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Takeyu Nayacesen

Nayacesen Takeyu is a player character played by Kyle and is currently involved in the YSS Ryujo plot.

Character Profile
Name: Nayacesen Takeyu
Species: Yamataian
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Yamatai
Mother: Anya Nayacesen, Age 43
Father: Marloke Nayacesen, Age 48
Sister: Sakura Nayacesen, Age 10
Sister: Layven Nayacesen, Age 11
Organization Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation Starship Captain
Rank Chusa
Placement YSS Ryūjō (Plot)

Physical Description

Height: 5' 4“
Weight: 158 lbs
Bra Size: NA
Build: Muscular Build with ripped abs
Skin Color: Slightly Darkish
Facial Features, Eye Color: Dark Green eyes, small mustache
Hair Color, Style: military hair cut, light brown
Distinguishing Features: Silver tint in hair

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Tekayu Nayacesen is a calm and gentle person; he's kindhearted, and tries not to prejudge a person based on what they wear or how they present themselves. He tends to dress very messy-like, due to the profession his family was once in.

Although he may appear to not like children at all, based on how he tends to shrug them off at first sight, in reality he has a soft spot and cares deeply due to the deaths of his own siblings. He does, however, have a very aggressive side when he begins to lose and the sight of someone harming a child - will make him turn from being a kind man, to being a devil.

Likes: He likes most foods and ships he comes across, though he loves apples. Dislikes: Anyone willing to harm a child but also the enemies of his organization. Goals: To better himself and to rid himself of a past he would much rather forget.


The information below relates to the history of the character.


Takeyu was born not on a planet, but on his family's mining ship. He grew up, knowing how to operate systems and machines much younger than most children his age, when he turned twenty though life took a tragic turn when pirates assault his families ship.

In an effort to escape the ship; his parents stayed behind to fight off the boarding pirates while he lead his two younger siblings to the escape shuttle. When they group arrived another team of pirates assaulted them, in the ensuing battle his youngest sibling was killed by a blast to the head. He never found out what happened to his other sibling, as the shuttles automated launch sequence engaged and he was blasted out of the hanger bay.

He spent the course of a few months drifting from planet to planet, living off the money he got from various jobs, but eventually he made the choice that the only way to further his lifestyle was join the Star Army and made the transition into a Yamataian body and then on to joining the Star Army to put his families skills to good use and to perhaps one day find his missing sister and maybe even the pirates.

Historical Record for Takeyu Nayacesen

This page relates to the historical record for Takeyu Nayacesen, and includes all details related to the plots he has been involved in.

Eucharis Time Log

The following logs pertain to the YSS Eucharis, which Takeyu became apart of starting in 2009 and ending on May 13th, 2014.

Reporting to the Eucharis

Nayacesen Takeyu

Takeyu had been assigned to Eucharis, but due to the ship being on a mission, had gone to Varitas in hopes of finding something to occupy his time, such as assisting in engineering. Takeyu had inadvertiently stumbled into the Eucharis's mission, a coincidence? After helping Taisa Hanako and Mikael Harris, he was welcomed aboard the Eucharis where he took up a post in Engineering. There he met Endoh, Kumiko, and was welcomed aboard.

Escaping from Veritas

His first taste of combat within the Star Army had him repairing the port-side plasma engine; after which he helped re-establish power. Though originally he was also going to see about fixing the sensor dish, but that proved to be a moot point due to the hatch being sealed.

Mission 9.1 - Tip Of The Spear

Having passed the Taisa's stern test, and having been welcomed aboard by the rest of the crew. With the current mission being infiltration and sabotage, Takeyu finds his old mining skill set of some use, though he is now in the process of preparing to drop into enemy territory.

Mission 10.1 Finding Freedom

Takeyu volunteers to take part in a mission to find the Freedom's crew, knowing the danger it entails. Enroute, the crew run into an NMX Warship and end up colliding with it in foldspace. After a battle that resulted in Takeyu aquiring the ship's transponder alongside Sune, the two headed back to the ship.

Takeyu then, while still wearing his power armor, performed the dangerous rescue of Taii Helen Klein while she was aboard her shuttle that was under attack by the Lorath. Later on, he is ordered to join the rescue team.

