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Maysaki Yuumei

Maysaki Yuumei is a Human that was the Warmaster worlds' Senator. She also served as assistant governor of Tatiana.

Maysaki Yuumei
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Age: 27
Height: 6'4β€œ
Weight: 124 LB
Organizations Senate of Yamatai; Government of Tatiana
Occupation Prisoner
Current Placement Ketsurui Prison

Maysaki in Roleplay

Maysaki is a npc played by Gamerofthegame.

Maysaki's Body/Appearance

A giant of a woman, Maysaki is slightly 'tubular' in shape. She had been more than once considered vaguely stick-like, to her embarrassment. She doesn't get out to terribly much either, causing a bit of a pale tone on her skin through out. She keeps her Raven black hair cut to her jaw without any exceptions, and kept quite thin and to her head. She wears no make up, either, considering it a silly thing. She holds her pale snow blue eyes proudly, almost in constant intense gaze in a way. She isn't to terribly muscular, although isn't a wimp per se. Also, to her annoyance, she doesn't have a well gifted chest to put it simply.

Maysaki's Personality

She is loud and firm about her personal beliefs, to the point that she would possibly fight with deadly force against for them. She has a tendency to be more rash about things instead of thinking them through a moment, although a quick thinking all the same. When she is fully awake, at least. She actually has a slight tendency to not think in the long term, like to go to sleep at a decent enough time. Tending to have her half asleep at random intervals of the day.

Likes and Dislikes

Likes: Tatiana, Atmosphereic small craft (IE: Speeders, Fighters, etc), FLYING said small craft, stars (Especially from the inside), magma/lava, neon lights

Dislikes: Most Neko (Indifferent/uncaring, not hatred or such), beef, all of space that ISN'T a star, dresses


Although somewhat of a wistful-never-going-to-happen dream, she wishes, privately, that after the Mishhu threat is over (One way or another…) Humans and Geshrin-Yamataians can separate from the Neko populated empire.

Otherwise, she is rather impulsive in her goals/dreams.

Maysaki's History

Part of a very large family clan, Maysaki grew up as a 'low noble'. Through campaigns and the likes she became a governor for a short term before a scandal arouse. Accused falsely (Or, at least, that's how it ended) of the murder of another candidate, she stood down as governor. It passed over, though, and she never actually left politics. Instead, in the mean time, she attempted to run to be a member of the senate. And succeeded, obviously. This time, though, two people in the runnings were maimed brutally, reporting their attack unidentifiable. Possibly interestingly, or just how it happens, all three were Neko. Her title as assistant governor is unofficial, she just happens to be a close friend of the current governor.

Character Data
Character NameMaysaki Yuumei
Character OwnerGamerofthegame
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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