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Naika Caeyara

Naika Caeyara is a character played by Nakshatra.

Naika Caeyara
thaer thi sai saer os eirestol eir os tylaeloli1)
 Tsenlan Logo
Date of Birth: YE 02
Species Norian
Gender Female
Height 170 cm
Weight 60kg
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Sub-Faction  Tsenlan Logo Tsenlan
Occupation Tsenlan State Quorum
Rank Volaer Tylys (Princess Consort)
Current Placement Arrival of the Norians

Physical Description

Naika is a typical but beautiful female Norian, she is 170cm tall and weighs 60k. She has intense icy blue eyes and jet-black hair. She tends to wear revealing yet versatile clothing but has a wardrobe that can fit any occasion. Her hair is usually kept up in a bun or a ponytail, a habit she's retrained from her military and intelligence training.

Height: 170cm
Mass: 60kg
Measurements: B34-W23-H33
Bra Size: C
Build and Skin Color: Lithe, Pale White
Eye Color: Icy Blue
Hair Color: Jet Black


Naika is an ISTJ2) personality type, which emulates behavior and practices she learned during her time with the Yaducath Intelligence Agency. Innately she is prone to approach things in a calm and detailed manner. Her responses tend to stay along the lines of tradition and law, unless it crosses with where her loyalties lie. Some may find her approach to things as a shell of protection for herself, this is because she does not let people close to her haphazardly . She does not like those that dance around masking their intentions, those that do are found to have ulterior motives and therefore wasting time that could be spent elsewhere.


Naika Rae, now Naika Caeyara, was born in Noria in YE 02, her childhood spanned the years of the Space Race and Colonization of Ayenee. Her parents were actively involved in the colonial effort of Ayenee and she spent her time back and forth between the new world and the homeworld. In YE 22 she joined the Norian Defense Education School and completed her officer training with the intention of entering the military, she however never made it to active service. In YE 25 with the outbreak of the First Umarian War, the Yaducath Intelligence Agency3) recruited her to join an operations group devoted to the analysis of threats against the capital worlds.

Although in an Intelligence Analysis position at a desk, Naika was responsible for the translation of field intelligence which accurately predicted the invasion of Noria by the Umarians in YE 29. In reward for a job well done she was then promoted an added to the intelligence detail responsible for the protection of the Imperial bloc. After several years of service, Naika met the son of Airwin Caeyara, Uaeso Caeyara, and later was declared Volaer Tylys4) following their marriage in YE 40.

In YE 44, during the Arrival of the Norians in the Kikyo Sector, Naika had been placed in stasis by Uaeso Caeyara to relieve her from the suffering of starvation on the arks. When the Star Army of Yamatai arrived to provide aid and assistance, Uaeso had her revived.

Plot and Threads


Naika is or has been involved in the following plots:


Naika is or has been involved in the following threads:

  • [OPERATION FIREPLACE] Ostarae os malos.5) - PAST
  • Saleloria (Tranquility).6) - PAST
  • [TSENLAN] A Moment to Grieve.7) - PAST
  • [Year-End Holidays] Winter-Nights (Yule) Solstice Spectacular! (YE 44).8) PAST
  • [TSENLAN] Your Time Has Come Again.9) - PAST

Skills Learned

Naika has learned many skills:

  • Communication - Naika can communicate in Nira'las, Trade (language) and she seeks to learn Yamataigo (邪馬台語).
  • Starship Operations - Naika can effectively operate Starships, but has mastered the use of Leviathan Technology and mindhive symbiosis.
  • Slyph Combat - Naika can remotely operate in symbiosis link with a bonded Slyph for use in combat operations.
  • Intelligence Analysis - Naika was an analyst for the Yaducath Intelligence Agency and has experience in the translation of field intelligence into actionable briefs. She may have an interest in joining Star Army Intelligence in the future.
  • Vesper Expression - Naika's Vesper Links to those she cares about are known to be intense and he's mastered the ability to use images or projected thought spaces to participate in communication with others.
  • History - Naika has a passion for exploring the History of Tsenlan and the Norian People, she has a very expansive collection of historical documents and archives that she managed to save when they left their home universe.
  • Hiking - Naika enjoys exploring new environments and hiking.

Social Connections

People Naika is connected to:

  • Airwin Caeyara - Father-in-law.
  • Arina Caeyara - Family and former colleague
  • Uaeso Caeyara - Husband.
  • Jun Caeyara - Brother-in-law.
  • Rin Caeyara - Sister-in-law.
  • Aelya Caeyara - Sister-in-law.
  • Fallion Caeyara - Brother-in-law10).
  • Aphelion Caeyara - Former collegue.
  • Nira Caeyara - Former Boss in the Yaducath Intelligence Agency.


Naika Caeyara's inventory.


  • 3,000 KS

OOC Notes

Nakshatra made this article with the help of Andrew.

  • Naika Chibi Art by Andrew using Midjourney Bot.
  • Naika Main art by Andrew using Midjourney Bot.

In the case Nakshatra becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO

Approved by Wes on 2022/10/30.11)

Character Data
Character NameNaika Caeyara
Character OwnerNakshatra
Character StatusActive Player Character
Current LocationAkina System
Approval Thread…
Government & Politics of the Yamatai Star Empire
DistrictAkina System
Political PartyIndepdendent

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