After arriving planetside, Takeyu links up with Endoh-hei and Helen-taii, launching one probe while Endoh-hei launches the next. With a storm fast approuching, the team tries to make shelter, but during the process Takeyu get's attacked by the local wild-life and loses the battle, returning ot the camp only to have the Taii assign him a different duty. This duty bears little fruit due to the storm, and soon the group moves onward.

With survivors found, the NMX are suddenly alerted. A short battle ensues, with Yaichiro-shosa landing to pick up the search team and Freedoms Survivors.

Mission 10.3 Recovery and Reunion

With the mission a success and the Eucharis back in dock. Takeyu went about conducting repairs onboard ship, even though the Ikoi's techs were there. After completion of these repairs, he left the ship to take care of his own duties, most of which involved the looking into of his family but also the aquisition of a personel computer so that he could better perform his duties when not near a terminal. However, he also went about trying to figure out a means of allowing the Mindy Power Armor to operate without the use of a rigged battery.

Mission 11 Torchbearers

The next mission is underway and Takeyu is back to what he enjoys doing - as he hates being idle for even short periods of time. With assistance from Kage Yaichiro his newest invention, the Ke-M2-G3200 Fusion Generator is now completed and he can turn his attention back to his ship. Eucharis gets into ground combat in the Mitsuya system.

While planetside, Takeyu assisted by deploying drones to help search for survivors while also checking for hostiles. During these searches the squad found a bunker which had to be forced open, he used one of his drones to search the insides and shortly thereafter two survivors were found when another door was opened. Around this time the NMX arrived and started a battle with the task force in orbit, Takeyu lost one of his drones when an NMX Landing Ship blew it to pieces.

As the battle raged on, Takeyu was unaware that the crashed starship that was picked up earlier was in reality a slaver ship - and that this slaver ship held someone he had been searching for for nearly two years: His younger sister.

Mission 11.2 Chiharu Star Fortress

With the Eucharis back in port for repairs, Takeyu went about attending to the matter of his younger sister whom had been rescued on Mitsuya. Though he was shaken a bit by the amount of mental trauma she had been put under, and had contacted someone to help council her and get her through the rehabilitation process.

During a brief time on the station, Takeyu started training Kumiko and Kiko, two of his fellow crewmen, in the use of swords. During this training Layven proved that height doesn't give you an advantage when she took him down, embarassing the poor man.

With his sister away at the Capital, and his mind now cleared of this hurdle, he can now turn his full uninterrupted focus on his job - though he'll always remain concerned about his sisters safety.

Mission 11.3 Back Into Chaos

The YSS Eucharis was repaired and sent out on a mission into UOC space, to ascertain the reasons for a communications blackout. During a mission to infiltrate a station, the Eucharis was forced to leave the battlefield briefly due to damage sustained by the stations turrets, turret which probably fired only because a member of the away team fired first. Onboard the station, Takeyu assisted in deploying drones to help survey the area and his concerns over the squad leaders (Shosa Helen Klein) actions mounted based on a particular order given that partially violates his own morals (He doesn't fire on unarmed civilians unless they are infected and actively attacking him).

During this time, he recited Yamatai Law in an effort to force Elysian Infantryman, Papadopoulos, Michael, to stand down after what he personally perceived was an attempt at munity. Although in the back of his mind he did understand the Elysians concerns, he knew that by law if the Elysian attacked the Helen he would be mandated to assist the squad leader, whether he agreed with her decisions or not, based on a lack of evidence to support the Elysians concerns.

After this confrontation, the squad was ambushed by a group of four power armors. This altercation lasted awhile, and was ended when drones from Chusa Kage Yaichiro and Takeyu found that the path he had discovered was clear of threats. However, though several attempts were made, Takeyu was unable to convinec the Elysian to pull back after the soldier recklessly discarded his weapon and went for close quarters combat in an enviroment that had anti-matter weapons being detonated.

This concern of his was put to rest when, just seconds before teleportation, the Elysian appeared. Takeyu sacrificed his legs so that his fellow team mates would get out without injuries. Once healed, he is now at the galley, curious about the next mission that seems to involve first contact - and the curious question of his on whether his business side of him could somehow assist, even though this is a new race they'd be meeting and not some client of a corporation.

However, deep in his mind, he has another idea for an invention..

After arriving in the galley for dinner, Takeyu listened in on a discovery of a new race, a raced called the Random Alien. Interest peeked a bit when the Taisa requested for the crew to pick a field to investigate, Takeyu decided on the technological field due to his families experience with industrial works. Curiously, he is wondering how it might go, but on the flipside, is concerned about something.

