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Nyton Claymere

New proposed Nyton art
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Nyton Claymere
Species: Nepleslian
Gender: Male
Date of Birth YE 10
Age: 33 years
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 6'2“ (187.96 cm)
Weight: 180 lb (81.9 kg)
Organization Claymere Cybernetics Unlimited, Contracted with Miharu Light Industries
Rank Former Taii
Occupation Businessman, Contractor
Current Placement Tactical, Combat Arms , Miharu Light Industries Contractor

Nyton in Roleplay

A Player Character involved in the Black Knights, he is controlled by Nyton.

Current Events

Nyton and crew are searching for Kotori and the source behind the attacks on Yamatai during the christening.

Nyton Claymere is a Nepleslian contractor working on the Black Knights as a tactical officer and combat arms.


Father: Anthony Claymere, age 55

Mother: Celine Claymere, age 49

Grandfather: Thomas Claymere, age 97 (actual age 137)

Brother: Nellis Claymere, age 22

Sister: Nadine Claymere, age 11

Family Details and Personal History:

Anthony Claymere (previous name Rodney “Rod” “Cold Crete” “Solid Steel” “Cretin” Lemmis): Anthony is of unknown parentage, his mother being a prostitute who became pregnant from one of her many clients. She was killed by her pimp/handler when he was young. His only given name was provided to him by his first caretaker who were sympathetic colleagues of his mother who knew her but were not related. His mother had no known family either and she had deemed him not worth her time to name. He was 'cared for' in his earlier years but for the most part has been on his own. He learned what he could on the streets and rummaged the garbage for any means to survive. Eventually he joined a gang who taught him some skills, most of which he picked up quickly, causing him to become an enforcer in a gang at a young age due to being extremely capable and possessing a sharp mind. He earned his nicknames on the street for being as hard and cold as the pavement and steel he fought in. Unlike the other gang members who wasted their livelihood on booze, drugs, and sex, he spent his gains on furthering himself, learning, and pursuing a goal that would take him above the street life. During a street war his gang was overrun by their rivals but he escaped, coldly allowing the rest of his gang to die to provide him cover while he secured several business assets the group possessed. He smuggled those assets and changed his name to begin a more legitimate business and build up his own personal army. Because of his instincts and business sense he became more successful and legitimate, amassing a small fortune by the age of 19. His continued work, dedication, and sacrifice, has brought this self made man into a rising prominence even while being cautious not to draw the attention of too many powers. He is still not afraid to get his hands dirty and retains his rather effective level of skill, reflexes and acuity.

Celine Claymere (maiden name: MacThomas): Celine is the only surviving child of Thomas , she was the youngest of five children. Her four older brothers all perished in the Plague that wiped out most Nepleslians during the reign of the second emperor. As a child she grew up training to become a warrior like her aunt Shannon. Her mother even commented how alike her daughter was to her sister. Before Celine could undergo the ritual trials to become a warrior of her clan, which consisted of her immediate family and dozens of full conversion cyborg families making up the Irregulars, Thomas cancelled them and declared she would have to begin a new family immediately. They departed from the Irregulars to begin life anew in anonymity. She reluctantly agreed to the task of carrying on their genetic legacy by marrying Anthony but not until after he had proven himself to her. While she agreed to the arranged marriage she demanded she be allowed to test every potential suitor. It was only 'fortunate' this was during the shortage of natural female Nepleslians that occurred back in the early YE before cloning and population levels sorted out shortly after. Thomas 'advertised' his daughter as a pure bred full blooded Nepleslian woman to those of a certain financial bracket and filtered out the ones he deemed as unworthy before allowing those he approved to be tested by her. Her training and experience, while not as extensive as she was being raised up to be, were still formidable. She pummeled most of her 'suitors' and any sore losers were dealt with by Thomas. Anthony was the only one to both endure the acid of her temperament and her prowess. Over time she would come to have feelings and work her way into his heart just as he would grow into hers.

Thomas Claymere (original name Thomas “Big Tom” “Angel of Death” “Clansboss” Mac: Former soldier for the Greens, Thomas comes from a well respected family of traditional warriors. His family was considered one of the best, producing the greatest soldiers and fighters of their generations. Family tradition was kept with a martial strictness burdening every successive generation with centuries of pride and family honor. There were stories passed down of being related to some of the first humans who revolted against the enslavement brought by the Black Fang Empire long ago. Thomas was a veteran and hero of the Green/Red conflict, receiving legendary status during the unending conflict for completing and surviving missions that would be considered impossible. He was a special operations Trap Master, capable of infiltration, sabotage, espionage, melee, weapons, and combat in every environment. He fought as a human for twenty five years straight, starting at the age of ten. During the war he would do battle with both Shannon and her twin sister, narrowly surviving each encounter, while they too managed to barely survive his prowess. He barely survived and defeated an advanced Forge built full conversion super cyborg, losing most of his body in the process, staying alive through sheer force of will until he was chosen by the Forge to be another full conversion super cyborg.

Sibeal O'Adair: (Deceased) Nyton's grandmother and twin sister to Shannon. She was a full conversion cyborg fighting for the Reds alongside her sister. She began her life with very weak eyes but refused any sort of corrective surgery, gene therapy, or cybernetic implants. Even upon becoming a super cyborg she retained her poor eyesight of the physical realm, instead relying on 'guidance from the spirits.' A strange, gentle, intelligent woman, she grew up being protected by her more fiery sister, Shannon. Yet Sibeal always managed to avoid or dodge any injury and protecting Shannon from attack while busily engaged. Sibeal could move through obstacles and situations with ethereal ease and grace. She grew up to become a sniper for the Reds, providing her sister with support fire, despite her weak eyes. Sibeal was truly an oddity, coming the closest to killing Tom and yet never following through because the spirits guided her elsewhere. If any injury came to her or Shannon, she simply stated the spirits told her they had to endure it. Much to Shannon's ire the events of their apparent 'misfortune' would actually improve their circumstances or situation.

Nellis Claymere (Nell, Little Bro): Nyton's younger brother and genius. He is highly intelligent, motivated, and cheerful. He is good natured but tends to go off into his own world in the pursuit of answers. He has gone into advanced studies in science and technology. A pet project he is currently working on are theoretical dimensional mechanics of higher planes of existence between school and business studies.

Nadine Claymere: Nyton's younger sister. She is sweet, loving, and kind. She enjoys helping her family and is very content with seeing to things around the house although she loves excursions out. Has an oddly peaceful, almost too serene, demeanor which can be both pleasant and odd. She can sometimes be heard talking by herself in an empty room as though she were playing with toys or with someone. When asked who she is talking with she responds that she was just remembering grandmama, grumpy great gramps, or just family and never expounds on it. At times she finds things that are lost or reminds people of things they should remember.

Shannon O'Adair: Shannon is the great Aunt to Nyton, twin sister of his grandmother, sister in law of Thomas, and clansmember of the Irregulars. She was a full conversion cyborg assassin who fought for the Reds during the long wars on Nepleslia. She and her sister were enemies and rivals to Thomas while he fought for the Greens. It wasn't until after they were nearly eliminated by rivals within their own organization, barely surviving the attempt after massive blood and limb loss, were they were chosen by the Forge to become advanced full conversion cyborgs. Shannon is currently away with Thomas on the Irregulars vendetta in an unknown region of space.



Nyton is no longer in a Nepleslian body. He is currently in a Yamataian NH-22C body after dying twice.

