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Matokai Masato

Pardon the mess; this page is undergoing updates and reconstruction.

Matokai Masato is a player character played by FrostJaeger.

Matokai Masato (マト会正人)
General Information Physical Characteristics
Species: NH-31 Minkan1) Height: 5'11“ (1.8034 m)
Gender: Male Weight: 153 lbs. (69.3996 kg)
Age: 29 Complexion: Rich Cream (FFCD94)
Date of Birth: 3日 7月 YE 15 Measurements: N/A
Organization: Star Army of YamataiStar Army of Yamatai Hair Color: Dark Chocolate (452A16)
Silver (BCBCBC)
Fleet: First Expeditionary FleetFirst Expeditionary Fleet Hair Type: Straight, Short
Rank: ChuiChui Eye Color: Naval Blue (010160)
Occupation: Star Army Technician Themes: Go to the Top
Current Placement: YSS Azalea II

Physical Characteristics

Matokai Masato, though taller in stature then most (at 180 centimeters and 69.4 kilos), still has the unnaturally-pleasant figure typical of Minkans. His rich-cream appearance is quite masculine, with a muscular, well-formed figure and almond-shaped eyes that are a dazzling shade of naval blue; furthermore, courtesy of his diverse familial background, Masato's face is a handsome mix of both European and Asiatic features, though he has yet to realize just how much his facial appearance has improved.

Masato's hair is a classy, refined tint of chocolate that features blonde-colored highlights; he keeps it short and well-groomed. His ears are average in length and elvish in form.

Although somewhat…redundant given the fact that he has perfect eyesight, Masato prefers to wear a pair of full-rim glasses for the purposes of enhancing his “bookish” appearance.

Psychological Characteristics


Pardon the mess; this section is undergoing a rework and will be updated in the near future.

Distant and reserved, Matokai Masato prefers the company of machines to that of people, for the former are quiet, unobtrusive, and - most importantly of all - not ones to ask questions about the past. This cold exterior, however, isn't who Masato really is - his true self is that of a fiery, quick-witted spirit, whose creativity is virtually limitless - though it is rare indeed for others to see this side of him. Masato, essentially, is the epitome of the reclusive genius: highly intelligent, yet incredibly naïve and awkward when interacting with others.

Fire isn't the only thing hiding behind the ice, however - for in the depths of Masato's heart lies something he's been running from ever since the day his life was forever changed. Something that is melting through the icy barricade Masato has encased his spirit in - and getting closer and closer…

Preferences and Goals

  • Likes: Music (primarily rock/metal), cats, fish, engineering, swimming, reading, building/modifying technology, watching anime
  • Dislikes: Social events, stupidity, the Mishhuvurthyar, insects, politics, spicy food, hugs
  • Sexuality: Heterosexual
  • Goals: Finding a purpose in life; becoming Chief Engineer


Pardon the mess; this section is undergoing a rework and will be updated in the near future.


  • Matokai William (Father; deceased)2)
  • Matokai Kuniko (Mother; deceased)3)
  • Matokai Miyoko (Younger Sister; deceased)4)
  • Matokai Gombei (Younger Brother; twin of Takamuku; deceased)5)
  • Matokai Takamuku (Younger Brother; twin of Gombei; deceased)6)


Born on the eve of YE 19 in the idyllic seaside town of port_xenn to a Neplesian father and a geshrin mother, Matokai Masato, the eldest of the four children born to the Matokais, had a relatively tranquil childhood - though this dream-like existence couldn't last forever.

It was YE 33 (and, in a cruel twist of fate, his 15th birthday) when Matokai Masato received his wake-up call. He, along with his family, were having dinner (in celebration of the aforementioned event) at one of the classier restaurants in Port Xenn when the long-dreaded emergency broadcast was sent out - for the Second Mishhuvurthyar War had, at long last, come to wreak its special kind of havoc on the Yamatai with the arrival of the NMX.

Like many other residents of Port Xenn, the Matokais made their way to the relative safety of the nearest H Bunker; roughly two hours later, however, disaster struck as the Hoshi no Iori was destroyed and debris entered the Yamataian atmosphere.

Like many other residents of Port Xenn, the Matokai family's eyes widened in horror and fear as the impact sites were announced over the bunker's radio. Mezerit. Jskita. Winsonville. Malifar. And Port Xenn.

Like many other residents of Port Xenn, the Matokais piled into the bunker's Type 30 Light Utility Truck and fled for their very lives into the forests surrounding the port.

