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Mochizuki Sayoko

Mochizuki Sayoko is a player character played by paladinrpg, and is currently involved in the NSMC 309th Armored Infantry "Ruthless Riders" plot as a member of Aquila Flight. She was originally created for the (SPIT) Open RP thread.

Mochizuki Sayoko (望月沙代子)
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Species: Female Jiyuuian (Bodytype NH-22C Yamataian)
Age: 11 (Born YE 29)
Height: 5'6“
Weight: 122 lbs
Organization: Nepleslian Star Navy (Formerly Intelligence and Pacification Group)
Occupation: Reconnaissance Pilot / Counter-Intelligence
Rank: Lieutenant (NSN)
Current Placement: Air Support for NSMC 309th, Aquila Flight

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5'6”
  • Mass: 122 lbs
  • Measurements: 36B-25-35

Build and Skin Color: Her slim, synthetic body with pale ivory skin very much sets her apart from the average human Nepleslian citizen.

Eyes and Facial Features: Sports a pair of almond-shaped, emerald eyes set in a face that usually seems like an emotionless mask she is wearing, but this is only just covering up the true intense feelings lurking beneath.

Ears: Though she was originally born as a NH-29 Nekovalkyrja, when she was forcefully downgraded to a Jiyuuian body she chose to have human shaped ears instead.

Hair Color and Style: Medium length green hair worn down naturally with little adornment. Though her body should technically keep itself perfect, sometimes the color can seem to fade when she is under increased stress… and even has started to have a few impossibly grey hairs that persist.

Distinguishing Features: Despite her NH-22C body's natural hemosynthetic healing processes, she still possesses deep scarring in several places around her neck and shoulders from a close encounter with a Mishhuvurthyar parasite that lanced into her during her former UOCPKF unit's desperate battle in Tange. As a result she can always be found with extra layers of clothing covering this area, usually favoring a thick, aviator style scarf that wraps around her neck which can also obscure some of her face from view when its convenient to do so. Being a former IPG Operative, this comes as no surprise as it functions just like their infamous high grey uniform collar would.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Don't let her callsign fool you, for this tough as nails Jiyuuian is oftentimes exactly the opposite: quiet, composed, and focused in battle. Sayoko gets along well as part of a team, although she always seems to keep a comfortable distance between herself and others, in part due to the racial prejudices inherent between Nepleslians and her kind, and also her past traumas that people just can't really relate to. Unlike many of the other human Nepleslian pilots out there, she was born and bred for one basic thing, like all other Nekovalkyrja – to fight. Her short life has thus been a state of constant chaos and war in one way or another on the frontiers, and she has personally experienced horrors of combat that few have even dared to think about, much less lived to tell the tale. So when the foolhardy want to charge into a battle, she's often the first person to give warning of just what may await them on the other side of it.

During the day she is a reliable worker and graceful under fire, but at night she seems completely different. That's when the nightmares come… terrible visions of Mishhu tentacled monstrosities and death raining down on her people from space, reliving the evacuation of Tange over and over again in her dreams. It's here the truth of her earned callsign comes to light: oftentimes there will be a scream heard from her quarters, before she would awake in a cold sweat and hurriedly down copious amounts of sedatives just to get a good night's sleep to function for the next mission, and avoid making a further scene that would disturb others. Many say that the only reason she is even still able to avoid a psychological discharge is due to the protection of her older sister, Mochizuki Shiori, the newly elected Yamataian Senator of Jiyuu, who is rumored to have had her transferred to Aquila flight in order to save face publicly.

  • Likes: Sake, Sedatives, Spying, Being in combat
  • Dislikes: Reckless people, Mishhuvurthyar, sleeping, being called a traitor or “zombie”
  • Goals: To hold herself together psychologically to continue to be a useful soldier.


Family (or Creators)

Created by the Ketsurui Zaibatsu, she has an older sister Mochizuki Shiori.


