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Sachiko is a NPC played by Ametheliana.

Species & Gender: Elf Female
Date of Birth: 2日 4月 BYE 150
Organization: Xiuluria
Occupation: Conclave Member

Physical Description

Sachiko has beautifully light silver hair that shines brilliantly in its desaturated nature. This diplomat has light cyan eyes that are opalescent in nature and shine with great intensity. She has light creamy and very fair skin. Height-wise, Sachiko is tall, standing at six feet three inches, such is normal for a Tree Elf such as herself.


Her name Sachiko means child of bliss in Yamataigo (邪馬台語) and her exploratory nature is evident by her inquisitive and open-minded actions. She takes decisions to be made heavily and never reacts instantly, taking her time to think over her actions.

She speaks demurely of her own views and decisions sparsely and with few people. With many people such as her escorts and guardians, other diplomats and senators, military advisors, and Star Army of Yamatai personnel she is happy to hear their opinions but does not share hers as openly. That is not to say she skirts issues, but instead takes all views into account while fixing them.


Sachiko was born on Geshrintall in pre-YE 01, BYE 150, on Children's Day as it is celebrated today. Her name was originally Aledriel Relfin but she is known to Yamataians as Sachiko and it is how she has been referred to since Yamataian culture first started bleeding into the elven way of life, around YE 10.

She was born to a family of Tree Elves living in on the planet's central continent at the time of her birth, near Lake Xiulu. In BYE-60 her family's house of noblility overtoook the current residing wealthiest of houses. In that time, she became a head figure among the elves that worked to retain the stability of her house and the other houses that supported and fought for hers. A veritable figure for the ruling noble houses at that age, she fought for the nobility of her house in debate and helped governing and war practices to be decided on. In BYE 90, ninety-one years before YE 01, she was awarded the position of elected Elder of her house, one of —if not the— most powerful house of Xiuluria. Her sister and brother both had children around her but she remained celibate and enjoyed seeing her extended family grow around her.

Once the elves and other species of the planet were forced to live alongside others, she saw her political power waning. In YE 12 the Army Of Uesureya put her people into the Republic of Xiuluria on an official basis. Still under the rule of the Emperor Kitsurugi Uesu, she had no outlets for her poitical strides and developed a chocalatiering ability in this time.

Sachiko watched some of those younger and older than her rise to the war effort in Yamatai. Two years after the formation of the Republic of Xiuluria, in YE 14, both of her parents and some other family members fought for the Second Army of the Precious Sword and her mother and two nephews died in the Second Elysian War.

After YE 14 her father distanced them from the fighting by withdrawing fully away from the magnetism of Yamatai to Xiuluria, this time voluntarily. He returned to his own passions and it gave the elf daughter peace of mind to know the remainder of her immediate and extended family was safe. She continued to hold a position of power amongst the elves as a conclave member throughout the difficulty while those around her looked to the conclave for peace among the strife and guidance among the chaos. She provided that to such a high degree she was considered one of the foremost members of the conclave in the coming years.

The elves mainly laid low for many years and didn't have their main political figures such as Sachiko stray from their home of Xiuluria and she was never made a Senator or taken away from her postings to protect the interests of Xiuluria.

After the building of Reikan Park, Sachiko was sent out to the embassy in order to better understand the changing world around Xiuluria. Sachiko began living more independently in the embassy in YE 35 instead of in Xiuluria as she had done for years and absorbed the history and politics of all cultures represented there with an ear invested in everyone's comments. Sachiko visited frequently to begin understanding the developing needs of Yamatai. She worked there in between moments spent in Xiuluria and it was a major investment of her time and energy while she was there.

After two years, she began waning in her patronage of the embassy and Xiuluria while out in the worlds of Yamatai, learning of the culture of the Empire. Any possible old wounds from the Eysian Wars were healed through volunteering in the Elysian planets and exploring their culture while understanding their side of the war that took some of her family. She continued throughout Yamataian territories until being called back by her family and conclave.

With the investment of Yamatai in a new war effort in YE 38, her life became changed once more. Sachiko was brought back to the embassy and it was then that she became more than just a fully fledged and capable politician in many other diplomat's eyes. She worked to bring ease to tensions in the embassy and other political arenas she was being brought into. For two years, she served once more in the diplomatic arenas of Yamatai, Nepleslia, and is planning a visit to Kyopelinvuori, a diplomatic hub of activity created by the Azorean and Iromakuanhe. Her plans extend far beyond that for YE 40.


Below is what has occurred in RP for Sachiko.

Poku Saeruo Degonjo

Name: A Diplomatic Challenge

RP can be found here.

Sachiko first began her experience at the Poku embassy, Kavoráy Rouka (Embassy), by meeting Qajeq Tatib, a gardener of the grounds of the multi-structure embassy of the Hidden Sun Clan. Together they examined several aspects of the cultural nuances of the culture Gajeq came from while Sachiko learned Physical Displays from the gardener. She then asked about several key aspects of the culture that helped her examine it, such as the different species, of which Qajeq was a Tula.

