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Yuki Inihara

Yuki Inihara is a character played by Nakshatra.

Yuki Inihara
sia ti1)
 Tsenlan Logo
Date of Birth: YE 27
Species Norian
Gender Female
Height 170 cm
Weight 60kg
Faction Yamatai Star Empire
Sub-Faction  Tsenlan Logo Tsenlan
Organization: Yugumo Corporation
Occupation: Deck Officer
Rank: Deck Cadet
Current Placement: ISS Shiori

Physical Description

Yuki is a young female Norian, she is 170cm tall and weighs 60k. She has intense blue eyes and pink hair. She tends to wear sleek fitting clothing, but is apt to choose more comfy styles when in need of comfort. Her hair is not kept in any one style for a particular occasions and therefore is susceptible to any number of things a young person feels.

Height: 170cm
Mass: 60kg
Measurements: B34-W23-H35
Bra Size: C
Build and Skin Color: Lithe, Pale White
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Pink


Yuki is an ENTP-T 2) personality type, which suits her status as a student very well due to having a curious and flexible thought process. She enjoys group activities, making new friends and comes off very playfully sassy. While she tends to lean towards thinking rationally, there are moments where she may emotions in favor of logic. Her prospecive leaning tactics of approach give much towards the, “adapt, improvise and overcome” attitude. She is a success driven perfectionist always eager to find ways of bettering herself.


Yuki Inihara was born on Noria in YE 27 to Andor and Erandar. Much of Yuki's early childhood unfolded during the turbulent years of the Umarian Wars. She did not know her father Andor during that time do to him serving with MERN at the time. Her father had gone to serve as one the scientists to research a facility found on the frontiers of the Yirune Arm. However, when the Umarians became hostile and violently drove the Norian Continuum out he did not survive. This left her on her own as a wee babe with her mother Erandar.

From YE 31 to YE 40 during the Void Wars things were rather unsure due to the ongoing uncertainties that the Asune technologies brought upon their people. While playing with childhood friends on Noria she would hear tales of the horrifying creatures others had seen. Eventually when Yuki began to bring these stories home to her mother, it made her mother more protective of the youngling. This of course led to less time outside with friends, as Erandar was unsure of what would happen to her child should one of these creatures snatch up the little Norian. Yuki took up art during this time, making little paintings of the scenery she so dearly missed and she was quite good for her age.

If her terrifying childhood had not been enough, the Craethel War and The Declaration of Null certainly ramped things up a few notches. Some family friends of hers had moved to Telgath shortly before events kicked off, much to their detriment. Telegath was the first of the Norian capital worlds to be destroyed during this chaotic unfolding of events. She barely had time to mourn the loss of her friends due to another attack that also took the life of Empress Sinith. In YE 44 as the survivors were being hearded on to the arks, Erandar pulled Yuki along with her.

The time spent on the arks resulted in the loss of many lives, one of which was her mothers. Her mother had sacrificed herself to give her daughter a better chance at survival, due to food constraints. During the Arrival of the Norians she felt a sense of relief and release when they had finally been saved. It became her personal mission to make the best out of her life with the chance that her mother and many others died for. She ended up going to Port Jiyuu to finish her education after the events of the Norian arrival settled down. Through the course of her schooling she met two new friends Motoyoshi Eidan and Motoyoshi Kuroko. Some time after her new friends went to the ISS Shiori she was asked and accepted the chance to join them.

Plot and Threads


Yuki is or has been involved in the following plots:

Yuki is not currently involved in any plots. Check back later!


Yuki is or has been involved in the following threads:

  • [ISS Shiori] Mission 2 (continued): A New Recipe For Desert.3) - CURRENT

Skills Learned

Yuki has learned the following skills:

  • Communication - Yuki can communicate in Nira'las, Trade (language) and Yamataigo (邪馬台語).
  • Vesper Expression - Yuki's Vesper Links to those she cares about are known to be intense and he's mastered the ability to use images or projected thought spaces to participate in communication with others.
  • Painting - Yuki picked up painting as a hobby to vent the frustrations of her child. She is fairly good at painting most any nature scene and is working on her starship painting abilities.
  • Organization - Yuki has developed several methods to keep all areas of her life organized. This includes notebooks for keeping track of her tasks, organizers for personal belongings, and planners for personal or social events.

Social Connections

People Yuki is connected to:


Yuki Inihara's inventory.

Clothing and Standard Issue

Electronics and Other

  • Notebooks, Planners, Organizers
  • Spider Plushie
Yuki's KAIMON Ascendant Companion
KAIMON/Ascendant Companion
Most use projection is a black and gold ancient looking mechanical spider. It is often seen perched on Yuki's left shoulder or collarbone. Yuki has named her companion Pitikini, which is a word she made up in her childhood. Pitikini's personality is bubbly and sassy, often known for always having a feisty response to just about anything.
Attachments Fully Loaded.
Access KAIMON Network


  • 19,050 KS

OOC Notes

Nakshatra made this article.

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Character Data
Character NameYuki Inihara
Character OwnerNakshatra
Character StatusActive Player Character
Current LocationISS Shiori
Approval Thread…
Government & Politics of the Yamatai Star Empire
Political PartyIndepdendent

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