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Saito Miyoko

Saito Miyoko
Saito Miyoko
Species: Nekovalkyrja-type Yamataian
Gender: Female
Age: 6
Height: 5'1“
Weight: 105
Organization Star Army of Yamatai, First Expeditionary Fleet
Rank Shoi
Occupation Science and Medical
Current Placement Field Scientist, Task Force Lantern
Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5' 1” Mass: 105 lbs Measurements: 26 inches at waist Bra Size: 36 B

Build and Skin color: Moderately pale skin with a clear complexion. Relatively light build, but not exceptionally acrobatic-seeming.

Facial Features and Eye color: Blue eyes and well-trimmed brows. Her ears are visibly pierced, but she's rarely wearing jewelry.

Hair color and Style: Violet with a slight hint of magenta, in a short clip that assures it will stay out of her eyes. Occasionally wears it held back with an Alicia Band, patterned based on her mood.

Distinguishing Features: Often wears her Alicia band. When permissible, wears a brushed-steel collar with '富' (the kanji for 'riches,' and pronounced the same as her former nickname) engraved on the front.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Despite being fairly old in Nekovalkyrja terms, Miyoko's led a fairly cloistered life, with much of it spent being shuffled between assignments or on the relatively isolated Miharu. As a result, she's rather inexperienced with large tracts of everyday life. She also craves knowledge as an end of its own and puts much of her self-worth on her notion of intellectual superiority; between her relative naivety and her abundance of book-learning, she can come off as something of an ivory tower academic. While she likes to make others think that she's self-confident, she's actually a little neurotic and constantly second-guessing herself, which isn't helped by her bad habit of measuring her achievements against others'. As a result of this, she usually takes criticism hard and isn't too fond of people who give it to her, although she is occasionally capable of taking it to heart and using it to improve herself. Occasionally.

Miyoko tends to be fairly cynical about others' motives, though she's usually polite. Unless she's provoked, the worst most people have to fear from her is friendly jokes or sarcasm. Though she loves the chance to put her knowledge to use, she's also a big fan of leisure—working for a long time or under harsh conditions tends to make her cranky, and during her free time, she's more likely to be found laying on a couch than doing anything that requires effort.

For much of her life, Miyoko was a bit of a pacifist and a coward, but years spent fighting the Daughters of Eve have convinced her that sometimes, fighting is necessary… even though she retains a strong sense of self-preservation and is reasonable enough to avoid fighting whenever possible.

Likes: Learning, debate, people-watching, sparring matches, relaxing, good and new foods (result of Tom Freeman exposure). Dislikes: Boisterous people, parties, overly emotional people, long shifts, being the center of attention. Goals: A profitable career, preferably with plenty of chances to explore previously unknown phenomena. Currently has no drive toward promotion, though that could change.




Originally a Nekovalkyrja created for the Star Army in early YE 27, Miyoko had the odd luck to spend the first year of her life being rapidly transferred from ship-to-ship in the confusion caused by the aftermath of the fleet restructuring and the massive military campaigns taking place. Never staying in one place long enough to make any close acquaintances, her formative years were spent more in study and quiet contemplation while awaiting orders than in battle. It also led her to be somewhat cynical about the people around her—as a young Nekovalkyrja and a newcomer to most of her posts, she was often nearly ignored or treated as little more than a walking appliance, and came to expect such. While she eventually came to use humor as a means of getting to know people, the isolation she knew as a youngling has led her to be self-sufficient and usually stick to herself.

More recently, her evaluations came up, and she was found to possess insufficient skills at her then-occupation of soldier thanks to her long period of near-inactivity. However, as she expressed an uncanny knack for science and logic, she was allowed to apply for a reassignment as a science officer. With this, she requested a ST to a Yamataian body.

