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Nagase Nagako

Nagase Nagako is an NH-27 Nekovalkyrja who leads SAINT's Black Spiral division.

Nagase Nagako
Nagase Nagako in her Star Army dress uniform
Species: NH-27 Nekovalkyrja
Sex: Female
Creator: Star Army Intelligence
Age: Unknown
Organization: SAINT, under Black Spiral
Rank: Taisa outside of Black Spiral
Weight: ?? kg
Height: 5’1”, or ~155 cm
Chest: 31”, or ~79 cm
Waist: 22”, or 56 cm
Hips: 34”, or 87 cm
Bra size: 33B

Nagase in role-play

Nagase is a GM NPC that began as a villain for the YSS Sakura. She now is controlled by Doshii Jun.


Nagase appears like most Black Spiral Neko officers — long white hair, grey eyes. She is shorter and slighter, but otherwise blends in well with the rest of the Black Spiral and SAINT Neko.

However, as an NH-27, she can change how she appears to some degree. A typical change involves her turning her lips a vibrant purple, as well as her tongue and eyes.

Distinguishing traits

Nagase sometimes speaks with a sing-song voice that often carries sarcastic or condescending tones. She uses the phrase “wouldn't you say?” at various points in a sentence to sound cordial or deferring, but is not. She rarely is seen angry or upset, most often wearing a cool smirk instead.

She rarely carries a weapon.


Nagase wears the standard Black Spiral Warrior Dress, Type 32 uniform, but does not wear the armored jacket.


Nagase was created for service in the GSA's intelligence agency some time between YE 15 and YE 18. Only Nagase knows for sure, but since that time she has served as what now is known as an Intelligence Operative. She is one of SAINT's oldest operatives still in service with the organization, despite it changing names.

Nagase was given some training by the legendary Ketsurui Kikyo before that member of the venerated family entered the private sector. Nagase also received training from Kessaku Irim in the form of leadership training.

Nagase was not a founding, or even initial, member of Black Spiral. She came to the organization in YE 27, after it was established by Irim. Established members eventually fell away — some were swayed by Eve to form the splinter cell Black Spiral; others, including elite operative Tenshi Hotaru, entered civilian life. Nagase, feeling passionately about Nekovalkyrja supremacy, sided with Eve.

In YE 28, she teamed with Pumpkin to help capture Taisa Ketsurui Hanako and then-NH-22M Kotori in order to extract information out of them, as well as foil Yui's pursuit of the splinter cell through the YSS Sakura and her sister ship, the YSS Chrysanthemum. She did not meet Kotori during the interrogation; instead, a disguised Eve offered Kotori a position in Eve's Black Spiral. Kotori refused. The interrogation did not go very well for either Star Army member, though eventually they escaped — an immense failure on Nagase's part.

Shortly after that failure, Eve took what assets she had of Black Spiral's and formed her own group, The Daughters of Eve. That left many of the formerly traitorous Black Spiral Neko out in the cold. Nagase was one of several who returned to Yamatai, at Hanako's prodding, only if she agreed to divulge all information she had about the splinter cell and its new iteration.

Nagase did not know much, as Eve kept most information to herself, but was happy to give up what she could. She believed Eve had betrayed her and lost sight of the true mission.

Nagase played the simpering, remorseful turncoat rather well, saying she intended to betray Eve when it was safe, and that she made sure Hanako and Kotori did not die. It was not enough to fully convince Irim and SAINT, but she was folded back into the reformed Black Spiral with deeply limited assets in order to continue its original mission — promote friendly Neko-Mishhu relations in order to bring the SMX back to Yamatai.

Nagase did that. Her most friendly relation was with Pumpkin, whom she kept in touch with in order to obtain more information on the legendary True Lands of the True Nekovalkyrja Empire.

However, there were problems. First, her rejoining Black Spiral meant she was under the command of a subset of the group that had remained loyal to Yamatai when Black Spiral split, the Tachibana Clan. Next, she was not given many soldiers and operatives to accomplish her goals. But most important — she was being watched.

Her response involved recruiting a protege, Paizu Buka to be her No. 2, then focusing her efforts on solidifying the loyalty of what underlings she had.

Views on Neko Supremacy

Nagase has a simplistic approach to Neko supremacy that belies her deeply rooted feelings on the matter. She knows that, as NH-17, then -27, she could kill just about anything she wanted, and that made her superior.

Much of her philosophy on the matter can be found here.

Primary assets

Character Data
Character NameNagase Nagako
Character OwnerWes
Character StatusNPC In Use By GM or FM
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankTaisa
SAOY OccupationStar Army Command Staff
SAOY AssignmentBlack Spiral

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