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Mochizuki Ayumi

Ayumi or ‘Yumi’ is an Jiyuuian in the United Outer Colonies. She’s a representative of the relatively far flung Fifth Region, including the Mitsuya System.

Mochizuki Ayumi
Species: Jiyuuian
Gender: Female
Age: 7 years
Height: 160cm
Weight: 53kg
Organization United Outer Colonies
Occupation Representative
Current Placement Jyiuu

Ayumi in Roleplay

Ayumi is played by Lilly. She holds a representative seat in the United Outer Colonies. Her personality is complex, and she tries her best to balance her responsibilities as her people's voice, and that of a politician.

Current Events

  • Attending Opening Session.

Physical Description

While a Yamataian, Ayumi retains the appearance of a Nekovalkryja from the neck up, coming up to a presentable height her body is average but a bit padded, her chest nothing more than a B cup. Wheat blonde hair stops just above the small of her back, and the fuzz on the back of her ears match the colour which is often a vibrant contrast to her surroundings. Both eyes are a light pink, but seem darker depending what light she’s caught under. She's often smiling like she knows a secret no one else does, or with a touch of assumption.


While otherwise a hard working, and well managed person she has a slight jealous streak, and a bit of a hot temper that ties into her passions.

Formerly studious, it’s always interesting to her to learn something but she won’t admit things if they don’t seem ‘interesting’ enough to others, or the situation. Ayumi is a very social woman, who is more comfortable in a room full of people than she is alone.

She’s impatient, and doesn’t like to wait with nothing else to do but despite all that has a pleasant, outgoing personality that others seem to love or hate. It goes without saying she has a great love for making sure all spectacles have their flair.

Likes and Dislikes


Spicy food, theatre and movies, the net, helping others, meeting people


Being ignored, waiting, theatre and movie critics, military food



Finishing her service in the Star Army of Yamatai after her parents, both Nekovalkryja, Ayumi spent most of her time accessing information and completing courses while serving as a science and caretaking officer on a Taiie colonial transport before its destruction. After a brief stay on Yamatai, she went east to Yugumo after finishing some university studies.

She was well known as an actress in mostly live performance plays for a short while (though several media recordings exist), and during this time spent less and less time doing anything productive other than socializing. A questionable review spelled the end of her short career, and she ran east and back to her old life in space, or the closest thing she could find.

Made director of the settlement project going to Mitsuya, she unexpectedly found herself accepting the nomination to represent the fifth region of the newly formed UOC government.



Studied and practical experience with diplomatic methods for regional governments, she has less experience with galactic relations but a good pool of academic knowledge to draw from.


Ayumi is versed to a point in the laws of Yamatai, and has a processed and well grounded understanding of the UOC relations however brief and intentions. Current laws and major laws from other regions are also something she keeps abreast of if given the time.


To simply put it: she’s a great liar. Spending a short time following what was then her passion to perform as an actress has given her an easier ability to obfuscate what she’s feeling, and to perform to achieve goals.


Almost a requirement for a settlement director, she has a hodge podge assembly of knowledge from school and even more what she learned from the job about city and building construction, and a small bit about how ships she had served on were designed and built from curiosity.


That she’s a public speaker is not surprising, but her ease and confidence through leadership if sometimes unassuming is very effective.


Mochizuki is proficient in both accurately and passionately writing and in many different formats communicating her feelings and summarizing those of others around her. This includes written and dictated reports. The representative is fluent in both Yamataian and Nepleslian.

Starship Operation

A large part of her life has been spent between military, and civilian ships and she has no problem piloting ships in most civilian inventories, or the ones that are compatible with her Yamataian mind. Of course this includes shuttles, and she had one nicknamed after her before Taiie was lost.

Ayumi's Inventory

~Nothing yet


Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 HS Starting Money


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