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Shizuko Dahl

Shizuko Dahl is a player character played by MissingNo.

Shizuko Dahl
Shizuko Dahl
Species: NH-29
Gender: Female
Age: <1 year
Height: 5 ft. 1 in.
Weight: 93 lbs.
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Field Technician/Star Army Armorer
Rank: Santo Hei
Current Placement: Fort Ready

Preferred Plots

  1. Fort Ready

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 5 ft. 1 in.
  • Mass: ~93 lbs.
  • Measurements: 32-20-32, B

Build and Skin Color: Shizuko has an average, if a little narrow, build and her skin color varies between pale and lightly tan and shows nine freckles on each cheek in a rough, inverted delta shape under each eye. The pattern seems to shift over time while keeping the same basic shape.

Eyes and Facial Features: She has expressive, cobalt-colored eyes and an oval face with understated features. Her eyebrows are lightly colored to match her dyed hair, only because they would be nigh-invisible otherwise. She never wears make-up, nor does she have any permanent make-up.

Ears: Hers are normal, neko ears. They're small, and tend to stick out from the sides of her head in a fashion that gives her mild annoyance.

Hair Color and Style: Shizuko's hair is shoulder-length and kept in a low ponytail that almost covers her ears. She keeps it colored the same blue as her eyes, fading it to violet at the roots and dark navy blue at the tips. It is naturally a stark white color, creating a nice fade-in effect with the dyed portion as the dye grows out.

Distinguishing Features: Her hair colors. And the freckles, if anyone chances to notice them.

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Dull. Shizuko seems to have been given a fairly weak personality, with dry reactions to most events. She isn’t antisocial; people just have an easy time finding something more interesting than her, which she doesn’t really mind most of the time. There are moderate drives to do well and be recognized, but they are usually dampened by the rest of her personality.

  • Likes: A good conversation, spring and autumn, poetry, light shows (like fireworks), rock candy, and ramen with no toppings.
  • Dislikes: Chaos, deadlines, the smell of hard alcohol.
  • Goals: Her personal goal is to make a friend and maintain that friendship for at least one year. Her professional goal is to find something that can validate her existence, be it action, possession, or person.



“Shizuko” means “quiet child”. And she is that. Her surname was randomly assigned, but means “valley”, but she is nothing that relates to that, so she ignores it.

Her experience after being created was fairly dull, according to most people. She was sent in for training, showed up every day and learned what the instructors teach her, and then spent her free time, if there was any, on her own studying one of two books.

The books – one compilation of poetry, the other being a compilation of drawings, both by a variety of artists on various topics – were given to her by one of the people she met in her socialization period, with the sentiment that they would help her develop an appreciation for their contents and learn to express herself better. Shizuko took this to heart, but internalized what she learned instead of showing it outwardly. Reading about the various subjects and learning the styles has helped the new neko, even if not in the way that the person had hoped, and the books remain treasures to Shizuko.

Now, Shizuko is on the edge of graduating from her basic training. Where she will be posted and what she will do is out of her hands, something that makes her nervous, but also a little excited. This was what she was made for…right?

Skill Areas


Shizuko has received training in combat of various types including hand-to-hand, as well as melee and firearms (using weapons common and standard to the Star Army of Yamatai), both in and out of power armor.


She is able to communicate in various ways required by the Star Army, including radio transmitters located in headsets, power armor, and starships, both in and out of combat. Her language knowledge includes fluent use and understanding of Trade (Nepleslian) and Yamataian in spoken and written forms, formal and casual.

Technology Operation & Mathmatics

She knows how to use both to the standards of new recruits of the Star Army of Yamatai.


This area is something Shizuko seems to have shown an aptitude for. Repairs, modifications, and possibly battlefield maintenance come easy and she seems particularly strong in her knowledge of systems and knowing how much they can take, leading to preventative maintenance. There is a little bit of crossover with her poetry hobby, too, which helps her keep her mind on her task as well as acting as mnemonic aids to recall information.

Arts & Humanities

Shizuko is a self-taught poet; she finds the structure, rhythm, and wordplay comforting. Using different poetry styles, she creates poems that help her organize her thoughts and what she has learned or discovered.


Shizuko Dahl has the following items:

Issued Items

Personal Items

  • Two (2) datapads, one pocket-sized and the second tablet-sized, linked to each other
  • One (1) book of poetry
  • One (1) book, a sketch compilation by various artists on several subjects


Shizuko Dahl is currently a Santo Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds

OOC Discussion

This character created and played by MissingNo. Limited NPC use by express permission only, valid only for the OOC time-frame given at the time of agreement.

Character Data
Character NameShizuko Dahl
Character OwnerMissingNo
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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