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Nara Akhai Drenai

Nara Akhai Drenai is a character played by Nakshatra.

Nara Akhai Drenai
o'jh thol ti shor si shyl1)
 Tsenlan Logo
Date of Birth: 74 BYE
Species Norian
Gender Female
Height 175 cm
Weight 60kg
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Sub-Faction  Tsenlan Logo Tsenlan
Occupation Mercenary
Rank Civilian
Current Placement Tsenlan

Physical Description

Nara is a typical female Norian, she has a height of 175cm and weighs 60kg. She has violet eyes and shoulder length blonde hair. She tends to wear revealing clothing at home or around those she likes. In public and with all others she wears conservative clothing. Her hair is usually kept in a french braid for functional purposes.

Height: 175cm
Mass: 60kg
Measurements: B34-W22-H32
Bra Size: C
Build and Skin Color: Slender and Curvaceous, Pale White
Eye Color: Violet
Hair Color: Blonde


Nara is an INTJ2) personality type. She thinks quickly on her feet and thinks rationally in all situations. This lends to her ability to excel at her work. She can sometimes be mistaken as uncaring due to her utter distaste for those that are lazy or display self-pity. She prefers to interact with those she knows and is initially shy to strangers in social situations. If she is accompanied by someone she cares for she is more liable to be more sociable.


Nara Akhai Drenai was born on Telegath in 74 BYE to Kari Akhai and Talynn's father. Her birth occured during the mid-Falcon Movement. The majority of her childhood she was spent training in the unifying philosophies and virtues of the Drenai ysi. She showed a strong adherence to two of the tenants early on which helped shape her path in life. Her talent in Martial arts and sense of Duty led her to commissioning into MERN as Security Operations officer, after the proper instruction.

Towards the end of the Falcon Movement she was got her first taste as a security officer when she was assigned to protect the weapons research that became an important part of the Dysterian War. Her efforts led to the successful use of Nuclear weapons in the destruction of the colony on Dysteria. After things wound down from that she got firsthand experience with security admin with writing policy for research protection. This policy would be used during the Space Race and the Colonzation of Ayenee to enact channeling of information from research regarding Ayenee.

From YE 25 to YE 30 she got assigned to provide security to the Norian scientists who discovered a facility on the frontiers of the Yirune Arm. Things went fairly well for the most part until warnings from the Umarians about what had been found were disregarded. When the Umarians drove the Continuum out Nara was able to help get survivors to safety. Shortly after this she lent her skills to asset protection, ensuring Leviathan and Asune technology was implemented within the fleets.

While the Void Wars and Craethel War and the Declaration of Null were ongoing Nara was assigned to personnel protection of varying members of the Caeyara Ysi. After the destruction of Noria and the death of Empress Sinith she helped provide crowd control ensuring survivors made it to colony ships. Upon Norian arrival near Xylar in the Kikyo Sector she went with Aelya Eitan while she accomplished her initial diplomatic tasks. When things settled with Operation Fireplace she was reunited with the Drenai ysi.

In the beginnings of YE 45 she signed up for an opportunity with Task Force Piglet. Immediately upon being accepted she began studying the Kodian language, becoming fairly proficient before her arrival to Fort Nozomi. Operations started off with a bang, mass chaos, and an old friend. During an initial ceremony she found a canister of pheromones that had aggravated at least one Kodian in the vicinity. Thanks to the help of her friend Itami she was able to successfully diffuse the aerosolized cannister right in time for the station they were on to be rocked by an explosion. Due to not being used to zero gravity the ranger helped her back to the shuttle where most of the crew gathered. They were taken to an area near a System Material Exploitation and Recovery Center to assist with resolving some emergent issues that had arisen. Thankfully her gear was there which gave her the perfect opportunity to get into something more tactically appropriate than what she had been required to wear at the ceremony. News of Chairman Koda's death amped things up a notch, which led to Itami swiftly helping her get into some civilian power armor. The unofficial battle buddies seemed to stick together for the duration of initial entry.

After initial entry it appeared that they were self-determined battle buddies, as they had each others backs at every turn. Through the garage, down the shaft and the breach of the tunnel all seemed to go with minimal casualty. That is until molten copper slag was coming right towards her, and her close friend Itami. She shoved him out of the way taking the projectile square in the chest. As a result she incurred some rather serious injuries, multiple fractured ribs and severe bruising to the chest and abdomen. Emergency care was provided after she was brought to safety, thanks to a Kodian's use of nanites. The internal damage was healed within a day, but the bruising was of some discomfort for weeks. She attended the next mission briefing, but no one has seen or heard from her since.

Plot and Threads


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Skills Learned

Nara has learned many skills:

  • Communication - Nara can communicate in Nira'las, Trade (language),Yamataigo (้‚ช้ฆฌๅฐ่ชž), and Kodian.
  • Martial Arts - Nara is an expert in all Norian martial arts and desires to learn more forms practiced by the place they now call home.
  • Security Operations - Nara is an effective tactical team member in asset protection, personnel protection, and information security.
  • Security Administration - Nara is effective at writing and implementing policy for asset protection, personnel protection, and information security. She also is adept at handling all paperwork associated with security operations.
  • Vesper Expression - Nara's Vesper Links to those she cares about are known to be intense and shes mastered the ability to use images or projected thought spaces to participate in communication with others.
  • Reading - Nara can always be found with a book when she is off duty, regardless of where she is.

Social Connections

People Nara is connected to:


Nara Akhai Drenai's inventory.


  • 3,000 KS

OOC Notes

Nakshatra made this article.

  • Main Nara art by Nakshatra with Midjourney Bot.
  • Chibi Nara art by Nakshatra with Midjourney Bot.

In the case Nakshatra becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO

Approved by Wes on 2022/12/06.11)

Character Data
Character NameNara Akhai Drenai
Character OwnerNakshatra
Character StatusActive Player Character
Approval Threadโ€ฆ
Government & Politics of the Yamatai Star Empire
DistrictAkina System
Political PartyIndepdendent

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