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Richard Albury

Richard Albury is a player character played by Prismaaaaaa. Artwork from Picrew.

Richard Albury
Species & Gender: Nepleslian Male
Date of Birth: 29ζ—₯ 6月 YE 20
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Star Army Giretsu Infantry
Rank: SantΓ΄ Hei
Current Placement: TBD

Preferred Plots:

  1. Plots where players get to explore Richard's past.
  2. Plots where Richard gets to shine and present his skills and talents.
  3. Plots where Richard is tested emotionally, physically, and mentally.

Physical Description

Richard Albury is an 7'3β€œ tall ID-SOL with a chiseled physique due to rigorous training from past military occupations. Richard has dark skin littered with cuts and lingering injuries such as bruises and burns. His sweet, dark eyes and thick brows sit behind big, round glasses, and he's always wearing a warm, upbeat visage. Aside from his impressive height, Richard is as human as human looks. While he has the ability to grow hair, he prefers to shave his head and keep it bald. He enjoys wearing hats and complains he looks 20 years older when his hair does grow out. He's settled for growing his hair over his jaw and mouth instead.

Richard will always feel far more comfortable in a uniform than in regular clothing. He enjoys work far more than anything else, since he makes good friends with his fellow colleagues. If he could live at work, he would, and he hasn't changed since his creation 23 years ago. He'll wear regular clothing if he has to, but he might have to be ordered to do so. He might even have to be ordered to leave work every now and then.


Richard has matured a great deal since his creation 23 years ago. He's seen a lot of good and bad, and it's created his neutral approach to life. He will always look for the good in a situation, but he won't ignore the bad when it happens. He simply sees it as the only other option, when good does not prevail. Sometimes he can distance himself in order to remain clinical of circumstances outside his control. But it will never change his level of care and awareness of other's plights and circumstances.

The one area where Richard is deeply affected is where people's personal struggles are shown. It was how he met Jean Ruskin, a long time friend, after being discharged by the NSMC for a neurological issue. Whenever he learns someone is going through a hard time, he wants to meet them and see if they're being taken care of. He can be a little pushy when he wants to help, but can usually stop himself when he realizes he's going too far. His desire to help others is his daily motivation, and he makes sure he is capable of handling whatever someone might throw at him.


Richard Albury was created in YE 20 in Funky City, Planet Nepleslia. Richard was created three years before joining GroundFloor, Inc, and six years before the successful endeavor Project: Lane. And he was created with two goals in mind: to protect and to destroy. As a standard issue ID-SOL, Richard Albury was a number before he was a name. One of hundreds to be cloned and created for the military forces of Nepleslia. He went through traditional knowledge acquirement via osmotic sleep. He awoke from his slumber, as ready to fight as any capable, enlisted young man. And he had the same amount of determination as his fellow ID-SOL's. Due to being manufactured, he and his fellow clones didn't have the chance to develop their own personalities yet. That would come with time and trauma.

The Nepleslian Space Marine Corps put in a special request to obtain green ID-SOL's. They needed superhuman individuals to take on massive projects. They felt the financial splurge was necessary to combat growing concerns. However, they only wanted ID-SOL's with reckless courage and willingness to work in dangerous scenarios. Richard was one of many convicted by the Naval Ambassador's raw honesty, and stepped up to the challenge.

He enlisted with the NSMC and rose to the rank of Corporal quickly. He loved work, as it was all he knew. It made him incredibly loyal to his fellow marines and to his superiors. He always worked to make their lives and jobs easier. Richard became well liked in a short amount of time, even winning the intrigued gaze of a former nurse. His level of immaturity drove her away at first, and he didn't see that gorgeous woman again for a couple years. It made him realize that he would have to meet her standards (despite not knowing them) and went overboard, asking women what they liked to see in a man. Some thought it incredibly humbling an ID-SOL would go so far to impress a woman (if not their fellow colleague). Others found it stalky, gross, and unimpressive. He took all responses in stride and assumed, just like anyone else, that woman had her own strengths and weaknesses. When he didn't hear from that lovely woman after a while, he decided to move on altogether.

This became especially true when the missions became more dangerous. Ocean dives and seaside missions resulted in higher fatalities. Rumors and gossip spread through ranks, causing strife and tribalism within pockets of the NSMC. The officials did their best to shut down the new spike among internal personnel, but it created more problems than solved them. And one of those problems nearly cost Richard his life.

During a routine shore patrol off Chusset's coast, pirate gangs used illegally obtained water mines to trap and sink the naval cruiser. The starboard hit one of the floating mines far too late, after they'd been discovered on the ship's radar. The cruiser began to sink, causing the back of the boat to hit another mine and severely compromise the ship. Fast actions requested emergency aide from airborne rescue squads. Richard was one of few to corral the shellshocked marines and fend off boarding pirates. In a particular scuffle between four pirates, Richard saved the lives of fellow naval officers by sustaining considerable injuries and throwing the men overboard. One of those pirates happened to plunge too deep and hit another mine, rocking the compromised ship and sending Richard down a long flight of stairs.