Once dinner was over, he headed to his room to prepare for a long, and potentially stressful, encounter.

Mission 12.1 - Encounter At Shara

Arriving in the Shara system, Takeyu exited the ship along with his fellow crewmen to meet a council women. His impression of the planet he has decided to reserve until later, he headed into the palace but the constant talk between the two resulted in him not really paying much attention to his surroundings. He's presenting discussing enviromental technology, he's already talked about reactor powers and has plans on talking about offensive and defensive along with ships themselves.

Though Takeyu got the information he was desiring, along with some ideas of his own, things changed when the Eucharis was called into action.

Mission 12.2 - Interception

With the Garts going on the offensive, the Eucharis is taked with assisting. Takeyu heads back to Engineering after changing out of his formal uniform and begins monitoring ship systems before they arrive at Ether only to encouter a good sized group of ships. Initially things were going great, until the NMX started getting serious, the Eucharis suffered damage that included, but not limited to, the CFS System.

Takeyu made his way to repair the system, first the portside then the starboard side where he had to get the anti-matter containment field back up before there was a plausible explosion. Once the system was repaired, Takeyu continued to perform repair work, before the Eucharis entered the atmosphere of Ether to go into a ground engagement.

Mission 12.3 - Red Snow

Takeyu dawned on some power armor, but with the lack of available modules, he was only able to equip a teleportation unit. While he was heading down the ramp to get ready for the operation, he caught sight of Michael Papadopoulos heading off on his own - unsure of whether he was ordered or not, he got his answer when he heard his captain respond back to the soldier in a way that told him that the infantryman had gone off on his own.

Things changed quickly after that, with the Eucharis crew heading out, they soon ran into a squad of NMX including a shock-trooper and tanks. During the fighting, Taisa Hanako ordered him to call in for some air-support which succeeded in destroying the vast majority of NMX forces, allowing the crew a respite. During this time, an NMX Neko was captured and was in the process of being interrogated when a drone of his spotted a parasite heading for them.

Along with Helen's help, the parasite was forced to back down, though whether it was actually killed or not Takeyu never found out. Twenty minutes later, they arrived a whole in the rocks, presumably a way to an NMX Cloning facility. Upon arrival the team found an ice cave and headed inside, but they didn't get far before they ran into an NMX Neko who surrendered right away to the team. However, things turned sour when parasites appeared and began to assault the team, with one being taken out by Sune while the final one made a beeline for Hanako. Another parasite appeared behind the Neko who had given up, barrowing into the Neko's back but didn't get far before it was taken care of by Sune. Takeyu managed to shot and kill the parasite that had gone after Hanako but not before it had latched on and tried to dig its way into the Taisa.

Soon an NMX Crab appeared on the scene from beyond the door way, the door was sealed but wit honly a little bit of time before the door was to be opened Takeyu was ordered to seal it in. Being more concerned with getting the job done, Takeyu blew apart the panel before switching to his Aether Blade and began to wield the door shut, not even realizing how close Hanako was and causing some small burns on her from the sparks. Although he felt guilty, the door was sealed before it was blown open by Rippers. The group hightailed it to a cart and rode it out of the cavern, where Sune contacted the Eucharis for a pick up.

Onboard the ship, Takeyu was able to relax for only a moment before he helped Hanako to the medical bay, to treat her wounds she had suffered during the mission and to get himself treated by radiation poisoning.

Mission 12.4 - Warm and Wet

Newly promoted to the warrant officer rank, Takeyu now realizes that he has even more responsibilities than he had before, after a short while aboard ship he heads to a hot spring with the rest of the crew. During the brief time there he relaxes a bit, then heads off to have something to eat. During a light exchange, things finally turn sour when the resident Elysian ruins the moment and is called out by Hanako, who had just gotten promoted to Shosho.

Watching the brief fight outside the Onsen, he is shocked to see Hanako strip the Elysian of his rank and then throw him out of the military, a sight he never expected to witness. With things now settling down, he heads back in to finish his meal before boarding a bus to head to the Palace. Upon arrival he meets up with his younger sister, dressed in her school uniform with a rain coat on, now the two are enjoying a tour of the palace.