Like many other residents of Port Xenn, their lives came to a crashing, thunderous halt as the tsunami from the impact of the ring's remnants in Ash Bay came raining down overhead in a deluge of death destruction.

Not everyone died, however. Some of them were unlucky enough to live.

Some like Matokai Masato.

When he came to, Masato was devastated to learn that he was the sole remaining member of the Matokai clan. His mother, father, sister, brothers, friends - all had perished that day. For the first time in his life, Masato, used to being surrounded by those he cared about, had to face the world alone.

When the city of tsubomi was completed in YE 34, Masato was one of the first to relocate there, eager to put something - anything - in between him and the painful memories of his former life.

Time went by quickly in Tsubomi as Masato buried himself in studies and extracirricular activities, upgrading to the NH-31 body in YE 35. The following year (YE 36), Matokai Masato graduated from the Lily Upper Secondary School in Ward 2 of Tsubomi City and promptly enlisted in the Star Army of Yamatai. Following his relocation to Fort Victory Reserve Center and undergoing the militarization process, Masato began his training which was followed with 9 months of learning the ins and outs of the Technician's trade. Finally passing the last bit of training mid-YE 37, Masato was ready for action and received his first posting on the YSS Ryūjō (Plot).


Pardon the mess; this section is undergoing a rework and will be updated in the near future.

Matokai Masato is capable of performing all Star Army Common Tasks due his training at Fort Victory Reserve Center.


Masato has been trained in basic radio operation/procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, starships, powered armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. He is fluent in Trade and Yamataigo (邪馬台語), thus he's able to speak and write both correctly and efficiently, write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, and so on; lastly, Masato is adept at sending and receiving telepathic messages within the full range available to the NH-31 body.


Masato has received hand-to-hand combat training and undergone a rigorous training program. He is skilled and experienced with combat in both null-gravity and Yamatai-like conditions, with and without weaponry such as energy pistols, bladed melee implements, and powered armor.

Technology Operation

Masato is capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS (found on all Star Army starships) with an advanced level of competency and is proficient in entering and/or searching for information.


Masato, as part of his basic training, has been educated in basic mathematical concepts such as algebra and trigonometry; additionally, courtesy of expertise learned due to his profession, he's knowledgeable (to varying degrees) of vastly higher-level mathematical fields, specifically those required for the comprehension of aerodynamics, plasma-based physics, and quantum mechanics, to name a few.


A favorite subject ever since his early childhood, Masato is knowledgeable (practically to the point of obssession) of a wide array of topics pertaining to the field of starship engineering, as demonstrated by his vast comprehension of virtually all major starship systems and his in-depth understanding - to an extent - of multiple physics-based sciences such as those related to plasma, electromagnetics, and solid-state atomics. Lastly, he's quite familiar with the utilization of fabricators - having spent dozens of hours designing various bits and pieces of tech - most of which, unfortunately, will probably never see the light of day.

Maintenance & Repair

The practical hands-on complement to his reserves of engineering-related theory, Masato is able to carry out an assortment of maintenance-related tasks, particularly on starship-based systems due to his high levels of familiarity with them. Having spent hundreds (if not thousands) of hours fiddling around with various odds & ends during and after his childhood, he's a maestro with the equipment found in Damage Control Stations and Tool Lockers; while these skills do have the unfortunate side-effect of making Masato rather……particular about who (if any) are allowed to perform maintenance on his powered armor, they do have the potential to lead to some….”creative“ innovations, as this Minkan works best under pressure - and very little in that category can compete with the baptismal life-or-death struggle that is battle…

Physical (Swimming)

Due to having grown up next to a fairly massive body of water, Masato is (or, more accurately, was) at ease in it. Although not as fast as he once was (due to lack of practice), he can still easily manage impressive feats of long-distance endurance swimming - though he (ironically) hasn't done so since nearly being drowned while fleeing the destruction of his home town.

OOC Discussion

This character was originally created on 2015/07/08 19:13 by FrostJaeger and is not up for adoption or usage as a NPC.

Character Data
Character NameMatokai Masato
Character OwnerFrostJaeger
Character StatusActive Player Character
PlotsYSS Azalea II Plot
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankChui
SAOY OccupationStar Army Technician
SAOY AssignmentYSS Azalea II
Assigned QuartersCrew Cabin 19
SAOY Entry YearYE 36
DOR YearYE 44
DOR Month6
39 at time of death in YE 33
35 at time of death in YE 33
14 at time of death in YE 33
5) , 6)
9 at time of death in YE 33

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