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Motoyoshi Kuroko

Motoyoshi Kuroko is an NPC controlled by GM Andrew and GM Yuuki who appears in the Resolutions Of The Ghost plot

Motoyoshi Kuroko
Species & Gender: Female Minkan (Mishhuvurthyar)
Date of Birth: 35日 9月 YE 41
Organization: Yugumo Merchant Spacy
Tsubomi (Former)
Clan: Motoyoshi Clan
Occupation: Command Watch-stander
Kikyō Scout
Tsubomi Student - Former
Rank: Chief Officer
Kikyō Scout
Kōtōgakkō (Senior High) - Former
Current Placement: ISS Evenstar

Character Description


Kuroko inhabits the body of a young adult Minkan who formerly very closely resembled her mother Motoyoshi Tachiko, with the differences provided by an unknown father, but grew to more resemble the latter: especially as her hair began to take on a bluish hue as she matured. Kuroko is lithe and athletic, with long, straight blue-black hair with eye-level fringe, and colorless grey eyes. She has pale skin, with the typical Yamataian Japanese-mixed-with-Nordic features.

  • Height: 165cm (5’ 5”)
  • Weight: 55kg (125lb)
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Grey


Born a Mishhuvurthyar, Kuroko struggles with the base personality and drives of one of their ilk. Her legal guardian, Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko has given special instructions that Kuroko be given a strict, intense indoctrination into the Motoyoshi Clan Traditions and Philosophies, Shintoism, and bushidō in addition to the Tsubomi curriculum. Kuroko has internalized these values, and it seems to be working to temper her worst instincts.

Besides her Mishhuvurthyar basic nature and the education used to counter it, Kuroko is a detached, observant, calm girl with a passion for athletics (especially martial arts), art, and music. She is a good student, studious and conscientious, and highly disciplined and motivated. She is quiet until the point she is making a judgement, answering a question, or giving an order (all things she does often), and speaks articulately, with surprising depth and wisdom. She does not, however, waste breath on frivolous or superficial conversation.

History and Relationship Notes

Motoyoshi Kuroko portraitThe Mishhuvurthyar egg that would become Kuroko was implanted sometime in YE 29 prior to her mother entering cryostasis. Kuroko's original Mishhuvurthyar body was born sometime between then and 35日 9月 YE 41 was in extended cryostasis1). The circumstances of Kuroko's birth were immediately classified, and the hazy memories of the prior events redacted from Tachiko's memory, given she was not subject to the Memory Backup Protection Act of YE 30 at the time. Kuroko was transferred out of her living but nonviable Mishhuvurthyar body and into a Minkan body that approximated her mental maturity of early teens in Human (Earth) years. The decision to make her a Minkan adolescent rather than a Nekovalkyrja Youngling was made on the grounds she should have a “normal” childhood to have the time to become accustomed to life in Yamatai and develop beyond her base Mishhuvurthyar tendencies.

Ketsurui-Motoyoshi Katsuko, on receiving news of Motoyoshi Tachiko's recovery, and on her subsequent decision to bring her into Motoyoshi patronage, had the newly-transferred Minkan legally adopted by the Clan, and sent to Tsubomi for education and socialization.

Kuroko initially believed herself to have been born in the United Outer Colonies in YE 27, and that she lost her parents in the Second Mishhuvurthyar War when she was too young to remember them. As Mishhuvurthyar were not subject to the Memory Backup Protection Act of YE 30, her memories had been redacted, appearing to include an amnesia-clouded childhood, before being sent to Tsubomi in YE 41.

In YE 42, Kuroko started Kōtōgakkō, or Upper School. She continued to thrive academically and athletically, even as her lack of a past and unusual thoughts and abilities began making her question everything she had been taught. Her close relationship with her Clan-Brother, Motoyoshi Eidan, led to his ideas giving Kuroko more reasons to question it all, as well as a few clues about where she should start looking2).

Due to the events of YE 44, Motoyoshi Kuroko left that year along with the Motoyoshi Colonization Fleet3). Along with Motoyoshi Eidan, Motoyoshi Kuroko was sent out ahead of the Colonization Initiative Alliance fleet to ensure their safety given the tumultuous climate after the terrorist attack on the capitol dome4). They were accompanied by a select group of elite peers for Eidan to develop his leadership as they developed skills in an elite, unique educational environment5). In YE 45, Kuroko and the others, after exploring the planet YC-56K System and its planet Becurn in the Kosuke Sector, were forced to leave due to the conflict between the Cemlae and Mocaidins.

Motoyoshi Rising

Later in YE 45, the group of young prodigies from the ISS Shiori, Kuroko among them came aboard the ISS Evenstar (Yoi-no-Myōjō), the Motoyoshi Clan's flagship, a massive Tanya-Class Expeditionary Heavy Cruiser. To their surprise, their group, now christened the Azure Legion, were to command the titanic vessel themselves, now commissioned in the Yugumo Merchant Spacy.


The final stages of Kuroko's adolescence would be spent aboard the Shiori, and by late YE 45, she had all but finished her schooling at a university level due to the Advanced Education Program aboard. The Minkan shell that replaced her original Mishhuvurthyar body had matured, along with her mind and, along with Motoyoshi Eidan and the other prodigies, were given positions in the Yugumo Merchant Spacy6). Her suspicions grew ever stronger that something wasn't right with the story she'd been told about what she couldn't remember.