Nyton is a tall man with a well toned muscled body who looks older than his age due to the full head of gray hair. Nyton's hair is always in a military styled cut of a fair length with one shock of hair that falls in front of his face. His eyes are angled, almost hawk like, and have ice blue colored iris. He keeps himself well shaved whenever possible and convenient. Due to his business pursuits he tries to keep himself looking professional at all times. His facial expressions are generally neutral but his odd sense of humor has made him prone to smirk or smile. When in 'business' mode he is a lot more expressive as he tries to read his clientele and establish rapport. Nyton's skin tone is generally caucasian although he tans easily when exposed to sun for extended periods of time.

Nyton has no natural distinguishing marks. Any scars that appear were carried over from his original Nepleslian body and are more faded due to the Yamataian body not being prone to scarring.

Due to experimentation on his body and psychological state utilizing the memory recorders he is in the process of creating a sort of multiplicity within his mind akin to what his family has described the Irregulars were capable of. These psionic experiments along with the presence of Melisson's seed within him has manifested in enhanced sensitivity, emotional empathy, communication, and pyrotechnic control.


Currently Nyton only has the Memory Recorder system installed on his current body. Previously in his original Nepleslian body he had these following augmentations: Modular Eyes with Targeting System, Target Status Reader, Substance Analysis Scanner, Infrared, Low light, Flash Compensation, Fast Time Machinery Interface, Remote Spider Spy Orb, 360 vision, a Data Port, a Internal PSC, a left Cybernetic Forearm.

Memory Recorder Module: Nyton has a Memory Recorder Module installed that allows him to record and save every detail of experiences he encounters so long as the sensory input is available. The module can then store and download the information onto his brain's long term memory so that he can recall everything giving him absolutely perfect photographic memory. Information can also be downloaded into it via an external data port. Memories can be uploaded to provide Nyton with instant emotional boost effects such as adrenaline, endorphins, etc. Several memory strings are stored as such to provide him with such effects. He can also use memories to control certain body functions to a limited extent.

Another effect of the Memory Recorder Module and its recording ability is the software of the recorder and the way it meshes with Nyton's mind. It started out as a foreign presence but eventually became so in tune and familiar with his mind that it began to act as a secondary or backup brain. During the Battle of the Rift when Nyton was under Melisson's mental domination, the Mishhu overlord put him into a variety of different dream worlds from which he could not escape. Throughout the experience, however the Memory Recorder continuously attempted to pull him out of the dreams, going so far as to take the form of Nyton to try and snap him out of it. Since then Nyton has begun to look differently at his Recorders and is considering the affects of reinstalling his first Recorder that had been removed when he upgraded to the current one he has. He has begun to question if the Recorders have become not just a part of him but are indeed another version of himself spawned off of his memories and experiences up until the point of last recording. This existential question is possibly the beginning of a mad experiment he is about to partake in.

The Memory Enhancement Module has been shielded to resist small to moderate EMP bursts.

His cybernetics were installed at request. At 15 Nyton had his first set of eyes installed. At 16 he received his first memory enhancement system. At 17 he was forced to have his left forearm replaced after an accidental detonation of a claymore mine destroyed the organic one. The original ADN was installed at age 19. The upgrades and replacements were done at age 20.


Height: 6’2 187.96 cm

Weight: 185 lb 83.9 kg


Nyton's general demeanor is more easy going and relaxed. His experiences with Melisson and personal death have made him appear a little unhinged and to cope he is now possessed of a strange sense of humor. He is still practical, shrewd, and calculating but just not as serious as he used to be. He tries to think things through before acting, preferring to be prepared for as many variables as possible. Some might think of him as tuned out because when he starts thinking he will have this far away look. Nyton always assumes his ‘thinking’ pose of placing his left hand to his chin and supporting the left elbow with this right hand. Even while in this stage of deep thought his eyes are still aware and keeping track of all that goes on around him. Nyton tries to be the ‘perfect strategist,’ who is capable of defeating opponents without having to fight them. He’s given up chess which frustrates him to no end since the game is at its core all about strategy.

Nyton has come to terms with a lot of his personal demons and the events in his life. He may come across as silly or aloof but he can also be serious and professional when the time comes for it. He does as much research as he can when dealing with people, especially in business, to better relate and negotiate. He is still devoted to his comrades and wishes to protect them, treating them as family whom he also tries to defend. By achieving complete victory with the best planning possible he wants to keep everyone alive through the dangerous circumstances of battle, without having to sacrifice for the sake of victory. Nyton has no deep prejudices and tends to be tolerant and accepting, if only just because he knows he can be very trying and difficult himself. He deals with people as individuals while trying to analyze as much as he can with whatever is at hand to deduce about someone. His loyalty to his family is strong and he idolizes his grandfather but has begun to drift away from the childish admiration he had in order to follow his own path. He is fiercely loyal to Kotori Ketsurui and would still follow her wherever she asks but will point out a mistake or wrong if need be. Despite his attraction to her he has come to terms and accepted her decision to follow a Nekovalkyrja lifestyle. He considers her his best friend and confidante and will gladly listen to anything she wishes to discuss or even attend to her hair when summoned to do so. He is determined to continue serving her in whatever manner even from a distance if need be.

Nyton is aggressive and always looks for the quickest way to kill his enemy without mercy during combat. He has no preference so long as he can kill whatever he is fighting and will adapt as needed. His exposure to combat and killing early in life caused him to develop an addiction to killing which he hid even from himself until it became unhinged at his own death. Since then he has processed and renounced it which is another factor leading to his sense of humor. He still suffers from occasional withdrawal shakes, noticeable in one of his hands beginning to twitch which he shakes off after some time. He is still very calm when facing death after having died two times and grins snidely at Death whenever he sees him.

Nyton tries to maintain a professional appearance at all times when he is a 'representative' of his company. 'Off camera' he is not as concerned but is hygienic and well kept, preferring casual outfits and only dressing up for occasions. He is not afraid of getting his hands or body dirty and is still a bit of a neat freak in regards to his personal quarters. He does have a habit of creating piles of notes and research materials which he refuses to let anyone touch for fear of losing something important. Any attempt by someone other than himself to file it will irritate him as it ruins the system he had established to find things when he does get around to cleaning up his materials.

When at home Nyton enjoys the role of big brother and will play with his younger brother Nellis and baby sister Nadine. His relationship with his father has improved drastically after he began taking a direct interest in business and they are steadily growing closer. His mother has begun telling him more about his family history and legacy regarding his grandfather and the Irregulars. His grandfather is still gone and has not yet returned from his vendetta against the creator of the virus that killed most of his family and comrades. It is unknown if he will ever return and Nyton misses him.

Nyton hates cold weather, preferring warmer climates and being comfortable under these conditions where others are not (psychological only, not at all a special ability in any way). His mood is also much lighter and happier when warm, while shifting to down and irritable when cold.

Nyton is not currently looking for a relationship and due to his proposed long term plans he has made, his family has determined he must sire an heir before he can risk disappearing into space. His father is looking to use Nyton's status as a 'war hero' to marry him to an eligible candidate which will help further his business endeavors.

Loves: Existential discussions, winning, fighting, cheating death, using weapons and explosives, his family, his comrades, (platonic but still with desire and loyally devoted) Kotori Ketsurui

Likes: Warm weather, sweet things (has a bit of a sweet tooth), warfare, victory, good conversations on history, politics, and strategy, tinkering with devices and building gadgets, finding new markets, Roger Wilco Goers (sports team)

Dislikes: Chess, unthinking people, bad tactics, genetic black boxes

Hates: Death of loved ones/comrades, cowardice, incompetence in himself and others

Goals: To expand his father's business to one day build his own business empire. He then plans to build his own independent self-sufficient colony hidden away from the vast empires and wars. This colony would have enough resources stored which would allow the sheltering and protection of Kotori Ketsurui or whatever family and those under her charge when the empires collapse. It would be a refuge from the chaos such a civilization level collapse brings.


