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Taiyou Hoshi

Taiyou Hoshi is a NPC played by Ametheliana.

Taiyou Hoshi
Species & Gender: Nekovalkyrja Female
Year of Birth: YE 26
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: Captain
Rank: Taisa
Current Placement: Kaiyō

OOC Accolades

In 2017, 2018, and again in 2019, 2020, RP with Hoshi has won the Outstanding Original Sci-Fi award in the Tournament of Simulations on the Ongoing Worlds blog. There's no telling what future RP Taiyou Hoshi will be written in, but it's sure fun to write her and, hopefully, fun to read!

Physical Description

Hoshi is pretty great by Arcelle The hair atop her head turns from deep blue to a lighter blue that fades to completely white tips below, which touches the tops of her hips. She has wide, large, deep blue eyes and a pink, ovular face that has side-swept bangs and chunks of hair on either side. She is completely flat in the chest with toned arms, defined gluteal muscles, and slender legs. On duty she is often wearing a skin-based volumetric projection of clothes, though she is always seen in black flats despite floating more often than walking. She is the absolute minimum height for a NH-33, four foot nine inches.

For her gallery, go here!


Charismatic and confident but also cool and mellow when she needs to be, Taiyou Hoshi is an excitable and affable Neko. She is aged and somewhat wise, but that is not to say things don't pass over her head at times when she is lied to or perhaps not given a true account of events. She knows not the perils of introspection as she has never sat down to decide if her morals are properly aligned or if she has ever made any grave mistakes.


Taiyou means sun and Hoshi means star in Yamataigo (邪馬台語).

Taiyou Hoshi was born early in YE 26 in the city of Kyoto, Yamatai in a vat, as one would expect of a Neko. She was sent off as the sensors operator with the crew of the YSS Yamatai for its launch that same year. She stayed with the ship until it was destroyed in YE 34. She was asked to captain the YSS Kikyō. Then she stayed with the First Expeditionary Fleet and fought the wars Yamatai held against others with pride and dignity.

Quote from Pre-Mission Eight: Kanjō
“…When I died during the Second War, I lost two and a half months. I met and made a lover in that time. When I came out of the tube, I didn't know who I was looking at as they cried on my shoulder.” Hoshi had grown cold and added, “That's not easy for me to talk about.”

Many months after Taiyou Hoshi's rank up to Chusa in YE 36, she transferred to the YSS Imperator as the XO and left the YSS Kikyō in good hands.

Quote from YSS Imperator Mission One: Star by Star
There was no plan, but if there had been, she would be thinking how it was all going according to it.
Quote from YSS Imperator Mission One: Star by Star
She sighed briefly and tilted her head and the white ends of her hair moved against the arm rest of her chair before falling off of it. She swept her hair up in both hands, bringing it behind her back, before pushing it all out in front of her. Then her deep blue eyes settled on Kaede's and she went on. “But if I may, I recommend we let the Imperator do as much damage as she can as a final blow and let the fleet show us their own maneuvers for a few moments, just to gather intelligence on their tactics and composition. If we don't study our enemy's friends, how will we know what they know?”

After a successful first mission, the Imperator faced a boarding action, which left the ship in a state of minimal disrepair.

Quote from YSS Imperator Mission Two: Going In Deep
Hoshi stood and called out, “Reports are to be sent within the hour!” She looked to the engineer and then to weapons ops. “I want the captain to know everything you know and think about this mission!” She sat back down and hooked into SPINE once more. “Come on KAMI… Are you okay?” Hoshi thought to the ship and began a conversation with the KAMI on board the Imperator.

Soon thereafter in YE 39, she was once again asked to captain a ship, the YSS Kaiyō.

Quote from Pre-Mission Eight:Kaminari
“I will serve the Empress to the best of my ability,” Hoshi said… “I have not failed in doing so at this time and I do not plan to fail in the future. All of you are responsible for upholding the needs of the Empire in every way you can.

Crew of the Kaiyō then went to recapture a SAoY installation on Komorebi from the L'Kor.

Quote from Mission Eight:Hangeki
Hoshi said as she steepled hands, “It looks like they want a fight and they're getting one.”

In YE 40 she found herself facing up Nicholas Saiga, accusatorially blaming him for a misstep he couldn't recall. Thankfully, the other chusa knew how to handle her temper tantrum the way she needed.1) Later that year after she had left for the war, he spoke of her with an adoration unparalleled in Yamatai:

Quote from Tanngrisnir and the Tonakai Bar, Downtown Kyoto
“I'm over here drinking every sip to my shining star off fighting the Kuvexians,” he mused in Yamataigo, saying “Hoshi” so wistfully in his aristocratic Yamataian accent that the little buzz on his voice disappeared and sounded more like he should be at some haiku reading in the palace than at a dive like this, “while you sit and don't even know what you're missing!”

On their next mission far from Yamatai now, they fought on a L'Kor space station of great significance and crippled the L'Kor's stronghold. Effectively, the L'Kor threat became insubstantial thanks to the Kaiyō's efforts.

Soon thereafter, they found themselves exploring the Temple of the Stars.

Quote from Mission Ten: Takaramono
Hoshi seemed to truly appreciate the respect everyone had shown for this temple and she nodded to them each with a stern expression on her pink lips…

She was quietly asked to perform a mission after Year-End Holidays in YE 40 in which rogue samurai were to be eliminated.