Side Mission - Salvage of the Kozan

Although Takeyu wasn't directly involved in the salvage operation, YE 33 saw the recovery of his families ship, the Kozan. Named after the man who had originally built it, the family never felt the need to change its name. Takeyu hired on Yuki Toshiro to salvage the ship, during which several other ships were salvaged, some of which he sold to help pay for the salvage operation. With the ship now in his possession, and repairs underway, Takeyu hopes to find a crew for it. Along with the recovery, was the clarification of Sakura Nayacesens death, which Takeyu was able to finally put in the request for the revival of his younger sister.

Shortly after the revival of Sakura, Takeyu set up his own company - named after his family - called Nayacesen Industrials

Mission 13 - Ghost Towns

What essentially should've been a good day, started off with the NMX dropping parasites onto Yamatai. With Kyoto under attack, and Takeyu worrying about his younger sister, he had no real choice but to leave and join his crewmen, knowing that he'd be of more use there, hearing later on that his sister was safe and sound allowed him to focus entirely on the crisis.

However, instead of the ship assisting in the defense of the planet and them going on the offense against the parasites, the Eucharis instead left the planet due to the Shosho being ordered away. Takeyu spent the time going from Yamatai to the Jiyuu system repairing the systems that the base technicans couldn't repair in time.

Once at the planet, Takeyu took part in a brief ground based operation in an attempt to locate a parasite hive, but later stepped away when the Shosho Hanako requested someone to help protect the perimeter. Takeyu set up a brief, and rather crude, cover to help protect the shuttles and refugees from a possible NMX attack that never really came.

Afterwards, Takeyu boarded the Eucharis and kept watch via the ramp while other crew members boarded and soon ran into the problem of a group of refugees quickly rushing onto the ship. There were several injuried, including one that was infected and a young girl who was bleeding to death. Takeyu managed to stop the bleeding while waiting for ship medics to arrive.

Once the refugees were secured, Takeyu headed to Engineering to handle his duties as the ships Chief Engineer, while there he monitored the ships systems before they arrived at Natari.

Mission 14.1 - Nataria Reclaimed

After the Eucharis had dropped off those injured in the previous mission, the ship continued onward to Natari. During this time Takeyu engaged in some brief maintenance work before the ship arrived. Upon arrival, Takeyu was going to join the away team to the surface, while the Shosho and Taii boarded a captured NMX ship. However, plans changed when word got to them that Yamatai was under attack.. and Takeyu's fear that his two little sisters, Layvan and Sakura, were now in more danger…..

Mission 14.2 - The Battle of Yamatai

With the ships arrival in the Yamatai system, Takeyu started setting things up in hopes of reducing overall damage to the ship. Along with Cherry-Heisho, he cut power to non-essential areas, such as the galley and wardroom and the cabins, to use that power for the ships CFS systems. Everything was going fine for at least a few moments, then the ship began to take a pounding.

When the CFS system failed, he had to order their newest recruit, Koga Akemi, to help with repairs. He sent her originally to assist Cherry-heisho, who was performing repairs on the ships coolent pump system but then redirected the infantrymen to vehicle storage to hook up a portable aetheric generator to help give power to the CFS system.

Between that, and the repair work, the system came back online but not before Mishhu managed to get aboard and took over Pineapple-heisho, the zombiefied Heisho stole a power armor and then destroyed both the port and starboard engines. In the the midst of all of this, a power armor team from another ship teleported over where they took out the now rogue Pineapple.

In order to possibly save the ship, he engaged the ships anti-gravity system which helped to level it off and bring it in at a good angle thanks to Valencia Ramiro's piloting, the ship was able to land in the water though it did sink a bit. Takeyu then made his way out of the ship after ensuring the reactor was shut down and engaged NMX forces on the beach, while providing protection to the ship long enough for its sister ship to tow the Eucharis out of the area.

Once the Eucharis was safely away, Takeyu joined the rest of his crewmen aboard a shuttle that went to Kyoto, upon arrival Takeyu saw the damage and the amount of destruction the NMX had caused - before engaging additional NMX forces including Tanks and Rippers.

Mission 14.3 - Aftermath

With the battle over, and Yamatai once again safe, Takeyu went about overseeing the repairs to the ship, although he wanted to get involved - he knew that the KFY Personnel didn't need any help. After checking up on the progress, he headed to the wardroom to grab a bite to eat before heading for the Tarmac, where he was promoted to the rank of Shoi.