Growing up on Nepleslia

Born and raised in the city of Roger Wilco on Nepleslia, Nyton is the son of a small but well off weapons merchant, Anthony Claymere. Surrounded by weapons of all kinds, Nyton’s father let him practice, becoming familiarized in their ins and outs at a young age. His mother, Celine, is an accomplished slicer and has successfully hacked into various databases to steal data from other small weapons businesses to keep her husband just ahead of the game but not too obvious so as to draw suspicion. Sometimes she even manages to discover where and when the local government plan on dropping its next ‘welfare program gift.’ Using this knowledge Anthony would then prepare the site with traps and claymores to set up a perimeter. Along with his son and some trusted employees, they would ‘field test’ his weapons to hold back the crowd before making off with the loot. It would be these encounters that Nyton would experience the violence of battle and become accustomed to it. Nyton’s grandfather, Thomas, is a full conversion cyborg. He is a veteran of many battles and survived many horrific wounds, he has since retired from a long military career. After retiring he chose to keep his larger combat styled body then a more human looking ’retired’ version. Occasionally he assists his son on his field tests but mostly providing tactical support. He also calls the shots whenever the drop site places them at too much of a disadvantage that an attempt would be too risky.

Anthony Claymere has since changed fields and gone into the cybernetics field, expanding his business in dealing and providing cybernetic services. He still maintains and keeps his own personal security branch to protect his holdings. Currently the security branch is becoming its own separate LLC which will contract exclusively with Claymere Cybernetics Unlimited.

Thomas is not just a retired soldier, he was the only surviving member of an old long forgotten noble house of Nepleslian warlords, a highly experienced and sought after outdated Trap Master class soldier, and eventually a member of the Irregulars, an elite team of experimental purely cybernetic full conversion cyborgs enhanced to the point of being considered 'living Power Armor' before the field of Power Armors had even developed, along with his daughter Celine. They were also prior to the genetic revolutions of PNUgen and their nekovalkyrja progeny. The members were humans with decades of combat experience before being forged into cyborgs who since then have over a hundred years of experience in combat. They had developed a very martial culture of intense training and development which pushed them beyond their bodies simply being enhanced replacements. Using their own saved genetic data they simulated conceiving natural fully human children and created unified clan like family units. Several of these children would then grow up to be elite warriors with the promise of one day being enhanced like their parents. Sadly, most of their children were lost to the Plague, leaving their parents bereaved and in despair, lacking the ability create more. Ironically, the perfect memory units which enhances their combat abilities were ill prepared for the psychological damage of losing their children causing many to fall into a catatonic state of trauma. The ones who were able to survive were forced to collect and care for their comrades, hiding them away in various bunkers around Nepleslia, the moons, and various undisclosed locations. Thomas abruptly left the Irregulars shortly after ensuring his comrades were secure with his only surviving daughter, forcing her to marry a businessman to support and protect her.

Nyton grew up in a decent upper middle class household. While aware of the dangers of the streets his home would be a sanctuary from the strife as he grew up. He attended decent schools and did well throughout his youth. Celine raised and cared for him the majority of his childhood. Anthony would offer his support as much as possible even if at a distance at times due to work constraints. Thomas mentored and pushed Nyton's development, molding him as though he were his own son. Thus Thomas has been the greatest influence to his life. For the most part Nyton lived a fairly balanced life with an appreciation for the privileges he was afforded and a sense of responsibility in his pursuits.

One encounter that had a profound affect on him was the death of an old friend Charlie “Chappy” Peterson. Charlie was killed by a junkie in the middle of a drug induced haze which could have been prevented had Nyton shot the man immediately rather than hesitated. Another event revealed was a time when Nyton was a teenager. His father's business owned a warehouse in a region that became controlled by a small violent gang looking to step up. Rather than pay the “protection fees” Anthony decided to take his trusted “security experts” along with Thomas and Nyton and waged a war of extermination. Over the next few days the gang was summarily exterminated until the final gambit. Anthony and his element lured the rest of the gang into a building Nyton laced with explosives. After escaping, a second element was to seal the building and get out. Unfortunately the small five man team was unable to withdraw as planned. The option was presented to either wait for them and risk letting their enemy escape or killing everyone along with their own men. Anthony ordered Nyton to detonate the building. After a few moments hesitation Nyton set off the explosives but not to his liking.

At 14 Nyton was forced to undergo the (unknown to him) traditional Irregular rite of passage of having to hone his survival skills on the streets all alone for one month with no support or resources. He was deposited in one of the industrial blocks of the megacities to survive for 30 days. Unknown to him at the time, those enduring the rite are actually being watched over to ensure he would not die. However failure meant the 30 day count would start over and a 'scar of shame' would be marked on his face. Nyton had to steal, sneak, evade, outwit, fight, and run for his life and he passed, although nearly died a few times as a result, while under the watchful gaze of his cyborg grandfather.

Nyton having been fascinated and experienced with warfare, combat tactics, and weapons decided to enlist in the Star Army of Yamatai to one day become a top ranking strategist. As such he is a freshly enlisted infantry troop full of confidence and looking for a chance to prove himself.

First Assignment: YSS Sakura

After being redirected from his original first assignment (YSS Destiny), Nyton arrived at Ketsurui Fleetyards to report to the YSS Sakura. Upon arrival he made his first encounter with Taisa Rufus Sydney, a Kohanian named Santo-Juni Zao-Fe Nei, a Nekovalkyrja named Chui Sakura Taji who had a cat tail to match her ears, and another Nekovalkyrja named Fujiko 'Forty Ounce' Takaminamoto, whose nickname was picked up after being found passed out behind a bar.

The crew shared dinner together and got to know each other a bit through conversation. Afterwards though was Nyton's first encounter with the infamous 'Dare Hat Party' which would eventually become an oft repeated tradition aboard the famous starship. The dares would last for several rounds before an alert was sounded calling the Sakura to immediately to battle.

All crewmembers immediately rushed to their stations. The ship then warped to Hoshi No Iori where a new Mishhuvurthyer offensive had emerged. Nyton donned a PHALANX power armor, a armor used by the NDI and shared with Yamatai, before launching along with two Ketsurui Samurai into the battle. The Sakura unleashed several waves of destruction from its main canons while the PA defended it against enemy pods. During the first round the two Samurai committed themselves to a suicidal charge while Nyton was forced to withdraw. The Sakura then began to make Search and Rescue runs to find survivors of other ships who had escaped destruction. Nyton located several escape pods and soul savior pods before having to fend off a massive attack on the hangar by enemy brain pods. After the skirmish Nyton and Fujiko launched out again, continuing to fight until the fleet was ordered to retreat. Nyton returned to the Sakura but was surprised to find that he was alone. Fujiko had disappeared and was not recovered before the ship arrived at Yamatai.

The crew disembarked and Nyton enjoyed another quiet meal with his crew before the notice came for reassignment.

Second Assignment YSS Mikomi

Due to the imminent threat of the Mishhuverthyar offensive, a battle group was put together to defend the world systems of Tami. The flag ship of this group would be the YSS Mikomi, a Nozomi class vessel lead by Chusa Kestral Bowman. Other crewmembers consisted of a young Yamataian Power Armor prodigy Eve Yamazaki, a Nekovalkyrja Ghi To, a Yamataian from the frozen regions of Ralt named Tom Freeman, and a Yamataian woman Chui Lori Narui. Nyton had been drawn in from the pool of resources that Yamatai had available at the time. After some quick introductions the crew set about deploying the battle fleet towards the planet Tami.

