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Matsumoto Fuyuko

Matsumoto Fuyuko is a Active Player Character played by Locked 0ut.

Matsumoto Fuyuko
Species & Gender: Female NH-33 Nekovalkyrja
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai Fifth Expeditionary Fleet
Occupation: Chief Flight Control Officer "Air Boss" 09D
Rank: Chui
Current Placement: Air Boss for the YSS Battle Of Ayenee Capital City

Physical Description

Fuyuko is extremely short and slim with large dark eyes. She often maintains a curious expression or a wide toothy grin tinged with mischief. She wears her black hair with short even bangs framed by two chin length locks of hair. She often wears the rest of her hair either a single high ponytail or bun while working, but in twin tails or side buns when off duty. She has glossy black fur on her ears and tail.


Fuyuko has an extremely bubbly and curious personality that she tones down while on duty. She has a bad habit of crowding into people's personal space when her curiosity overtakes her.

Fuyuko's Playlist (Music that either represents her or that she'd listen to)


Matsumoto Fuyuko was born 14ζ—₯ 9月 YE 36 in Tania on Yamatai (Planet). After her creation and socialization period, Fuyuko immediately applied to and was accepted at the Star Army Academy. There she excelled at military leadership courses. Her interest in technical systems and military hardware, however, outweighed her desire to sit on a starship's bridge staring at screens. She graduated in YE 40 with a major in Aerospace Engineering and a minor in Leadership and Administration to immediately be thrust into the Kuvexian War. She served on carriers overseeing teams of technicians on the flight line. Her role was colloquially referred to as a Deck Boss.

RP History

  • "Mission" Log YE 44.7 Fuyuko is ordered to report to Jiyuu Jo to await the construction of the YSS Resurection of Taiie the new flag ship of the 5th Expeditionary Fleet. She is slated to be one of the ship's Flight Control Officers. So far however, she's found herself sipping cocktails aboard Motoyoshi Taisho's galleon The Dream of Thaii unsure whether her life and military was going extremely well or extremely poorly.
  • "Mission" Log YE 44.9 The much large YSS Battle Of Ayenee Capital City was chosen as the flag ship of the 5th XF and Fuyuko was assigned to be the Air Boss.

Skills Learned

Social Connections

Matsumoto Fuyuko is connected to:

Inventory & Finance


  • Barrel of Nepleslian Whiskey (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 50-3, IC: 207-726-47)
  • Single Instruction Book (β€œThe Guide To Peaceful Expression” - Learn Basic Art & Vocation Concepts!) (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 67-25, IC: 1732-5657-84)
  • Lamia arms or legs (YE 44 Salvage Giveaway, TC: 17-34, IC: 618-7707-50)

Matsumoto Fuyuko currently has 3000 KS.


OOC Information

This page was created by locked_0ut on 10, 14 2022 at 12:17 using the Character Template Form.

Face made in

In the case Locked 0ut becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? Yes
Character Data
Character NameMatsumoto Fuyuko
Character OwnerLocked 0ut
Character StatusActive Player Character
Current LocationYSS Battle Of Ayenee Capital City
PlotsHinomaru Sunrises
Approval Thread…
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankChui
SAOY OccupationStar Army Flight Control Officer
Assigned Quarters115-5
BattlestationFlight Ops
SAOY Entry YearYE 36
DOR YearYE 43
Government & Politics of the Yamatai Star Empire
Political PartyIndepdendent

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