Now he has to get the ship ready for its next mission…

Mission 15.1 Gifted

The ship is back out on a mission, but the next mission has Takeyu going after something he never thought was possible: Another Hanako? With him being assigned to Helen, he has been prepping the shuttle for lunch and making certaint hat everything is secured and ready, though this is his first time flying a shuttle in a couple years.

During the flight, a group of NMX Battlepods found them and managed to damage the shuttle enough that Helen Klein, the squad leader, made the choice to abandon the shuttle. Takeyu set the shuttle on a collision course and then bailed out after the rest.

Upon landing on the ground, he made his way with stealthy to a set of coordinates where he laid in wait for the signal to come out. Before it happened, the NMX landed parties nearby and Alpha team was forced to defend themselves - but Beta, which Takeyu was part of, was able to get away to continue the mission.

On a mountain, Takeyu was in the process of checking to see if the squad had been detected when an NMX Bomber dropped an Aetheric bomb nearby. Teleporting himself and a fellow squadmate out of the area, Beta and Alpha eventually hooked back up and a camp was set up.

Now Takeyu is setting up the communications building… in hopes that they find the other Hanako soon before the NMX come back to finish what they'd started. It didn't take long before Ramireo's squad found Hanako 2.0, with the NMX now fast approuching, Takeyu and his squadmate evacuated to the awaiting shuttles at camp and headed back into space.

Upon arrival into space, he had to leave the shuttle to help defend them from NMX Battlepods, but luckily they were able to get to the Eucharis before things got to hectic..

Mission 16 The Nest

With the previous mission completed, Takeyu was able to rest at least a bit, but his concern for the ship continues as he examined the insides for any damage. During his search, he found small pockets of radation that were of concern but were to low in levels to be dangerous as long as he and his fellow crewmates didn't stay to long in those areas. During the briefing, Sune sent him a report detailing the same radiation pockets and after which he talked with Sune about the ship and his desires to somehow get a total refit done for the entire ship.

Takeyu has been attempting to get the ship ready, but the talk of radiation pockets has him worried and he's praying they don't cause them any issues, considering that he found there to be little time to address the issue while groundside.

The radiation issues weren't much of a problem as the ship was able to execute it's mission without issues, then, during briefing, he was assigned to Sune's team. After being deployed onto the NMX HQ's station they were deposited into a sewege area that left Takeyu disgusted.

Upon getting out of the sewege area, an NMX Neko came to the deck to possibly investigate the shuttles but Takeyu didn't have a chance to incap the neko before the Neko noticed Riko, an Eucharis crewmen, and fled. This resulted in an NMX Response party that swarmed the area. In order for he and his team to survive, Takeyu had his team explot various designs of the Mindy including the ability to clock.

This allowed his team and him to survive, and when they got the engineering area of the station, Takeyu was able to set explosives along with the help of a fellow crewmen. However, he wouldn't find out until later that the explosives set weren't enough to accomplish the objective of the mission, but still succeeded in shutting down the reactor to allow for them to escape.

Mission 16.1 Hanako's World

With the previous mission overwith, Takeyu is able to get some rest and also enjoy some RnR…

Mission 17.1 Odds and Ends

With the vacation overwith, Takeyu boards the Eucharis for another mission. He heads to the UX-11 System to recover items, some of which he aquired for his own personal usage and some that would be useful in projects he has going on.

He takes on a volunteer assignment to lead a recon group onto the Ayana, along with a number of others, they board the ship and begin their investigation and soon discover things that make little sense to them including how the crews were killed or what transpired on board.

There was blood and shell-casings along with evidence of a raid. After getting main power back online, the group discovered that the ship had no main computer system and also lacked sensors as well. Although anti-gravity drives were functional.

Shortly after this the ship was towed into space, where Takeyu spent mosto f hte time repairing the hull and fixing up some of the ships systems though not really having all the time needed to accomplish either task.

At their starbase, he was promoted to the rank of Taii and is now getting ready to head to Sam's Island.

Mission 17.2 Friends

At Sam's Island Takeyu spent some time with the enlisted, demonstrating his own style of leading and not wanting to seperate himself just because he was an officer. He also paid for the entire meal.

Mission 17.3 Peoples of the North

Takeyu helped keep the ship in ready shape by mostly sticking to maintenance tasks, but after while he found his services needed when the ships away team found themselves in a mess - he suited up in power armor and left the ship just as it left.