Shortly after its arrival, the fleet registered the arrival of three SMX battlegroups, each more numerous then their own. Despite being horribly outnumbered by at least 3 to 1 the Chusa split his single group to challenge each enemy battlegroup seperately. It was a move that would be remembered by Nyton as the battlegroup soon found itself being summarily wiped out within the first few salvos. The Mikomi too would soon fall victim to the onslaught and was crippled. The damaged ship then fell downward towards Tami and crashed into the planet's jungle before it careened to a halt near the ocean.

Upon realizing their situation the crew quickly got about working towards repair of the ship. Nyton and Eve launched to provide security, determining that the SMX indeed had a presence on Tami. They briefly engaged a small group of Mishhuvurthyar and dispatched them along with encountering another Power Armor pilot, Candide Neka, a Yamataian who had separated from his own ship and been forced to make planetfall. After securing the perimeter Nyton and Eve found a little girl named Haley who had come from the local colony nearby. She had miraculously managed to flee the invading SMX and reported that her home had been overrun. While Bowman and Ghi left the ship to investigate a signal, Nyton and Eve went to go investigate the Mishhu stronghold and try to effect search and rescue for any other survivors.

Nyton and Eve managed to get close to the city without being spotted. They split up and began to investigate separately to get a better clue but there was a strange interference causing their communication to break up. During the investigation Eve encountered a strange new SMX Power Armor that teleported away while Nyton was hit with a mysterious gastrointestinal affliction. The investigation did not last long when nuclear detonations began to occur. Nyton and Eve both fled back to the site where the Mikomi had been. Once they were out of range of the interference they were informed that the Mikomi had been repaired and was in fact above them in near planetary orbit. Eve managed to return first, having a lead on Nyton while the Nepleslian struggled not to get left behind. Nyton used his PHALANX suit's plasma jets as both extra propulsion and to try and make a signal to lock on to, the Mikomi managed to lock a tractor beam on him and rescue him in time to escape the blast.

Once Nyton was aboard he found out that the XO had been incinerated by the flash of a nuclear discharge which had hit closer to the ship. As the acting commander Nyton got about finding out their situation. The NDI had been requested to assist along with the aide of Zero Fleet which had earlier torn through the SMX battlegroups. The nukes had come from the NDI who had gone about wiping out the SMX presence on the planet. The girl they had earlier rescued was traumatized and took some time before Nyton could coax her to go to medical. Once there he found out she had been infected with Mishhu parasites. The damage the parasites had caused was so severe that Haley would not survive. Nyton gave her sedatives in a drink so that she would be unconscious while he Soul Transferred her to a new body. Nyton was in command until Kestral Bowman returned with Ghi To, both alive thanks to being aboard another ship that had crashed on Tami. The other ship had also managed to escape the destruction and rendezvous with the Mikomi.

With the battle resolved the Mikomi limped its way back home to Yamatai where the crew attempted to recover from the horrible battle. Nyton however would immediately find himself drawn elsewhere: Kyoto War College.

NCO Academy

The rapid climb in rank made by Nyton had been noticed by Personnel Command. This plus the rate of attrition from the war caused Nyton to be sent to the NCO Academy at the Kyoto War College. This school was intended for fast trackers and careerists who intended to eventually climb into the officer ranks.

Nyton Claymere attended this school and the classes consisted of several leadership courses, basic officer knowledge studies, starship operations, standards, history, etc. The curriculum intended to give the graduates the skills needed to return to their ships as their current rank but with the ability to perform as an officer. Most would be bumped into the Warrant Officer ranks to further gain experience.

During the course Nyton's class was split into several platoons and competed with each other. Some of the exercises required the platoons to work together or directly against. Several exercises were combat simulations along with classroom lessons. The students were a mix of Nekovalkyrja, Geshrin, Yamataian, and Nepelslians who had remained with the Empire after the split. During these courses Nyton would notice a sublime level of animosity towards the Nepleslians from the Nekovalkyrja. Some groups were indifferent but maintained a cold distance from even the Geshrin and Yamataians. It would be here that he began to realize just how different the cultural views and values between people had become. The lack of understanding had gotten very broad.

After several weeks Nyton's platoon would finish the course placing second to a more experienced all Nekovalkyrja group by a narrow margin. The Nekovalkyrja made no effort to conceal their animosity and it was on this sour note that Nyton would leave Kyoto on a brief leave interlude home. By the time he would return to duty he was assigned once again to the [i]YSS Sakura[/i].

Third Assignment Return to YSS Sakura

Once graduation was completed Nyton returned to the YSS Sakura and was assigned as the ship's Armor Wing Leader. Nyton developed a training program to give the non-combat role associated personnel a better grasp of Armor combat. This was based on his experiences with the previous untrained crew. Real action followed soon after when the ship was deployed to assist in the battle to defend Lor. This was also his first confrontation with the shadowy Black Spiral forces and the now notorious SMX translator and Dark One, Melisson. Nyton accompanied Hanako on an away team that was sent to negotiate with Melisson aboard her own ship. During the meeting he was forced to protect Melisson when one of the members of the Lor group suddenly attacked the Dark One. The results of the meeting were unable to prevent the following battle that occurred. Massive devastation on the planet resulted when the SMX deployed a new weapon system that dropped a planetoid on the surface. In the space conflict he assisted Kosuka, a Ketsurui Samurai, in dispatching a clone of Kotori, Kosuka's daughter. The SMX had created her to sow dissent among the already dissatisfied Lor.

Fourth Assignment YSS Miharu

Nyton selected to shift over to the new experimental vessel YSS Miharu. At first he started on developing new stratagems in Armor deployment. As a result of the Species Restriction Act his CO had to adjust his position from Armor Wing leader to Tactical Officer. He had to quickly learn how to man the weapons console. Their first skirmish was against several Mishhu ships in pursuit of refugees from Taiie. While unable to completely destroy the SMX battlegroup they were successful at forcing the enemy to break pursuit and he proved his ability at the tactical console. He scored his first capital ship kill during the battle against a SMX destroyer followed by several smaller phasing scout ships. They managed to save several ships and rescue trapped personnel on one of the scuttled ships.

After the battle, the Miharu took cover in an asteroid field with several refugee ships from Taiie and set up a trap for the Black Spiral. Eventually a Black Spiral Nozomi class vessel arrived. Using the advantage of surprise the Miharu disabled the Nozomi and proceeded to invade the ship. Nyton led the third squad of Daisy Armors to assault a launch bay full of Black Spiral style Mindy Armors as part of a three pronged attack. The battle was hard and almost cost Nyton his head but he was saved by Asher Westwood from the first squad, who arrived just in time to kill the Mindy that was on him. During the battle his cybernetics suffered damage and he lost the use of his arm and one eye. He also lost the use of his legs and was crippled for the remainder of the battle. He would not let the wounds slow him down and was able to continue serving on the bridge despite his condition. The battle ended in the Miharu's favor and they have thus returned to safe port after a crafty deception made possible in part by Nyton's personal intel on the SMX commander Melisson.

During the debrief Nyton Claymere was promoted to Shoi despite the Species Restriction Act. His hard work, along with the recommendations of his commander Kotori Ketsurui, caused several key figures to rethink their position on the SRA.

Nepleslian Restoration

Nyton Claymere returned home to Nepleslia during the shore leave they were allotted while the Miharu was down for repairs. During this time he received upgrades and repairs to his cybernetics. One of the new features was the 360 degree vision that allowed him to see all around him simultaneously. This required him to endure harsh training to become used to the new perspective before returning to his ship. His grandfather, Thomas, guided Nyton through this. Nyton also gained his proficiency with his collapsible spear while Thomas trained Nyton with the kodachi, imparting him with a style that he claims he learned from someone else.