A former enlisted member of the UOC Peacekeeper forces that was a survivor of the brutal invasion of the Tange system by the Mishhuvirthuyar. Although a fairly 'green' Peacekeeper 2nd class rank at the time of the invasion, she nevertheless fought to secure the escape routes of refugees during Evacuation of the Tange System alongside Neplesia's Operation Dynamo. While trying to direct civilians at the Hizagari spaceport, she had the unlucky fate to be hit by a parasite and started to black out as the Mishhu nuerotoxins began to invade her thoughts and make her turn on her allies. Fortunately one of them was able to snipe the nasty beast off her shoulder with a well-aimed shot just in time, and medics evacuated her to a transport off world before the place was overrun. Unconscious for some time, her body was able to regenerate most of the damage yet something had clearly been.. changed.. somehow by the encounter.

Although shaken up by the whole ordeal, Sayoko was determined to get back to her peacekeeping duties and help ensure the safety of her people in the refugee camps on Neplesia and Pryedain. Although she was highly skilled, her integration process into the Nepleslian ranks was hampered by a set of recurring nightmares that had begun to trouble her in her sleep. Some were easy to chalk up as just tentacle-filled visions of post-traumatic stress syndrome from the horrors she had experienced, like many of her fellow Jiyuuians (at least that is what the psychologists told her). She tried her best to keep a lid on the erratic behaviors and explain it away as rationally as her mind having had some lingering brain chemistry damage from the parasite…

Despite this, Sayoko did work very hard and was noticed for her efforts, and through a trial program entered into the ranks of the IPG. After completion of her Operative training, she actively participated in several basic Commando unit operations, such as the events of 'Scarlet Noose' in the Kovax system to capture an escaped Red political prisoner from the Abjection penal colony seeking asylum in Yamatai, as well as rescue a downed and subsequently tortured Nepleslian reconnaissance pilot named Niklas Kreuger (later to become 'Dead Man' of Aquila Flight).

It was determined after a time, though, that the stresses of the operational tempo were getting to her, so she was placed in a relatively backwater intelligence gathering field position with the Special Paranormal investigation Team (SPIT) to cool off. Unfortunately, the contact with the strange and unusual only made her nightmares worse, sometimes even happening during the day as a set of 'visions'. Although they proved an oddly useful tool for solving SPIT's first mystery, the higher ups determined that it was not worth the risk of her having a mental breakdown just to get things done.

The IPG then placed Sayoko in the Interceptor Division of the Star Military Intelligence Pacification Group Naval Detachment's Orca-class Battlecruiser carrier group, this time hoping to change things up away from ground-based missions and hopefully utilize her combat expertise properly. In this they were fairly successful, as the former infantry Neko adjusted to the piloting of fighter craft fairly easily. Things went smoothly for a time, but then when a search and destroy mission against some Mishhuvurthyar remnant forces was undertaken she started to crack under the pressure, and disengaged without authorization from combat with a flight of NMX Battlepods.

This was the third strike for the Jiyuuian, and the IPG thus determined that she was unfit for duty in their elite units. But before she could be discharged completely from service due to psychological reasons, the Nepleslian Star Navy stepped in and saved her career from an ignoble end. Many people suspected this was not an accident, as her discharge could have severe political ramifications for her sister Mochizuki Shiori's political ambitions. For whatever reason, Sayoko was granted one final chance to help her new nation as a test pilot in the 78th Tactical Battalion's elite Aquila Flight.

Of course, with her checkered past and excellent intelligence training, there may be more going on than meets the eye with her new assignment…


Common Tasks

As a former created infantry Nekovalkyrja, Sayoko received basic training in the Star Army Common Skills.


In addition to being fluent in Yamataigo and its associated Jiyuuian dialects, Sayoko has learned much of the nuances of Trade through her interactions with her peers in the SMDION. She also has installed additional emulation software into her digital brain to allow for wireless data transmittal of her telepathic encrypted data to common military-grade Nepleslian devices, such as a DataJockey, although it is significantly slower and limited in range than what would be possible with another Nekovalkyrja.