When he arrived on the ground, however, he discovered that the shuttle had been looted by NMX Neko's. He was going to repair the shuttle when his attention was taken by Misato who had run into Rippers and needed assistance. During this, the shuttle had been stolen and left the team stranded on the ground with one badly injured crewmen.

Mission 17.3 - Away Team - Exploring the Dark Labyrinth

With no support in site, Takeyu begins to take the team into the cloning facility but stops when he gets a message from the YSS Firebird, a ship owned and operated by Jalen Sune. Because he wasn't fully uware of Bor's injuries he initially sent a report that the soldier was injured but fine, but his opinion on that changed when he received a more correct report; by them however a shuttle from the Eucharis had arrived.

The mission ended up not going as well as Takeyu had hoped, after a bit of time he had to call for a retreat and get the crew back to the ship due to other problems that concerned him.

Mission 18.1 - Winter Leave

With the previous mission now over, Takeyu can take some well needed rest and relaxation. The war is winding down, which is something he is looking forward too, although he is worried about the future a bit. With the holiday season in full swing, he has joined Hanako for a drive to the mall to get presents for the crew but has also invited his sisters along.

Mission 18.3A - One Man's Trash (HX-21)

In this mission, Takeyu was tasked with leading a small team, consisting of Victory, Misato, and himself to HX-21. The mission was to teach Misato some leadership capabilities, but the mission changed from that objective to one of investigating an odd Lorath ship on the surface.

During this investigation, the team discovered an ID-SOL who had been a slave aboard this ship, which turned out to be a pirate vessel. After some investigation, the group loaded up several items about the shuttle they rode to the planet on, including an Orchesstian and a few others.

Mission 18.4 - Back on the Ship

Upon returning to the ship, Takeyu helped unload the shuttle of some of its cargo before heading to medical for a check up. While he was there, he meet a new medic onboard who had come from the YSS Firebirg, after the checkup was completed he headed to the Wardroom for a debriefing. However, things went south when Conrad - a new person on the crew - made several snid comments that got the ire of some of the crew there.

Mission 20 - Strangers

With the previous mission over with, Takeyu finds himself on one that involves not combat but rather talking to an alien race, one not encountered before in history. He had learned that these particular people don't have the same kind of currency that other known races have, in this case, these people use power and dreams… intriguing…

After the mission was overwith, he and the rest of the crew went for some leave on Hanako's World where he hoped to deepen his relationship with Misato, and also bring his sisters along…

Mission 21 - YE 35

Now a Taii, Takeyu finds himself accompanying Misato and a small group of greenie soldiers to one of the Eucharis's old mission sites - Ether. The landing was a good one and the brief training exercise that took place resulted in Takeyu being impressed with Misato and her advice, but a storm on the horizon that had been spotted quickly descended upon the team and forced them to continue on their mission.

After some time they arrived at an abandoned NMX base, the sight of the Euchari's previous mission that resulted in some crew casualties. Now inside, Takeyu has sprung a surprise on the team to test their unit cohesion.

Shortly after the battle, with the team defeating a holographic Misshu; the team decided to return to the Eucharis. Shortly before the ship arrival back in a safe port, Takeyu received a transfer order - sending him to the YSS Soyokaze as its commanding officer, giving him his first actual command.

YSS Soyokaze Time Log

These logs pertain to the YSS Soyokaze, which Takeyu became apart of starting on May 13th, 2014.. and has been ongoing.

0.1 Be(i)rth of the Soyokaze!

After leaving the YSS Eucharis, Takeyu and those whom had been transferred to the Soyokaze arrived at the ship. Takeyu disembarked the shuttle and meet up with Ise Nenene, his new XO.

1.0 Fly Me to the Moon!

Surprised, Takeyu has found himself promoted to the rank of Shosa and given full command of the YSS Soyokaze. Now, with an operation given to him by the 9th Fleets Taisho, he and his XO begin to develop a plan of action with the goal of rescuing any potential survivors and recovering data.

The plan itself was only a partial success, although much of the NMX fleet was decimated so to was the Soyokaze's squadron, leaving only a small number of ships remaining. Civilians on the moon were rescued and brought aboard the ship; but a group of NMX sucessfully escaped…

1.1 A Night With Misato and Takeyu

Takeyu and Misato get together a dinner and a night in hopes of improving upon thier relationship, and Takeyu begins to wonder if something is bothering Misato…

2.0 Moon(ie) Fever

As things have settled down, Takeyu ordered for the ship to be repaired while the civilians rescued in the previous mission were sent away; however, contact has since been lost and something mysterious is now plaguing the ship….

