War College
Character Data
Character NameKurohoshi Masako
Character OwnerMatthew
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankShoi
SAOY OccupationStar Army Infantry
SAOY AssignmentBlack Knights
currently being roleplays in titanpad
currently being roleplayed in titanpad

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