He also met for the first time his baby sister, Nadine who was born recently. Nyton also shopped for souvenirs for his crewmates. He spent the majority of his time off at home, enjoying a simpler life helping his mother around the house and caring for his younger siblings. Nyton took the time to learn a little bit of cooking, mostly in making his favorite dish of pancakes in the morning. There was also time spent practicing his harmonica and learned how to play an old tune titled Dixie. After leaving Nepleslia he then rejoined his crew for a couple days of relaxation on the beach before returning to the Miharu for further adventure.

Investigations and Revelations

While the Miharu ventured into the Southern Nebula to track down Eve they were cut off for two weeks from the rest of the galaxy. The investigation revealed Bowhordia to be a possible hideout but the forces orbiting the planet outnumbered them. As a result they returned home to report and request support. Upon return they found that many things had changed since their departure. During this period a massive upheaval occurred and they learned that Yamatai had not only changed hands of leadership twice but that certain regions had seceded to form the United Outer Colonies. The knowledge that the plague had been manufactured by PNUgen and that Uesu had a hand in it sent Nyton into a barely checked rage which he managed to control until he returned to his quarters. After some research and a discussion with Kotori, he decided to continue following her in the hopes of finding some form of justice.

Shore Leave on Yamatai

While in orbit over Yamatai, Nyton accompanied his commander Kotori as both escort and body guard. After pausing to procure more proper attire for their destination they stopped in to visit Kotori's mother, Kosuka. The visit resulted in having the Samurai instructor join the crew along with two of her students.

Mission 4

After being promoted to Taii, Nyton lead the ground assault mission on Bowhordia. The battle was difficult and there were several casualties. He fought hard and learned much during the course of the fight. The mission proved to be successful and he was one of the few members who remained mostly uninjured during the course of the fray. Through his guidance the team was able to defeat hordes of Nekomachina, several Mishhu, and a youngling of Eve herself.

Mission 5 Battle Against Eve

The YSS Miharu battled for control of the base Eve had built to recover a massive lost Yamataian fleet. He and his comrades fought various Eve clones and forces. They then encountered Eve herself and he died during the battle. He would be revived shortly after the battle's conclusion.

note - Work In Progress

Mission 5 Melisson

YSS Miharu followed Melisson into a dimensional rift to prevent her from stealing the massive fleet Eve was attempting to seize control of. The battle was long and arduous, forcing Nyton to fight and lose to Nimura, the old Kotori-shark clone he battled previously, Melisson, and then her full form of Mefpralphra itself. The battle was taxing physically, psychologically, psionically, and emotionally until they were all victorious. The resulting win allowed them to return to their universe along with hundreds of the lost fleet. The scars left though resulted in Nyton being completely broken, traumatized, and exhausted.

note - Work In Progress

Defense of Yamatai

Despite already being tired, YSS Miharu engaged the NMX one more time to defend Yamatai, resulting in Nyton and Tom killing another key member of Melisson's race. The battle was won with the support of the fleet of ships they had rescued who were now psionically imprinted to be loyal to Kotori. The battle's resolution would allow Miharu to return home and settle matters with the military they had all been estranged from due to the long time undercover.

note - Work In Progress

Award Ceremony And Immediately After

Shortly after returning to Yamatai the crew was to receive awards and accolade for their heroic feat of defeating Melisson and the notorious criminal Eve/Naraku. Kotori would disappear, leaving everyone behind and causing Nyton to 'complete' his break down. His fervent loyalty was the only thing he had left keeping him intact and without her to give him purpose he fell apart. The young man had been forced to see the fragile weaknesses he had covered over from years of training and this caused him to collapse. He maintained enough decorum to endure the award ceremony and almost immediately retreated to his quarters, ignoring all communications for a week. He finally began to politely defer requests for reassignment and applied for shore leave, retroactively adding it to the week he isolated himself prior. He resumed his isolation before finally beginning to reemerge two weeks later. Again he continued to refuse assignments and pondered his future, realizing that he had lost all his motivation and drive to pursue his military career on Yamatai. He continued to weigh his options for another month before finally requesting voluntary separation from the Star Army, collection of his monetary assets and any belongings and returned home to Nepleslia.

note - Needs polish

New Direction And Purpose

Nyton returned home and received a warm welcome from his family. He would be shocked to learn that his grandfather and mentor had departed on a mission of vengeance. He would then undergo psychological therapy as his family patiently and lovingly helped him transition from the young Nepleslian man he was before to the battle scarred and traumatized Yamataian he had become. His family considers him a full conversion cyborg in the biological sense which allowed them to all to better accept his current condition. Surprisingly to him, his father took the most time and lead while caring for him. Nyton connected with his father as Anthony took time away from work to tend to his son. Anthony respected Nyton's privacy and worked hard to keep circumstances from embarrassing him until he was ready to be more open. Along with this, they spent more time together than they ever had before, growing closer as a result. Celine would go on to divulge more of their family history, revealing the Irregulars to him and the quest Thomas had departed on to avenge their murdered family members. The knowledge of the cybernetic abilities of the Irregulars inspired Nyton as he saw similarities to their independent singular hive minded bodies with that of Mefpralphra causing him to wonder if there could be a way to achieve this with his own body. After coming to terms with a lot of his psychological baggage he volunteered to allow Anthony's Research and Development branch to study his body for any way to gain a technological edge. Considering his body to be more an artificial machine, he also wants to know how to better hack it for his own purposes to allow him to push it further than its limitations would normally allow or even control certain passive functions more actively. Nyton underwent weeks of grueling experimentation through careful study using third party and 'unofficial' means that allowed Celine to 'hack' into the body's OS interface that controlled the biological machinery and reverse engineer its programming. With a copy of the machinery's 'DNA' it was only a short while until R&D was able to reproduce the nanomachines. While this provided CCU a new source of research material it was not significant enough to make greater advances in bioengineering and cybernetics. During this time Nyton became interested in chemicals and biochemistry along with Celine's hacking devices to better understand how to manage his body for improved feats and control. Nyton was then inspired to attempt further advancement by using chemicals from Mishhuvurthyar bodies to analyze them for use since the Mishhu are a type of Nekovalkyrja. Nyton then led several missions using his father's security teams as contracted mercenary forces for short term assistance to the DIoN against various Mishhu incursions in DIoN territory. During these missions they would accomplish their contracted objectives while harvesting material from both live and dead Mishhu. The material was then smuggled back home for study. After some time they were able to synthesize the substances, combine them with the research already done, and apply them towards new medical advances in bioengineering and cybernetics.

The resulting breakthroughs allowed Anthony to expand his business into new fields such as Medical and Biochemistry. By being the sole owners of the patents for the chemicals engineered from the Mishhu by Bio-Works they control the purchase and use of it, selling it to their Medical LLC, Life Med, for the production of medicines and supplies. Nyton also studied the various chemicals engineered from the Mishhu and while not an expert, would work with and direct some of the projects, at times even testing them on himself which resulted in a few embarrassing situations.

Nyton then began training under Anthony in the ways of business and are working together towards expanding Claymere Cybernetics Unlimited, Life Med, Bio-Works, and eventually launching a new company producing everyday household goods for every planet. The inspiration for marketing household goods came to Nyton when he was tinkering with his grandfather's old gear. On a day when he was feeling nostalgic and missing Thomas, Nyton began inspecting the old Trap Master equipment and began fiddling with it. As he studied the pieces he began looking for ways to fix and improve it leading him to begin working with all sorts of gadgets.

note - Work In Progress

Reunion and First Contact

Nyton was contacted by Hinoto to aide Miharu Light Industries in the expedition to recover the lost Soul Savior Pod of the Miharu. He rejoined his old crew mates and they ventured out and made first contact with the Xudathi, a hamster like race which had already developed some trade ties with other local races. The Xudathi gave them a lead to the location of the SSP having been picked up by a Nepleslian trader connected with Vinross Yu.