Extracurricular Activities at Tsubomi

Social Connections

Kuroko Motoyoshi is connected to:

Skills Learned

Kuroko has learned the following skills, at school and in the Kikyō Scouts, as well as from her illustriously accomplished family. The intense Advanced Education Program aboard the ISS Shiori gave her hands-on skills with cutting edge starships and the equivalent of an elite university education.

Art and Vocations

Kuroko studied various traditional Yamataian Arts at Tsubomi. She is also involved in the Art Club, and is becoming a talented and skilled painter. The Kikyō Scouts have a very robust and diverse arts and crafts program, including everything from traditional Yamataian art forms, to Bushcraft.


Kikyō Scouts are capable at flora and fauna identification, to include educated guesses about an unknown species's attributes and behaviors.


Kuroko did very well in creative writing and journalism classes, and is an eloquent speaker. She developed her rhetoric skills on the Debate Team and Model International Relations Conference Club at school. The Kikyō Scouts have an active amateur radio and communications club, and stress public speaking skills. Kuroko can speak the Mishhuvurthyar language fluently, but doesn't know how she picked it up.


Kikyō Scouts learn the basics of home economics and personal finance.


Kuroko played first-chair viola in the Chamber Orchestra Club at school. She also has a pleasant singing voice and acted in a few school plays as major roles. The Kikyō Scouts participate in skits and campfire sing-alongs when at camp.


Kuroko studied various traditional and modern martial arts as some of her extracurricular activities, and has kept up her training into adulthood. She is particularly fond of sword arts and Yamataian Jujutsu. In addition to archery, Kikyō scouts practice marksmanship (but not combat) with the Type 33/C NSP – Civilian, the General Service Pistol, Type 28, and the Origin Model 16– under strict adult supervision in tightly controlled conditions, of course. They also encourage participation in various traditional and modern Martial Arts and combat sports, sponsoring various competition teams.

Aboard the ISS Shiori, Kuroko learned how to function as part of a power armor squad.


Kuroko enjoys literature and philosophy, and has received intensive instruction in the Motoyoshi Clan Traditions and Philosophies, bushidō, and Shintoism.


The Kikyō Scouts place heavy emphasis on becoming capable and humble leaders who lead by example, and encourage education in civics and government. Notably, the Kikyō Scouts sponsors the Model International Relations Conference.


Kuroko's Mishhuvurthyar brain excels at mathematics. She was always in very advanced classes for her age while attending school.


Kuroko played several sports at school in addition to her martial arts study. Kikyō Scouts spend a lot of time hiking, climbing, and swimming, and have competitive teams for all of them, as well as many different sports as played in Yamatai.

Survival and Military

This is where the Kikyō Scouts excel. They teach finding water, land navigation, shelter construction, hunting, signaling, camouflage; anything and everything wilderness and survival. Scouts learn teamwork, small-unit wilderness maneuvering, reconnaissance, and patrol. Scouts run obstacle courses, play capture the flag, and crew small vessels. The Scout experience was deliberately designed to be the perfect pre-training experience for future members of the Star Army Rikugun.

Starship Operations

Kuroko learned the basics of operating a starship aboard the ISS Shiori.


In addition to standardized Driver's Education and Safety programs, Kikyō Scouts old enough to have a driver's license are offered off-road driving training.


Motoyoshi Kuroko has the following items:

Unique Yamataian Sword

Kuroko's Maridor Worksheet

Kuroko's Companion

KAIMON/Ascendant Companion
Most used projection is a floating, dark purple luminescent squid with neon-pink slots. It is often seen swimming around in the air above Kuroko's head. Kuroko has named her Companion Krakenmuffin. Krakenmuffin's personality is a cartoonishly exaggerated caricature of Motoyoshi-Ieyasu Taro, making the drone somewhat gruff and confrontational, though level-headed and thoughtful, and extremely protective of Kuroko.
Attachments Fully Loaded.
Access KAIMON Network.

Kuroko's Tenshi II



Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS, 0 GS 3000 KS Savings
3000 KS, 1395.00 GS 1395.00 GS YE42-43 Allowance
3000 KS, 1594.93 GS 189.93 GS YE42-43 Interest
3000 KS, 3169.93 GS 1575.00 GS YE43-44 Allowance
3000 KS, 3549.82 GS 209.89 GS YE43-44 Interest
3000 KS, 4744.93 GS 1575.00 GS YE44-45 Allowance
3000 KS, 6,512.00 GS 192.00 GS YE44-45 Interest
5675 KS, 6,512.00 GS 2675 KS YE45.1 Shōkō-Kōhosei Pay
8350 KS, 6,512.00 GS 2675 KS YE45.2 Shōkō-Kōhosei Pay
11,025 KS, 6,512.00 GS 2675 KS YE45.3 Shōkō-Kōhosei Pay
13,700 KS, 6,512.00 GS 2675 KS YE45.4 Shōkō-Kōhosei Pay
16,375 KS, 6,512.00 GS 2675 KS YE45.5 Shōkō-Kōhosei Pay
19,050 KS, 6,512.00 GS 2675 KS YE45.6 Shōkō-Kōhosei Pay
29,725 KS, 6,512.00 GS 8000 KS YE45.7 Ittō-Kōkaishi Pay
37,725 KS, 6,512.00 GS 8000 KS YE45.8 Ittō-Kōkaishi Pay

Motoyoshi Kuroko currently has 37,725 KS and 6,512 GS.

OOC Notes

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Character Data
Character NameMotoyoshi Kuroko
Character OwnerYuuki
Character StatusActive Player Character
Current LocationISS Evenstar (Yoi-no-Myōjō)
Character's HomeAsagumo-jo
PlotsHinomaru Sunrises
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