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Takadaroga Amelia

Takadaroga, Amelia
Species: Yamataian
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Height: 5'1“
Weight: 134
Organization: Nishitama
Occupation: Test Pilot
Current Placement:

Takadaroga, Amelia in Roleplay

Takadaroga, Amelia is a player character played by Kyle.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'1” Mass: 134 Measurements: Build and Skin Color: Amelia has white skin with some degrees of muscles on her shoulders

Eyes and Facial Features: Her eyes are brown with a slight greenish tint to them.

Ears: Neko style ears that are of a light red color

Hair Color and Style: Her hair is light brown and is in a military style cut

Distinguishing Features: She is ambidextrous

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Amelia is a serious pilot, yet at the same time, is rather clumsy. She likes to push the envelope on anything she touches, be that a weapon, a vehicle, a starship.

She doesn't like Elysians very well though, blaming them entirely for the death of her mother and older brother.

Ironically, she doesn't feel right when things go perfectly well and has the mindset that states that something 'has' to go wrong.

However, despite her serious nature, she does like to mess around and is quite playful for a woman of her age. Although her very mature might make her seem vulnerable to outside influence, she is not stupid.

Likes: Vehicles, Guns, People, Piloting, Animals Dislikes: Crowds, blood, NMX, Elysians Goals: Amelia's goal in life is to keep doing what she enjoys doing, that being, pushing herself further and further until either she breaks, or that which she is using breaks.


Family (or Creators)

Velis, Takadaroga - Father - Dead Maria, Takadaroga - Mother - Dead Stenia, Takadaroga - Big Brother - Dead


Amelia was born in with a sense of exploration and the enjoyment out of giving her parents a headache. She enjoyed playing with fire, playing dangerously, often time not using safety restraints when they were required in school events and thus often times giving her parents quite a few problems to worry about and gray hairs early in life. She has a deep enjoyment out of breaking things and putting them back together.

At the age of three, the Great Plague claimed the life of her mother and older brother, she was spared along with that of her father but the lose affected her greatly despite her young age. She couldn't fully understand why the Plague happened until she was older, and her dislike over Elysians is rather paramount due to it.

When she was ten years old, her father who was a pilot on a civilian cargo freighter was killed when the freighter lost maneuverability control and crashed into an asteroid. Though she mourned his loss heavily, to the point where she was forced to repeat a grade in school, she made up for this by promising herself that she would take on her father’s role as a pilot.

In YE 24 When she turned nineteen, she joined the military as a Starship Operator to further her taste in adventure and danger but she never got very far in the combat area mostly relegated to more supply and escort roles that resulted in little fighting, but this had nothing to do with her mindset and more do with her being exceptionally organized and always keeping notes or logs of various activities. It was the type of adventure she didn't want but was forced to do, regardless, as she had always gone through with stuff even if it didn't appeal to her.

Late in the year of YE 27, Amelia discovered just how hard she push a piece of hardware when a supply ship she was assigned to was boarded by SMX forces, she took a power armor that was intended for transport to a starbase and utilized it to defend the ship. She pushed the armor so far beyond it's specifications that it was practically useless by the time reinforcements arrived, although she feared that she would reprimanded for utilizing an armor that didn't belong her, she wasn't punished.

Roughly in the middle of YE 28, Amelia made the change to a Yamataian NH-22C Body, the experience was one that she would never forget and for awhile she wondered if perhaps another version of her could possibly exist still in her old body, but she had been assured that wasn't possible

She retired from the military in YE 30 at the rank of Nitô Heisho just a few short months after the First Mishu War ended, her craving for adventure still present in her mind, she then bounced from various jobs, including operating on a supply freighter and even on the trade lanes before she decided to pursue a job in construction.

Part 1: Fresh Blood

Having just landed a job as a test pilot, Amelia is surprised to find that she will be testing a new armor, but her excitement grows as she learns what the armor is and how it operates, but also, what she can and can't do with it. During the initial tests, however, she ends up using her armor - via remote piloting - to take out the engines of a ship attempting to flee Nishitama.

Part 2: LAMIA Reborn

The pilots explore an SMX vessel, but during the exploration, they discover things aren't exactly as they should be. Amelia is nervous, and reminded of the Plague that took her family when they discover bones and evidence that points of a plague or some kind… but the apperaeance of Black Mindies only heightens her already suspicious mind.