YSS Miharu Mission One

After completing the certification to be a science officer and body reassignment, Miyoko served as the science/medical specialist on the YSS Miharu during its first mission. The mission primarily saw her serving at the Operations console of the bridge and as the acting medical officer. She also participated in an assault on the Black Spiral vessel Meng Po, in which she got her first kill while piloting a Daisy power armor. Her performance in the battle, however, showed that she had improved little since being disqualified as a soldier. After the battle, she was able to save the sprite Mara, who was severely wounded in the assault, from death. However, she recommended that a more able medic take her position as acting medical officer after the mission, resulting in her being reassigned to be the ship's sensor specialist. The end of the mission also saw her gaining a promotion to the rank of Jôtô Hei.

In the seven weeks of downtime after the mission, she received Kessaku technician certification from a training program on the Hoshi no Iori at her commanding officer's recommendation. She also took college-level courses on stellar astrophysics and medicine from a private university on Yamatai. Just prior to the ship's second mission, she went on a trip with several crew members to a beach resort on Hanako's World.

YSS Miharu Mission Two

The Miharu's second mission saw Miyoko serving as a combination medical officer and sensor specialist. After participating in an armor simulation in which she (thankfully!) didn't see battle, she had her first encounter with Sanjuro Ashitaka, whom she came to consider her arch-nemesis over a mere two days, thanks to an encounter that any unbiased history would refer to as the Great Table-Setting War of YE 30. In the aftermath of the simulation, she worked with Yukari Freeman to investigate oddities with Ketsurui Kotori's attempted soul backup during Mission One. This led to the revelation that Kotori was an experimental nekovalkyrja Signaler type.

After the investigation, Miyoko had time to get experience with her newly-acquired sensor skills by following the trail of the YSS Sekkou through a nebula. After finding that the ship's trail pointed to Bowhordia, the Miharu exited the nebula for maintenance and repairs. Unfortunately for Miyoko, this meant that the ship had communications with the rest of the galaxy for the first time in a long period, and the news of the SMX war and the secession of the United Outer Colonies came at the start of a combined birthday party for herself and Yukari. While the news largely overshadowed the party, she still received an Alicia Band and a DataJockey as presents from Yukari and Sanjuro, respectively.

Following mission two, Miyoko accompanied Yukari to interview two new crew members… and also discovered that the datapad Sanjuro had given her was still receiving e-mail directed to the man, providing a valuable potential source of blackmail material.

YSS Miharu Mission Three

Miyoko began the day of Mission 3 by reading several e-mails that Sanjuro had received on the datapad he'd gifted her, and discovered (to her delight) that they looked like the start of suitable blackmail material. She tried to return the datapad, however, and found Sanjuro not receptive to the idea… an event that was the last straw for her and finalized her intent to get revenge on the man. Before the mission got underway, she helped continue the investigation of the curious case of Ketsurui Kotori, culminating in a discussion with the Taisa's NH-23 body in the ship's hold.

Soon afterward, the Miharu engaged the Daughters of Eve forces in Bowhordia. Through the battle, Miyoko staffed the ship's Tactical console while it provided fire support for the Hoshi, a role she found rather less stressful than being infantry. As the crew recovered from the battle, she helped Yukari deal with the lack of backups for Murasaki Aoiko.

YSS Miharu Mission Four

Prior to Mission 4, Miyoko helped Yukari in interviewing new crew members while the ship was docked in the orbit of Yamatai, then conducted some research into the newcomers' training. After returning to the ship, she spent most of the rest of the mission working with Takuma Kimura to decrypt the Daughters of Eve datacore the Miharu had captured from Bowhordia, then analyze the information on it–the first full details on the Amaya's Gate project, along with some records of the Daughters of Eve plot that resulted in Ketsurui Kotori being placed in a Signaler body. Afterward, she presented this information to the ship's officers.

YSS Miharu Mission Five

Miyoko began the Battle of the Blue Rift on the Miharu's bridge, where she oversaw the ship's sensors and, for part of the battle, its weapon systems. During the inter-ship fighting, she aided in the destruction of 5 Sakuras, along with Eve's flagship, the Takumi. In the aftermath, she was given a field-promotion to Santô Juni. After helping to patch up the ships' PANTHEON systems, as well as performing surgery to help get Miharu Nao back into the fight, she directed the defense against Eve's cyberwarfare attempts.