The Poku-Rya'ta (Ambassador) she had desired to meet that day was, too, a Tula of the Hidden Sun Clan and Qajeq led Sachiko to him. Through an ornate wooden door was the Ambassador, Tesgi Toioky awaited her. The meeting was a charming one in which the Elf and the Tula Ambassador made agreements to understand the culture of one another in more prolific ways. Kynlumu'a (Chronicler) were to be a part of what would soon be a more open relationship between the two. It was decided that the leader of the Poku Clans Tarbah Leyto and the Emissary would want to meet Sachiko.

Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia

Name: Ad Referendum

RP can be found here.

In this meeting, the Sky Marshall Gaelan Sanders and the Elven diplomat met in his office in Planet Nepleslia and discussed matters and, while Sachiko prompted him to tell her of the unification of the two nations, his thoughts went to his son, William, and later divulged to the Elf that his son was a key factor, or could be, in unifying the two nations due to his presence on a Yamataian warship YSS Kaiyō II, which was co-habitated by an important figure, the most recent Princess of Yamatai, Ketsurui Aiko.

Sachiko understood fully, but first needed to understand what the two wanted before acting. She wanted to impart on the two of them what knowledge she has and bestow what help she could. Then, if they were willing, she would be willing to help them bridge the gap between the two nations.


Name: Malice Annulled

RP can be found here.

At Reikan Park's entrance, Sachiko waited for and then greeted Linelayer Hammerhead Eight Eight 88 7026 1428, a diplomat for the The Wire Guided. The two of them became acquainted and soon were familiar enough to talk openly. They passed the Villa of the Freespacer Embassy, a completely abandoned, barebones Embassy that had never seen proper use. Without too much prompting from Sachiko, though it was an implicit reason for his visit to her stomping grounds, he thought it a good idea to begin rebuilding the Villa. Though nothing had been done to it; nothing had been done to it. It was, for the most part, not a Freespacer place and currently was just a place.

What the Freespacers could use at the current time came up at Sachiko's urging. It turned out, a grouping of Freespacers named the Viridian Array were working with Nepleslian criminals in dark alleyways. Sachiko could see quality of life for Freespacers improving if the Viridian Array were given jobs instead of running rampant within the Freespacers' collective.


Name: Kyopelinvuori Diplomacy

RP can be found here.

As rain splattered against the windows and streets of Kyopelinvuori, Sachiko got to know the Makuzhar Orin Suran and Conclave Memeber, Aaki Loleth, of the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth in a meeting in which many hopes were spoken of. The Makuzhar, when asked if he would prefer stronger alliances with his people's neighbors, deferred to needing to wait for his government's acceptance of such an idea. Sachiko asked him what knowledge he had of the newest species in the Sector, allies of the Kvexians, and heard of the Makuzhar's interest in the Kuvexian's appearance on the galactic stage. She also asked about getting a Yamataian Embassy to be on the city of Kyope, to which he agreed.


Name: Yet Another Visit

Sachiko and Uso met while turmoil embroiled Osman city outside of the starport that Sachiko's Type 30 Space Yacht touched down on. The beautiful and deadly nature of the chaos below made the meeting feel like, perhaps, she was on the dawn of war… The meeting was cut short after discussing financial matters when a pipe bomb went off nearby.


Sachiko announced her bid for Premier of Yamatai and, for a myriad of reasons, was not afforded the ability to work as the Premier of Yamatai. The official loss to a kami and the long-standing Premier of Yamatai, saw little taken from the Elf. She hosted the IRC that year and worked on securing Embassies in allied territories throughout the Kikyō Sector.

A month after the elections were held, Sachiko was no longer in the limelight as she had been before. She had made great strides and great friends, but she understood when she was not needed. She returned to Xiuluria and took up the mold of a chocolatier, or at least meant to. Seconds after prepping her equipment, but before donning an apron, Sachiko's father came into the room to speak to her.

His words came slowly at first, halted by barriers of emotion that daunted even him. Sachiko's propensity towards relying more on skills of observation broke down as she understood what he was trying to say. The Elf father and daughter duo found one another's familial embrace helped dissipate the confines of their sentiment. While still wrapped in the warm hug, he was able to remind her that she had brought peace and guidance to her community. What he was most thankful to her was that she brought the same qualities to his life while he saw and mourned the death of family. Despite despising seeing her gone, he expressed how he needed her to share herself with more than their small corner of one world when there was a huge universe for her to do that in. Stumbling over words, he acknowledged she should make her own choices and live the life she wanted, but he had never seen as her as happy as she was when she was a leader. Sachiko, uncharacteristically, spoke over him to tell him she knew what she wanted to do already.

Skills Learned

Sachiko has the following notable skills:

  • Leadership
  • Arts
  • Communications
  • Culinary: Sachiko is a great chocalatier
  • Domestic: Sachiko cares for the young and elderly
  • Humanities
  • Knowledge

Inventory & Finance

Sachiko currently has no income as her needs are met by her family and the Republic of Xiuluria.

OOC Information

In the case ametheliana becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO, only Wes
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
Character Data
Character NameSachiko
Character OwnerAmetheliana
Character StatusNPC In Use By GM or FM
Government & Politics of the Yamatai Star Empire
OfficeSystem Senator

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