Part 3: Interrogations and Manipulations

The group interrogates a Neko they captured during the last mission, and learn things that changes the entirety of the test. However, as Amelia tries to consider what this all might mean, things start to get a bit out of hand, while at a restruant enjoying something to eat - news come down that Yamatai is under attack, and a slight panic ensues as a report goes over the ships intercomm. system. However, this is not before Amelia overhears the police chief saying things he shouldn't be in public.

Now, Amelia and her fellow pilots are trying to get down to the bottom of the problems at Nishitama, finding the Mayor and arresting members of the Tachibana Clan before continuing onward with the mission. Quickly she was informed of another problem, a plague canister that was still in the city somewhere, once confirming it's existence she headed off with the rest of the group, then broke off to search for the canister while Yaiba and Hisa went to repair their armor.

Upon finding the plague canister and having Yaiba and Hisa arrive to help, they both went about taking out a Mindy however their progress was briefly interrupted by a citizen who got involved that Amelia nearly shot because she assumed the civilian was also an enemy. Using her flame thrower, she burned out the rest of the enemy.

Later, when the enemy took over a media building, she went with the rest of the team to help take the building back from the enemy. However, during the firefight she had to bug out briefly in order to repair her firearm which had malfunctioned on her before turning back to the attack - but during the firefight her flame-thrower had suffered a fatal hit and she was forced to throw it at the enemy which succeeded in killing several and crippling a Mindy but also caused serious internal damage to the building.

When the majority of the enemy were dead, she boarded a shuttle to escape the area… but now finds herself getting back into the military again!

Skill Areas


Because of Amelia's line of work, she's often serviced and repaired a variety of different vehicles, including most military and any civilian varients. She's tinkered and modified her own fair share of vehicles for use in different situations, but also, has fully taken them apart just to see how they work and then rebuilt them.

Starship Operations

When Amelia was younger, she flew on freighters and shuttles as both a crewmen and a helmsmen, often impressing the bridge crew with her knowledge and experience. She furthered her knowledge in starship when she joined the military as a Starship Operator, and piloted a supply ship and cruiser and had a small amount of experience on a carrier before she retired.


Even though Amelia has a healthy pacifist nature, she still learned how to fight using her bare hands and also in simulators for power armor. She also used some utility armors while in the military to transfer supplies from one ship to another when docking to stations wasn't feasible or possible. Her natural skills as a power armor pilot and operator came during the first Mishhu War when a supply ship she was assigned to was boarded by SMX forces, she took a Ke-M2-1E that was being transported to a gunship and utilized it to defend the ship. She pushed the armor so far beyond it's tested specifications.


Always in motion, Amelia exercises on a constant basis and never stops, she likes staying in shape and thus keeps her body fit. She's acrobatic, and enjoys the challenge of a constant push. In Zero-G is where she excels, as she's spent plenty of time in a zero-gravity enviroment either during combat or during training drills.

Maintenance and Repair

As she is always breaking things, she is also always repairing things. She's rebuilt vehicles, computers, small devices, and even guns. She likes to jury-rig things together to make stuff work. She's also disassembled most current forms of firearms.


Amelia has operated a variety of different communications gear due to her time as a freighter crewmen and again as a shuttle pilot but also during her brief time as a bridge staff on a cruiser. She's fluent in most languages that have come her way, even dabbing a bit in the Elysian langauge despite her hatred for the race.

Survival and Military

Amelia has always been aware of how dangerous of a life style she leads and thus she has self taught herself a variety of different survival skills, these skills were improved upon when she joined the military. She's taught herself how to observe others and to see what their next actions might be and to recognize a threat.



  • Kimono
  • Formal Dress

Workout Clothing and Undergarments

  • Workout Uniform




  • A photo with several of her old crewmen
  • A model of an Elkan Class Cruiser
  • Wooden Medal Case, velvet interior, engraved with Star Army logo on top
    • Service (1)
    • Combat Award (1)


Takadaroga, Amelia is currently a Test Pilot in the Nishitama Plot, she earns 553Ks due to retirement from the military.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 Ks Starting Funds
6871 Ks 3871 Seven Months Pay
15871 Ks 9100 Seven Months Pay

OOC Discussion

Character for Toshiro's Nishitama plot

Character Data
Character NameTakadaroga Amelia
Character OwnerKyle
Character StatusInactive Player Character

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