After the Miharu rammed the Shlarvasseroth, Miyoko stayed onboard to guard Kotori, who was now crippled from her attempts to defend the crew from Eve's psionic abilities. When a ghost Mishhuvurthyar slipped past the ship's defenses to attempt to assassinate Kotori, Miyoko died defending the Taisa, only for Kotori to repair the worst of the damage to her body using the immense psychic energy she was channeling. After her kinda-death and resurrection, Miyoko provided medical support to keep Kotori's deteriorating body alive and defended the ship from attackers.


After the Miharu's final mission (and the many debriefings that followed), Miyoko was briefly assigned to the YSS Genesis, a joint venture between the Star Army of Yamatai and Origin Industries. Afterward, she continued in this role, working on joint research projects with Origin on Dawn Station until YE 35.


Communication: Familiar with most common military and civilian communication devices, and is fluent in both Nepleslian and Yamataian. Particularly adept at deciphering technical writing.

Fighting: Originally meant to be a soldier, she's still well-trained in most forms of combat.

Technology Operation: Capable of operating any computer system that uses the Kessaku OS, found on all Star Army starships, and has Kessaku certification for working on them. She is proficient in entering and/or searching for information. She seems to have a knack for data interpretation and technology-based research.

Mathematics: Has knowledge of math up to the levels needed for simple CFS calculations, putting her well above the general population. She also has formal training in stellar astrophysics. Despite the widespread use of computers to run calculations, she prefers to do them by hand when possible.

Medical and Science: Originally only trained well enough to do basic first aid, Miyoko later bolstered her knowledge with a course in medicine, receiving enough training to function as a nurse in surgical environments.

Knowledge: Her area of expertise—her bookworm ways have left her with a broad smattering of information about history, linguistics, and law, and skilled in research. If she doesn't know it, she can look it up.

Chemistry: An area of focus in her general knowledge—combined with her medical skill, she could probably synthesize medicines if needed. Could also probably identify most compounds, neutralize simple poisons, and create simple explosives—but, she needs references or instructions for most of this, currently lacking the experience to do most advanced tasks by memory.



Standard Issue
Star Army Environmental Suit, Type 28 (AMES)
2 Working Uniform. Includes boots and gloves.
1 Type 30 Duty Uniform (includes shoes)
1 Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 35
2 Star Army Exercise Uniform, Type 29
Star Army Undergarments
6 pairs of Boot Socks, black (for work uniform)
4 pairs of Crew Socks, white (for exercise uniform)
4 pairs of Dress Socks, light blue-gray (for service dress)
6 pairs of Boyshorts
Cold-weather coat
2 sweaters
2 pairs pants
Uniform accessories
1 Rank Pin, 1st XF Santô Hei (not worn)
1 Rank Pin, 1st XF Jôtô Hei (not worn)
1 Rank Pin, 1st XF Nitô Heisho
collar with her nickname engraved on the front
3 hard plastic Alice bands.
1 Alicia Band (present from Yukari Freeman)
Star Army Utility Belt, Type 32, light-blue gray


Weaponry and Tools
Nekovalkyrja Service Pistol, Type 33 with 2 BR-28E Battery Magazines
Flashlight, Floating, Type 32
Wooden Medal Case, velvet interior, engraved with Star Army logo on top
Medal Name Reason Awarded
4x Combat Lifesaver For saving the lives of Mara, Ketsurui Kotori, and others during missions on the Miharu.
3x Exploration Award Tsuyosa and Bowhordia star systems, as well as the Blue Rift.
5x Secret Ops Award For serving aboard YSS Miharu.
4x Service Award For serving aboard YSS Miharu.
Survival Award For the YSS Miharu's successful escape from Taiie.
2x Training Award For attending the Kessaku Operating System and Technology Seminar and participating in the simulated Miharu vs. Meng Po scenario.
2x War Medallion For participation in the First and Second Mishhuvurthyar Wars
2x Combat Award For facing Mani, Meni, Eve, and a Ghost Mishhu
Tomoyo's Kikyô For injuries suffered during Miharu's fifth mission.
Distinguished Career For time served during Miharu first through fifth missions.
Experience Award For completing more than five missions (Miharu Missions 1-5)
Yui's Blood Medallion For service that positively affected the entire Star Army.
Personal Hygiene
Star Army Toiletry Kit
Star Army Duffel Bag
A wide variety of science and mathematics reference boks
Notebooks and pens