Fighting / Physical

Though she works as a pilot, Sayoko still retains all of her original combat programming from her early Star Army days using a Mindy or Daisy power armor, though a large portion of her direct experience on the battlefield is with the UOC's Tenshi no Yoru 'Tenshi' Light Mechanized Power Armor and it's associated weapon systems. After her evacuation from Tange, she was retrained to become a competent user of Nepleslian PA technology such as the NAM Terratech General Combat Armorsuit – “Hostile” and the rarer IPG Stealth Raider. Sayoko is also proficient with a large variety of handheld weaponry to get the job done, though she prefers to use her black IPG issue Na-W/P-08 Heavy Automatic Sidearm v3(08c) with integral silencer variant, or old Jiyuuian arms like the Mugen Armories E1 Energy Pistol or NovaCorp Xaser Pistol.

Though not as impressive as a full Nekovalkyrja, Sayoko does have some degree of innate inertial control present and can use it to great effect in combat, especially when unarmed.

Rogue / Intelligence Gathering

Sayoko survived advanced_training to become a finely honed weapon for Nepleslian internal security. Her previous military and biological background with the UOC lends itself well to stealth infiltration, high-tech surveillance and combat reconnaissance duties of which she excels most at. She is also capable of more covert actions involving disguise, interrogation, etc. when needed, and has been known to consider herself a good personal bodyguard to officers she views as vulnerable (like Jayden and Nero).

Starship Operations

Sayoko has received follow-on piloting training for all types of Nepleslian aerospace fighters and shuttles, though she is most proficient in the operation of an N-F/A1 'Uno' or a Na-F/A4 'Quattro'. She was also one of the first elite pilots chosen to utilize the cutting-edge Na-YF/A-6X(A) "Scythe" Stealth Fighter/Interceptor in actual combat situations. Combined with her power armor experience and tactics, this makes her quite the force to be reckoned with in an air or space confrontation, able to often times use unconventional methods to secure victory quickly and decisively. However, she is also just as proficient with the task of eyes-in-the-sky stealthy reconnaissance as well. She can interface with all of the newer ACE AI systems to provide on-demand tactical assistance and counter-measures.


Sayoko has been known to have top-notch situational awareness even for a Yamataian body, of which she relies upon heavily in her intelligence gathering and forensics efforts. It also makes her considerably difficult to ambush or trap, as she has survived every one thrown at her so far. Considering her status as a veteran of many wars, Sayoko is naturally capable of leading a small specialized fire team or squadron into a combat operation when mission needs dictate.


From her time serving in the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces, Sayoko was given an appreciation for the ways of resolving conflicts peacefully that didn't involve shooting someone, and to always aid others weaker than her. She was exposed to interstellar relations as well, being at least decently familiar with the major races and their individual cultures, especially those of the Yugumo cluster. She could be probably be considered a capable diplomat to the Jiyuuian refugee community on places like Pryedain, considering her ties to her Senator sister. From her time spent in Nepleslia following her rescue Sayoko has also come to better understand the foreign nation as a whole, though she is still far from well-versed in their habits and her interactions with her peers can show this.


At the urging of her fellow pilot Virgil to find a hobby, Sayoko has recently taken up housekeeping. She is surprisingly good at it, viewing it like waging a never-ending battle on dust and grime. Of course, she is also fully aware of the secrets that can be obtained from an individual's “dirty laundry”…


Mochizuki Sayoko has the following items:


Mochizuki Sayoko is currently a Lieutenant (NSN) in the Nepleslian Star Navy. She receives a weekly salary of 400 DA.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
6000 DA Starting Funds

OOC Notes

  • The kanji characters for her name are 望月沙代子 (mochi zuki sa yo ko) which translates to “full moon silk day child”.
  • In her dreams she has often called out to “Mifune-san” which was the name of her Peacekeeper battalion commander who perished on Tange stopping an NMX Ravager from attacking the spaceport. She, however, does not clearly recall the fact that it was actually Sayoko herself who killed him under the influence of the Mishhuvurthyar Parasite… and its presence has actually caused her to manifest all the classic signs of late stage ST Data Fragmentation that will one day cause her to break.

In the case paladinrpg becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? Yes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? Yes

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