Using SAINT connections, the team then smuggled themselves to Fortuna to infiltrate the hotel where the SSP was being kept.

Infiltration and Capture

Nyton and team infiltrate the hotel via water tunnel. They then follow their intel to the location of the SSP only to discover it was a trap. Fortunately it appeared Las Vinross Yu was a gracious host and gave them the SSP in exchange for allowing him to host them dinner. Kotori was the guest of honor and received a personal invite to dine with him while her crew dined elsewhere. During their dinner an intercepted transmission revealed the crew was to be disposed of while Kotori was being eliminated. A fight broke out and it was revealed something was amiss as the security chief was not aware of any assassination attempt. They sought to work together to learn the cause of this and rescue Kotori.

Umbral Reveal

Nyton and team fight their way up the building through the elite security team, the 'Uniques' and arrive at the top where Kotori was found to have defeated almost the entire force with the power she wielded and was poised to kill Vinross Yu. Kotori relented killing the man and granted him mercy resulting in Tom being shot accidentally by Laz. Both Laz and Oddette were subdued and bound while Tom was tended to. Upon interrogation it was discovered Yu had been seeded by an Umbral. Kotori used her psionic powers to rip the seed out of Laz which then revealed the Umbral named Phlier'gashr. The monster burst out of the building in order to kill the crew that managed to defeat Mefpralphr. Tom was healed and everyone desperately fought against the beast but with little effect. Only Kotori was capable of causing it much damage but her efforts were checked and countered by the Umbral as it fought them. Nyton discovered his seed to Melisson was still intact and was helping him through the fight to counter some of Plier'gashr's attacks.

- Note: Still in Work, names need to be spell checked, events need refreshing -

Victory and Aftermath

- Note: Still in Work

Six month hiatus

During this time Nyton returned home and got to work developing new Anti-Umbral weapons. Phase cancelling, healing factor nullifying, seeding defender, along with experimental conscious ego and cybernetic splitting. Nyton had his mother hack his body to allow a little more cybernetic accessory be added; two more memory units, his first one still held in storage and a new fresh one. The purpose of the experiment was to develop something akin to the Umbral's multiple independent yet intertwined selves. It was theorized these selves would integrate and solidify the main persona while providing support for each other creating a stronger psionic resistance. The result has caused Nyton to feel a little 'split' in his personality even if his main persona feels the same desires the other riders do. There is even another memory recorder which was fully integrated and then removed but left behind on Nepleslia that has been attached to sensory awareness receptors to allow it to continue being 'aware' of it's surroundings and record them. Upon his return, Nyton will have that one implanted as well, to determine what the effects of a device apart from him will cause upon unification. “It feels like we're not alone in here.”

To create a Seeding Defense Mechanism (SDM) Nyton mapped out the copies of his mind that contain the mind patterns of his time while under thrall of Melisson, being careful not to expose his current seeding which was not easy given he had to hide this from his family. Using the data from past seeding and trying to isolate the frequencies and events to discover just how seeding occurs the R/D team theorized a way to block this signal to prevent seeding and or disrupt it should the subject already be seeded. The signal would be broadcast like a standard PSC device but programmed with the frequency that will hopefully disrupt the seeding. Nyton considers that even if it doesn't 'work' he can at least use this device to conceal Melisson's 'assistance' from the others. Without Melisson actually talking to him to let him know if he's on the right path or not, he can only hope it works for real.

To create a means to defeat Umbral regeneration Nyton acquired live Mishhu subjects and had their regeneration factor isolated genetically to determine how it could be defeated. With some experimentation R/D created a gene corrupting 'cancellation' of the regeneration ability that temporarily stopped Mishhu regeneration completely for several hours and a means to reverse their regeneration, causing a steady and very messy degeneration of Mishhu subjects. This gene corruption was created into a sort of retrovirus that could be inserted into the Mishhu subject via projectile delivery taking effect almost immediately at the delivery site first before spreading all over. It is only via direct contact with the retrovirus that it took effect and was not contagious via other vectors although it was observed some Mishhu subjects did pass it to each other when subjects with open wounds made contact with another infected subject. “They literally melted before our eyes.” Whether it will work on actual Umbral is still unknown.

Defeating the phase abilities of Umbral also required Ghost Mishhu subjects although due to their dangerous nature could not be tested in the laboratory. Instead they used past historical scans and acquired recent scans to determine what dimensional frequency the Ghost Mishhu shift to, in order to phase. By isolating the frequency and determining any neighboring frequencies used to enter this state of phase the theory is that a signal can be sent to jam, cancel out, and force the subject phasing out of the phased state. He knew it was possible after seeing the Arethusa suit cancel out Melisson's phasing in combat and Kotori could do so with her ability. They just did not have the Arethusa to work with since it was a known success. Instead they had to rediscover this process through some testing and trial. The applications also had to be revamped from just a 'personal cancellation field' to an actual projectile or denial device. Applications included fitting projectile delivery devices and installing drones with these devices. “Maybe we can install the device in a drone and then have the drone drill inside the Umbral's body?” After the trial was reasonably successful against Ghost Mishhu in field tests it was patented but Nyton wants to compare it to the Arethusa data for further results. He also wants to expand it's uses in the aforementioned drones, traps, building and point defense, and possibly create a 'killing phase' where subjects in that phase state suffer trauma as a result.

Reunion, Ceremony, Assassination Attempt

Nyton rejoined everyone to attend the ceremony to christen a new SA vessel. During this ceremony the Shadow Vipers attempt to murder the Empress was thwarted by Kotori which nearly led to a conflict with her bodyguards who misread the actions. Over a dozen cloaked Shadow Vipers then appeared and began to attack, killing the body guards and security measures while Kotori and her crew fought to protect the Empress. Kotori utilized one of her Signaler powers to obliterate the enemy and were able to secure the Empress to safety while they made their own escape. Kotori suffered tremendous injury during the fight which forced them to pause to take some measures to preserve her life. Nyton performed surgery, successfully stitching Kotori's torn body up using makeshift materials from his gadgets while working under rapidly decreasing oxygen levels. They all managed to sneak and fight their way, supported by Nimura using a new Kishi style armor until they escaped. Armed with several Kishi armors the team managed to flee to their ship, destroying multiple Shadow Viper targets along the way.

Samurai's Shame

After the failed attempt by the Shadow Vipers, Taisho Yui announced the dissolving of the Samurai class. With the demise of the Samurai, most of the Samurai decided to commit ritual suicide. Nyton quickly traveled with several crew mates and petitioned the Samurai to join them in their effort to clear their names and restore the honor of the Samurai. Most continued on their path but more than a few decided against such course and joined Kotori's crew.

Readjustment, Training, Mission Brief

With the addition of the former Samurai, one of which being Kosuka, the crew went about building itself up to mesh together and conducted some training sims. Shortly after they planned out a strike on a suspected base being used by their enemies. The crew underwent a mission brief and then set off to engage their enemy directly in a precision strike with an official SAINT search warrant to a secret Ikoi starbase and obtain evidence of their foul doings and leads to the true masterminds.