Transaction Change End Balance
Enlistment bonus +3000 KS 3000 KS
Purchase of books and data storage unit -400 KS 2600 KS
Jôtô Hei pay begins here
Pay for August 16 - 23 +100 KS 2700 KS
Swimsuit and sandals -75 KS 2625 KS
Dresses for Mara and Hinoto -50 KS 2575 KS
Hair accessories -15 KS 2560 KS
Vanilla liqueur -25 KS 2535 KS
Slippers -15 KS 2520 KS
Chocolates -20 KS 2500 KS
Storage trunk -20 KS 2480 KS
Beach towel -10 KS 2470 KS
T-Shirts and shorts -30 KS 2440 KS
Astrophysics course -836 KS 1604 KS
Medical course -664 KS 940 KS
Pay for Aug. 23 - Apr. 20 (33 weeks) +3300 KS 4240 KS
Loyalty Bonus +1000 KS 5240 KS
Jôtô Hei pay scale change; now 150 KS per week
Pay for Apr. 10 - Apr. 17 +150 KS 5390 KS
Pay for Apr. 17 - Apr. 24 +150 KS 5540 KS
Pay for Apr. 24 - May 1 +150 KS 5690 KS
Pay for May 1 - May 8 +150 KS 5840 KS
Pay for May 8 - May 15 +150 KS 5990 KS
Pay for May 15 - May 22 +150 KS 6140 KS
Pay for May 22 - May 29 +150 KS 6290 KS
Pay for May 29 - June 5 +150 KS 6440 KS
Pay for June 5 - June 12 +150 KS 6590 KS
Pay for June 12 - June 19 +150 KS 6740 KS
Pay for June 19 - June 26 +150 KS 6890 KS
Pay for June 26 - July 3 +150 KS 7040 KS
Pay for July 3 - July 10 +150 KS 7190 KS
Pay for July 10 - July 17 +150 KS 7340 KS
Pay for July 17 - July 24 +150 KS 7490 KS
Pay for July 24 - July 31 +150 KS 7640 KS
Pay for July 31 - August 7 +150 KS 7790 KS
Pay for Aug. 7 - Aug. 14 +150 KS 7940 KS
Pay for Aug. 14 - Aug. 21 +150 KS 8090 KS
Pay for Aug. 21 - Aug. 28 +150 KS 8240 KS
Pay for Aug. 28 - September 4 +150 KS 8390 KS
Pay for Sept. 4 - Sept. 11 +150 KS 8540 KS
Nitô Heisho pay scale change; now 250 KS per week
Pay for Sept. 4, 2008 - July 2, 2009 (43 weeks) +10750 KS 19290 KS
Pay for July 2, 2009 - Sept. 2, 2010 (61 weeks) +15250 KS 34540 KS
Pay for Sept. 2, 1010 - Sept. 30, 2010 (4 weeks) +1000 KS 35540 KS
Pay scale changes; now 1107 KS per month
Pay for Oct. 2010 +1107 KS 36647 KS
Field-promoted to Santô Juni; now 2214 KS per month
Pay for Nov. 2010 - Dec. 2011 (14 months) +30,996 KS 67,643 KS
Replacement reference books -400 KS 67,243 KS
Notebooks and pens -10 KS 67,233 KS
Pay for Jan 2012 +2214 KS 69,447 KS
Pay for Feb 2012 +2214 KS 71,661 KS
Civilian cold-weather clothes -140 KS 71,521 KS
Character Data
Character NameSaito Miyoko
Character StatusInactive Player Character
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankShoi
SAOY OccupationStar Army Science Officer
SAOY AssignmentTask Force Lantern
SAOY Entry YearYE 27
DOR YearYE 43

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