After some work, alongside various members of the ships crew the plague was dealt with, although not before a death was suffered at its hands. Upon returning to port, Takeyu was promoted to the rank of Chusa. Having received new orders, and only been on the Soyokaze for a short time, he now has to get his things packed and ready to move onward to a new ship - with a new mission - and potentially even more dangers…

YSS Ryūjō Time Log

These logs pertain to the YSS Ryūjō (Plot), a plot that Takeyu is the captain of after servicing only a year as commanding officer of the YSS Soyokaze.

Takeyu's Skills

The following table lists all of the skills learned by Takeyu Nayacesen.

List of Skills

Skill Description
Engineering Despite growing up on a mining ship; he has developed a keen ability to design and re-engineer entire systems to work better or differently than how they were originally intended. This is what allowed him to re-engineer the mining beams of his family's ship, to bring in more yield and to waste less of the asteroid.
Fighting Having lived outside of patrolled areas, he has been taught how to fight - from using his hands and feet, to knowing the pressure points of most enemies. His skills with a pistol are only second to those of his rifle. Combat in zero gravity only furthered his knowledge on how to control himself in space, that includes bracing himself while using a weapon or on using his environment.
Maintenance and Repair Because of his upbringing, he was taught at a rather young age how to repair systems and get them back into operational condition. His eyes are good enough to spot something that may either go wrong - or will.
Starship Operations Thanks to his father often teaching him how to work the ship's systems, he also managed to develop the ability to plot courses to and from areas, but his experience inside an asteroid field and knowing how to use it to his advantage is his greatest asset in this field.
Technology Operation Although he initially used a custom OS on the ship; namely since his family had their reasons, he still found ways to learn about other operating systems used by most other people. His skill in altering the base code of a program often allowed him to 'slave' incompatible systems together to work as a whole unit. However, this often came at a high risk of possibly frying either those systems - or every system it was connected to.
Mathematics Originally, his knowledge of mathematics was limited to the basics, but as he was exposed to more systems on-board his ship - and later off - he began to create new means of calculating math for use in some systems. The sensors aboard the mining ship, for example, were modified to the point where they were able to pick up objects are vast distances and could scan them clearly, all thanks to an equation he developed.
Communication Working in deep-space, amongst asteroids and even inside Nebulae, has given Takeyu great insight into how the communication systems on board his ship worked. He was able to figure out ways of communicating with other ships while also keeping the family ship secure and 'invisible' from eavesdropping
Leadership During the course of Takeyu's career, he was able to observe the officers onboard his ship and learn from them and understand what it means to be a leader. Although he had learned much of this during his time as a miner, he learned more as a soldier. Being made Chief Engineer of the Eucharis only deepened his experience in leading a group of people.



Each soldier is issued the following:


Pistol Belt

  • 1 pistol belt, leather, dark gray, with holster for service pistol

All items in the section below come with a belt pouch, case, sheath or holster as applicable.

Personal Hygiene

These items are expendable and can be reissued whenever needed. These will not need to be returned.

  • 1 Black waterproof shower kit bag with detachable shoulder strap
  • 1 bottle of shampoo
  • 1 bottle liquid body soap
  • 1 toothbrush
  • 1 tube of toothpaste
  • 2 washcloths, white
  • 2 towels, white
  • 1 stick of deodorant (for non-Nekovalkyrja)
  • 1 hairbrush, round type
  • 1 pair nail clippers

Gifts from Ketsurui Hanako

  • Personalized Leather Bomber Jacket with fur collar and patches from the Eucharis and all previous ships each character has been on
  • Fur Comforter with silk backing
  • Bottle of Wine, Limited Edition YE 32 Fortified Sakura Blush (1 of only 32 bottles produced)

Other Items

Isolated Computer Pad Wooden jewelry box with red velvet interior (for medals) A picture of the family A disk containing at least a partial of the operating code for the sensor suit aboard his families ship. Tamahagane Ta-W1-4a - Katana (Power Armor) - Meant for use on Power Armor.