Ikoi Base Battle

Miharu struck and easily captured the Ikoi base, quickly utilizing their initiative to begin scouring for information. While downloading the incriminating data a battle fleet led by Buka arrived. They destroyed the Ikoi, claiming the lives of several Miharu personnel along with killing their own. A fierce space battle ensued with Miharu taking damage but managing to bloody the enemy group enough to hide and begin repairs. After nursing their wounds as long as they could before being found by the enemy Miharu struck back and nearly obliterated the enemy group. Before they could make a final decisive blow and kill Buka along with her ship, a group of Military Police and ships from Nagase's fleet arrived. The MP vessel called a cease to hostilities and declared both parties to stand down. The commander of the vessel also produced an arrest warrant for Ketsurui Kotori. The Miharu crew discussed the situation with the time given them and were split on how to resolve the matter. Kotori made the final decision and stated she would go into custody of the MPs to stand trial while her crew returned to present their evidence. This would be the last time they would see Kotori.

Vile Revelations

Miharu returned to Yamatai space, arriving at Nataria to inquire of Kotori's whereabouts. They would be informed that the MP group never arrived and was ambushed by a Kuvexian battle group. The ships were all destroyed and no survivors were found. Nyton grew incredibly anguished and enraged, keeping his demeanor but notably upset. He continues to believe the ambush and destruction was some sort of ruse and that there is a possibility Kotori may still be alive. They returned to Yamatai to continue their investigation, this time without Kotori to lead them.

Upon return to Yamatai they began coordinating an investigation into the events that led to Kotori's disappearance. Evidence surfaced to cast doubt on the report about a Kuvexian group's ambush. Even moreso when the behavior of the MP group grew questionable. They were about to present evidence when their benefactor was assassinated by an explosion within the SAINT building. Suspicions of an infiltrator grew heavier and the group then prepared to set up another attack using Yukari as the bait. The trap worked but resulted in Yukari's death and Nyton being heavily burned, just barely surviving as a result of a newly surfaced psionic power that he used to stop the flames from engulfing him.

Still in Work


Communication: Nyton is familiar with basic radio operation and procedures and can make transmissions to and receive transmissions from other characters through headsets, starships, power armor, and shuttles in both combat and non-combat conditions. Nyton is fluent in Trade, various Nepleslian dialects and Yamataian. Nyton can speak and write correctly and efficiently and can write reports, fill forms, issue orders under fire, etc. His experience in combat has proven him to be able to rattle out orders even under extreme duress. He is also learning to speak in front of crowds, give business presentations, sell and close deals, prospect for customers, and deal in business relations.

Communication (Telepathy): His Yamataian body allows him to use standard encrypted and non-encrypted telepathy.

Psionic Nyton has a psionic pre-cognitive warning ability as a result of being seeded by Melisson who will help warn him of attacks by unseen opponents, giving him an almost unprecedented reaction speed. Melisson will also alert him to the presence of any other Umbral beings and will shield him and his allies from being seeded by enemy Umbral. Nyton can, with a lot of focus and effort, implant ideas into a target's mind. Nothing very big but he has been able to redirect a trained and alert enemy Nekovalkyrja, even bypassing the PSC devices in her suit. He has had psionic visions and dreams which have sometimes interrupted him while he is awake and resulted in embarrassing situations. Recently he has also displayed the ability to control and subdue fire after pushing back and absorbing the massive heat, fire, and kinetic burst caused by a bomb which incinerated Yukari Freeman. These feats he has dismissed as 'experimental devices and therapies he has utilized or undergone which are currently held under business interest proprietary information and thus cannot be divulged' to his friends. The latest one however, will be extremely difficult to explain.

Fighting (Personal): Nyton received hand-to-hand combat training by way of a rigorous training program. Trained both by his grandfather and the Yamatai military system, he is skilled and experienced in combat both in Nepleslia and Yamatai-like conditions, zero-gravity, and especially in urban settings with and without weapons. He has engaged in melee against human like beings, robots, androids, Nekovalkyrja, Samurai, SMX, shape shifting, and very unconventional body forms with no exploitable weaknesses. He has fought aboard SMX ships, Elder ships, space stations, deep space, jungles, deserts, underground bunkers. He has encountered both conventional and unconventional weaponry to include shape shifters, energy bending, psychological warfare, psionic warfare, biological weapons, extremely unpleasant and disturbing weapons. He is proficient and experienced with energy and projectile pistols/rifles, knives, grenades, anti-personnel explosives, minor demolitions, and setting up traps. While not a demolitions expert, he is skilled at identifying and disarming explosives as well as spotting traps left by opponents. Nyton trained and became proficient in the use and application of a spear and twin kodachi blades that focuses on deflecting attacks with the blades while countering with his legs and other appendages of his body. The most important thing he has learned though is the skill to absorb an opponent's abilities and adapt to them. His own standard fighting is a meshing of various styles and techniques while at the same time possessing no style at all. He will simply use what move seems most appropriate to him at the time. In combat he will move as efficiently as possible to disable/kill an opponent quickly. His Yamataian body with its gravity control and limited flight has given him another ability to use when fighting and he has practiced in adapting it into his combat style. He now has a slightly more graceful and acrobatic movement to his style while still keeping a very overpowering and efficient method.

He has fought humans, Mishhu, Melisson, Elder Dark Ones (Mefpralphra, Phlier'gashr), androids, Nekovalkyrja, rebel Samurai Nekovalkyrja, power armor, psionics, zombies, and a vast horde of monsters beyond what the typical soldier has fought. He is experienced in the unconventional combat and seen/utilized a variety of styles.

Fighting (Knowledge): Due to his studies of history he also familiar with a myriad of ancient weapons and while not proficient would be able to identify them and their use.

Fighting (Power Armor): Nyton is an experienced Power Armor pilot and very skilled at their use. He has fought in many battles in Power Armor and experienced in their tactical applications. Nyton is familiar with all Armor models used by the SAY however due to his height he could only use the simulator trainer for models outside of a PHALANX. As a result he is specialized in all variations of the PHALANX model. The majority of his combat experience is in a PHALANX. He is also capable of fitting in the new DAISY model and has become proficient in that type as well. Nyton designed a melee weapon specifically for the DAISY. Nyton utilized a new experimental model suit during the battle with Melisson that was more of a biological suit that could create limbs and tendrils for tools, weapons, and appendage use. He is currently experimenting with the new Kishi armor series and has his own defensive model that was personally adapted to him by it's designer Nimura.

Information Technology: Nyton is capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships. He is experienced in entering and/or searching for information. The research he has done on difficult subjects has made him fairly proficient as an investigator. His basic knowledge of IT also gives him an idea on the theory of hacking systems but not the means to do so since he does not have the programming skill. Since departure from the military he has begun learning advanced theories and concepts in computer hacking under the tutelage of his mother to gain some proficiency but he is still in the process of learning.

Mathematics: Nyton received basic mathematics training, to including up to algebra and trigonometry.

Knowledge: Nyton has a profound interest in the history of different races, planets, civilizations, with a strong leaning towards military and tactics. He enjoys discussing strategy and admires historical figures who pursued tactics of total victory with the least waste or loss of personnel and resources. There is an ancient manifest that he has only heard of but is supposed to contain the guidelines written by the greatest strategist ever which he wants to find and possess.

Humanities: Nyton has studied varying facets psychology, sociology, anthropology, diplomacy, and philosophy. This was done as a result of his interest in military tactics. One of the principles he follows is that of understanding his enemies so that he may better find a means to better defeat them. The various people he has met have also contributed to this knowledge base.

Survival: Nyton has had training in survival practices such as finding water, land navigation, shelter construction, hunting, signaling, camouflage. He has had actual combat experience in jungles, space, cities, and atmospheric space.

Military: Nyton is familiar with the regulations and discipline of a professional soldier. The experience of his career as well as those of his family have given him much to live by. As an officer he is responsible for setting and maintaining the example, as well as correcting and fixing any discrepancies and unprofessional behavior.