The next thing Richard remembered was waking up in a hospital in Funky City. He suffered serious slashes, cuts, and bruising, as well as swelling on his brain from the fall. The two scientists who brought him around were Jean Ruskin and Gemma Constantine, two scientists part of a newly founded ID-SOL Rehabilitation Center. With their help and encouragement, Richard recovered swiftly and was back in action quicker than anticipated. At first, it was a sign of hope for a struggling department in the ID-SOL production plant. When he hit his head, Richard's occipital lobe sustained serious damage, causing blindness which could have become permanent. Luckily, with lots of medication and therapy he recovered his sight. But it did not mean all was well. Soon after Richard reenlisted, a problem initially missed created a bigger issue down the road. His sight became blurry at random, inconvenient times, fading in and out of 20/20 vision. As it progressed, his eyes began to cross over and he couldn't concentrate anymore. Due to his worsening state and his sacrifice prior to his injury, Richard was honorably discharged and given civilian status.

Not knowing what else to do, he turned to Dr. Ruskin and Constantine, becoming friends with them through his recovery. They recently founded a cloning facility called GroundFloor, Inc. and needed personnel. Richard volunteered, and after getting corrective lenses they hired him to be their head of maintenance and security. He proved highly effective at his job, and even showed interest in what they were doing. In time, the group of scientists grew close, even as mounting issues threatened their viability in the market. It would be four months later when Richard caught up with the girl he fancied, Lyndsay Holk. They were married within six months of being reacquainted, and Richard adopted her son, Steven, as his own.

One day, Richard was asked to stay late after, the other scientists punched out for the day. He and Jean Ruskin had a long talk about a project they'd been planning for years. It was the first time Jean opened up to Richard, explaining the reason for a festering secrecy. With Richard's permission, Jean wished to borrow his DNA and blood to deconstruct and stitch it into their newest project: Lane. The first ID-SOL to grow up and experience a childhood. While Richard showed surprise, he was honored to be offered a role in the project. He accepted with eager enthusiasm, and before long the underground project began. It wasn't without it's costs. Richard couldn't tell Lyndsay about this project. He had to continue on as if he'd heard nothing of it. He maintained his role as maintenance and security lead, but with a new secret mission included. His boyish nature enjoyed the undercover flair.

It took three years. 17 tries all fell short. Some never made it past the β€œtank” stage. Some which did did not make it to term. The ones who made term had some sort of biological problem which did not let them survive outside the artificial womb. With every mistake they inched closer, but the government was growing curious. Prying eyes starting asking incredibly specific questions. Jean had to go to meetings and ensure the contractors all would be mended. He revealed nothing, and it came down to Richard asking a simple question: What if they reduced the ratio of ID-SOL DNA from 1/2 to 1/4? At first the question seemed silly. Further inspection revealed there was something to the line of logic. In order to maintain the current level of ID-SOL DNA, they compromised in other areas which proved detrimental to the clone fully developing and surviving beyond. They decided to take a leap of faith, and it proved fruitful. The 18th try on a 1/4 of DNA allowed for normal development, without sacrificing other cuts and changes. While they couldn't start in the fetal stage, reducing the age down to five was an incredible success. Project: Lane created Clone: Lane, the first and only successful prototype for a new age of ID-SOL's.

As it turned out, the government brazenly opposed the idea. They found the notion pointless and incendiary, feeling millions of government credits were wasted on a risky project. It caused the downfall of GroundFloor, Inc. Richard, alongside the other scientists who refused imprisonment, found themselves enemies of the Nepleslian Military. The government worked swiftly to eradicate any trace of their work, as it threatened the exploitable ID-SOL manufacturing business. Jean, a man who used a personal plight to bring about change, rallied those willing to salvage anything they could from their targeted laboratory. Richard, Gemma, and two other scientists helped him best they could.

Unfortunately, out of all who fought to keep Lane alive, Richard and Gemma were the only original team members to survive. Even Jean, as much as he earned it, didn't make it out of the lab in time. With his leg wedged between caved in ceiling, he ordered them to take Lane and run. So they did, using old contacts in the underground market to smuggle them out of Nepleslia to Yamatai. They landed in Kyoto, going underground for a couple months until things settled down. For a while, Richard and Gemma were united in their grief and desire to keep Lane safe. However, once things died down and the hiding grew stale, Richard could no longer stand still. He had to get a job. Gemma advised against it, but after serious convincing she allowed him to get a low-profile job. She wouldn't learn until later that he enlisted with the Star Army, and took a role in clerical services so he could stay in Kyoto. However, his proficiency and natural way with weapons sometimes had him reassigned to soldier stations. Gemma never forgave him for signing up.

15 years Richard's been a loyal Star Army soldier. Never asking for a promotion, and politely refusing them when they came around. Despite his disability he's thrived in the military, feeling right at home with everything there. He applied for his citizenship when Lane turned 16 years old, and came around as often as he could to be there for him. The only thing he wants to be is an inspiration and motivation to Lane, who grew up sheltered and nervous of the world around him. A kid who never trusted it fully, always feeling it was out to get him. Richard never forgave Gemma for putting that thought in his mind. He hopes now, more than ever, he can inspire Lane to integrate with society. The way Jean wanted him to.

Skills Learned

Optional section. Richard Albury has the following notable skills:

Social Connections

Richard Albury is connected to:

  • Lyndsay Albury (wife)
  • Steven Albury (adopted son)
  • Gemma Constantine (co-worker)
  • Lane Ruskin (ward)

Inventory & Finance

Richard Albury has the Star Army Standard Issue Items.

Richard Albury currently has 3000 KS.

OOC Information

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In the case prismaaaaaa becomes inactive:

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  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? YES
Character Data
Character NameRichard Albury
Character OwnerPrismaaaaaa
Character StatusActive Player Character
Current LocationKyoto
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankSantΓ΄ Hei
SAOY OccupationStar Army Giretsu Infantry
SAOY Entry YearYE 27
DOR YearYE 27

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