Wooden Jewelry box

Item Description Reason
Star Army Service Award YSS Eucharis Mission 11
Star Army Exploration Award System HX-5
Star Army War Medal Second Mishhuvurthyar War
Combat Award Battle of Yamatai
Service Battle of Yamatai-3rd Device
War Medal Battle of Yamatai, 2nd NMX– 2nd Device
2x Good Conduct None Given for First, second one due to leadership and performance
Notable Career None Givne
Experience Completed more than five missions
Santô Hei Rank Pin New Soldier Completion
Ittô Hei Rank Pin YSS Eucharis Promotion
Nitô Heisho Rank Pin YSS Eucharis Promotion
Jôtô Heisho Rank Pin YSS Eucharis Promotion
Nitô Juni Rank Pin YSS Eucharis Promotion
Shoi Rank Pin YSS Eucharis Promotion
Taii Rank Pin YSS Eucharis Promotion


Private Warehouse

Retrieved on UX-11 IX

  • Shuttle's Plasma Reactor - Functional
  • Starship Environmental Systems Installation Kit
  • Mortar Launcher
  • Child's Coloring Book
  • Brand new starship control panels
  • Brand new starship viewscreens

Regular Items

  • Mobile Spanner” Drone
  • Mobile Spanner” Drone


  • 40 Zen Armaments Precision Sniper Rifle with 40 BU-P50R batteries
  • Box of 20 Type 30 Electromagnetic Pulse Grenade
  • Box of 20 Type 30 Fragmentation Grenade (Black stripe)
  • Box of 5 Black Spiral-Type Positron Rifle, Two in Pristine Condition, three partially disassembled.
  • Box of 20 Type 30 Fragmentation Grenade (Black stripe)
  • Box of 20 Type 30 Scalar Pulse Grenade (White body with orange stripe)
  • Box of 20 Type 30 Scalar Pulse Grenade (White body with orange stripe)
  • Box of 20 Type 30 Sleeping Gas Grenade (Pink stripe)
  • Box of 20 Type 30 Sleeping Gas Grenade (Pink stripe)
  • Box of 20 Type 30 Smokescreen Grenade (Thick gray stripe)
  • Box of 20 Type 30 Stun Grenade (Silver Body)
  • Box of 20 Type 30 Tear Gas Grenade (Yellow stripe)
  • Atromos Particle Beam Rifle

Takeyu Nayacesen's Financial Records

Takeyu Nayacesen's financial records are located on this page, where he receives a salary from the Star Army of Yamatai and also gets pay from Nayacesen Industrials which is a company he owns. Takeyu Nayacesen is currently a Shosa in the Star Army of Yamatai. He receives a weekly salary of 4,429 KS per month.

Salary from Star Army

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3,000 KS Starting Funds
5,879 KS 2,879 Four Months Pay, first four based on previous scale, fifth month based on new scale
4,079 KS 1,800 Purchased a Isolated Computer Pad
5,186 KS 1,107 Months Pay
15,186 KS 10,000 Gift from Kage Yaichiro
16,957 KS 1,771 Months Pay
18,728 KS 1,771 Months Pay
20,499 KS 1,771 Months Pay
22,270 KS 1,771 Months Pay
24,706 KS 2,436 Months Pay
159,706 Ks 135,000 Made from selling salvage
201,706 Ks 42,000 Made from selling salvage
101,706 Ks 10,0000 Given to Yuki Toshiro for services
101,606 Ks 100 Purchase of a Custom Tamahagane Ta-W1-4a - Katana (Power Armor)
100,106 Ks 500 Procurement of clothing and other supplies for Sakura Nayacesen
102,542 Ks 2,436 Months Pay
104,978 Ks 2,436 Months Pay
106,085 Ks 1,107 Months Pay For November
107,192 Ks 1,101 Months Pay
108,299 Ks 1,107 Months Pay
109,406 Ks 1,107 Months Pay
110,513 Ks 1,107 Months Pay
111,629 Ks 1,107 Months Pay
154,802 Ks 43,173 Thirteen months of pay
231,185 Ks 76,383 Twenty three months of pay, never put in pay earned once making Taii
275,445 Ks 44,260 Ten months of pay 1)
275,235 Ks 0 -210 Anonymous Donation

Nayacesen Industrial Records


This character can NOT be adopted by anyone without first talking to its creator.

Character Data
Character NameTakeyu Nayacesen
Character OwnerKyle
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Approval Thread…
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankChusa
SAOY OccupationStar Army Starship Captain
SAOY AssignmentYSS Ryūjō
As of Jan 14th, 2015

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