Leadership: Nyton has had formal leadership training at the NCO academy on Kyoto. He has also taken advance courses on officer leadership theory and application. He is experienced in organizing and leading enlisted soldiers. As a fully comissioned officer he is also experienced on how a ship is run and the duties of the crew. In combat he has led Armor pilots as wing and squad leader. He is learning on how to become a leader in business relations under the tutelage of his father to become able to independently operate the family business, eventually creating and starting his own.

Entertainment (Music): Nyton has learned how to use the harmonica and can play out a variety of tunes. He can play a good rendition of 'Dixie' and other lively classics. He can also adapt a rendition of music he hears by ear and play it back.

Entertainment: Nyton has become more personable and enjoys entertaining others with a variety of anecdotes, stories, jokes, and other social mingling to become more effective at building business ties. He has also learned some basic dance and etiquette during various social engagements from formal dinners to cocktail parties to bar crawls.

Domestic (home economics): Nyton has experience contributing to assisting his family in running a domestic household such as menu planning, cleaning, and child care.

Domestic (cooking): Nyton has improved his skills in preparation of various breakfast foods (pancakes, omelette, eggs, gravy, etc) and expanded into some simpler dinner dishes mostly along the lines of meat and vegetables.

Domestic (female grooming): Nyton secretly improved his skills in the washing and care for women's hair and had the opportunity to put this into practice.

Invention: Nyton has discovered a latent talent in building gadgets and tinkering with electronics. He has no formal engineering training but has spent many hours taking apart and redesigning appliances and devices to create a new device. He is using this ability to try and build some new products to find a new market to sell to. He has been building devices for household use, personal use, self-defense, weapons, etc.

Chemistry (journeyman): Nyton has been studying in depth the discipline of chemistry, the reaction of chemicals with each other and biological chemistry. Most of his experience has been in the labs of the R&D section of his father's business working on their more clandestine projects. He has applied his knowledge of Mishhu physiology to understand the workings of their various toxins and biological agents to adapt and use in their business projects.

Medical (beginner): Nyton has trained in First Aid along with various combat casualty life saving skills. He has experience in the field and in rigorous conditions in treating shock and suturing wounds. He once utilized makeshift materials to suture Kotori's deep wounds while suffering rapidly depleting oxygen levels. He also was inspired by Melisson on the technique to use a Nekovalkyrja as a means of life support to keep blood flowing to Kotori's brain, preserving her life until she could be given more advanced medical treatment.


50,000 KS converted into universal credits in a savings account with maximum interest rate growth and tax shelters

25,000 invested in various business holdings

25,000 set aside for business venture

5000 business expense account to track purchases made during business trips as tax deductions

3000 for personal monthly expenses


Clothing and items to wear

All Star Army equipment and gear has been folded up and tucked away as keepsakes from his time in service and is only pulled out for nostalgia or to 'show off' at business meetings

Uniforms 2 Star Army uniforms, Midnight Blue for Armor Pilots 2 jackets, blue, with appropriate panel colors with “Hinomaru” patch on right arm, fleet patch on left arm 2 cotton undershirts, light blue 2 pair pants, light blue 1 belt, black (for pants) 1 pair leather gloves, dark gray 1 pair leather boots, dark gray 1 pistol belt, leather, dark gray, with holster for Type 28 NSP

Weather Uniform 1 black tricorner hat, thick felt with red border 1 black overcoat, calf length

Uniform accessories 1 Rank Pin, Santô Hei 1 Rank Pin, Joto Hei 1 Rank Pin, Nito Heisho 1 Rank Pin, Master Sergeant 1 Rank Pin, Sergeant Major 1 Rank Pin, Santo Juni 1 Rank Pin, Nito Juni 1 Rank Pin, Shoi 1 Rank Pin, Taii

Workout clothing 1 yukata (cotton robe), white, with Star Army of Yamatai Hinomaru logo print 1 black sash for yukata 2 black bikini swimsuit bottom with Star Army of Yamatai logo on left leg 2 black T-Shirts with pocket on left breast 1 pair black sandals

Undergarments 4 black cotton briefs 4 pair of black boot Socks


Service Awards and Souvenirs

Survival knife, solid diamond with rubberized grip and lanyard with black leather sheath with loop and clips for belt attachment

Ceremonial Weapon from the Divine Arrows: Yari Iwakado “Edge of Stone”

Wooden Medal Case, velvet interior, engraved with Star Army logo on top containing:

War Medal Mishhuvurthyar War - Battle of Hoshi no Iori, YE 28

Service Award: 1 Defense of Hoshi no Iori, YE 28

Combat Award: 1 Combat Versus SMX pods, Battle of Hoshi no Iori, YE 28

Service Award Completed Mission to protect Tami.

Combat Award Versus Mishhuvurthyar

Exploration Award Tsuyosa star system

Notable Career Award Service from YE 28 to YE 29

Secret Ops Award Service Award For serving aboard the YSS Miharu on her first mission

Starship Award For service aboard the YSS Sakura, YSS Mikomi and the YSS Miharu.

Survival Award For the YSS Miharu's successful escape from Taiie.

Tomoyo's Kikyô Ribbon For scalar burns sustained from the SS Meng Po's defenders, from injuries suffered in combat against Melisson.

Training Award For passing the qualification course to use the M6 Daisy Power Armor

War Medallion For participation during the YE 29 Mishhuvurthyar Conflict

For serving aboard YSS Miharu in her mission to defeat Eve and successfully defeating Melisson

Combat Lifesaver, Exploration, Experience, Exploration, Distinguished Career, Secret Ops, Service, War, Yui's Blood Medallion

Currently Using

Trap Master Gloves: These gloves were designed based off the old Trap Master set from Nyton's grandfather. It has been refurbished for more modern functions and materials. The gloves are capable of deploying a variety of devices, alternating through the selection by just a twitch of the finger. The user then can either launch or touch his target to use whatever device it has.

The glove devices currently consist of electrified trip wires, stun barbs (small sharp hooks coated with non-lethal stunning agent), grappling wire (can be used to retrieve, grab, strike, or scale), listening and observation devices with encrypted remote transmission, chemical agent injector (injected via tiny needle)

Kit Bag with various tools, gadgets, and devices

Stealth Drone: Appears as a small orb that fits in the palm of a hand, has audio and visual scanning abilities, can stealth and turn invisible and is silent with almost no heat signature

Holographic Emitters: Capable of generating preprogrammed holograms

Sound Dampener: Absorbs all sound within an adjustable field allowing the user to become absolutely silent

Holographic Clothing Generator: Generates holographic clothes around the wearer, covering even objects on the persons body

Personal Stealth Unit: Renders the user invisible to optical viewers

Utility Belt with reloads and tools

note - unfinished

Personal Gear


When traveling on business trips:

  1. Two business suits of gray or black with matching shirt, tie, Socks, cuff links, and dress shoes.
  2. Two informal sets of clothes for more leisurely pursuits.
  3. Underwear
  4. Pistol
  5. Knife
  6. Tool Kit
  7. Gadgets
  8. Harmonica
  9. Briefcase with business materials
  10. Business Planner
  11. Books on business, sales, chemistry, biochemistry, and electronics
  12. Hygiene and Grooming Kit

At home:

  1. Various clothing
  2. Undergarments
  3. Weapons of all kinds
  4. Computers
  5. Tools
  6. Electronic Components of all kinds
  7. Library
  8. Tactical Gear
  9. Star Army Memorabilia and Souvenirs
  10. Files
Character Data
Character NameNyton Claymere
Character OwnerNyton
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusRetired
SAOY RankTaii

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