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Tamahagane Shigeo

Tamahagane Shigeo is a NPC controlled by Nashoba he is an ostracized member of the Tamahagane Clan, he was the COO of the Tamahagane Company.

Tamahagane Shigeo
Species: NH-22C Yamataian
Gender: Male
Organization: Tamahagane Clan
Occupation: Business Man
Rank: None
Current Placement:

Character Description

Shigero is 49 years old, which means he is still in his prime. He has raven black hair that is cut in a wedge cut. He has Yamataian (Japanese) facial features, sharply angled chin, grey eyes.

History and Relationship Notes

Shigeo has always been one to try and raise himself above his station. He has in the past been known to sometimes unscrupulous tactics in his business dealings. This had gotten him censured a few times. However, his attempt to force his daughter. Kaede into a marriage to get a lucrative deal, and to give the customer a tie to the clan. Such an act is against the traditions of the clan. He was stripped of his position, ostracized by the clan and while allowed to live in Kyousou, his is persona non grata.


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