Quote from Bushido: The Way of the Dying
“All targets have been eliminated,” Hoshi said. There was the stink of the open wounds, burnt layers of flesh, and broken bodies. Hoshi heard the storehouse team's chatter as if from a fishbowl while she laid Sangō down and simply added to her previous statement. Hoshi's voice was cold and distant, “Ready for extraction.”

Soon, the crew left secretly for another universe, Ayenee!

Quote from Mission Eleven: Sakidō.
“This is the planet of Ayenee, and we are all here with the same goals in mind, to protect. We may not be in Yamatai controlled and lawed space and it is not our place to force Yamataian laws and customs on the cultures and peoples on planet of Ayenee. Instead, this is our base of operations while exploring the planet without disruption to those living here and the space around this planet, as it has been under distress as of late and it has been deemed we can solve this upset. Together, we can.”

They trained there, with mixed bag results. After training, Hoshi and the crew of the Kaiyō switched universes, named Naze Sorairo for the appearance of the universe's space, which was light blue instead of inky black. They were to take out an unknown threat, which turned out to be an entity living within an aether sphere that was within a water wold.

Quote from Mission Twelve: Naze Sorairo
“Naze Sorairo,” Hoshi said in Yamataigo to Eden. Meaning, 'Why is the sky blue?'

Back in the Kikyō Sector, the team was to check out a planet once inhabited by Hanako.

Quote from Mission Thirteen: Miyabi
Hoshi broke the silence as she said, “This mission finds us going to an unlikely place. One I only heard about recently. It was a place of an independent farm and not much else, until now. Electromagnetic shockwaves are emanating from the planet. The Star Army doesn't know who is inhabiting it, but wants us to go find out.

The planet split apart, killing some crew and damaging others' Mindy's while a vessel entered the system. She sent her Second Officer on a mission to the vessel. Now the lone command staff on the bridge, she soon made the decision to listen to her bridge crew and blow the planet apart—after getting confirmation from Ketsuru-Shôshô to use whatever means possible to stop the errant planet.

In YE 40 she acquired a kilometer of land through Land Grants and a Star Army Cabin, Type 39 which she built with Asuka. 2)

Hoshi lost her friend and XO from active duty when Teien Eden became in control of an enemy dictator in an alternate universe and relinquished her position on the Kaiyō to commit herself to that. Hoshi and the Kaiyō had a new XO, Kaze "Kamikaze" Hikaru as the Kaiyō explored a derelict YSS vessel and the odd sensor scans from the planet it was orbiting. After that odd and slightly creepy mission end, they would be established the ship in a tour of duty into Kuvexian space, seeking to disrupt the enemy- as was the first Kaiyō's intention. Full of dedication, Hoshi captained the Fuji-class in the belly of the beast in order to dismember it through its most sensitive internals. As of YE 43 she won the war against Kuvexia; all of Yamatai did.

She spent some time after that on her ranch, in which time she bought several parcels of land off of her neighbors. Unfettered by missions, crew, and all the random people that Hoshi had become surrounded by, she was happy to spend a year at Hoshi Ryusei Ranch alone or with her sole partner, Nicholas Saiga. Focusing on one another and having all the fun two people in love for years can have for as long and much as they wanted allowed the pair something members of her military rarely get. The couple cherished that time intensely, even when called back to action.

The mission was to learn what Emperor Uesu's fleet was learning from Yamatai… and why. She did so by conventional means, but the team were found out and strong armed into battle alongside Uesu's Fleet. Afterwards, they were allowed an audience with Uesu himself in which a tenuous alliance was formed.

That alliance was tested to its limits when Hoshi led the task force to retake Kessica from the Mishhuvurthyar, some of which had become Enhanced in the years since the last Mishhu war and while in this southern region. It was a trying ground assault that spanned many days, starting at the planet's northern tip where Hoshi kited an enemy Enhanced into the mountains and, with the help of William Sanders and an avalanche of snow, was able to slow its healing abilities and down it. Though they carried the enemy back on their shoulders, Hoshi had gotten very hurt in this close quarters brawl, reinforcing her role as a ranged support. She took up the sniper rifle during the next battle, but her real ability came in concerting an effort to make the task force's smaller numbers work for them as they faked out the enemy. In doing so, they were able to retake the capital city —not without a run-in with a near deadly Phantasm Nightmare Type Mishhuvurthyar that left her Kaiyo Sword in pieces. Though they had retaken Kessica from Yamatai's oldest enemy, the way the enemy had evolved to become more powerful would no doubt continue to challenge Hoshi and her crew in missions to come.

As part of Task Force 282 her continued mission is to investigate threats to the Empire.

Skills Learned

Taiyou Hoshi has the following notable skills:

Social Connections

Taiyou Hoshi is connected to:

Inventory & Finance

Taiyou Hoshi has the Star Army Standard Issue Items.

Taiyou Hoshi currently has 8,363,650 KS.

Hoshi's Atmospheric Mindy Loadout

OOC Information

In the case ametheliana becomes inactive:

  • Can this character be used as an NPC by a GM or FM? NO
  • Can this character be adopted after I've been gone for a year? NO
Character Data
Character NameTaiyou Hoshi
Character OwnerAmetheliana
Character StatusNPC In Use By GM or FM
Current LocationYSS Kaiyō II
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankTaisa
SAOY OccupationStar Army Starship Captain
SAOY AssignmentYSS Kaiyō II
SAOY Entry YearYE 26
DOR YearYE 45
Government & Politics of the Yamatai Star Empire
DistrictTami System

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